I Prayed have prayed
Father, we that You would open the eyes of these women who protested and others like them. Show them the true evil of abortion, God, and swiftly overturn Roe v. Wade.

As pro-choice protests continue, a group of women descended upon Justice Coney Barrett’s house dressed in fake blood with baby dolls. We must pray for a swift end to this insanity.

From Fox News. Pro-choice protesters congregated outside Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Virginia home on Saturday, dressed in clothing appearing to be soaked with blood and holding baby doll toys.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


“Abortion on demand and without apology,” signs held by members of the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights read on Saturday as they stood outside Barrett’s home in Falls Church.

The protesters were armed with baby doll props and were wearing pants appearing to be soaked in blood to show a future of forced births if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Protests erupted outside of conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes in recent weeks, following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion signaling the nation’s highest court might overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Your neighbor says post-Roe, we say hell no!” protesters shouted outside of Barrett’s home earlier this month. “Hey-hey, ho-ho, the handmaiden has got to go!”

Members of the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights have staged protests at Dodger Stadium, outside the Supreme Court and other locations….

How are you praying for the overturn of Roe v. Wade? Share your thought and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Marian Drops
June 22, 2022

Judges 2:18
Whenever the Lord raised up judges for them, the Lord was with the judge, and he saved them from the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge. For the Lord was moved to pity by their groaning because of those who afflicted and oppressed them.
Thank You, Lord, for protecting Judge Kabanaugh. We claim this decree of protection over all the justices of the Supreme Court.

Priscilla Meyenburg
June 21, 2022

2- Chronicles 3:/ Imagine the monstrous evil of a religion that offers young babies, children as sacrifices. Even today the practice has not abated. These babies, children are given to the harsh gods of convenience, economy, whim, using health as a word to satisfy the sinful agenda they use. This agenda of twisted minds follow the Evil spirited leader has made these women, girls filled with Spirits that only the Name and blood of Jesus can break and cast out the Evil darkness that control’s their Thinking and words. It is a controlled atmosphere of sin. The Devil did promise he would win. But in his sick mind he does not believe he will lose. These girls with the dolls are like in a mind altering trance, they would be ashamed if they were normal! A lot of how they act was gotten in school, from teachers, girls secret society, they have joined, lived it, participates in groups filled with hate, parents off the rails, – I found out how mind altering some have gotten. A good example was Bernie Sander’s promises, free this, free that to get votes, while lying about parents getting the youth thinking he was some sort of God. Then bigger guns took over same agenda but Hitler minded spreading constant lies, lawlessness, no punishment, no discipline, no parenting, not many Minster’s preaching The correct words from the Bible about Abortion is Murder. Hits hard but so true. Complacency action with the children of any age has been a set pattern for many parents, teachers, ministries, society that has left open doors for the controlled spirit of Satan, Fallen Angel to enter the minds of Children; age does not matter. I see it has left a void of what is Right doing wrong. Discipline went out the front door never has come back. These girls that are attacking Judge Barrett are sick minded because they do not have the understanding of what sin is and what is real for wrong. Their mind is so filled with demonic spirits they only think one way and that is everything Evil. What happened to the groups of youth doing fun things, clean group rallies, camps in summer, what happened? Getting abortions is like the new, normal thing to do. Because of the Evil control that holds a tight grip on our women, that feeds the Baal dark evil spirits. The men cannot do it, have a baby just women. You wanted a comment, my thoughts along with my prayers is: Society needs to make some changes, parents be parents, no excuses OH! Both parents are working. Well I worked while I raised (3) children, made sure we attended church, did family fun things together, children were active in sports, music at school, had groups of teenagers a lot at our house, made sure they understood that God was real, sin we were born into, that Jesus was the way to correct sin, teach them about God’s important part of their lives, So working parents is not a good excuse of being a parent and trying to do it correctly. We must pray for these groups of girls, women to get a hold of the understanding of what is true sin, and the Knowledge of our Father God and what Jesus did on the Cross for them. Let us not forget the men who got these women, girls Pregnant. We need fire knowledge of God to fill these empty years of Love that was never felt. Jesus is the answer. Praying and believing what the Prophets are saying there is a great Hope, change in lives of many but God is expecting from us more prayer, more authority over the Evilness, taking a stand the way God wants us to. Listening to Gods words as we read His wonderful words while applying them in our homes. It is never too late to see Glory and fulfillment of a better life when we include Jesus. Let Jesus back into your lives, ask Jesus back in churches, allow Jesus at your dinner tables, allow Jesus in your words of speech, allow Jesus in your homes, allow Jesus words not to gather dust on on the Key to Blessed living filled with many gold nuggets of rewards for you to partake of. I am so grateful God saved me and gave me a hunger for his presence. My heart goes out to these girls, women and our Supreme Court Justices who almost waited too long to correct a Right that was handled Wrong. Thank you Jesus for Second Chances. You are the Best Ever😊🧎‍♀️

Herb Johnston
June 20, 2022

Lord let your presence-, by the power of your Holy Spirit.. be around all the family members of Amy Coney Barrett and Justice Barrett herself. Let Your Presence be so mightily felt Lord-, that it would be spoken of by people in the vicinity ..by people in the court Chambers ..let it flow through Coney Barrett- through Kavanaugh and Lord , Lord even let your Holy Spirit and Angels even be around the evil justices and their families ..so that they know your presence Lord ,make yourself manifest by your presence to the evil justices Lord-, that it would be a witness to your glory Lord, that these horrible demonstrations would end. Lord and please let the releasing of people’s personal information and home locations stop Lord.
In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

Denise Cross
June 20, 2022

Praying for protection of each Supreme Court Justice and for this horrific ruling of Roe V Wade to fall. Father let his scourge be lifted from our land. Let it be cleansed if the blood of the innocents. Keep eacc jajticd in favor of reversing this decision not be swayed by the pro abortion bullies. In Jesus name. Amen


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