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Lord, we pray for Godly wisdom for the leaders in America. We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide all governmental officials in decisions of all kinds.

Millions of truckers are balking at President Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, which would be catastrophic for the nation’s supply chain problem if it is enforced, an American Trucking Associations executive told House members this week.

“We’ve tried to be very clear to the administration — I understand the logic behind it — but if you do this, these are the consequences,” said ATA President Chris Spear. “So if you’re trying to solve the supply chain problem, you’re actually compounding it and actually hurting the very problem you’re trying to fix.”

ATA is the nation’s largest trucking trade group. Spear testified in front of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on supply chain problems.

America is currently short approximately 80,000 truckers compared to pre-pandemic levels. If Biden’s Jan. 4 vaccine deadline is enforced, the industry will lose 37% of its truckers, or 2.5 million people, according to an ATA survey.

The survey “came back as 37% of drivers not only said ‘no,’ but ‘hell no,’” Spear testified. “It’s not about being anti-vax — we’ve been moving the vaccine test kits.”

Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a California Republican, told the Washington Examiner that the supply chain is a disaster because both Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom are more focused on climate change and vaccinating children. The Los Angeles ports, the busiest in the Western Hemisphere, are backed up with 106 supply ships waiting to unload off the coast, according to the latest figures. . .

Spear also testified that fining shippers for full containers that linger too long at ports is a bad idea because the cost just gets passed down to consumers. Los Angeles and Long Beach ports implemented such fines last month as a way to clear the backlog.

“It’s just another layer we’re going to have to bear. I don’t think it’s a good solution,” Spear said. “It’s just one choke point of many.” He added that the problem is simply too many containers stacked up at the ports and not enough time to clear them.

Republican Rep. Rick Crawford asked, “So assessing fines and fees associated with that is probably just going to be exacerbating the problem with inflation?”

“I don’t think it does anything, congressman. I really don’t,” Spear responded.

What are your thoughts on the trucking industry losing all of its drivers due to the vaccine mandate? Let us know in the comments below!

(Excerpt from Washington Examiner. Article written by Tori Richards. Photo by UnSplash)

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Darlene Estlow
November 26, 2021

Father, thank you for the change you are bringing in our nation. May we your people trust you. May we pray for your hand to bring revival for our nation. We pray against the vaccine mandates that are strangling business and delivery. Thank you for hearing our prayers.

Laura K
November 22, 2021

If these truckers stick to the plan it will have an impact.
If more people stand together against the mandate it too will have impact.
Banding together has power.

Father, I pray for wisdom and commonsense to prevail in this administration and decisions made that will benefit the country and its people rather than destroying everything in its wake. Open the eyes of the blind that they may truly see the destruction they are causing and reverse course.

karen secrest
November 22, 2021

Truckers in the midwest where I live are hard working people who make a middle class income. They are many of the small business owners who have suffered from political mandates that were I’ll conceived.
At one point it was said truckers couldn’t cross state lines since one state had different issues regarding COVID.
I grew up with the reality of vegetables and fruits, etc. Being part of the grocery store complex. To know someone like Fauci backed by George Soros is manipulating events to further a world government is ungodly and needs the millions of concerned Intercessors to spend concentrated time on their face before the throne.
The Lord had been pursuing Soros for salvation. Now he is being given over to his own devices.
Do not weep for the enemy’s minions since most have been given prayer support at the Father direction. Now the Father withdraws the shield and we will see massive explosions of organizations who were certain they could overtake the. Godly.

This day the Father says,”enough. No more will Itolerate the flies looking over the deafness they have instigated.” See now the tsunamis or the parting of the sea to cross over..on Dry land.
Hear Me Now : The Angelic host is moving swiftly in concert with the Father to bring back government by the Godly even so we are delivered from the hand of the enemy by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. (Derek Prince)..
And you shall serve the Lord your God and HE Will bless your bread and your water; and He Will take sickness away from the midst of thee.. Exodus 23:25
Stand on the Promises of Christ our King 🎶🎶🎶👣


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