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Father, we pray for the youth who have been manipulated by the transgender movement. Set them free, God, and help them to find their identity in You.

As the current administration stresses the necessity of transgender treatments, it is important to remember what science says about them.

From The Federalist. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is currently considering publishing regulations that will push for potentially irreversible medical and surgical interventions for people with gender dysphoria in the name of health care. In April, HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel L. Levine stated “gender affirming care is medical care” and included children and adolescents in that equation.

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Levine also reaffirmed a principle articulated by Hippocrates that physicians should do no harm. Can a physician provide interventions like potentially sterilizing hormones and surgeries for children and adolescents without doing harm? Research on adolescent brain development and decision-making indicates these two concepts are contradictory….

The American College of Pediatricians, of which I am a board member, just published a new position statement entitled “The Teenage Brain: Under Construction” with research showing that adolescents’ brains are not developed enough to make sound decisions, and this should inform potential medical and surgical interventions on minors with gender dysphoria because of their lifelong consequences.

Neuroscientists studying decision-making have found adolescents are much more likely to rely upon emotions and peer pressure and less likely to consider future consequences….

Given this research on the immature processing that occurs in the adolescent brain, it is crucial that adults assist with decision-making, especially those decisions that involve lifelong consequences.  Practically, this means that adolescents who are struggling with gender dysphoria should not be allowed to make decisions that contribute to permanent, unnecessary surgical procedures, mutilation, and infertility.

The research on brain development indicates that adolescents should wait until they are 25 before attempting to make such significant decisions with lifelong consequences. This would mitigate the potential influence of peer pressure and emotions, while allowing the adolescent to experience natural puberty and associated hormonal influences on brain development. When allowed to do so, 85 to 90 percent of adolescents with gender identity concerns will accept their biological sex….

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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MaryAnn Patriot
June 20, 2022

Father God, You do not make mistakes! However, the enemy wants to ruin the plans You have for your children by getting inside our heads. Help us recognize the enemy and his thoughts… and say “no” to his plans for our lives…and say “yes” to Your plans for our lives. Help us say no to unforgivness, bitterness, unrighteous anger, jealousy, envy, accusation, self-hate and fear in whatever form they present themselves. They are all enemy spirits but You are stronger and mightier and full of love for your people. You are right beside us, ready to help us say no to them. Help us remember to turn to you when we are weak. Use what the enemy means for bad and turn it around and use it for good. Protect our children from the enemy…especially children who are listening to sexual lies, gender lies and self-worth lies. Put just the right people in their lives to bring them to You. Thank you for hearing our prayer!!!!

Kathy Emahiser
June 20, 2022

Father, I thank you for opening the eyes of young and old individuals who are confused about their biological gender. Let them see that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Expose the lies of the enemy who has blinded them by putting a desire in them to read and study your Word concerning how you created and see them. Thank you Father in Jesus name, Amen

Darlene Estlow
June 20, 2022

A good article! Father, may we return to science, not whims and fads. Protect our young people and turn their hearts to truth. Give parents the courage to stand against this harm of their children. Bring truth to our government and foil Satan’s attempt to do harm to children.

June 20, 2022

This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Let our kids be kids, and bring back the morals our country once had. We are born a male or female. Just “Let it Be”.

June 20, 2022

Father God protect our children from the the evil one, open eyes to the truth,Help parents to see the truth, and cry out to you I pray in the Name of Jesus with Thanksgiving Amen


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