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464 People Prayed
5663 People have read this article


We at IFA are hearing more and more about the importance of putting our spiritual armor on in these times.  Not a day goes by that one of our staff doesn’t get an email or call about this prompting.  We shared the story of how an intercessor who had been called by one of our staff members had a word about making sure we were putting on the armor of God.  Dave Kubal shared about that on the April First Friday prayer call–watch it here–the word is at the very end of the prayer time.  We bring to you more on this, as we continue to get confirmation on the importance of this message.


We are hearing it from colleagues, it is popping up in devotions, and it is being shared online. I think God wants to tell us something, intercessors!  Here is a word that we received over the weekend from some of our IFA intercessors, Roy and Betsy, from North Carolina.  I will let the word Roy shared speak for itself…

Thank you and the IFA staff for your service for the kingdom, our nation, and our communities.

I feel that your sharing of the word on putting on our armor and collaborating with the Lord’s hosts may have already borne fruit.

Typically, I wake up in the night (1 AM-4 AM), check-in with the Lord, and work with Him on anything that He directs me to work on.  Shortly after 1 AM last night, I woke up and was promptly drawn into what seems to have been a national-level spiritual engagement.

I sensed that I was part of an advancing front of God’s people WEARING THEIR ARMOR.  We would (in unison)  take a step, pause, and then take another step.  This pattern seemed odd to me until I discerned that we were moving in unison with Jesus’ breathing in the throne room.  As He exhaled, the Spirit would come upon us, and we would step forward (John 20:21-22) and then wait for the next Breath.

Soon, it was apparent that we were approaching a place.  The place was the White House.  Additionally, there were advancing fronts of God’s people from every side, all IN THEIR ARMOR, converging upon the White House.  Soon, we formed a wall around the White House.  The heavenly hosts were engaging in battle with demons around the White House with us as their rear-guard and a shield for them.

The battle continued.  Then, what appeared to be the point of a pike impaled [what appeared to be] the chief principality; I saw that the handle of the pike was in the Lord’s Hand in heaven.  The opposition began to weaken.  I heard:

“The demon over the White House has been mortally wounded.  It was take-time for its power to be completely gone…to ‘bleed out’.”

I sensed that the demon was either a spirit of criticalness or connected with such a spirit; also, it seemed to have “taken occupancy” during [a previous] administration.  Afterward, the battle started moving to the extraction of spirits from the White House locality and to “mop-up”.

The images then shifted to President Trump.  He was in a room with a closed door.  Jesus came to the door and knocked (Revelation 3:20).  President Trump eagerly welcomed Jesus in.  Jesus entered in, laid His Hands on President Trump, and prayed for him.  As President Trump looked up at Jesus, Jesus increased in His size, His power, and His glory in President Trump’s eyes.

I suspect that what you shared yesterday was an important element in this engagement.  The occurrence seemed “real-time” but I cannot be sure of that.

In general, what you shared from Ephesians 6:10 is straight from scripture.  Typically, I will not get up in the morning without first putting on the armor.  Life is too risky to do otherwise!  Betsy put on her armor before she went to bed last night.

The dynamic of interacting with angels in battle has been impressed upon me, particularly since last September.  I was helping with the prayer coverage for an event.  There was much spiritual opposition to stand against.  It definitely seemed that, as I stood in faith on God’s Word, the angels strengthen in their fight against the demonic.

Intercessors, will you join us in daily putting on the armor of God as scripture tells us to?
Many of you have been doing this, but we need to be deliberate in this time.


Share what you have been praying about, hearing from God, on this.  Have you also been impressed to put on the armor of God and get suited up for battle?  Share below.

464 People Prayed
5663 People have read this article

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  1. Last year I had a dream that had a satellite in the sky searching for a target. It noticed me and focused and began sending frequencies toward me. I then remembered a time where I asked The Lord God to shield me and an invisible shield stopped a force from getting through so I spoke, Lord shield me”. Then the satellite went away.
    Afterwards I saw a white gloved hand holding a plane by the tail upside down and the nose of the plane was torn off and lifted up on the side barely hanging on. The plane was empty so I knew there were no survivors. Also remembering working with Christ Jesus our Lord to stop planes from being hacked and falling I lifted my hand and prayed that it wouldn’t fall. But the hand released it right over my head so I ran. The plane hit the ground. Then it brought another plane. This time the plane was intact so I felt I had a chance to stop it from falling. I ran underneath it and began to pray. The hand also released it so I ran to escape the crash. I looked and saw that before it hit the ground it disappeared. So when it brought the third plane I ran again underneath it and lifted my right hand to stop it. This plane was taken back and didn’t fall.

    That morning I volunteered for a conference and before it began we gathered to pray for it. The person leading announced that we had lots of time to pray so if anyone had anything to pray about we could. I spoke up and told the dream and pass experience how when I am shown catastrophe and get people to pray it is deterred. So I prayed and we all agreed.
    The conference was on a Saturday. The following Thursday Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s plane crashed with his whole family and dog in it. I heard it on the news so I went to go see the news. I noticed that the street that his plane crashed on was identical to the street that I was on in the dream and so was the area; grass and all. The plane was completely destroyed but Dale Earnhardt Jr. got on TV letting everyone know that everyone was okay and they only had a few minor bruises and scratches.
    So the shield works and so does prayer always.

  2. I have been putting on the armor of God every day for over a decade. There is no day I leave my bed without my armor. I have had near misses in the car, I knew that there was an angel at my back. I know when I was in some kind of danger, but only after the fact and I praise the Lord for the protection. I am not afraid of contracting COVID19 because even if I do, I know the Lord my God is with me.

  3. A prophecy given to me many years ago said “the shields My soldiers wear are made of your prayers .” My understanding is that our prayers help the angels be protected as they are in battle, as well as protecting the people we are praying for.
    Prayer makes a difference!

  4. I had a dream this morning not that long before I got up for the day, but it left an impression on me about watchfulness and vigilance. I was advancing forward with some other people, possibly to the top of a hill or something. a person was encouraging us forward, telling us everything was going to be Ok, a victory had been won, but I got the sense that it was intended to lull us to sleep in order to make us a target of a demonic spiritual blast of some sort intended to harm us. I remember thinking we needed to put up our shields to withstand the demonic blast. As a result I went forward into my day claiming and thinking about the promises of Psalm 91, of God being our refuge and fortress, My God in whom I trust. I was running a low grade fever all day. I’m better tonight but it kept me using the sword of the Spirit all, combating fear and frustration. Indeed, Jesus is my refuge and fortress. By the Spirit of Christ, I will be able to complete the work God has for me in this hour.

  5. YES,I have had that same word from the Lord, that We are to stay suited up, and that it was time for President Trump to come to a different place in His walk with the Lord. I have been envisioning an army of hosts encamping around and going forth in behalf of our Nation. I believe the Lord is saying in this hour, we have hit a crossroad, it is up to us as intercessors, to decide which way will we decree, To Go the Way that God is calling or will we take the other comfortable route that is less of a battle and more easy. I felt the Lord say, if we will take His way He, will shift the issue at hand. We need to continue to ask Him how to intercede and be open to what He is saying in this time, as it is a critical time. If we do not heed and listen to his warnings and commands we will miss it.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 has been a key verse, it is up to the ones He has called.

  6. Romans 8:38-39 New International Version (NIV)
    38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    A few nights ago as I began to fall asleep I felt the presence of a demonic being. i could literally see two hands with long finger nails trying to wrap around my neck. I woke up immediately and prayed out loud against the enemy in Jesus name. The next day I shared with my husband and asked him to pray a special covering over me during this time of warfare. I also found a book i had stored away on The Full Armor of God. It is a clear message received.

  7. I believe Wanda Alger’s dream about rats in the White House was extremely significant. Also, i noted that the enemy still was there from previous people. The Lord showed me several times when Mr. Trump first was to meet in the Oval Office that it was full of demons and we did warfare. There were other times i had visions of hauling the President down a private back staircase because he was in serious danger.
    The past month has been significant as being in just makes time with the Spirit very intense. Concern over other nations as well as ours is intense. Concern over millions being without food, water, power from natural causes rather than virus broadens the perspective. Especially when we have known for years there are countries that never tell the truth. So we press into Holy Spirit for TRUTH.
    There is that which we need to be aware of constantly: this is first and foremost a Spiritual War. The elements in the natural world are like another “cold war”. Only this one has been hot,hot,hot. Therefore, when Holy Spirit says “decree a thing, for tsending out the Angelic host”, thden it behooves us to do so. I dont put on my armour first thing but thats a good thought.
    Prophetic Word from several feel Passover will be a turning point. However, Joshua had to battle 40 days after the entrance to the Promised Land so its not time to relax, but to press in.
    Shabbat Shalom, Amen

    1. About the rat: I have had visions and dreams with the rat theme. This morning, I woke with a tiny snippet of a dream that involved kicking out a rat. This rat believed that it was family and a pet. What I heard was “Zindermeyer is a rat.” I have no idea how to spell that name or who it is. I’ve tried several variations and can’t figure it out.

      I believe it is significant as I have been having prophetic dreams. About a week and a half ago, I woke overhearing a brief telephone call between Trump and Boris Johnson. Trump twice encouraged Boris to act…there was a decision to be made and he urged him to do it twice. I felt it was a |”no going back” kind of situation. I had people intercede with me for Boris and I felt the Spirit going out when we prayed. Before Boris went to the ICU, days later, I heart that he decided to break Britain’s contract for 5G components from Huawei, because they supplied swabs tainted with covid for British test kits. I’ve also heard that Boris made a commitment to the Lord during his sickness.

      I heard this about the economy in early Feb. It also addresses the rat theme.

  8. Yes this is me too! A month ago I joined an online prayer session and she started with the armor! Ever since daily I physically place the armor onto me. I place it on my husband too since he’s not in the same place spiritually as me. I have also placed the helmet of salvation over our President. Now is the time to do all the above.

  9. Recently in my time with God, I felt such a need to start praying for our nation as a whole to take up the armor of God. As a nation to gird our waist with truth. As a nation to put on the breastplate of righteousness. As a nation to put on shoes, prepared to move fast in sharing the gospel of peace. As a nation to take up the shield of faith quenching all the fiery darts of the wicked one. As a nation to take the helmet of salvation which is offered to all of us, along with the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God…I pray Lord that as a nation we would put on Your full armor, ready to stand against the wiles of the devil! In Jesus’ name. Amen
    Some scriptures impressed upon me: Isa. 57:13-15, Isa. 40:3-5 (The Lord brought down a lot of idols in one breath recently – it is time to for the highway of our God to be made straight and as in Luke 12:2, “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.”
    May the Lord’s blessing be upon you in His Armor today!

  10. I began to have a major attack from the Enemy beginning yesterday evening around 8:30 PST. I spent time in worship and it subsided, I finally slept around 1 and woke up at 3 absolutely assaulted by a spirit or spirits I have never ever encountered. I could not shake it. I woke up my husband and we orated and sought the Lord. He realized the Wigan virus being a bio weapon has unleashed a new hybrid of demonic activity – AI coupled with demon power. It is like nothing I have ever fought, and is like being in a sci-fi movie. I have dreamed about this kind of thing also, sinister dreams of cruel AI machine “creatures.” The Lord showed us we must arm ourselves against this new type of warfare and infirm others. We also have to pray our leaders have insight and power in this area.

      1. Crazy stuff. But the Church has always faced the Enemy’s massive engines of war, oppression, and technology. But our giant killer, Almighty El Elyon destroys with quiet streams of water, a few courageous people and trumpets, death angels in the night…she is more than a conqueror. May she pursue, overtake, and recover all.

        1. We renounced the spirits, all fear, took authority and shared communion. Problem solved. I went to sleep and the Ñord showed me how I will now learn authority over all plagues and pestilentes – Psalm 91 will come to life in us.

  11. The LORD has taught me how critical it is not only to wear the complete armour of GOD Eph. 6: 10-20, but to keep it on for the enemies of our souls NEVER sleep. I have also pray Job 1:10 hedge of protection, Zech.2: 5 the Fire wall of protection, and Ro.13:12 put on the armour of light included in my prayers. There are other scriptures I pray about various shields for protection i.e. Ps 119: 114 LORD You are my shield and my hiding place, Ps.5:12 LORD surround me with Your shield of protection/surround me with favor as a shield, 2 Kgs13:17 LORD’s arrow of victory(Arrow of Deliverance), and Jer. 23: 29 like a hammer shatters are rock(war hammer of your word). There are more scriptures I’ve use.

    I have just finished a trial\test journey of almost nine years, part of what has got me through was the LORD showing me theses & other scriptures, and first & foremost the three Keys to make it through. I’ve spent over five years walking by faith, I mean no income, and not allowed to ask for help. I was instructed as follows: 1. Keep my eyes on the LORD, 2. Trust HIM, 3. To hold on to HIM with all my strength, and if I would do so HE would get me through this. HE has been faithful to do so, it has been a place that tested my soul\caused me to grow deeper into the WORD, and most importantly my Deep relationship my GOD!

    Tomorrow I will have my 30th spiritual birthday, I find it interesting that tomorrow starts Passover, and that this Passover is so special for the body of Christ.

    The LORD told me that my testimonies(Rev. 12:11) would make room for me(I have a multitude of them). These testimonies are to encourage HIS people and even non-belivers. Ps.91, 103,and Hebrew 1: 14 learning how important to know how the angelic warrior & host help us as we prayer GOD’s WORD is so strategically important in our walk.

    We are IN JESUS Army,we must learn what our weapons of warfare are and use them continually, and remember we will be victorious in HIM!!!!!

  12. This is absolute confirmation! I head up intercessory prayer for the city of Round Rock outside of Austin Texas. One morning About three weeks ago when praying I went into a focused and intense time of releasing the armor of God over the bride both regional and national and I am presently teaching on this very thing at online equipping times that we are holding during this isolation period! Thank you IFA for being a beacon of light to all the watchmen on the wall! I am so very grateful for you!

  13. Holy Spirit really spoke to me to begin mentoring young women in intercession. February, as I was preparing for our next gathering,I heard it’s important to put on the armor of God, and know what each piece stands for. That was our last gathering. My daughter gave me a small replica of the armor of God at this last Christmas, and I felt that was especially important this year. I’ve made it a practice to put it on for years. I just did a Facebook live praying on the armor, last week, so others could also do it and understand it better.
    This word is very timely and important for intercessors
    and the body of Christ. We really can not take another step without it being God breathed.

  14. I have been feeling intense oppression over the sadness and death that the people of our nation are experiencing.
    Last night I was asked to be one of the leaders on a prayer call, and I told the Lord I had nothing to give. I was weak and I asked the Lord to fill me with his strength. As the prayer call commenced I felt the Lord bolstering me up. We prayed Scripture over President Trump and the leaders and all the people.
    Afterwards I felt such joy because I knew the Lord had filled me with his holy power.
    Yes, I need to put the whole armor of God on every day and night. Thank you for the reminder.
    The Lord gave me this prayer a few years ago. I pray this every day:
    Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground in Jesus name, Amen.

  15. Yes in total agreement !
    I was at a prayer meeting at our church . We pray after the service . As we were praying , we were praying for one of the intercessor because he felt like he was under such attack. He is a high school teacher . The Lord had told me he had not been putting his armor on . In that moment , I prayed for the armor for him . He has told me after I did that he felt stronger and was able to engage in prayer!
    You cannot fight a spiritual battle without spiritual armor .
    Thank you for sharing your story it does make us ready to fight the good fight , of faith !
    Iron sharpens iron 😉

  16. Yes. I experienced the need for for the armor of God after discerning a spirit of oppression I gave access to by thinking about too many natural possibilities. Oppression immobilizes and this is the nature of our enemy to immobilize God’s army. Thank you for this word. It brings understanding. I got rid of that spirit in Jesus name!

  17. Before I saw this article and before I heard your prayer on Friday – I usually listen on Saturday – I woke up and before starting the day – put on the armor was dropped in my spirit…confirmation after confirmation. The battle is real and thank you for sharing.

  18. I had a Dream right at the New Year that I journaled about and have thought about many times since. I live in New Jersey. In my dream I- along with many others, was watching these huge dragons take flight off of some large cliffs headed west on a mission. I knew in my dream they were leaving NYC and flying west. I wasn’t scared and didn’t feel they were evil. I felt more in awe of them as they took flight. Then I was looking at almost a narrow dam of water flowing and I heard “If this dam breaks it will completely wipe out New York and parts of New Jersey.” I have a few different thoughts but haven’t talked to anyone other than my husband about this.

  19. Something God has taught me, along with using the armour in Ephesians. we must put on the garmet of praise. Why? When we praise Him we are remembering all He has done and thanking Him for all He is going to do. It builds up our faith.

  20. Father God, thank you for impressing upon me for many years about dressing myself and my family in the armor of God. Now for several years You have shown me to dress our President and his family, the Vice President and his family, the Christian members of the Cabinet and their families, the Christian members of the House, the Senate, The Judiciary and their families , the Christian members of the New Media and their families, the the Christian governors and their families in the armor of God. And I have obediently done so. Father God, thank you for the Armor. Even Your Son and our Savior was dressed in the Armor. So we are dressed like Him and we when we dress like Him, it confuses the enemy and he doesn’t know with whom he is fighting! In Jesus’ Name.

  21. Years ago, our church was sponsoring an evangelism event and one of the speakers was in my care. I vividly recall how a very busy itinerary had been set by the church, but she was unconcerned about the time or the itinerary. Instead she texted me that she and her daughter would let me know when to pick them up. She also mentioned they would be ready for pick up once they had donned their armor.
    When I picked them up to transport them to the church her explanation was brief but memorable. She spoke about Ephesians 6, and her literal practice of donning the armor.
    Not surprisingly she had a powerful impact on those to whom she spoke that day, including me. Her intentionality in donning the armor and resting on the Spirit’s timing for preparedness has stayed with me.
    When one is a soldier in the army, it would be foolish to move out without one’s armor.

  22. I was on the IFA call with Dave Kubal when he shared the revelation about the Armor of God. It really resonated with me because I lead a women’s group through our church and we had just started studying the Armor of God (Priscilla Shirer’s video study) when the shut down came. I have been trained on Zoom now so we can meet via our phones, IPads or computers. We had just completed the first video the night before the call! God is so amazing! Stand at attention, warriors. He is truly our Commander in Chief.

  23. Yes!!! I have been putting on the armor of God every day for years, but more impressed to do so within the last 2 weeks. When I read the news or engage in the day without my armor on first, it is crushing and oppressive.
    Lord, I put on the belt of your truth – to know it, to see it, to hear it, to speak it in every aspect of today. I put on the breastplate of you righteousness that I might stand upright, knowing I am yours. I put on my feet the shoes of the gospel of peace that I might soften hardened ground and avoid the lameness that comes from stepping on thorns. Lead me only to those places you have already prepared for me to walk – have already begun the breaking of hardened ground. I take up the shield of faith which extinguishes all the fiery darts of the evil one. Open my eyes to recognize those flaming arrows for what they are and to know that they will be rendered harmless by the shield of faith in the One above all evil. I put on my head the helmet of salvation that the mind of Christ will be in me and I take up the sword of the Spirit that is sharper than any two edged sword and able to divide between the thoughts and intents of our hearts.
    Thank you, Lord, for equipping me to stand in You. In Jesus name Amen.

  24. Pray for the soldiers on the front line of battle as they are taking down the cartels. I pray for the sex traffickers to be taken down and the children and adults that have been trafficked to evil people be set free from their bondage. I pray that Holy Week will be awesome from Passover through Easter Jesus will reign among the people of the world. I pray for President Trump and his family to be protected and that they trust in Jesus completely. Onward Christian soldiers! The battle is the Lord’s!


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