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Father, we thank you for stopping the transgender surgeries performed on minors by Vanderbilt. We pray that these surgeries would never resume, God, and that you would stop all transgender surgeries and treatments across the country.
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Although Vanderbilt may have stopped its surgeries on minors for now, we cannot trust them to continue to police themselves.

From The Daily Wire. After insiders at Vanderbilt University Medical Center told The Daily Wire that they fear transgender surgeries on minors would eventually resume, host Matt Walsh affirmed why states need to create laws to ban such practices.

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Walsh said during an interview Wednesday with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that places like Vanderbilt have become a “hub” for the sexual mutilation of children, which recently stopped the procedures following a videotape uncovered by The Daily Wire host exposing the practices. However, a recent report from three sources at the institution said the moment the public relieves pressure — the “liberal-led” university would continue to push them through.

“They will if they can get away with it, which is why we can’t rely on these institutions to police themselves,” Walsh said.

Walsh called on lawmakers to create legislation prohibiting doctors from performing procedures classified as so-called “gender-affirming care.”

“There have to be laws now — and I think most Americans, when they hear about this, are shocked to find out that there aren’t already laws banning doctors from doing cosmetic double mastectomies on teenage girls or sterilizing and castrating kids.”

United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine has recently made headlines after slamming laws that would dictate when children could begin receiving “a range of medical treatments and evaluations … of people who are transgender and transgender youth.” …

However, Levine has faced backlash from medical professionals that have challenged the idea that “treatments and evaluations” like puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones are medically necessary and safe for minors. …

How are you praying against transgender treatments, especially on minors? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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October 24, 2022

The whole Ideal of surgically altering children from being the gender they were born to be, is immoral, demonic, just flat out wrong to be playing God. Leaven these children alone, let them grow up being what they were born with and supposed to be.

    October 24, 2022

    Agreed, James.

    These mutilation “trans” surgeries on minors are the worst form of child abuse.


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