Pray have prayed
Lord, hear our cry for Afghanistan! We ask You to move in Your power and glory across this nation, as well as among the diaspora who are now spread throughout the earth.

Yesterday, I received an urgent request from Afghanistan about a group of believers in the Lord and their small children being surrounded by the Taliban at one of the borders while they were waiting to cross. This morning it was reported that some were able to get through, but no word on the others as yet. Please pray for their protection and many others like them undergoing the same, risky endeavors to escape–that God will blind the eyes of murderous Taliban at checkpoints along the way and at the border outposts so they can get through without hindrance or danger. A few days ago, I received a report that four Christian men in one of these convoys were killed while heading to the border after the Taliban asked if they were Muslims and they confessed they were followers of Jesus. 

This saga of Afghanistan’s crisis continues with both good and bad news to share with you. Thank the Lord that through your prayers and the financial gifts that some of you have provided, thousands of people have gotten out. Some got out on the US and NATO military flights, and others have been able to get out more recently on private chartered flights. Another effort that we have supported through our foundation has gotten over 500 across the border in overland convoys. They then need to be kept in safe houses and provided for until they can get visas to go on to other nations. This is all very expensive and funds for these operations are getting low now. Please pray for favor and an open way at all the border posts. Pray also for His provision of financial support so these convoys can continue. There are still thousands needing to be evacuated and saved from ruthless Taliban death squads that are stalking neighborhoods, looking for those who served the former government as soldiers, police, and journalists as well as remaining expats. In addition, many of our local Christian brothers and sisters still in-country could be executed for apostasy under the Taliban’s strict application of Islamic sharia law and need God’s watchcare if they remain. They are surely “sheep among wolves”.

Please pray also for the following as we keep Afghanistan in our hearts:

1. That the international community and USA will continue to give attention to the plight of those still trapped inside the country. The best solution for getting large numbers out now would be if a humanitarian corridor can be opened by the United Nations to get those out who want to leave. However, the USA and international community have very little leverage after the debacle of the ill-prepared pullout last month. May they find a way and be determined to make it happen!

2. Some very extreme Taliban from the Haqqani network, who have long been a major source of terrorism are now in charge of the police and internal justice system. They are reinstating public executions and amputation of limbs for minor crimes and religious infractions. They just executed four men publicly in one of the cities as adults and children watched in horror. Pray for them to moderate their tyrannical oppression and bloodlust in the fear of God and in order to maintain a better relationship with other nations.

3. Pray that the flights can continue to take larger numbers out and for the removal of obstacles and an official who has caused big problems for those seeking to get out this way.

4. Finally, among the tens of thousands who have been evacuated by all means, there is a scattering of Jesus followers who could serve as His witnesses and disciple makers among them. Let’s pray for a great harvest both within Afghanistan during this continuing crisis and in this growing diaspora coming to so many countries where these refugees are being resettled.

For Myanmar, do continue to pray that the National Unity Government and “people’s defense forces” will prevail in their resistance to the brutal military regime that overturned the will of the people and kicked out the civilian government in February. Also, for strong international pressure and the cutting off support to the regime from China and Russia that are significant weapons suppliers to Myanmar’s armed forces. May His peace and restoration come to this long-suffering country!

If you, your church, or any others you know would like to be part of this humanitarian effort to evacuate brothers and sisters in Christ and/or to provide food and other necessities for those remaining in Afghanistan during this dangerous and difficult time, every penny you provide will be used to help them through the agencies we are supporting. For Myanmar, we are also funneling aid to pastors and a missionary who are providing humanitarian aid as well as sharing the Gospel during that nation’s civil war situation.

Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments below.

(Photo Credit: Paula Bronstein /Getty Images).

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Tanya Williams
September 29, 2021

Father God, you are King of Kings Lord of Lords and Sovereign over all. Your Word says “where two or more are gathered in my Name, I am in the midst’. I ask on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Afghanistan for a hedge of protection. Hide them Lord from the eyes of the Enemy, in the name of Jesus. I ask for provision, may every need be met in the name of Jesus. And I ask for favor in the name of Jesus. Father, your Word also says you open doors no man can shut. Open pathways for your people to leave, like you parted the seas for Moses. Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit!
” I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name”. – Rev 3:8 KJV

Marsha Bashor
September 28, 2021

Dear Lord I pray for your people the Christians in Afghanistan, for your protection of them, your intervention in that situation to help them to get out, your mercy upon their lives. Jesus, let your presence be known and continue to perform your miracles, supply all their needs, food and clothing wise and financially. Blind the eyes of the Taliban regarding them. Thank you Lord Jesus✝️

I ask you for help and strength to be given to the National Unity Government and the ‘people’s defense forces’ in Myanmar who are standing against the evil brutal forces there. Provide everything they need physically and spiritually. Come to their aid and provide miracles to help them to continue to resist! Thank you✝️ O God our Father✝️

Renee McMichael
September 27, 2021

Heavenly Father protect these Christians fleeing from the Taliban. Hide them and guide them in safe passage. Please bring about the means to continue to support those who are helping them and keep them safe from harm. I pray you will forgive our government leaders who allowed this disaster to fall upon the people of Afghanistan. Continue to open the eyes of our countrymen to see and know the truth. Amen!!

September 27, 2021

Lord,we come before You,lifting up our brothers andd sisters,expats,ex-=afghani workers for american gov’t-soldiers ,police, journalists,.and many ohters,facing execution under sharia law for “apostasy’-by taliban death squads,..let the slaughter be stopped Lord,by hiding these precious people ,by averting the eyes of the taliban death squads,that they would not see their intended victims,they are sheep among wolves.. Lord ,let there be a path way in the desert,as You create rivers in the desert.
We know our times are in your hands,and as creatures designed by you we cry out for our fellow humanity ,to be spared these horrors,knowing all the while that their homegoing is up to you. In those cases Lord,let it be filled with Joy that they would know no terror at all ,being a witness unto Your Glory-,and their families and other loved ones would be delivered also from the snare of grief,- knowing their cherished family bonds will be continued in our glorious eternal life with You in heaven,Oh Lord.
Please allow the U.S. and international community to have grace towards us concerning the botched withdrawal,in that that mercy can be extended towards a multi nation effort in creating a overland,or any type,of corridor ,to escape-and the favor and encouragement needed to coalesce countries together to ensure that success.
Lord ,cleanse the minds of the people,especially children,that were witness to the recent execution of four men..and any additional carnage witnessed,that their souls may have peace-in your sovereign power,Lord,we pray the bloodlust and tyranny will be stopped ,that other nations may have talks with the taliban. Let the one official that is an obstacle be softened,and the pathway of fights as escape be protected in your miraculous provision.
Let there be a great harvest of souls,Lord-and a scattering of believers,mighty in favor and spirit,in those who have been rescued,amongst the nations where they are going, even here Lord,in the U.S.- to be a witness of your healing glory-and not a curse to any nation,,not even to us Lord,let them be a blessing to us Lord,as they arrive,Lord,all of them,in this great dispersion of believers throughout nations,as it was in the days of Acts-
In Myannamar,allow the local government,and the Peoples Defense forces,to prevail in their resistance against the brutual military regime that overturned the will of the people and threw out the civilian government
Let there be strong international pressure and the cutting off support to the regime from China and Russia that are significant weapons suppliers to Myanmar’s armed forces. Please allow peace to arrive in this beleaguered country.
In the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen

    September 28, 2021

    Amen and Amen!
    And, dear Lord, in Your wrath, please remember mercy!

Susan CC
September 27, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly pray protection for each and everyone facing danger in the Taliban held areas, especially those who are being hunted. I humbly pray for Myanmar as well Lord. The wickedness of man continues to astound me but the indifference is heartbreaking. I ask You with my heart and soul to rise up and show these evil men absolute terror as they fight against You, God Almighty. Let them know all consuming fear and torment. And I so pray for the children Father…mercy upon mercy…love unending. In the Name of Jesus. Amen

September 27, 2021

My Lord my God, we just praise you Lord for loving us and giving us this wonderful nation that we live in. Father there’s pain in this world and I just ask that you can bring down your grace and surround these people in Afghanistan that needs to get out of the dangerous spot that they’re in. Father I pray the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ around each individual in that area, and that each men women and children will find your peace, and feel your peace , I pray that you will surround them with your everlasting love and protection . Father we discuss all these things in your sons name Christ the Lord amen

Glenn Freeman
September 27, 2021

I would like to help financially – whom can I contact?

    September 27, 2021

    call IFA,their number is posted under the contact area


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