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Father, we pray that You would strengthen us as we fast. Empower us to seek You above all else.
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Why Fast?

Why would I ask you to withhold from yourself the only substance that can keep you alive?  Why would I remove such a necessary pleasure that you enjoy?  Why would I lead you to a place of discomfort and weakness when both are easily avoided?

How could abstinence of a good thing bring any value?

Do I eat?  Do My angels drink?  Do the Saints dine in My presence?

I call you to this refrain from food in order to remind you that I, and I alone, am the source of your life.  Your body is the temple but My treasure lies deep within and My desire is to commune with you in that holy place.

So from time to time, we remove the distraction of your earthen vessel to once again stir and excite the living waters deep within you.

I know the great pleasure of having your fill of the foods you enjoy.  I am the One who designed it to be so.  Look how marvelous my creation!

And while you are brought to a place of weakness, it is in that time I can show you once again that I, and I alone, am your strength.  How else, but in this brief time of discomfort, can I remind you that I, and I alone, am your comfort.

Food is a good thing and I am the One who has given it to be your daily bread.  But from time to time, I remove it to show you that My love, and only My love, is better than life.

So welcome the fast.  Embrace the fast.  Feel the fast deep within you.

And when you do, you welcome Me.

When you fast, I embrace you and cause things to happen which your eyes can not see.

Deeper than your hunger is the place I dwell within you.

Excerpts from the Red Velvet Journal were written during a dark season of the soul in 2010. It was a peculiar and marvelous time where I would place my pen on the page and start to write — having no idea what the next word might be. These “Holy Flows” came out with no corrections, no cross-outs, and no rewrites. This one came during a 3-day fast.

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(Used with permission. The Wine Patch, by Keith Guinta. Photo Credit: Katsia Jazwinska on Unsplash)

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Herb Johnston
April 10, 2022

I saw a Derek Prince video ..I think it was from about 1978, or so.. I do not exactly remember- however,it was 10 points on fasting- that’s a paraphrase.. it was 10 something…. 10 rules or 10 whatever- fore fasting, it was an hour video, I made it through about 20 minutes, I have to go back again -but I know that our Lord is- Very..particular about fasting.. according to Isaiah I remember my impression of that. So I take it very seriously.

Darlene Estlow
April 10, 2022

What a good word. Father, give me a desire to fast that I may draw closer to you. And as I fast, may I not fail to use my time wisely.

Jessica Renshaw
April 10, 2022

This came just when I needed it. Thank You, Lord. I feel the pain, grief, and horror of what is happening in the Ukraine right now (at the maternity hospital) and I am too sickened and sad to eat.

Anne J
April 10, 2022

Father, we pray that You would strengthen us as we fast. Empower us to seek You above all else.


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