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Father, we pray that You would move powerfully in the lives of people like Rosaria Butterfield. Bring those who are wandering back to You.

As pride month continues and more people are manipulated, it is important to remember the stories of people who were healed from their sin.

From CBN News. During an episode of The Becket Cook Show, Rosaria Butterfield explained how converting to Christianity radically transformed her life, identity, and relationships.

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Butterfield noted that her story of coming to faith began while working on her 2013 book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith….

“I talk about what it was like to meet a pastor, who was my neighbor when I was a lesbian, feminist, activist, professor,” Butterfield said. “I met Ken Smith, the pastor who the Lord used in my conversion….”

Butterfield started reading the Bible and routinely met with Pastor Ken and Floy, which allowed her to discuss situations from a Christian perspective….

“In two years, I read the Bible seven times. I wanted to understand why Bible-believing Christians believed the things they did. This man-God who was and is compelling beyond description. I wondered two things: could I trust Him and is it true? And that was really the turning point. That’s when I decided that I needed to stop working with Ken Smith.”

Butterfield explained that she came to a critical moment in her spiritual journey where the truth of the Gospel was visible and that frightened her….

“I started going to church … I just showed up one day,” Butterfield said. “I discovered that sermons were this totally different thing and they would really force me to think about things that I hadn’t thought about before. I realized that part of why I didn’t understand how to be a godly woman was because I didn’t understand how to be a woman, which was hilarious because I’m a professor of women’s studies at the time,” she pointed out. “I was a mess, and I committed my life to Christ because I believed He was true and real and I had no idea what He was going to do with a mess like me.”

Listen to the full interview with Butterfield by clicking here.

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(Excerpt from CBN News. Photo Credit: Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash)

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Jessica Renshaw
June 21, 2022

Love this interview! Love Rosaria for her beautiful, intellectually honest mind and refreshingly open and engaging personality. I feel drawn to her as a fellow English Lit major and book lover (“Books are my love language.”) and to her humor and relentless pursuit of truth. In some ways she sounds so much like my beloved niece, a tenured professor at the University of Houston who teaches queer studies and helped get abortion legalized in Ireland. I so pray for my niece’s journey to have the same outcome as Rosaria–to settle on faith in the Jesus of the Bible, not of diversity’s revisionism.

June 20, 2022

This really touched me today. So much I watch twice and took notes. So many pearls within this interview. It help me understand and pray fully be more compassionate with all of us trying to understand each other but knowing Gods word is the guiding light and utmost truth teller.

Lori Meed
June 20, 2022

Her books are incredible! I love her dearly. And they detail how that Christian community – and it took a COMMUNITY – loved her to health. She is a married lady with kids and has been a homeschooling mom. Glory to God! “Such WERE some of you”, says Paul in 1 Cor.6:11. He came not for the healthy but for the sin-sick – for me and for Rosaria Butterfield.

Darlene Estlow
June 20, 2022

I have heard her testimony and I thank God for her love and courage. Continue to use her, Father, for your glory and the freedom of others who are lost. Bless and protect her family and may they receive your strength.

Glory Swiniarski
June 20, 2022

Freedom from bondage for lesbian women is possible! Love NEVER fails!

Susan CC
June 20, 2022

“I was a mess, and I committed my life to Christ because I believed He was true and real and I had no idea what He was going to do with a mess like me.” Rosaria Butterfield

“I must leave myself completely alone in His hands, and then I can begin to pour my life out in the priestly work of intercession. ” Oswald Chambers https://utmost.org

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray You will help us take our eyes off ourselves and increase our belief. It is only in our acceptance of the gift of Christ can we have atonement for our sins. Please lead us into humility and help us surrender all of our rights and demands. May our lives be place in Your hands to do the priestly work of intercession. May we see Your plans for our lives with absolute clarity and may they guide us into victory. Victory over ALL the plans of the enemy. I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
(personalized from My Utmost For His Highest 6/20)


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