I Prayed have prayed
When you tell the truth, justice is done, but lies lead to injustice. Prv. 12:17

On Saturday morning, IFA posted  AZ Audit Results Are In: What Do You Think?  Just 6 hours after posting, the article over 27,000 intercessors read and commented. But what exactly did the audit reveal? Read on to find out.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who joined an IFA webcast recently, let the country know what she thinks by stating, “This is our Declaration of Independence. This is our manifesto of freedom.” She unveiled a letter that stated, “If results from these measures prove an inaccurate election was held, as has been shown in Arizona, and is being shown in many other states; then it is clear that certification of many electors was improperly rendered in January 2021 of the November 2020 United States presidential election. We call on each state to decertify its electors where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”

One IFA commenter, Valentin, wrote, “I know we all have a post-election fight for truth fatigue. But truth and integrity is worth pursuing.”

Another IFA commenter, Diana, stated, It helped me to handle the results better when I came to understand the following. The forensic audit was not meant to determine who won the election. It was meant to determine where and how the ‘cheating’ took place.”

Audits do not determine if fraud took place, they are, by definition, an “official inspection” of (Maricopa) county’s election by an independent body. They report the findings of anomalies then those in charge of securing election integrity (namely the AZ State legislature) and “we the people” have a responsibility to make judgments through further investigations to determine what is at the root of the anomaly. If fraud is at the root of the outcomes than the people must make their position known to their elected representatives. 

The Arizona audit results were reported at 4 PM EST on Friday, September 24. First and foremost, this is “the peoples audit.” It is historic in that this is the first time a full forensic audit of our elections has been conducted anywhere in the U.S. It is vitally important that you take time to watch the report yourself to fully understand the findings so you are informed. The audit was conducted by several highly qualified independent firms and individuals. A brief  summary of the major findings are as follows:

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. PhD., and his team from Echomail, investigated the mail-in ballot envelopes for signature anomalies, including blank signatures and scribbles as well as partial signatures. They found that many blank signature boxes were approved by election officials which would be in violation of election standards and laws.

The most startling finding was something they did not expect in reviewing signatures. His team discovered 34,448 votes from those who voted more than once in the 2020 AZ general election. What this means is at least 17,224 votes were included in the results that should never have been accepted as valid, due to double, or in some cases triple, voting by the same voter. Keep in the mind the Biden margin of victory in Arizona was 10,457 votes.

The next independent auditor to present at the audit was Doug Logan, President of Cyber Ninjas, who was hired by the AZ State Senate to oversee the forensic audit at Veterans Memorial Coliseum located at the State Fairgrounds in Maricopa County. A highlight of his findings includes:

  • More than 255,000 early votes shown in the county final vote file lacked a corresponding entry in the early voting returns file.
  • More than 9,000 mail-in ballots were received and recorded than the official number of mail-in ballots sent out by the county.
  • A canvass showed over 3,400 more ballots were cast than recorded.
  • Precincts show 1,551 more ballots cast on election day than people who showed up to vote.
  • More than 23,000 voted by mail despite moving to Maricopa County after the October 5 cutoff date.
  • 2,382 voters cast votes in Maricopa County, in person, after moving out of the county.
  • More than 2,000 voters were given a full ballot instead of a presidential-only ballot because they moved out of Arizona within 29 days before the election in violation of election law.
  • Nearly 300 deceased voters may have voted in the election.
  • Nearly 2,500 ballots were shown in the early vote returns that do not have a voter listed as casting them.

While conducting an audit, it is critically important the auditors receive complete cooperation from those they are auditing. That did not happen with respect to officials with Maricopa County. There was resistance and obstruction from the very beginning which was documented during the hearing. For example, only recently have they received an agreement to inspect routers which were withheld until after this audit report.

We learned explosive findings from independent auditor, Ben Cotton, founder of CyFIR and an expert IT analyst. Cotton shared that Maricopa County deleted a large volume of county election records from the 2020 general election from computer servers just prior to the information being handed over to auditors, a violation of state election law. Thankfully Mr. Cotton was able to report, “We have captured screen shots of Maricopa County people at the keyboards during those time periods.” This implied that his team can identify who deleted the files by matching the time stamps and when people were at their computers. This elicited a cheer from those in the Senate chambers listening to the report.

There is not the space to record all the findings of this audit in this article and we encourage you to watch this audit as if Maricopa County was your county to learn and understand the facts which are being uncovered with respect to threats to our election integrity.

The question remains, what can a state such as Arizona do to decertify an election if fraud influenced the outcome of the election? The Arizona election was determined by just over 10,000 ballots. Governor Doug Ducey has already weighed in with a tweet stating, “no decertification.”

Prior to the audit results being released, AZ Attorney General Ken Behringer sent out a memo to AZ State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita that asked the question, “Is there a mechanism to decertify a presidential election?” The Behringer memo concluded there is no mechanism to decertify a presidential election outside of 3 U.S.C. §§ 5 and 15.

Attorney Matthew DePerno, who recently joined an IFA webcast, has gained national attention for discovering and exposing election fraud in Antrim County, Michigan and is currently a candidate for Michigan Attorney General. He wrote a letter to AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers challenging AZ Attorney General Behringer’s position on whether a state can decertify an election and recall their electors. He writes,

“Can a State Legislature recall the state electors or decertify a national election upon proof of fraud in the election? The Answer is ‘Yes.’

“The Ninth and Tenth Amendment work in tandem to consecrate this broad delegation of power to the States. Chiafalo v. Washington, 591 U.S. … 140 S. Ct. 2316, 2324-25 (2020) ‘Nothing in the Constitution expressly prohibits States from taking away presidential electors’ voting discretion.’  Specifically, the Supreme Court noted that the Constitution’s text and the Nation’s history both support allowing a State to enforce an elector’s pledge to support his party’s nominee – and the state voters’ choice – for President. . .

“In light of the Behringer Memo, we ask again whether a State Legislature can recall the state electors or decertify a national election upon proof of fraud in the election? After again considering the constitutional authority of the State Legislature, the Constitution itself, and U.S. Supreme Court authority and precedent, the answer is definitively ‘Yes.’”

As intercessors, we must continue to pray. As citizens, we must urge our elected representatives to act in accordance with the truth and ensure free and fair elections. Elected representatives, Governors, Attorneys General receive their authority and direction with the consent of the governed. As intercessors we must appeal to heaven and be patient to wait on God and let every step of the process play out. An audit is simply one more step in the process to gain understanding and achieve integrity in our elections. It was never intended to be the last step.

One IFA commenter, Trian, shared the following encouragement: “What is done in the dark will be brought to LIGHT! God has not abandoned His children! I believe He is faithful and His eyes roam the earth to show Himself STRONG on behalf of those whose hearts are towards Him. Don’t give up the fight through prayer and by getting involved in our local communities. Greater is He who is with us than he who is in the world. Good always triumphs over evil. We walk by faith and not by sight. God bless America and all who are standing for truth.”

Intercessor Cheri Tuttle worked on the Arizona audit and she described her experience on an IFA webcast, which you can view HERE. She described a prayer wall at the audit.

Let’s start a “prayer wall” here–please leave a comment with your prayer.

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Bonnie Gardner
October 1, 2021

Amen and amen!

Audrey K Foster
September 29, 2021

I am truly happy that AZ has taken the lead in these Audits. I believe that the Democrats knew that they did not have anyone that could beat Trump. I have watched this thing from the very beginning knowing that the election was rigged because of the hate for Trump in DC toward him. I also believe that Soros,and hundred of billionaires as well as Millionaires used money to pay officials as well as to rig the votes. Mike Lindell proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am also in total agreement that God allowed this to happen so that people would see how corrupt the Democrat party really are. I also believe in my heart of hearts that the truth will come out and that Trump is the rightful president elect. For a note of interest, when it came out that Biden was suppose to have gotten more votes then Obama in Pennsylvania it sealed that the election was rigged in all 50 states. I am just hoping that President Trump will be able to get back in his rightful position before Biden, his handlers do more damage then what he has already done. God is not finished with America, as well as He has more for President Trump to do before the rapture. I pray every night that God keeps Trump his family safe from the evil that Satan is working so hard to complete. My God wins in the end and that is what I trust.

September 28, 2021

This rips at the heart of America. It saddens my heart, it tears at my family ho has producer 3 generations of soldiers since great grand parents emigrated to US.
If our government(s) will not do their jobs, then we need to replace it. I know that COS is working on this, we individuals need to make sure that we hold officials to their jobs & that we let others know what’s going on. I know that a lot of Christians are now shouting “Jesus is coming”! which I agree with, but He also says that we need to continue in our work until then. I firmly believe that part of “our work” is that we are responsible for tending what He has given us – His Church, the country that He allowed us to be a part of, and on down…

Jane Ann Casey
September 27, 2021

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. Proverbs 4:18

September 27, 2021

The battle belongs to the Lord but we do join Papa in our prayers to speak that truth will not be hidden and that the divine destiny of this nation will be a reality. Papa protect Israel as the balance in that area has been changed by the actions of this nation, bring to justice those who muck your name and go against everything you stand for. Remember Papa that this nation was founded and dedicated to you and that we have tried for the most part to be a light to the world; for the glory of your name have mercy on us in this your United States of America and bring your victory to once again stand for life and Christian values… I pray this in the name above all names, the name of Jesus! Amen

Curtis Guhl
September 27, 2021

Righteousness exults, sin is a reproach. Let those who seek justice be exulted Lord. Thank you Jesus.

Marta Gallegos
September 27, 2021

pray This is one of our Greatest Weapon This is a spiritual battle Encourage one another JESUS IS LORD Amen 🙏

Jacqueline J Manchester
September 27, 2021

Our God is all powerful and will do according to His will what He determins to be done. I am thankful for all the people that gave their time for this very hard job to be done. It comes to my mind, that, if this was discovered in AZ, then likely every other state will also have some issues with fraud. Now, what is to be done? We can trust God to resolve the whole issue, but we must trust Him and not try to push it through. He is able!!! Our wonderful Lord, please show your might and power and let the world know that you are in control, and will have your way. All glory to Jesus.

September 27, 2021

Dear Father in Heaven,

For the sake Your Son, Jesus the Christ, His Universal Church, for Truth, Justice and Mercy we ask that you send your Mighty Angels to walk the corridors of our Local, State and Federal governments, especially our Legislatures, and unveil the Truth about this election (and others)and right this evil wrong that has been done against Truth and Your Will. In Christ’s Name we pray, Amen.

Herb s Johnston
September 27, 2021

exodus 14;13-14
13But Moses told the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the LORD’s salvation, which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians you see today, you will never see again. 14The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” 15;Then the LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the Israelites to go forward.”
14:25 He caused their chariot wheels to wobble, so that they had difficulty driving. “Let us flee from the Israelites,” said the Egyptians, “for the LORD is fighting for them against Egypt!”
15:3 THE LORD is a warrior, the LORD is His name.
Duet 1:30
The Lord your God who goes before you will fight for you, just as you saw Him do for you in Egypt
3:22 Do not be afraid of them, for the LORD your God Himself will fight for you.”

Dear Heavenly Father, as we the people of your body face these giants,we look to you to help us to stay in repentant prayer while continuing to stand against evil,as we see Your hand working,lead us to be strong and courageous and not afraid, while remembering that the circumstances appear differently every day than what you are attending to behind the scenes, and let us continue to trust in your goodness and strength, as you have said You will never leave us nor forsake us-as we stand against evil in standing for truth, Lord have mercy on these united states of america,that we will not be defeated by the evil one. In the mighty Name of Jesus,

    September 28, 2021

    2 Chronicles 20 – all of it, esp verses 1-30, SO encouraging!

    verses 20-22:
    And they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said. “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”
    And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed those who should sing to the LORD, and who should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army and were saying:
    “Praise the LORD, for His mercy endures forever.”
    Now when they began to sing and to praise, the LORD set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; and they were defeated.

Dolores L. Taylor
September 27, 2021

Thank you,LORD, for allowing this audit to take place after it was said there would be no audit, and what has been revealed as to the fraud in Maricopa county. Let the truth come out and be reported to the right authorities for changes to be made to decertify the National Election. I pray that the Governor and Senator from that State will comply with decertifying the election. And so it shall be done. Amen!

September 27, 2021

Lord God, we don’t know the details on how You WILL bring back our true President, President Trump BUT we do KNOW that You WILL! We don’t see all of the fraud, corruption, and evil in the world but YOU DO and we are asking in the name of Jesus for JUSTICE for ALL the people and judgment against the wicked for ALL their evil deeds, although we pray for mercy on their souls for we don’t want them to go to hell. We NEED You, the Almighty God, to expose ALL the evil done in secret and wake up those who are still sleeping so righteous comes in like a flood and REPENTANCE, REVIVAL, and AWAKENING are brought to our land and the whole world. I will NOT concede ANYTHING to the serpent, it doesn’t get Your nation The United States of America or Israel or any of the other nations in the world for Your Word says ALL belongs to You (For Kingship belongs to the Lord, HE rules over the nations)! WE STAND on YOUR promises and will NOT back down, we ask You to be our strength, wisdom, protection, and ALL other we need! We LOVE You Daddy God, King Jesus, Holy Spirit and we give You our agreement and faith in the name of Jesus! AMEN!!

Truly Heiskell
September 27, 2021

“But let Justice run down like rivers; and Righteousness like an Ever flowing stream.”
Amos 5:24

Arizona means “Silver bearing,” and “Place of a Spring.”

Silver is the Metal of Redemption in Scripture. A Spring can refer to water as well as a metal object that causes an upward Mobility; Dominoes to fall starting with Maricopa County in the name of Messiah Yeshua.

I decree and declare From This Moment forward truth and righteousness shall stand and prevail!

Isaiah 1:24-27
” I will ease Myself of My adversaries, says The Mighty One of Israel (USA) and avenge Me of My enemies. “I will turn My Hand up on them, and purely Purge away the dross, and take away all that I surely purify. I will restore judges as at the first, and counselors as at the beginning. Afterwards you shall be called “The City of Righteousness, The Faithful City. Zion, (the United States of America) shall be redeemed with judgment and her Converts with righteousness.” Amen and AMEN!

Truly Heiskell
September 27, 2021

“But let Justice run down like rivers; and Righteousness like an Ever flowing stream.”
Amos 5:24

Arizona means “Silver bearing,” and “Place of a Spring.”

Silver is the Metal of Redemption in Scripture. A Spring can refer to water as well as a metal object that causes an upward Mobility; Dominoes to fall starting with Maricopa County in the name of Messiah Yeshua.

I decree and declare From This Moment forward truth and righteousness shall stand and prevail!

Isaiah 1:24-27
” I will ease Myself of My adversaries, says The Mighty One of Israel (USA) and avenge Me of My enemies. “I will turn My Hand up on them, and purely Purge away the dross, and take away all that I surely purify. I will restore judges as at the first, and counselors as at the beginning. Afterwards you shall be called “The City of Righteousness, The Faithful City. Zion, (the United States of America) shall be redeemed with judgment and her Converts with righteousness.” Amen and AMEN!

Mary Ann MartinoThe
September 27, 2021

Father! You know the truth! You are truth! You are the only One who can bring justice in regard to this election. In the precious Name of Jesus, I join with thousands of my family in Christ asking you to expose the truth to Americans, opening their minds to accept your truth and turn this election around. We know Donald Trump is not a savior, but he’s the man You chose to rid this country of those who will to bring it down! You built this country, and while Your church is still here, our prayers to You have weight! We need Your help. Thank You for hearing our prayers in Jesus Name. Amen.

Diane Reynolds
September 27, 2021

Father you are the Truth, the Way and the Life, we are grateful as your people that our God has this standard. We look to you to bring the truth to light and to show us your people the way to let this happen and we are assured and declare that this is the way of Life and that Father abundantly. Make a way Father, Make it a truthful result and lead us always into life that is representative of these things, no matter what. We pray and declare in the name of Jesus, your son and our Savior. So be it,

September 27, 2021

Lord, thank you for this site and the information you provide. It is hard to be a responsible citizen and discover the truth in America’s current atmosphere. Please help our nation– especially our working citizens and busy parents who need to hear the truth, not slanted opinions. Remind us that our freedom is based on the virtues we practice & learn from our strong foundation of faith and your Holy Word.

Father, my heart is trouble by the misinterpretations of this audit. Give the nation new eyes to see and open ears to hear and provide us wisdom to discern your Truth. Satan is trying hard to deceive us. May your Holy Spirit move even mightier across our nation. Thank you for every salvation this last week! Provide seasoned Christians to help each person grow strong in their walk. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

September 27, 2021

Ezra 10:4 ESV
Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it.”

It is my prayer that we intercessors pray for ways to take physical action by gathering together protesting peacefully in places in our cities and states to take a stand against this corruption. It doesn’t seem like emails to representatives is enough. Who knows how those might be manipulated.
Lord give us strategies, all who read this the boldness and courage to do exploits for Your glory and our nation.

Thank you LORD. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Susan Mahoney
September 27, 2021

Ezekiel 18:30 says, Therefore, I will judge each of you, O people of Israel, according to your actions, says the Sovereign Lord. Repent, and turn from your sins. Don’t let them destroy you! Put all your rebellion behind you, and find yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O people of Israel? I don’t want you to die, says the Sovereign Lord. Turn back and live!”
Praise You Sovereign Lord that Your desire is that none should perish but have eternal life. Praise you that you are always good and always working for our eternal good.

I ask that the conviction of wickedness and sin fall on people and Your kindness lead them to repentance. You know their names Lord. You have seen what they have done in secret. Go after them. May they choose to turn back and live. May the fear of God turn them from their wickedness.

I pray that leaders – local to national – recognize their sacred role to stand for Truth and righteousness and not shrink back. We cut off all people pleasing and image management and pray that people would have no other gods but YOU. May they recognize the false gods that have deceived them and seek YOU first. Lord, you are greater than all other gods – remind humans of that truth – demolish these other gods that have blinded people from seeing YOU.

Give them courage, fortitude and perseverance to step out and be the leaders you called them to be – help them to take the first step into the unknown towards life and integrity. Surround them with faithful friends and pray-ers who will support them as they navigate through hostile enemy territory.
We fight for them now Lord. Give us the prayers to pray to thwart the enemy’s arrows and unlease God’s Heavenly Army!
We are waking up Father. Shake the sleep and drowsiness from our beings and equip us to take our place on the wall. Activate our lips to pray according to Your Word and Will.

We bow low and worship You Alone, Most Sovereign God. Heal our land. Hear our cries and answer with Your decrees. We love you Jesus. May the blood of the Lamb cover us.
No king but Jesus!
No Sovereign but God!

    September 27, 2021

    Amen Lord,please convict the hearts of those public offcials whose hearts have been corrupted to turn from evil and turn towards you ,Oh Lord

Jo Anne Woodall
September 27, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, may the Truth prevail! Your Truth!
Your Righteousness! Your Justice! Help us to be patient and all will come to be in Your time. Meanwhile protect our nation from the evil one and socialism. Do not lift your blessing from our nation!
Amen and Amen

Scott Trefz
September 27, 2021

Lord, we know you are a God of truth – unable to lie, and a hater of every false way. I join with my brothers and sisters in IFA, and ask specifically that you would overthrow our corrupt media system in this country. Before the AZ report even came out, all the media could do was trumpet that Biden now had 45,000 more votes than before. They missed the whole point because the truth is not in them! Correct the steady stream of lies that proceed from their mouths and keyboards. Save their souls, but change the narrative in our country to TRUTH, oh Lord!

Lydia B. Miller
September 27, 2021

God is our deliverer!
Spirit of Pharaoh, let my people go,let my people go!!
in Jesus name we bind the evil forces. We declare and decree conviction is occurring today because the Holy fire of God is falling on those in AZ and swing states, on those who are guilty. The fear of God is being place upon those who have hardened their hearts.
In the Holy fire awaken if is taking place in peoples hearts.
The father has an all seeing eye, He knows who is guilty and He knows how to convict them.
He is our deliverer, He delivered Daniel from the Lions den, their was intense prayer offered on behalf of Daniel’s deliverance, Daniel prayed morning ,noon and night!
God delivered 3 men from a fiery furnace with out any harm coming to them!
God delivered the Israelites from Pharoah, He opened the red seas and held back the water so they could safely cross over.
We plead the precious blood of Jesus over the entire election process.
In Jesus name we plead the blood of Jesus over those who have committed evil, over those who are resisting truth and we decree that everything align and realign according to the purposes of saving the United States from a stolen election!
Thank-you kindly every one for praying!

September 27, 2021

Psalm 5 NLT

1 O Lord, hear me as I pray;
pay attention to my groaning.
2 Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,
for I pray to no one but you.
3 Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.
4 O God, you take no pleasure in wickedness;
you cannot tolerate the sins of the wicked.
5 Therefore, the proud may not stand in your presence,
for you hate all who do evil.
6 You will destroy those who tell lies.
The Lord detests murderers and deceivers.
7 Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house;
I will worship at your Temple with deepest awe.
8 Lead me in the right path, O Lord,
or my enemies will conquer me.
Make your way plain for me to follow.
9 My enemies cannot speak a truthful word.
Their deepest desire is to destroy others.
Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave.
Their tongues are filled with flattery.[a]
10 O God, declare them guilty.
Let them be caught in their own traps.
Drive them away because of their many sins,
for they have rebelled against you.
11 But let all who take refuge in you rejoice;
let them sing joyful praises forever.
Spread your protection over them,
that all who love your name may be filled with joy.
12 For you bless the godly, O Lord;
you surround them with your shield of love.

September 27, 2021

I am glad to see that the Arizona audit is not over yet. I confess, that I heard that Biden had won the county, and figured that was the final result. With what is being reported here, it appears that if Biden did indeed carry this county, it was by questionable balloting. It is important that all of these numerous anomalies are being exposed. It definitely shows, that Nov.2020 election results are questionable at best, and fraudulent at the worst. Hopefully, this evidence will be sufficient to decertify the bogus “election” results. Where it goes from there remains to be revealed. Lord Jesus, we thank you that this fraud has been discovered and confirmed by this audit. We pray for the entire truth to be revealed. We thank you that the light of truth dispels the darkness of deceit. We pray that the election results will indeed be decertified. We put our faith and trust in You, Lord.

    September 27, 2021

    just to offer you encouragement,- its ok ,like me ,to not always be the first out of the gate,..as we all know the Lord is with us.The first time I know of that elections in our country were fraudulent,was in the 1930’s,in the election of Huey Long,elected govenor of Louisianna..
    evil has been hounding our country a long time, but our God is good ,we just have to do our part. In those days,it was still fashionable to be patriotic,church attendance was a normal thing,but there was still evil in the system- in the land._But The Lord was not caught off guard,,and He is not today either.
    However this turns out,my part is still to do the right thing,,because ,I do not trust the government,or man,but i trust the Lord, He is on His throne- Time is in His Hands..Amen

      September 27, 2021

      Thanks for your response, Herb. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, especially the final outcome of these audits. Again, our trust is in the Lord, not in man. As long as we have Jesus, we have everything that we need. Everything else is just stuff of this world- it is all subject to change, unlike God Almighty, who NEVER changes.

Jamie Hotelling
September 27, 2021

Praise God ! Who’s light shines in the darkness and exposes evil and corruption! Blessed be His name ! Glory to The Lord, for He hath made a way for truth to triumph. Be encouraged my fellow intercessors – If God be for us, then who can be against us!! Continue to persevere in prayer and trust God. For He is mighty in this hour!

September 27, 2021

Father God I pray for Your help in accepting Your plan with an unselfish heart. Keep my mind open as each day and each new development is revealed. When there is an action needed, give me the courage to take it on.

Bob Berning
September 27, 2021

Daniel 2:20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: 21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: 22 He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.

So let it begin in the mighty Messiah Yeshua’s Holy Name

Maria Amengual-Michaud
September 27, 2021

Heavenly Father, you are the God of justice and truth. We are asking in Jesus’ name that you let the truth about these elections be made known and that Your justice prevails. I thank you Father because I know You are working all things out even if we don’t see it in the natural world, You are doing it Your way and in Your time. Thank You Lord.

Karen E
September 27, 2021

I saw an article that AZ Gov. Ducey states that he will not de-certify AZ’s election results. I wrote him a strong letter demanding that he DE-CERTIFY AZ’s 2020 Election Results. I told him in so many words that it was because of people like him NOT doing their job that we have an illegitimate president in office destroying our nation (Afghanistan, southern border, etc.). If he will de-certify, other states will follow suit. Please consider making your voice heard to Gov. Ducey. We are in desperate times and we must let our voices be heard before the Lord and man. If we, the Church, will rise up, this nation will be turned around for the glory of God. Thank you for every prayer prayed for our nation and for the de-certifying of every state! AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!

Deborah Ledford
September 27, 2021

How great is our God. He is Light…darkness tries to hide…but trembles at HIS voice. HE is speaking and darkness IS trembling. Thank you Almighty God.

david camarillo
September 27, 2021

The Lord almighty sees all from above, and if we who are from the world but not in it found all these discrepancies, then imagine what He saw and how we are to pray for the eyes of our elected officials to be opened to the truth of what happened and for justice to prevail. Amen

September 26, 2021

Thank you, Lord Jesus,
that this audit did go forth despite all the obstacles it faced.

Thank you for all of those involved. We ask for protection and deliverance from all assaults of the enemy.

Thank you for Your Matchless Word that declares whatever we ask in Jesus’ Name shall be done if we ask in faith.

We ask for justice. We ask for righteousness. We ask for the conviction of the Holy Spirit on those who cheated their nation and fellow citizens.

We ask for boldness of the Holy Spirit for those in positions of authority to speak out and take action.

We ask for the silencing of lying tongues, spells, all manner of witchcraft to be bound in Jesus’ Name!

God, we ask that You call thousands more to be intercessors.
We ask for angelic assistance.

We bring down the vain imaginations of the media. They are brought into submission to
Jesus Christ.

And we stand in faith, believing Him who is Faithful and True, that His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish all that He sends it forth to do.

Lord, be glorified. May Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

In Jesus’ Wonderful Name! Amen.

Lydia B. Miller
September 26, 2021

Yes, this is all a process and definitely takes patience.
The people have a reason to be very very concerned, and it is evident as we read the comments posted on IFA, that Americans see past all the deception and they are CONVINCED the election was stolen , therefore they are anxious to see that all the right steps are taken.
No wonder, really, because we feel violated since our freedoms are ripped right from us. The people in AZ and especially other swing states feel devastated, and rightly so It is an outrage to have our American rights stolen from us.
We pray God will visit key people in State Legislatures , He will visit them morning , noon and night!
He will pour out His spirit on State Legislatures and Attorneys and all people who have the power to prosecute.In Jesus name we decree God’s spirit continue to birth revelation in their hearts and minds.
We declare the work of the enemy be confused and annihalated! Every weapon formed against our constitution shall be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus! We strike down every evil lie and release truth and blessing to AZ leaders!
Holy Spirit , we put this on your shoulders.
Strengthen the leaders and teach them how to up hold and honor our laws within the constitution.
We worship you!
We worship the king of kings and Lord of Lords.
Thank-you in advance for all you are accomplishing in this election audit and now it is time to turn the page to a new chapter because you are creating signs, miracles and wonders!!
Use this to open the eyes of the blind so they can honor and glorify your name!

Karen Secrest
September 26, 2021

The Lord is saying this first step will continue to bring Truth and Light before the public.
Note: HE is saying Georgia and Alito are still to be considered. There was no closure.
Continue to pray ferverently.
The Weather is going to affect outcomes, for better, in some states..

Rich Swingle
September 25, 2021

I’m so blessed to start this prayer wall! Praying these discoveries will lead to convictions and more audits in all 50 states. If we can’t trust our voting system we are no longer a democratic republic. Praying for Revival and the Greatest Awakening in history!


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