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893 People Prayed
5085 People have read this article


Lord, we thank you for this opportunity to turn our focus from the busyness of life back to Your son, who was crucified, dead, and buried. Praise You Father for Easter morning and the good news of the resurrection!

With the coronavirus pandemic causing unprecedented lockdowns and economic distress in the US and around the world, a new national poll provides a fascinating and surprising look at how Americans are viewing the crisis and how it is altering their spiritual habits and interest in the Bible and biblical prophecy.

●       A stunning 44% of Americans polled said they see “the global coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown” as “a wake-up call for us to turn back to faith in God,” as “signs of coming judgment,” or both.

FAITH. As the man told Jesus, “Yes, I believe. Help my unbelief.” Sign up for Derek Prince teachings on Hebrews 11:6, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

●       Fully one in five non-Christians (22%) polled said the crisis is causing them to start reading the Bible and listen to Bible teaching and Christian sermons online even though they usually don’t, search online to learn more about Bible prophecy and God’s plan for the future of mankind, and have more spiritual conversations with family and friends.

●       Four in 10 (40%) self-identified Christians – self-identified Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox – told the pollsters that they are reading the Bible more than ever, watching or listening to Bible teaching and Christian sermons online since they cannot go to church, and searching online to understand Bible prophecy and God’s plan for the future of mankind.

out Bible prophecy and God’s plan for the future of mankind, and have more spiritual conversations with family and friends.

●       Nearly three in 10 Americans (29%) polled said they believe that the coronavirus and economic meltdown are “signs that we are living in what the Bible calls the last days.

The survey was commissioned by The Joshua Fund, an educational and charitable ministry that my wife and I founded in 2006 to bless Israel and her Arab neighbors, care for the poor and needy, strengthen the Church in the Middle East, and teach the importance of the Scriptures and biblical prophecy.

The survey was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, a nationally-respected polling company, from March 23 through March 26. The questions were asked of 1,000 likely American voters. The poll had a reported margin of error of +/- 3.1%, at a 95% confidence interval.

What I found particularly intriguing was how many millions of Americans are seeing the crisis in spiritual terms.

For example, fully one-in-four self-identified “secular” Americans (25%) said they believe this crisis is a “wake-up call” to get back to faith in God. So did 42% of Jewish Americans.

Given the large number of Christians in the GOP, perhaps it should not be surprising that 58% of Republicans said this is a spiritual call.

Yet fully four-in-10 Democrats (41%) believe this, including 34% of liberal Democrats and 47% of moderate Democrats.

Who else said this is a time to turn back to God?

●       26% of Asian Americans

●       40% of whites

●       52% of Hispanics

●       64% of African Americans

Consider, too, how many Americans in various age groups believe it is time to return to faith in God.

●       42% of young people, age 18-29

●       47% of people age 30-40

●       43% of people age 41-55

●       51% of people age 56-65

●       40% of people over 65

YET, AS noted above, Americans are not simply saying faith is more important to them than ever before. The poll indicates they are taking concrete actions.

Nearly four in 10 (38%) Jewish Americans say the crisis is not only causing them to start reading the Bible, but listen to Bible teaching and Christian sermons online even though they usually don’t. What’s more, they say they are now searching online for teaching on Bible prophecy and God’s future for mankind, and/or engaging in more spiritual conversations with family and friends.

Millions of other Americans who are not self-identified Christians are also turning to the Bible and listening to or watching Christian sermons online, the poll found.

Among them:

●       7% of self-identified “agnostics”

●       8% of self-identified “atheists”

●       23% of Americans who say they have no religion

●       25% of non-Christian Asian Americans

●       35% of non-Christian Hispanics

●       36% of non-Christian African Americans

More than one-in-four non-Christian young people (28%) ages 18-29 said they are turning to reading the Bible, listening to sermons and learning more about Bible prophecy.

This is even more true of those between age 30 and 40, of whom 36% are turning to the Old and New Testaments in this time of crisis.

This was both surprising and encouraging.

Less encouraging: the poll revealed that the older a non-Christian is, the less he or she is likely to be turning to the Bible and Christian teaching.

●       Only 16% of people ages 41-55 said they are looking to Scripture.

●       Only 9% of non-Christian people ages 56-65 are doing so.

●       And a mere 7% of non-Christian people over 65 said they are turning to the Bible for answers

These are no ordinary times. Americans in near full lockdown are anxious, and understandably so. Yet tens of millions are turning to God, the Bible and Christian sermons for answers, many of them for the first time. That may be the most important silver lining in this crisis so far.

(Excerpt from The Jerusalem Times. Article by Joel C. Rosenberg.)

Do you think the pandemic is a wake-up call from God and what do you think of the results of this survey? Leave a comment.

893 People Prayed
5085 People have read this article

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  1. Oh my brothers and sisters; I see this pandemic as being allowed as judgement from God for 60 years of abortion here and in every country. It has come to be that only those of Christian faith value life at all. To the others, it is expendable as inconvenient or over population. How sad the church has been so ineffective against this genocide of the unborn. I was expecting the church of our LORD to rise up with the passing of Roe vs. Wade with great protest. Yet, it was silent around most of the nation and the world. I didn’t understand that then and I don’t understand it now. I have seen only the Catholics lead protests and a few persons at abortion clinics trying to stop this slaughter of the unborn–lives our God created for His glory. I am so dismayed by the silence of the churches. We are called to stand for “righteouness”, but the church is too silent over this and the transgender issues, taking God out of schools where kids learn there is a higher Authority we will oneday answer to….what a travesty and failure of the Christians!

  2. Thank you Lord that when your judgements are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. Thank you for bringing many to salvation in Yeshua. Thank you for pouring your Glory, Mercy, and Grace on the world!

  3. Without a doubt I believe this pandemic is a wake-up call from God. Consider 2 Chronicles 7: 14: If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land. Consider, too, Jeremiah 22:29 which reads O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the LORD. Add to these verses Psalm 46: 10: Be still and know that I am God. While we faithful believers regard abortion, same-sex marriage, polymory, transgenderism as egregious moral sins, we are all of us sinful creatures in need of moral cleansing. The only cleansing that will lead to salvation is the cleansing of forgiveness of sins that comes from the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the Lamb who was slain. Praise God He is risen. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10: 9.

  4. God is using this amazing time. If we, His people, humble ourselves and pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land. I am believing an awakening will fall as we the people shut down the death agenda in our land and move to a LIFE agenda. It will seem like in a twinkling of an eye, our nation will be transformed and our destiny in Christ will be restored.

    I am blessed to be alive for such a time as this. Our God continues to desire that ALL will come to the knowledge of TRUTH!! Blessed be His name.

  5. The evil that started in China, God will turn it for His good. In that, only God can truly deliver us from this. And I truly believe that there is soMUCH GOOD that will come from the pain this has caused the entire world. Vengeance belongs to God.

  6. I definitely think the pandemic is a wake-up call from God. He has been patient with us for a VERY long time and now needs to shake us up. I am encouraged in one respect by the survey results and in another respect, saddened. For everyone who is taking action by reading God’s Word, watching online sermons and searching for God’s answers, I give thanks to God. But there are still too many who are not taking God seriously. My prayers go out to them in a special way, and am very thankful for those who are searching out God.

  7. I believe the pandemic is indeed a wake-call from God and the survey results is an answer to the prayers we have been praying for many years-a great awakening in our nation. It takes something like the pandemic to reach the heart and mind of people and our God knows how to reach us. I give praise to Him for His faithfulness to extend HIS hand to us as a nation and our world.

  8. YES, most definitely. God will not be mocked. Time for our idols to be taken down and time for the people of God to do what God has called us to do – take prayer, faith and our authority serious! He has our full attention and we have favor to have this very focused time with our Lord. For Christians it’s a type of blessing, for those who don’t know Christ it’s a horror movie that became real. Choose this day whom you will serve! Christians- let’s serve God whole heartedly with our time and our trust in God. Those of you who do not believe or aren’t sure, give you life to Christ once and for all. What else is needed for a wake up call? What better time to turn to Christ than Resurrection week! Be saved and become a new creation for eternity!

  9. it is a wake up call from God Almighty to turn us back to Him and back onto our knees in prayer for one another. Before He comes back in Rapture for his Church, His Bride. He is gathering us all for the Great Harvest.

  10. Yes, I believe that this is a wake up call for our God blessed country and others as well. I have been praying,Praising and listening to and reading Gods Word more tan ever. I’m 85/female/Christian

  11. Heavenly Father, In Your Sons’s precious Name, thank you for bringing Revival to America. Thank you for poll numbers that indicate many, many people who had not taken the time before the pandemic, are turning to your Word, praying, and seeking Your truths. Thank you for healing those who are ill with the virus, thank you for strengthening those who follow Jesus around the globe facing spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, financial crisis in the midst of the upheaval. Comfort, console those who are mourning loss of loved ones. Protect,
    guide, guard frontline workers in every category. “For those who hope in the Lord their strength is renewed,
    they soar as on wings of eagles, they run and not get weary, they walk, and not faint”. (Isa. 40:31). Help all Christians everywhere to claim this promise so the Church of Jesus Christ will shine forth light into the darkness, and many souls be saved for His eternal Kingdom. Amen

  12. A wake up call by God’s merciful love indeed, almost a trumpet call around the globe. It humbles all, the rich and poor, the old and young, the male and female, the powerful and the weak …. (BTW, I pray that Boris Johnson has learned his lesson and the Lord save his life and turn his heart to Jesus).
    As we all encounter death literally face to face day by day (thank God it’s not a momentary thing or we will quickly forget and return back to our old sinful track), it forces us to have to stop, think, make a decision/choose, and live a different life if we no longer want to cheat ourselves. And what’s a better time to do this than during this Holy Week? Especially we all have heard the warning from President Trump and the task force that this coming weeks will be very bad. I pray that the Holy Spirit will stir people’s hearts big, very very big during this Holy Week, drive people’s minds to turn to Jesus. Give people no rest until they come to Jesus and repent and receive peace through the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with our Aba Father. I pray God’s Church around the world to urgently cry out to God this week for the salvation of many lost sheep to be found and return back to our great Shepherd Jesus Christ. May God’s will for this pandemic be fully accomplished according to His power and for His glory. In Jesus’ victorious name I pray, amen 🙏

  13. Yes, this is the Spiritual Call of the Lord.
    The results of the survey are a great indication of how people are sensing this movement and where it is coming from.
    God created us with a capacity to receive and perceive and identify the divine nature of Him. But, most may not understand the “WHY” until they have accepted Jesus the Son of God who is the true Savior of the world,.. 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12 has more of the story to come. CALL UPON JESUS make him your Savior and the true WORD for understanding.

  14. Before the shelter in place began, this was my prayer in a Wednesday evening service set aside for prayer and fasting at church…the Lord God does not change. He is our Rock, immmovable and unchanging! It is man that changes. I ask the Lord to specifically to awaken His Church as He changes the season into Spring. And He has and He is to those who are already His, those who are backslidden, and those who are yet to be His! All glory to God!

  15. I just received my bible comic book tracts. Time to leave them anywhere & everywhere. In bathrooms, tabletops, in or on handles for doors. Anywhere, I have always done this because we don’t speak to each other much, now I let these comic books (who doesn’t love a good story). Lead people to Christ, (people are scared.) I do this for trick or treat for years & years. Now you guys need to talk Jesus to your family you know much more than they ever will. Let them see you are not afraid, in death or Life we have a home in Christ. These tract books are 17 cents each. Bestsellers (200) pack under 40 bucks. I do 200 for trick or treat, my avg. Go to read a few/ win a few souls for Jesus. Amen.

  16. God’s mercy and wake up call. God is giving us one more opportunity to repent and return to Him with our whole heart before He comes. He is longsuffering towards us in that He is willing that none should perish but all should come to repentance. Alleluia! O give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His mercy endures forever!

  17. the problem is the CHURCH in America has become socialist in nature, building its own hierarchy without God Almighty in it, instead of Apostles doing mighty miracles, they have man made positions like Pastor and even evangelists who have no calling from the Eternal Lord to lead an assemble trying to lead. The Church has brought us the last communist administration in the USA, but God Almighty has had mercy on us, and brought us a Christian President TRUMP. but before we fall into darkness again and the whole world with us, the Church needs reform.

    the strategy of the demonic realm is founded in the unbelieving church, a church without power or miracles, a normal natural occurrence. A church built like the gentile governments with rulers instead of Shepherd, who control the common people, instead of 1 Cor 14:26

    26 What is it then, brethren? When ye come together, each one hath a psalm, hath a teaching, hath a revelation, hath a tongue, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.

    1. Christian President Trump – I want to comment on that one statement:
      Proverbs 6:16-19 says, “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”
      To date, has been verified that more than 16,000 lies or misstatements have been spoken by this president. Hmmm?
      Collins Dictionary Definition of Vitriol: “If you refer to what someone says or writes as vitriol, you disapprove of it because it is full of bitterness and hate, and so causes a lot of distress and pain.” The discord he has sown among brethren is unfathomable, especially within families, both biological and the church family. If for no other reason than those two I just mentioned, I have difficulty appreciating the goodness you see in this man!

      1. Pres. Trump is apostle sent by God Almighty to save America and the faltering church, these accusations are same ones the Pharisees made about John the Baptist and Jesus:
        1 Chron 16:22
        22(Saying), Touch not mine anointed ones, And do my prophets no harm. ASV

        Jude 7-11

        7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them, having in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.

        8 Yet in like manner these also in their dreamings defile the flesh, and set at nought dominion, and rail at dignities.

        9 But Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing judgment, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

        10 But these rail at whatsoever things they know not: and what they understand naturally, like the creatures without reason, in these things are they destroyed.

        11 Woe unto them! For they went in the way of Cain, and ran riotously in the error of Balaam for hire, and perished in the gainsaying of Korah. ASV

        2 Peter 2:10-13
        10 but chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of defilement, and despise dominion. Daring, self-willed, they tremble not to rail at dignities:

        11 whereas angels, though greater in might and power, bring not a railing judgment against them before the Lord.

        12 But these, as creatures without reason, born mere animals to be taken and destroyed, railing in matters whereof they are ignorant, shall in their destroying surely be destroyed,

        13 suffering wrong as the hire of wrong-doing; (men) that count it pleasure to revel in the day-time, spots and blemishes, revelling in their deceivings while they feast with you; ASV

        The word or name Satan means Accuser.

          1. The striving of the apostate church to reach the top of the accomplishment pyramid has empowered a satanic government [unit Pres. Trump has been sent to bring Jesus]. The great falling away of the Thank you for Repenting: here is further clarification: Christian church 2Thes2:3, e.g. pastors/priests/popes with no power controlling churches, instead of God Almighty appointed apostles & prophets doing mighty miracles & serving: 1Corintinas 12:28 & 2Corintians 12:12. It is time for the church to repent [actually the church needs to reform.] and turn back to Jesus, instead of feelgood impostors without power, while you have time: 2Tim5 Those who have a form of the AWE of God, but are far removed from HIS power; Those who are thus, thrust them out from you [Aramaic/Hebrew Bible].

      2. U r so wrong. God put Trump exactly where he wanted him. The Clintons & Obama ruined this country. God knows what he is doing with Trump.the left is trying to make this a socialist country. Wake up. Yes, God is trying to wake up America & draw people to him. We are in the last days for sure.trump might not be saved but neither was any other president. God is using Trump for his purpose.

  18. I certainly believe this period of “pause” is a time when many people are considering God – in their thoughts, and seeking God for answers in the Bible. Praise Our Holy Father God, in Jesus’s name, AMEN 🙏!

  19. Without a doubt, I believe this is a wake up call from the Lord!!
    I fully agree with IFA’s “
    Holy Shaking
    Holy Pause
    Holy Reset
    I feel the Lord is saying Enough
    regarding Abortion and Homosexuality, Transgender, etc

  20. This Pandemic is most definitely God speaking to America and the rest of the world. Just think of our wickedness in murdering by aborting more than 65 million innocent babies. Our wickedness has reached up to heaven. The churches worldliness also stinks in the nostrils of Almighty God. The church no longer puts a difference between the clean and the unclean. Just look at the churches youth. This is supposed to be a Holy Week. Christs birth has been replaced with Santa Claus, the resurrection has been replaced with the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Even our churches are promoting this nonsense. God surely is not pleased. God is speaking but are we listening??? Are our “so-called” church leaders listening???

  21. Yes , definitely! We’ve been praying for years for a revival , but I believe there is such a deep sleep that people don’t respond like they should when the 911 happened . Now this is all across the earth ! Undeniable ! I had a dream of this 15 years ago and last year I was praying when this was going to happen. He gave me Habikuk 2:1-4
    I had another dream in January and it was in correlation of the one I had 15 years ago. I’ve been telling people for years this was coming , but no one was listening. They looked at me like I was crazy . The second dream was a wall of water was coming our way from the south. (In my first dream we were heading south )
    My husband and I were in the truck , but he was in the back asleep . I had to make sure I had my keys , and a comfey jacket on . (The word of God and the comfort of the Lord ) But we couldn’t go any where because he was not in the driver’s seat . I had to backhand him 4 times , then I shook him and he woke up to get in the driver’s seat . We took off down the street and water was slowly creeping in . I woke up and prayed. The Lord gave me 1 Corithians 10 . We can be in such a deep sleep that it’s going to take the church to be brighter than ever to pierce the eyelids to cause them to open to see the light . God is light and love and we the church need to be that in this hour , no matter what the cost ! We are His body , but He is coming back for a bride without spot or wrinkle ! He’s cleaning up His bride! He is a jealous God and we need to throw down those idols and serve Him ! We can’t sit at the table with demons and the Lord’s table . We cannot have communion with demons and take the Lord’s communion ! That is what He showed me after my dream. We have got to wake up so we do not miss the royal wedding ! He has set that diamond ring in the sky during the eclipse . During the eclipse I was reading my bible and He gave me Psalm 19:4-5 Their line has gone out through all the earth,
    And their words to the end of the world.
    In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun,
    5 Which is like a bridegroom coming out if his chamber,
    And rejoices like a strong man to run its race. He is asking , “Who will accept this ring ?” And is willing to run this race of faith in this life for Him ! He’s coming back , but He’s coming back for a bride suited for the King !
    Praise God He is for us and not against us ! He loves us and we need to take His word like never before and declare and decree it says what He says it says! Pray the word!!!!

  22. This most definitely is a wake up call from God! How many times in the OT did he speak through His prophets to His people,Israel, warning them what would happen if they didn’t come back to Him. As a result of their choices, they were captive for 70 years! God’s been putting up with the choices we in America have made ie: taking Him out of the public square, killing babies, dissing His model of marriage, telling the world ’we don’t need God, if there is one!’ Yet He loves us so much that in spite of all this, He’s allowing this virus to speak to hearts! I pray we’re listening!

  23. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling unbelief. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground in Jesus name, Amen.

  24. God can use all things as a wake-up call, this pandemic among other things. I so much hope, and have been praying, that people are turning to the Lord during this.
    In addition, last week I read Isiah 41:1-10. The way it jumped out at me in its intensity makes me wonder if the Lord was showing us He is directing COVID-19. Some of the relevant phrases (using RSV): from the east; trampled kings under foot; by paths his feet have not trod; the ends of the earth tremble; and everyone helps his neighbor. It ends with familiar words of encouragement.
    I’d appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. What good thoughts. I agree God is directing this virus and using it to His glory and our good. We are right to pray for an end to it but also right to pray for Him to direct and use it for the salvation of souls.

  25. I have been praying for older, more vulnerable people to turn to God during this time and assumed that they had more knowledge of TRUTH and would of necessity turn to Him. Reading this article about the actual numbers of older Americans being the least likely to turn to the Word and to God pierces my heart. Oh, Father God, have mercy on our older people and incline their hearts to You. Lead others around them to witness to them of the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for godly parents who I am blessed to be able to spend time with right now caring for them. Make a way, Lord, for Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done. In Jesus’ name.

  26. I have been praying for good to come of this pandemic so this is an affirmation for me. Now I just need my 12 year old granddaughter, Kayla to start reading her Bible would appreciate prayers for her. All things work together for good. Thank you Jesus!

  27. I base what I think on 11 Chronicles 7:13,14. Yes, this is a wake up call for the whole world to call upon the Lord!
    John 3:16 begins “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son … His love has not stopped and He is waiting for all to come to repentance b

  28. As we continue to listen for “the trumpet sound”, we must also believe and praise God that what the enemy
    intends for harm our mighty God is turning around for good! And it is bringing revival to America!
    I’m also thankful for the many Christians who are praying even more fervently for those who still have not given their lives to Christ. These unpresented times that we are in surely cannot be easily overlooked by those who have not yet accepted Christ as their Savior; also for those who did receive Him and then somehow slipped back into the ways of the world.
    So let’s begin by filling our homes with worship songs and hymns. Remember that song that was so popular a while back? Let’s begin singing that one for them ~ “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”
    Let’s all fill our homes with worship!
    Blessings of His amazing love as we wait in joyful hope for His coming again in glory, Anita

  29. I find this to be very true.
    I’m 77 and recently moved into an independent apartment building with 40 apartments. Out of those 40 apartments I have not found one person willing to join me to pray even once a week.
    Until I saw this first hand I would have doubted it was true…the people most vulnerable are not seeking GOD.

  30. I love Romans 8:28

    He can use ANY circumstance for His Good for those who love God and are called according to His Purpose. That has been my prayer for this crisis. 🙏✝️


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This web site may provide links to external web sites maintained by individuals or organizations external to Intercessors for America. Once you access information that links you to another web site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the web site containing the information you have linked to.

Online Personal Safety
We hope and pray that all intercessors involved in Intercessors for America are trustworthy, well-meaning, and have a heart for prayer for our nation.

However, please take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. People online are not necessarily who they say they are or seem to be. Never give out passwords, credit card information, or other private data. Be very wary of disclosing private information to a stranger you meet via prayer messaging. Even apparently innocent information, like the name of your employer, can be used against you by scammers.

When meeting with someone for the first time to gather to pray or establish a prayer group in your local area, please remember to:

Taking these precautions will help make your online experience safer. Any risk in using Intercessors for America’s online web tools to connect with others is assumed by you. Intercessors for America disclaims any liability or responsibility for acts, omissions, or conduct by you or any other party using its online web tools.

For more information about online personal safety, check out these resources:

Statement of Use
All of the content, images, logos and photos appearing on this website are copyrighted and are the property of Intercessors for America. Other images, brands or logos are copyright of their respective owners. Information and images found on the site cannot be reproduced either in print or electronically without express written permission from Intercessors for America.

The IFA or GAP Web Site may contain links to third party web sites such as those posted by members of the Get America Praying website.  These third party web sites are not controlled by IFA. The links to these web sites are provided for convenience. IFA is not responsible and assumes no liability for the contents of any of these web sites, and unless expressly stated does not endorse these web sites or their contents, products, or services. IFA is not responsible for the content of any sponsor’s Web page linked to the IFA web site, and the opinions and views expressed on the sponsor’s Web pages do not necessarily reflect those of IFA. The contents of the sponsor Web pages are not reviewed in any way before they are linked to the IFA web page. Intercessors for America reserves the exclusive right to remove any links, posts or members that it deems necessary for any reason. The intended usage of the website is for the facilitation of prayer groups.  Requests for donations other than for the owner of the site, posting of blogs and misuse of site is expressly forbidden.  Inactivity of any group or site for more than 90 days will constitute an automatic removal of the member or group from the site.

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