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Lord God, help us get the word out about this great new movie. Bless the true message of healing and hope in You and the value of every life.

God planned the new movie Lifemark to be released right now, when the nation would be debating legal protection of life in the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade. This beautiful movie showcases the true story of a young woman who chose life, placed her child for adoption, then was reunited years later. IFA interviewed the three female leads and we were blown away by their profound personal testimonies of how God used the film in their own lives. Find out why Mary Ellen posted: Praise our good Father who yearns to adopt us, His lost children! Thank you for this wonderful broadcast. Praying with you in Idaho 💗.

Pray: click the image and watch and pray with them. Act: buy tickets at Lifemarkmovie.com and spread the word to your family and friends.

There were many answers to prayer and miracles that went into the creation of this timely film. You will be so encouraged by the stories that Marisa Lynae Hampton, Rebecca Nelson, and Dawn Long share. We can change hearts about the value of life! Just invite people to this movie and let the powerful story do the work.


Pray with Bev Johnson: Father, thank you for Favor on this movie at it’s inception and may YOUR PURPOSE for allowing it to come to fruition be served and YOUR KINGDOM outcome come to pass. We decree lives will be touched through it’s message and lives changed to affect generations to come. Thank you for the VISION and the VISIONARIES of LIFEMARK! In the name of Jesus Christ we pray! Amen and Amen!

Darlene Estlow: Father, thank you for what you are doing! Thank you for this movie and the miracles that preceded it and will continue to follow it! Touch peoples’ hearts as they see it. May it be so popular that they have to hold it over. Protect everyone who had, has or will have a part in any way with it. Praise your name.

What is your prayer for this wonderful new movie and for life and adoption? Please share in the comments!

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Susan CC
October 10, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, let adoption live and abortion die. I pray life to life and death to death, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the firstborn over ALL creation. Amen

September 12, 2022

Praying for this movie , i am an adoptive mother and grandmother,

September 12, 2022

Pray that the words from advocates for death will fall on deaf ears. Whether you are Jewish or Not, please contact your Federal Senators & Representatives to help set the record straight. Your message could be something simple like this:

I have learned that your office may receive a visit around 9/14/22 from a Jewish group that may claim abortion is a religious right under Judaism. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Do NOT let the bloodthirsty deceive you.
Please refer to the Bible (Holy Scriptures), where one can easily see the admonition to choose life and blessings so that we and our children may live, and to see that the whole nation (both kindgoms of all 12 tribes) of Israel was exiled (largely in part) due to child sacrifice (which has evolved into abortion).
For more details on how Judaism is the “original pro-life religion,” please visit the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation (https://jewishprolifefoundation.org/). May the Lord lead you to paths of righteousness and the way of life.


If you, as a non-Jew, are reluctant to speak out about this, consider:
– Does God approve of your silence in Him being MISrepresented as a God who loves baby-killing?
– How much longer will it be before America is destroyed (like Israel was) for this abomination of child sacrifice, or might God have mercy on us if we repent in time?
– How long will it be before satanic groups (who ALREADY have IRS status as religious organizations) will be able to claim that they have a religious right to sacrifice (i.e. KILL) your virgin daughters and granddaughters in order to practice their religion?

Marsha Bashor
September 11, 2022

I just saw Lifemark this evening, and I am so glad that this true story was made into a movie for all to see. In our area it is only shown from September 9 through the 15th. I pray and hope many many people will go to see it..
And I pray the impact of it will influence many pregnant mothers to choose adoption , such a wonderful answer to a difficult situation they find themselves in. Let us all pray 🙏 pray 🙏 pray 🙏.

Jessica Renshaw
September 11, 2022

Just came home, speechless, from watching Lifemark. So grateful for this powerful, poignant, positive film! As the plot unfolds it just keeps getting better and better! It deals with real issues not by glossing over them in the typically superficial way movies do but in a wrenching, profound way. People agonizing over issues and making sacrificial choices bring healing and redemption for everyone impacted: “Lives worth sacrificing become lives worth sacrificing for,” as stated by a pro-life leader in the personal comments after the show. Supporting actor Justin Sterner (“Nate”), was an unexpected bonus as irritation–turned comic relief–turned “Samwise”-like stalwart friend.

Shame on those, especially Christians, who were too afraid of pro-death backlash to promote this film! May it hit the top of the box office and change a million hearts and lives in spite of them.


Peggy Nieman
September 10, 2022

I chose life when I became pregnant I 1963. I gave my son up for adoption. It broke my heart. In 2017 he found me. We have a solid loving relationship . God is Absolutely Good.

Roger Hall
September 10, 2022

Lord, may this movie touch many hearts with the holy nature of birth and the families that nurture our children. Amen

September 10, 2022

I have adopted 6 wonderful children. I longed to be a mother since I was a little girl. Because our children’s birthmoms chose life, I’ve had the opportunity to parent and love these angels!

Cecilia Collard
September 10, 2022

My story is very similar. In my early teens I became pregnant…how isn’t important. I kept it hidden as long as I could. When my mother noticed and guessed my condition, she insisted on abortion as the appropriate decision. I refused. She brought me to a counselor in hope that she would sway me into my mother’s way of thinking. Still I refused abortion to even enter my mind. I gave my beloved daughter up for adoption so that she could have both mother and father, ones who would choose her as raise her in love. That was in 1972. In 2018 my mother died. The following year, in april, I lost my younger sister. My youngest sister’s youngest son received a 21 and Me DNA test and found he had a first cousin he was not aware of. His mother tenderly broached the subject telling me the story, asking how or if I wanted to proceed. Of course we proceeded. The Lord had given me a word, that “all the empty places at my table would be filled.” Praise Jesus, they have been filled!🙌🙌🙌For the last 3 years I have thanked Him for reuniting me with my daughter, my son-in-law, and my grown grandchildren. ❤️ I am forever grateful to Him.

September 10, 2022

Praise God! Dear God, Thank You for this magnificent story of Your faithfulness, love, forgiveness, perseverance, compassion, sacrifice, healing, adoption and the mark a life can make. I’ve been telling all the people that I know to go see this movie.. To the glory of God! Hallelujah and amen!


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