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Father God, thank You that we can trust You with our children! Help us encourage our children to obey You no matter what.


June is graduation and wedding season and many parents are experiencing the transitions of children growing up. In this short video, Francis Chan offers a biblical admonition to parents, encouraging us all to let our children be and do everything that God is calling them to be and do.

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John Leggat
June 11, 2019


Thank you for taking the lead on this. It is this very concern for one of the groups you have described – Christian teenagers & young adults left unchallenged and uninspired – that, I believe, has led to God’s call to Christian students to take action on college campuses.

Students for Life, The Luke 18 Project, Campus Reform, The Campus Changer Network, the ADF Center for Academic Freedom and many other ministry initiatives are now forming up a critical mass, alongside the more traditional campus ministries, to provide vehicles for Christian students to make a difference for Christ during the four years when, historically, as many as 70% of them might otherwise put their faith aside.

Good preparation for High School Seniors/Rising College Freshmen to recognize and take on their rightful roles as “salt and light” evangelists on campus is critically important.

One such initiative, the Warrior Class, has just been released. It offers a series of 15 “Ted Talks” – subsidized by the Christian community in Phoenix and available at no cost to Youth Pastors, Home Schoolers and individual students.

Check it out at TheWarriorClassUSA.com. It provides a solid foundation on which students can come to understand the opportunities and means of truly activating one’s faith on campus.

The ultimate mission described therein for each student, to bring the Gospel to bear to help change lives and to retake ground for the building up of God’s Kingdom, will be critical in turning the tide in a dark part of our culture – currently an institutional stumbling block where the nascent faith of too many students too often fails to thrive.

Great things ahead in Christ,

John Leggat

    Alexander Padillas
    June 13, 2019

    Great info thank you, we as a family have always been Kingdom minded and appreciate what the Lord is doing in and through these “ministries.”

    Another resource have found great success In is the 1Church1Day app.

June 8, 2019

To note in all truth, humility and love, Francis Chan is in apostacy & grave heresy (along with each who join hands in any of these heretical, unbiblical false spirits teachings & practices.)
Surely precious faithful & lost parents need prayer, and sound truthful instructions. Certainly we pray.
Yet let us each & all study to show ourselves approved in YHWH’s whole meal HIS whole WORD, not the deceived ones of many men & women amidst us.
Thank you.

    Alexander Padillas
    June 13, 2019

    With all doe respect. Your comment was super funny and totally unexpected. Thank you.:)

June 8, 2019

Liberalism has done a superior job of destroying the church. My faith (the UMC) will be nothing but a page in history. Living by faith is now looked upon as “an attack” to people who haven chosen to change the gospels to suit their sins. Raising a truly Christian child today has become a battle, a challenge we never dreamed we would be facing in America. Our values, our Constitution, our knowledge that the Bible is the true word of God and must be adhered to are all now under vicious attack. Children are now taught to worship and pray to a false god of another belief system beginning early in public govt run schools, yet the Bible or mention of Jesus Christ is forbidden. These battles are not new. Look at history. If we do not, we are doomed to repeat it or worse yet, be fully defeated.

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