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Father, we pray for truth in our election systems. Empower those who are seeking transparency.
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If you missed the powerful time of prayer for three critical prayer points: Dobbs case, election integrity truth, protection of those who are standing form for truth, watch below. This is an important video to share with friends and family. Prayer points from the webcast are included below.


Doug Logan Prayer Points:

No one will write insurance for his new company so he felt led by the Lord to shut this company. He took care of all his employees with employment for his clients. All employees are now employed by a client. Doug Logan is looking for a job, seeking the Lord’s leading for the next chapter.


Catherine Engelbrecht Prayer Points:

New initiative coming soon: Protect America Now—partnering with the goal of having sheriff’s use their position of law and order to protect the voting processes.

True the Vote started at the federal level. Catherine discovered that the local sheriffs have tremendous power,  including the ability to arrest federal agents who may be thwarting the process of election integrity.

Sheriffs are reaching out to True the Vote to find out how they can we work together to protect the vote.

Soon the following website will be active and you can learn more about this initiative: Protectamerica.vote, or accessible on the True the Vote website.


Intercessors, this brings an opportunity and reason for you to connect with local sheriffs:

  1. Pray for education about what sheriffs can do relating to elections.
  2. Catherin’s organizations will be partnering to give them the resources they need—cameras on drop boxes and ability to monitor video in real time. Pray for strategy.
  3. Pray for your local sheriffs! Pray to empower them to stand firm for election integrity and law and order. Reach out to them to build relationships of encouragement and support.
  4. State prayer groups are critical to form a network of concerted prayer for these sheriffs as they uphold the laws.
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June 17, 2022

” . . . Catherine (Engelbrecht) discovered that the local sheriffs have tremendous power, including the ability to arrest federal agents who may be thwarting the process of election integrity.”

This idea is just genius! Have local sheriffs secure polling places and ensure election integrity! These are stand-up law enforcement agents and with their supervision and their enforcing the law, America can be returned to having honest elections!

Love this! ! ! At last, an answer to election cheating!

God bless America!

Allena Jordan
June 17, 2022

Lord, this is a year of open and closed doors. Open wide the door for building relationships with sheriffs. Open ways for the truth to be exposed and known throughout the nation. Open the hearts of people to vote this year, an important election year. Though many may believe there is no hope, though many believe that their own vote matters not, show each voter and potential voter that there is every reason to vote. Lord, show us how to work to save this Republic, not only through our voting power, but also through relationships with people in high places. Lord, we repent of our past. We ask for renewal and strength for the future of this country. Cause us to rise up and be heard. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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