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Lord, thank You for all those who were involved in the audit, for the time and energy they invested in ensuring that our elections remain free and fair. Help each of us in our respective states to do our part in maintaining our republican form of democracy.

 The Arizona Audit results are in. IFA intercessors have been following allegations of election fraud for months and have prayed many prayers. The results of the first ever full forensic audit of an election are finally in. Let us know what you think of the results in the comments section . . .

Click this link to read the letter that Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann sent to Attorney General Brnovich:

Karen Fann (@FannKfann) / Twitter


We’ve waited for the results, and now they’re here. Tell us what you think, and add your prayer in the comments below!

(Photo Credit: IFA).

5854 People Prayed
45754 People have read this article

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  1. I have prayed for the truth to come out about AZ FORENSIC AUDIT. Now that it’s here, I continue to pray for open ears to hear an understand what this kind of election fraud in ONE COUNTY IN AZ means for the rest of the country . We must pray and work to try and open eyes & ears that the current bill in US HOUSE to make elections federally controlled forever will not pass! This goes against the constitution and denies protections put in place by our founders against one group of any kind holding too much power. Like when the DC area was created it was done so as a nonpartisan area for open conversations not for one with power to create Another state as needed to create power. We must watch our reps and pray and talk to them. This federal power grab going on is disgusting and could destroy a country created by God fearing people. I pray for all this 3x daily.In the name of our creator Father God and the most precious name of our Lord Jesus, AMEN. MAY THE Sanctuary of the Holy Word Bible continue to guide us!

  2. Precious Lord I agree with my sisters in Christ who want you to speak to the conscience of Karin Frann. Give no peace to her heart until she confesses this lie. May her campaign fall flat on its face because of her lack of character. Our Republic doesn’t need any more politicians who lack courage to stand up to the truth. Proverbs 19:5; A false witness will not go unpunished, nor will a liar escape.

  3. I pray for Karin Frann that you put in her guilty conscious that she knows deep inside that this wasnt a true vote. I Pray for the federal & state government that you put the holy Fear of sin

  4. Working the audit from 4/22 (6 days a week double shifts) through the last day, my husband and I were anxiously awaiting the final report. There were obviously major issues in many areas that were addressed by the presenters. We are disappointed in Karen Fanns letter to AG Brnovich. She stated in her letter that “the most important and encouraging finding of the audit” was the fact that the hand count and machine count matched! This was a forensic audit, not a recount! This is totally unacceptable since this very tedious and time consuming audit produced irrefutable evidence of fraudulent ballots. We continue to pray for justice to be served, for the corruption to be revealed. God, please.

  5. Lord, I thank You for all who were involved in the audit and for putting time and energy into it. I pray that our future elections can and will be free and fair. Protect our republic and help each of us do our part in our respective states in protecting and preserving our republican form of democracy. In Jesus Name and Authority, amen.

  6. I praise You Lord God for You are not a man that You would lie. You said what is done in the dark will be brought to light. I thank You for exposing every lie and all corruption. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Greater are You who is in us than He who is in the world. When the enemy of lies and corruption comes in like a flood, You will raise up a standard against their schemes and tactics. Help us to fight the good fight Father God, in Jesus’s name. Amen 🙏🏾🙏🏻🇺🇸

    1. Thank you, Trina; the Holy Spirit reminded me, also, prior to reading your post, That “there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.” Luke 12:2

      And, as you reminded us, also, God is not a man that He should lie!

      Blessed be the name of the LORD!

    1. I pray that Judy will open her mind to all the facts that point to widespread election fraud. Anyone who can read and see the massive about of evidence here. We have opened our hearts to the truth, but others still have their heads in the sand. In addition, Biden is physically and mentally unfit to serve.


    THE IT retired military person on the team has the names of those who deleted votes. Those persons need to be arrested.

  8. AZ audit should have give the result what would have been if the duplicates/dead persons/phantom/relocated persons were NOT counted. It would have been slam dunk and on record. NINJAS and Dr. S. should have stated this. AS well as all the DELETED VOTES FROM FEBRUARY 1, DELETED just in time for audit to start on FEB 2. I heard the reporting on AZ Senate internal video/TV. SHAMEFUL AS THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING TO HEAR. Not that Biden won. Now it is more misleading and some are asking for another audit when that is not what is not needed. AG, Mark B. needs to get on the horn and ARREST THOSE WHO DELETED THE VOTES ON MACHINES. He needs to report just what the duplicate/phantom votes put BIDEN BELOW the 10,000 they say he won by. Can’t people think? I am mystified how they can just bypass such important information. Disgusted with leadership.

  9. This may seem like a
    stupid question, but asking anyway: in reading this letter, i saw concerns addressed, but the verbiage didnt seem clear to me as to whether the investigation uncovered proof through proveable evidence of outright fraud or just mistakes, inaccuracies, best practice breeches, etc.

    Father in the name of Jesus set this record straight once and for all. If there was outright fraud expose it. And deal with it and if Trump was the true winner restore his presidency asap. As our country is going yo hell in a hand basket under the current administration and we need them out asap before they destroy us completely, father trump was not a perfect man but he was patriotic, God fearing, and he was committed to putting America first, he was a friend yo Israel, and was committed. to regaining the respect of other nations, restore him immediately if this presidency was stolen, we ask and believe you to do this in Jesus name

    1. Not a stupid question. Those were my exact thoughts. Lord, we thank you for exposure but we are ready for your justice. We know that your justice isn’t revenge but it makes things right. We decree that you are making things right & working it out right now in Jesus Powerful Name Amen!

    2. An audit examines the facts as discovered. It does not draw conclusions but let’s the numbers speak for themselves. The discrepancies and compromised security would then require another deeper audit of items that were basically withheld during this audit. Think of it as layers of information being pulled back. They provided recommendations and stated that the security infrastructure for AZ failed. They did what they were asked to do and reported on it. It is up to the Attorney General and AZ leadership to determine next steps. Pray AZ has the courage to be the first to save our election integrity and our nation.

  10. RE: AZ AUDIT RESULTS ARE IN: WHAT DO YOU THINK? How could there ever be any difference to make this a correct audit, when the same dishonest ways still have the same dishonest judgements in this pot? There is only one way to get the correct result: stop trying to manipulate the votes to agree with their thinking because that is not an election….it is election fraud. Proverbs 6:19 says a false witness that speaks lies does the Lord hate.

  11. I find Karen Fann’s letter to be painfully weak. The detailed information that was provided in the 3 hr. 20 minutes presentation clearly revealed many serious issues with multiple aspects of the voting process. 17,000 duplicate ballots included in the voter count is but one glaring example. People who had moved voting in the county; signature match issues with many not even signed; remote Internet access to the voting machines- which is against the law; deletion of voter data the day before an initial audit count, when ALL voter records are to be retained for 22 months by Federal regulation; more absentee ballots counted than were mailed out; etc.

    The Arizona State Senate MUST proceed with a petition to decertify the election, EVERY county must go through a similar forensic audit, and the criminals involved in illegal tampering with the voting process need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. At least 75,000 illegal votes were detailed in the presentation- Why in GOD’s Name didn’t the letter reflect that critical information? Karen Fann dropped the ball badly!

  12. All the flap about Biden winning the election is false. The audit verify the count of ballots as previously reported for the election (this means they have all the ballots in their possession), but the VALIDITY of the counted ballots has been proven to be deeply flawed. That is where the crimes are evident.

    If you want to hear a review of the AZ audit results, listen to this, starting at about 59:40.

  13. This doesn’t move me. Father has already prepared a wonderful dinner for us. Many in the field have not yet arrived to His table. That is the delay. Be patient, stand firm and don’t lose hope. – I am confident that America will always be a Christian nation. Psalm 105:8, Numbers 23:19, 1 Corinthians 8:6, Hebrews 13:

  14. My heart breaks to see what we all know are lies being repeated and reported by sources intercessors turn to for truth … only to find that the truth is literally being “swept under the rug”, as if “out of sight, out of mind” will solve the problem and bring some comfort. It will not! If we think it will, we are deceiving ourselves!

    Worse yet is to see the compromise that is being exhibited by those who know the truth, yet report the lies and seem to be accepting them. There is no middle ground on truth! We are told to be either hot or cold, but not lukewarm, lest we be spewed out! Let your yes be yes, and your no be no…take a stand!

    God will have the final word in this, and when He does, many who compromised will be ashamed and discredited. Do NOT attach your identity to a lie! Pray that when we undergo the test that we will stand, and having done all, stand!

    May God bless and deliver my beloved America! Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

  15. I’m encouraged by this letter.
    I think it’s just the beginning not a closed door.
    It addresses every area where cheating can/did take place.
    That’s what an audit does…finds the things that are right and finds the things that are wrong. Auditors should be unbiased.
    Now the legislature has done its job and is reporting to the office that deals with the enforcement of law.
    If I were someone’s pansy who was told to falsify election results, ballots, etc. I think I would be starting to sweat a little.

  16. I believe too many are ignoring the “fact” that the fallen American culture and society as reflected in not just the vote for Biden and liberal candidates in the Presidential election, but also is shown in the recent California Recall election which clearly says conservative, Biblical World view Christians are in the minority. And, when coupled with the obvious across-the-board apostate and fallen state of the so-called churches and major denominations, without a major nation-shaking revolution that turns us back to the authority of
    almighty God, we are seening a history that may be what the Scripture does not show. The demise and fall of the seven churches of Asia.
    I sought the Lord this morning for an answer and He directed me to some things that were occuring in the church at that writing and some Genesis history in the book of Jude in Verses 3-7: The unbelieving tares in the church and unbelieving will use their freedom to vote for unrighteous representatives that causes those of us who do believe and trust God to groan.

  17. I worked the audit in AZ. The report given was not complete. They did not report what was found in forensics. U worked that area some of the time taking pictures of the ballots. None of the anomalies found there were reported in this report to the senate. Doug Login only glossed over it near the end saying that we need to standardize the paper and mentioned that there is a difference between ballots filled out by people that have an indentation in the bubble and perfect bubbles from a printer. That is an incomplete audit not to address the findings from this aspect of the audit. That is the part that would help determine how many of the ballots casted were fraud.

    1. Thank you for your honest assessment, Cherie, and for all your hard work in the audit. Thank you for letting us know what has been omitted and for being a truth-teller. God bless you!

  18. A couple of things that also apply, are that there is a great big gap, because the Domnion is not open and above board and also, when you delete files, there are programs that they can use to pull up deleted files and I am not hearing anything about this being mentioned. When a file is deleted, it deletes your access to the whole file unit and allows you to over right files, but most of the information is not accessible, except but in computer language. You can take your deleted hard-drive to a computer technician in order to recover some information on that drive, not cheap, but can be done. I don’t know why they did not using this to recover files from Hilary’s hard drives. I am not ready to accept defeat on this fraud. There were too many discrepancies that just do not add up, when there are illegal votes, this adds up to fraud, they let this be acceptable when it is wrong. God wants us to be honest and truthful, this was not the case with these votes. Pray that the Lord will get behind this fraud and expose it, so we can get our nation back on tract.

  19. First, I want to thank the intercessors who either read the report +/or watched the hearing and cited in their post comments today the insightful data and results that the audit has uncovered to date!

    2nd, I read AZ Senate President Fann’s letter. I greatly appreciate president Fann’s and the AZ Senate’s determination to do a quality forensic audit! I was disappointed in senate president Fann’s summary to the AZ AG. I did not find it strong or passionate at all; there was nothing in there about the need to decertify the November 2020 because of the clear problems and violations the audit identified with the results. The letter talks mostly about generalities for the future. What can the AG act on based on that letter, except for deletion of the election files? Even that is not strongly worded— Isn’t deletion of those files in violation of Federal election law to retain records for 22 months? Deletion of election files alone should be enough to demand a do-over with paper ballots of the Nov 2020 election. Otherwise, what is the incentive for any election board of supervisors, or anyone else not following right and just processes to ensure honest and accurate election results, to change?

    As our republic is being openly destroyed– our borders are being penetrated illegally with people who are not vetted for terrorism and/ or who may be bringing disease into our country; as abandoned Americans are left to hide in Afghanistan from the murdering Taliban (who were left $85 billion of our military equipment to help them); as our military members, even if they have COVID natural immunity, are threatened with court martials if they don’t take COVID gene therapy shots, which have killed over 15,000 and permanently disabled almost 21,00; as the US House votes to pass legislation to kill babies in the womb up to their moment of birth; as attorneys who look into election fraud are sued and threatened to have their law licenses removed– we need more boldness and determination to rectify that which was flagrantly done wrong in Maricopa County than that soft letter says.

    Arizona legislature and governor: This is YOUR opportunity? Are you going to act for righteousness? Are you wise to see the handwriting on the wall? Don’t waste these results, that show election fraud and a flagrant abuse of the November 2020 election!!! For the sake of our country, be strong and courageous like our brave forefathers were, willing to sacrifice everything for the future of their children and grandchildren! We are praying for you!

    1. Diane,your words are exactly how it is, and yes, many are disappointed in Karen’s silence where she sounds weak. Indeed , all these people ought to stand up and become very loud!
      We will cover your backs in prayer.
      If we don’t stand up and fight hard, we won’t have another free & fair election, and people will get no accountability!

  20. It helped me to handle the results better when I came to understand the following. The forensic audit was not meant to determine who won the election. It was meant to determine where and how the ‘cheating’ took place. I believe this goal was accomplished. I was extremely impressed at how thorough this audit was and at how professional everyone was – not showing any particular bias – just searching for the facts. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in this audit for your long hours and hard work! Heavenly Father, we now ask that Your justice and judgment take place, not just in Maricopa County, but across America. May the Truth be made known and honest elections be returned to ‘We the People’! In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.

    1. I am encouraged by your point. However, the summary’s main point that I read was that the forensic audit of Maricopa county was roughly the same as the official tally. In fact Biden had more votes and Trump had less. I hope your point makes the news outlets .

  21. Image
    23,344 were mail-in-ballots that voted from a prior address
    10,342 votes were from voters that voted in multiple counties
    9,041 voters turned in more ballots than they received
    3,432 votes do not match who voted
    2,382 in-person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County
    2,081 moved out of state before election day

    Gateway Pundit is also reporting that “there may be criminal charges recommended today after the results of the Arizona audit are produced at 1pm Pacific time.”

  22. Listen to the still small voice!
    Read the fine print and discern, usually you can fine the gold hidden underneath the pile of lies.
    Hang in there, sometimes the toughest battle is right before the greatest victory.
    When a person runs a marathon it gets the most difficult right before the last lapse to victory.
    We don’t know how this going to end, but we know the wicked will eat the fruit of their labor and the righteous will receive a reward!
    The dominion machines need to go!
    Those exercising the evil authority, we pray for conviction, for eyes to be opened and for God to breathe life into this situation, that ALL foreign and nearby enemies that have erected themselves to cease and die to this foolishness.
    We ask our Holy Father to come with divine intervention, with one Holy breath, God you can destroy the work of the evil one!!

  23. I was hoping and praying that it would show that Trump had won and create a domino effect with other states joining in to overturn election and expose wicked agendas. I have to go back to my first reaction on Election Day last November. I was heartsick and cried for 2 days that the American people could be so blind and choose a party and person that’s values and agenda are so far from the heart of God and represented the agenda of Satan. I was heartsick that the church did not educate it’s members on what the 2 platforms stand for and how many churches have no different values than the present culture. We cannot look to people to be the answer and must trust God has a plan, He will execute His justice and righteousness in His perfect timing. His glory will cover the earth and America shall be saved and fulfill its divine purpose for the spread of the gospel. The gates of hell will not prevail against His Bride‼️

  24. What is done in the dark will be brought to LIGHT! God has not abandoned His children! I believe He is faithful and His eyes roam the earth to show Himself STRONG on behalf of those whose hearts are towards Him. Don’t give up the fight through prayer and by getting involved in our local communities. Greater is He Who is with us than he who is in the world. Good always triumphs over evil. We walk by faith and not by sight. God bless America and all who are standing for truth🙏🏾🙏🏻🇺🇸

  25. Second time I’m trying To post I think that this is going to be solved By Divine Intervention We Believers need to Bring in The end time Harvest Before the rapture JESUS IS LORD 🙏 Amen

    1. Only God knows the end result of this election and I believe He is still working, I have believed that it would be Divine intervention, and all Glory is His. I also hear the Spirit saying ” the harvest is great, but the workers are few.” God is calling the Church to prepare for the Harvest. My response for many years has been prayer, but He also needs workers to disciple and mentor those He is bringing in. Yes, be in prayer, but also be in the Word that will bring forth a word of love, mercy and encouragement to this harvest. Show us Your Glory, Lord may the Church arise and shine, that the Glory of the Lord be seen.

  26. Did not watch the whole thing, missed alot… Don’t think it settled anything. The tally count was the tally count but nothing was shown where those votes came from, that I saw. The fact that files and logs that were to be saved for 22months, were deleted, should say something. But does that invalidate the results? All claims that these devices didn’t have internet access, were found to be false. Was hoping this first dominoe was going to fall hard but in my opinion, it did not…not even sure if it fell hard enough to knock over the next dominoe…my 2 cents.

  27. I know we all have a post-election fight for truth fatigue. But truth and integrity is worth pursuing.
    A summary of the full forensic AZ audit as presented in the official audit results live release yesterday 9/24/2021 afternoon. design to protect the privacy of voting, the ballot is separated 1) from the person who voted in person listed on the roll at the precinct voting station and 2) from the envelope of the person who voted absentee / by mail
    2.A full forensic audit is much more than a hand recount:
    a. the hand recount cannot identify fraudulent ballots, which are included in the hand recount – it
    was expected the hand recount to show about the same number of votes: actually 360 more for Biden.
    Lessons for us: a hand recount does not identify fraud
    i. Media is wicked and complicit in the fraud dishonestly pre-empting the official release of the
    full forensic audit by reporting only on the hand recount results only.
    b. But the fraud was clearly identified as follows:
    i. more ballots than actual persons who voted (duplicated ballots or ballots artificially inserted)
    1. in person listed on the voting lists at the voting station
    2. duplicate same name / same address absentee ballot envelopes
    3. persons voted in more locations than one
    c. law was broken when the whole election database was deleted shortly after the election: by law it
    was supposed to be kept 22 months. It was difficult to identify who deleted it because all election
    IT personnel used the same admin id and password, but fortunately the investigation of surveillance
    cameras identified the persons who did that by name: they will be submitted to the AZ law
    enforcement for investigation and prosecution

    1. Lord, I didn’t hear what news outlets are concluding either. I saw things that were not conclusive which they couldn’t investigate. I’m confused still but not about you, Lord; I know you do answer our prayers and will help us solve these voting problems in America with our many other problems. We are blessed that we can go to bed and sleep soundly, confident you hear our pleas and you are in control. Thank you for being our Faithful Shepherd, Lord.

  28. The title of the article is what do you think, well here we go, I think we should arrest all of the people who were involved in the fake election, starting with Biden and Harris, then we should restore President Trump and his administration to the White House in Washington, it’s as simple as that.

  29. The time during the push back by the BOS was sufficient to fabricate the ballots that we counted, and replace the ones that were burned and shredded.
    I was a volunteer at the audit and I saw a president selection matched with a senator election that didn’t make sense. We don’t have an official water sealed ballot paper therefore the fiber audit was inconclusive.
    However the deleted records and the dates of deletion are very telling. That data most likely showed the original votes.
    There is now evidence to conclude that systems were unsecured, that ARS laws were violated and criminal activity was committed. I pray that Hobbs and Fontes are arrested and brought to justice, and the more than 17K individuals who submitted double and triple ballots be brought to justice. Sin has to have consequences. Laws must be enforced. We can’t have criminals running for government positions in our 2022 elections. Our land cries for justice, and I cry to Abba Father fir justice. Grant us favor Oh Lord, fortify our hope. I pray psalm 109:8 over the corrupt leader of this nation in Jesus name

    1. Thank you Ana for your faithful service in volunteering in our AZ audit. Yes, our BOS needs to be replaced.
      Believing with you and all intercessors for justice, favor from God, and HOPE which comes in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. Image
      23,344 were mail-in-ballots that voted from a prior address
      10,342 votes were from voters that voted in multiple counties
      9,041 voters turned in more ballots than they received
      3,432 votes do not match who voted
      2,382 in-person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County
      2,081 moved out of state before election day

      Gateway Pundit is also reporting that “there may be criminal charges recommended today after the results of the Arizona audit are produced at 1pm Pacific time.”

      So according to this source. 55,000 votes were fraudulent. But as said by others. The vote count matches…. But they ‘leave’ in the 55,000 fraud votes…

      Lord may this light bring about integrity legislation for future elections. And if your will to change the last elections to be truthful according to appropriate audits…

  30. Omnipotent Awesome Lord, You reign sovereignly from heaven. No one and nothing can thwart your plans. The gates of hell cannot and will not prevail. We worship you alone and surrender to your good and perfect will. Be praised and adored Oh Lord!

  31. This is unfortunate, to say the least. I am not surprised, just saddened. Evidently, the fix was in so hard, that it is impossible to get to the truth through honest auditing measures. HOW could Biden have won a major county in Arizona, a conservative state? The results of other audits will be interesting- how accurate will they be? Lord Jesus, we ask that, by your great mercy and grace, that the truth will be revealed, not some deceptive, dishonest report in the audits being done in other states. In Jesus’ name.

      1. I hope and pray that the truth is revealed. I am afraid that all that is happening is the auditing of falsified records. This is certainly not the auditors’ fault. The fixers of the election- the Globalist elite-have done a great job of covering their tracks, making sure that the phony results appear to be honest.

        1. I agree, Brian. I cannot imagine how America will have any kind of free and honest elections at state or federal levels ever again, now that the Globalist Left has perfected cheating, what with the rigged Dominion voting machines and phony paper ballots and all.

          “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” ~ Isaiah 5:20

  32. May I suggest in light of where we are on Gods timetable, watching “Amir Tsarfati-The Final Jihad”. Amir is with Behold Israel and is a Born Again Jewish Believer in Jesus Christ. Though this video does not address the AZ audit as such, it addresses where America is! His message is strong. We as a nation need to wake up. God have mercy on us.

    1. Yes, I am also wondering why you gave us this report,because it seems to be misleading people from the absolute truth ?
      Of course I am agreed to the fact that none of us may see eye to eye and each person needs to have freedom to believe what they want, however if we know truths , then we should be helping people to see true facts so they can stop believing lies.

  33. Lord our eyes remain on You! You are a God of Covenant, and You honor ALL Your covenants. Is this our “Haman and his gallow” moment? ABBA, You are our very present help in time of need. We Your people are depending on Your hand to deliver us. Our hearts turn to You… The Great I AM !

  34. Jonathan Cahn released a prophecy on YouTube on May 3. He draws parallels between Jehu and President Trump, and the worship of Baal and the agenda and practices of the Democrat party. I had never before heard that the new Congress was opened on January 4, 2021, with a prayer in the name of a pagan god, Brahma. God have mercy on us. America has abandoned the love of God. We have lost our way. We have been lazy and have allowed this evil into our government, resulting in the murder of millions of unborn children. God have mercy on us. We are a sinful people.

    1. The amount of satanic influence in Congress and in the Left today is shocking; some of these individuals appear at least partially possessed.

      Who would have ever thought this could happen in America?

      You’re right, Julie, may God have mercy on us. God bless…….Another Julie

    1. I was disappointed with the Executive Summary which seemed to be saying the election was basically sound. Volume III of the report contained significant problems, like files deleted before an upcoming audit and evidence of internet connectivity when it had been denied, which did not appear to be reflected in the Executive Summary.

      While there are very strong indicators of election fraud, which seemed to be validated by the recent canvass, the canvass results were not tied in with the audit, nor was it even mentioned. I’m wondering if the Executive Summary was a temporary appeasement, to facilitate a further investigation now possible after the recent deal with the Maricopa Board of Supervisors. Just a guess. The Lord knows, and I pray that His truth will indeed be revealed at the right time, right place, right way, for the right reason, even if it turns out to be different than what I was looking for.

  35. O’ here we go again, the blind leading the blind!
    In situations like this both parties are trying to spin their own narrative!
    Which party is corrupt ?
    Late last evening a conservative news organization, sent an article with a completely different view and it exposed in detail what has happened.
    Do we need to be reminded that if the board of supervisors are unwilling to cooperate, we won’t get true answers. I heard so much corruption has been revealed that Mark Finchem, is calling for “Decertification” and an arrest for the “Board of Supervisors”!
    I encourage the intercessors to cover this matter in prayer, because there is a battle going on in the
    spiritual atmosphere where 2 forces are coming in battle against each other.
    We pray the righteous leaders take back the power that is being stolen from them.
    We take down this evil, in the mighty name of Jesus!

  36. If this does not result in official changing the results of the AZ election, we need to demand a new election based on the obvious intentional deletion of the results and the refusal of the machine company’s refusal to have their equipment audited. We must continue to pray for the God of Truth to expose all the lies now permeating our government and media.

  37. Regardless of the extra votes in Biden’s favor. The question is how did Biden get those votes. I personally feel there is a lot of fraud and deceptive behavior that went on in the election.
    Only if GOD Himself told me that the votes were fair and square would I believe it.

  38. The report by Cyber Ninjas indicated ballots cast by people who did not live in Arizona. It also indicated that the servers were wiped and ballot information deleted. There was a huge ballot dump after the election. C’mon! This depicts fraud but of course, the Washington Post would have you believe otherwise. Why give this biased outlet credence? Since when does the Washington Post report real news without a filter?

  39. Lord, let truth arise.
    It seems the number of votes for a candidate is not in question but who cast them. I heard 50K are being questioned. Those no longer alive, no longer live at address given have been found. Biden won by about 10K. Worth looking into.

  40. As I understand it, it is about taking the fraudulent, duplicate, unauthorized, unsigned ballots out of that count. Gives me no more peace about this than the week of!

    Lord help us all! The narrative cannot just be swallowed.

  41. I don’t believe the results. I believe these good people with great intentions were threatened and intimidated into covering for a lie. I believe their families were threatened and their lives were threatened and they were left with no options but to certify results none of us truly believe. The Deep State is a powerful organization that has been in power behind the scenes for over 140 years and outing them and destroying their works is going to take great prayer, spiritual warfare and intense concentration and spiritual perception.

  42. Lord, in all things you judge mercifully. We bow to your discretion knowing your ways are higher than ours.

    The layout of the disclosure was pointed and revelatory in a fashion that DID not end in an uprising. Let us rejoice over that.

    Just because more votes for Biden were found after certification does not disclose whether or not they were legitimate votes.

    The rest of the presentation makes the strongest case against the people who undermined the results. My prayer is no perpetrator who tampered, fiddled, manipulated, or deleted information with the Dominion voting machines will escape. I pray warrants and round ups were issued before this revelation and delivered during the presentation. Kudos for NOT naming the ones caught on video at the missing times in the forensic audit. Let them be delivered up to a judge of YOUR choosing Lord God.

    Lay before our nation the pathway that runs straight to you and draw all men to it now that no corrupted government can stand against.

    Penetrate the hearts and minds of those who watch the audit findings to know that you are in the business of setting things right.

    Comfort your people that we may not sin against you by erecting calves of compromise while we wait for your return. Amen.

    1. After so many months of waiting we are somewhat disappointed as so much was made of the results that were pending for so long. Why do I feel cheated and disappointed? Knowing our God is in control gives me hope. Is anyone else out there disappointed?

  43. May everything be reported by the mainstream media, and may people look beyond the 340 extra votes for Biden to the 57,734 fraudulent votes, to proof the Dominion system did connect to the internet, that their records were wiped clean the night before the audit began and that they have time stamps and photos of the people who were logged in, despite the fact that they only had a single user name and password for hundreds of logins! Praying the Attorney General prosecuted for treason and that America will be saved!

  44. Dear Lord, we know we are in the full days of exposure. It is painful. We are sickened by the deception, fraud and lies from our government. Send Holy Spirit to the AZ Attorney General and fill his heart with the will to complete the audit process to uncover and verify all of the corruption in the 2020 election. Forgive our sin of allowing you to be removed from our culture, schools and government. Remove the Jezebel spirit from all governments and save us. Keep our faith strong in knowing your Light will overcome the darkness in our world. We pray all this in the mighty name and authority of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  45. Why are you quoting the WP?
    The issue was never if the total numbers would flip from counting all the votes including the fraudulent votes. 17,000 duplicate signatures on the envelopes, 96% of which came in after
    after election day. Over 50,000 votes have to be thrown out for various reasons. And the machines were hacked and very much connected to the internet…

  46. I’m not sure what everyone is reading. I read it and it said 57K+ were fraudulent ballots! That doesnt include ALL of the rest of the cheating, fraud, coverup, deceased, thousands of duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate votes! He didnt win. It’s a lie from satan and his minions who pulled off the greatest evil since they released covid on us. And those who keep reporting that Biden won, are part of the evil. Period. May God have mercy on our souls.

  47. A mustard seed. This is what we have. I watched the hearing a few times. The most important thing that I took away is the amount of running tens of thousands of programs to the voting software right before they were turned over to be audited on March 3rd. That along with the screen shots captured of who was doing all that running of new files is my “Mustard seed” I believe that God has opened a door. A door that will blow away all involved in the fraud during the 2020 elections.
    God please guide our eyes and give us the ability to discover all the fraud. God, please continue to show us the truth. In the name of Jesus we ask of this. Amen.

    1. Thank you for that prayer! It is time for us to speak the words to reverse the lies! We bind these lies to the Truth that overrides lies. Amen? Thank You Father for the truth. Shut the mouths of these lying media outlets. Let God arise a scatter our (His) enemies. These are enemies of God. And He is the Host. He is in charge. We call down the fire of God to destroy the enemy, This is how we fight our battle! We give it to the Lord, a Mighty Warrior is He!

  48. Lord God Almighty, we know that NO MAN rules without your favor. But, we also know that you are most righteous and you love justice. It will be served. We are not confused, we are not confounded by the results of the 2020 election. We know you allowed Biden and Democrats to win, whether through fraudulent means or not, we accept your hand in all this. We accept that you are in control and YOU are not ‘surprised’ like we may have been. From the most pro-life POTUS, to the most corrupt and murderous. The fact is that Biden’s win will galvanize Christians in the U.S. and around the world to pray and ask you for forgiveness, which will lead to great revival and another awakening to your will and your way. Many people will hear the news of the Gospel as a result of America’s renewal and they will seek your face, repent and obey your commands, from politicians in DC to people around the world. Your righteousness and justice will prevail and healing will begin. We know that you are coming again and this world is temporary. Even so, Lord, come soon1

  49. If anyone really believes that Biden actually had MORE votes something is terribly wrong here. How can this be true if actual chain of custody was broken, other rules were not enforced and overlooked? Someone deleted massive amounts of files?
    The truth will com out.

    1. I sure hope the truth comes out soon. Living in a nation and world full of lies and the thought of socialism/communism just goes against what GOD intended for His people. Those determined to follow the “agenda” towards evil with their lies, fraud, masking numbers, pitting brother vs brother, etc. need to wake up. Our nation and people are better than that. It sickens me every day how blatant the evilness creeps into everything from relationships with other countries, killings, blue vs red states, covid, sports, etc. I pray that the truth comes out through divine intervention soon.

  50. According to Pres. Trump on 9/24/21:
    “It is not even believable the dishonesty of the Fake News Media on the Arizona Audit results, which shows incomprehensible Fraud at an Election Changing level, many times more votes than is needed. The Fake News Media refuses to write the facts, thereby being complicit in the Crime of the Century. They are so dishonest, but Patriots know the truth! Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results.”

    I pray in the name of Yeshua that the truth of this election is made known.

  51. The Senator’s letter states that logs were overwritten and the election authorities withheld information from the auditors. Therefore, these audit results are flawed and we will never know the truth.
    Germany is having a election tomorrow and all ballots are hand written and counted by hand without machines that can be manipulated. Also, every registered voter must show an ID with proof of citizenship. The USA needs a modern and secure voting system like Europe that doesn’t allow fraud.

  52. I am thankful for the report. Although it still remains unsettled. Praying this is the first step in revealing the truth. The ‘anomalies’ are great…….

    This is from the report, including the recommendation that the election should be DECERTIFIED. I expect the AZ Atty Gen will now take over.

    – “the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.”

    – “57,734 ballots with serious issues were identified in the audit. These issues include improper voter registration, improper votes, and discrepancies in the registration. This is a conservative estimate…”

    Major issues identified:
    • There were more than 10,000 double votes across county lines
    • Tens of thousands of ballots cast from individuals who had moved prior to the election and could not have
    physically received their ballots, legally.

    • None of the systems related to elections integrity had numbers that would balance and agree with each other.
    • The voter rolls and the registration management process itself have many data integrity issues. For instance, over 200 individuals were easily identifiable as likely being the same person but having two different Voter IDs and voting twice in the election.
    o Without access to the County’s detailed records including personally identifiable information and
    registration systems it is more likely there were many tens of thousands of improper votes in the election from double voters, deceased voters, voters for which we can find no trace in the public records nor association to their voting address, moved voters, etc.
    • Proper voter registration law and procedures were not followed.
    o There were unexplained large purges of registered voters, right after the election, of people who had
    voted in the election.

  53. I wish I could believe these election “results” but I do not. If they can throw an entire country’s election results with Dominion machines and crooked election workers, they can certainly throw a county’s results in one state. I pray that the Lord God will reveal the truth about what happened in each state in His timing. We can wait on the Lord and continue to pray.

  54. This is only one number from the audit that was leaked a day prior to hearing to grab headlines. The truth is in this ONE county more than 55,000 illegal ballots were found. This number in ONE county is well over the 11,000 margin of victory for Biden in the whole state. Look it up and pray against the spell of lies spoken constantly over the nation creating delusion and confusion.


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