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Father, help is to be wise and yet bold!
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Outside an abortion facility with a full waiting room, peaceful intercessors who were observing careful social distancing across the street were ARRESTED in Charlotte, NC. Abortion facilities are evidently “essential services” but prayer and sidewalk counseling are not. Share this story. Pray that this global pause will be a pause for abortions. Pray for religious freedom to be preserved.  Know of a similar situation? Share below.

Saturday morning David Benham was unlawfully arrested. Many have labeled him a fake Christian and claimed that he was…

Posted by Benham Brothers on Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Phil C
April 8, 2020

I completely agree with your sentiments and certainly with the things we need to do right now . In this darkness we must be that light that shines even if we think we are just a flicker of light and much prayer is needed. I will pray also for Rj and Caleb and your husband. I also have 2 sons who don’t know the Lord yet (Charles) and (Steven ). Good men but they just are not interested in Jesus what’s so ever While my wife and our other two children love the Lord. But our hearts break for the other two. I feel your sorrow. Will pray for a revival

April 7, 2020

How grievous to read “a full waiting room”… God, please open the eyes and hearts of women who walk into these slaughter houses. Oh, God, take away the fear of raising a child or the loathing of it. Empower and protect those who stand on the sidewalks offering hope. May women’s ears turn to hear the Savior saying “Come to me…” God save these babies lives!

Phil C
April 7, 2020

This truly saddens my heart, don’t we have enough death around us that we, as a nation, allow more? And I don’t get on what grounds was the arrest made? How more wrong can this be? Truly we are at a time when, as Isaiah said. People will call evil good and good evil. May God have mercy on us. “ Lord God, we, your children, seek You now more than ever we need you Lord and as we keep our eyes fixed on You We know the wrong that still goes on so Lord we pray that “in your wrath remember mercy

    Mary Moses
    April 8, 2020

    We must pray for our law enforcement be set free from the bondage of laws that oppress the children of Our Holy Father. They probably hate them but like the roman who was in charge of roman law and asked Jesus to pray in secret for others watch him and he feared death. These cops know it’s wrong but the laws of the state oppresses many ways.one is needing to provide for their familes,being exposed before a judge and especially the corrupt media,many of our law enforcement are even attacked today and can not do their jobs to others who actually harm them,wrong doers,the evil ones are given that right now to do evil silently. Today the laws of the land are just as Jesus Christ says that they call what is evil good and what is good evil.these are the evil doers who also teach others to accept what they do and give heart approval of it. Our country now is the platform of Romans1:18 GODS WRATH AGAINST SINFUL HUMANITY….. 14-32 Definitely is what is happening and will get worse,the world now has become what sodom and gomorah was and now again as this earth means and groans,but as we battle and use the weapons of warfare we are called to stand strong and after all you have done…still stand strong.Gods desire is for all men to be saved,we wait and pray and do these things so all will be saved.but as we wait please continue to do as the Lord God Almighty told us in Peter 3:11-12… WE ARE TO LIVE HOLY AND GODLY LIVES AS YOU LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY OF GOD AND SPEED IT’S COMING…SO here is what we are to do.
    1.we should live Holy and godly lives,holy lives that are set apart for God,lives devoted to him and pleasing him.lives that desire to love God and being his son or daughter you want to please your Father because of your love,that is what Jesus did,he loved his Father dearly and is always pleasing him. Love God with all your heart,soul and mind. Jesus says also to stay busy in the Lord doing as he has called you to do. We are to pray and worship him,care for our familes and pay together and get to know him more through his holy word.pray for God the Holy Spirit to continue to to teach you,rebuke you with guilt as he is continually conforming you into the image of Our Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ and also teach your children with what you have been taught for this is what he called you do ,we also pray actively in his second coming for the prayer he taught us for us to pray is “Thy kingdom come,thy will be done,on earth(in which we are aliens,are home is heaven)as it is in heaven.and as we wait we also are to pray for our family,friends,goverment leaders,missionaries around the world for today the wickedness of man hates the gospel,so we must pray for their protection and needs be met as the gospel continually needs to be heard by every nation,every tribe and every language. We lift our prayers in difficult times,our trails and tribulations and yes we know as times get tougher,we stang strong and look forward to his quick approaching. Pray for as many as you can that needs to be saved.there are many prayers online that will help you to pray this,I look to this as for my boys have rejected him because of their evil desires which are unholy,their names are Rj (24) and Caleb (17) and Caleb has homosexual desires and my other son is fully conformed to the evils of this world. My husband is far from the Lord and is name is Bobby,it breaks my heart and I fear for them. I love my family but this is the only important thing I pray for.but we also must remember we share the gospel lovingly with others and not condemn harshly for we ourselves were once like that to. Well,its almost 400am in the morning and i must rest. I hope this can help someone and yes praying for these things are good because this covid 19 will open many eyes,heart,minds and bring them to the salvation of Our Lord God Almighty.please continue to pray for President Trump and VP Pence for if they were to get sick ,then Nancy Pelosi would become President and that is fearful and terrifying for the souls of every man,women,child born or unborn.Satan his possessed her mind fully. Remember he is a liar and a deceiver and is here to kill,steal,and destroy. Yes,we have alot of great works to do for Our Father in Heaven.And the souls of man is his #1 priority and he uses his children to do his will.💙TEXAS HUGS/LOVE my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus Our Lord God.

      Elizabeth L
      April 8, 2020

      Yes Lord, I pray for all these evils being done that the people of this world would not just recognize what they are doing but that they would despise it and start to pull away and look twords you lord. I pray for this wonderful Woman of God and I pray you would give her strength as she fights her family’s battles. Let Mary know Lord that she is never alone and that you and your Angles are watching out for her every single day of her life. When this has all ended, I thankyou for her seat at the mercy throne Lord. I also pray for Mary’s family as she does everyday and I pray for their redemption as the times are becoming more and more like the days during the acts of the apostles and we need to pray and work more than ever to save those caught up in the works of the enemy. I pray for Caleb that he would find the love he is looking for in you and finally be satisfied. I pray for Rj that he would realise that he is getting nothing by partaking in the sins of this world and that when he does start to pull away from them that he would find you Lord. I pray for Bobby and that in his search that he would find you and want to keep growing closer. If this family has ever been hurt by religious Christians who claim to be by your law but that you never knew, I pray those wounds would heal and that this family would find the real meaning of following you Lord. Thankyou for all the unseen works which in your heavenly reality are actually the works most praised, you truly are a good god.

Diana Lott
April 7, 2020

This is so wrong! Praise God for David Benham’s courage and testimony while he was being confronted and arrested. I pray for him, the work he is doing, and for the policemen who are doing their job but are so wrong. I believe they were conflicted in their hearts. God help us.


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