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Father, we pray for the people of Afghanistan as they struggle under Taliban rule. Comfort those who suffered loss in Afghanistan, Lord.

Hung Cao, a recent guest on Pray with America’s Leaders, wrote a powerful article for Fox News about Biden’s Afghanistan decision.

From Fox News. Abbey Gate, the main entrance for the NATO base at Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), was an entrance of sharp turns and checkpoints to prevent a vehicle from ramming through the checkpoint at high speed. My team and I trained security forces at HKIA for Abbey Gate’s biggest and most dangerous vulnerability in December 2020: an improvised explosive device (IED)….

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Six short months after I departed HKIA, I watched in horror as 13 Marines, soldiers, and one sailor died from the exact scenario we had rehearsed at Abbey Gate. The following weeks were equally agonizing to watch as desperate Afghans, once loyal allies, were abandoned by President Joe Biden and left to fend for themselves by the Taliban. Biden and his State Department gave validity to a gang of thugs who decisively began a new reign of terror for Afghans — especially Afghan women and girls….

What was it all for? Twenty years of fighting with 2,448 American lives lost, 20,752 wounded and 22 suicides per day from our veterans. By abandoning our mission overnight, we only strengthened the Taliban and made them a military contender with $83 billion in American taxpayer equipment and training, which included 208 airplanes and helicopters, 75,898 armored or tactical vehicles, and 599,960 firearms….

Gen. Austin “Scotty” Miller had a plan to leave a small stabilization force to support the Afghan National Defense Force (ANDSF) acting only when necessary to allow ANDSF to stand on their own. The Biden administration neither approved nor disapproved of the plan. Instead, their deafening silence, whether purposeful or from mere incompetence, caused chaos and uncertainty leading to the fateful day in August 2021 when brave service members lost their lives and America lost credibility.

The last warrior I buried from Afghanistan was a recently retired Green Beret who worked for me as a contractor. He died doing what he loved alongside his fellow Special Forces brothers. Why did he, and so many others, have to die if getting out meant undoing 20 years’ worth of sacrifice?…

What do you think of Biden’s decision in Afghanistan? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt Fox News. Photo Credit: Justin Casey on Unsplash)

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September 12, 2022

Getting out of Afghanistan allowed the Biden Admin financial and military aid flexibility in Ukraine. But knowing that means Biden knew the Ukraine war would happen BEFORE we pulled out of Afghanistan. I’d say he knew about it back when Obama was president and was caught on a live mic promising a Putin aid that we could “do more” after the election”. What is happening today has all been planned. A long time ago. Pray for wisdom and understanding in these days. Build your relationship with Christ. It will be all you have soon.

Catherine S Green
September 7, 2022

It was unbelievable. There is/was callous disregard and heinous perfidy to what had previously been stated by US authorities on behalf of US citizens , soldiers and to our valiant Afghanis.
I pray for our so called leadership to awaken unto righteous actions. I pray in the Spirit because my human vocabulary won’t suffice.

Priscilla Meyenburg
September 7, 2022

Father God our redeemer we lift up prayers for the dangerous situation that left many in Afghanistan. Have mercy on the Afghan people. They have had been put in harms way by this administration that seems to care for no human being. Jesus I cannot express words of hurt knowing what harm and sin was done, but you know. Proverbs 10: says v.2 Ill gotten gain has no lasting value- I still feel in shock when I think and pray for what happened, so many died 13 of our men gone forever. O God take up this cause because we cannot do it without you, u are our God our savior. When I think of the Red Sea moment in the Bible and how God saved the Israelites, you Father God are the one who knows exactly what is still going on and Who is still living. Father I pray Psalms 91- over this Demonized sin that was left to harm America and what we were doing to help the Afghans. I pray you make a way and still help those who are still faithfully working to get more hostages out. I ask that your protection will cover and hide them from the Taliban. I pray that the given items of helicopters, guns that was abandoned on purpose and the large amount of money will not be used against America. Father God do something that when they try to use these items against us or others they will not perform. What this Administration did was a Treasonous act against America and all involved must be made accountable for their actions. Father God we need your shelter and your Grace to solve this and I pray remove the sources of evil sin. I know you are at work and doing things to clean up this mess. But just wanted you to understand my heart and others letting you know we deeply care what is happening. Thank you God and all who have been involved to help save people. I (we) are so blessed to have you as our Savior. 🇺🇸✝️ We honor you for being you.

September 7, 2022

Father God,
Have mercy on the Afghan people. They have had a taste of freedom. Help them remember how good it was. Give them courage, strength and strategies to overcome evil. Send Your warring angels to fight for them.
Bless and protect those who are still going into Afghanistan to rescue people. I ask You to work in a miraculous way to show our military that their work and sacrifices were not wasted.
I ask You to interfere with the Taliban. Cause them to turn on each other. Cause confusion and miscommunication so their plans do not succeed or bear any fruit.
And to bring You even greater glory , I ask You cause many in the Taliban to receive Christ Jesus as Savior and LORD.
In His name I pray. Amen.

John Butler
September 6, 2022

Incredibly stupid decision.

Sue Tracy
September 6, 2022

Lord we ask that you would come against all evil forces that are making inroads in our country. Lord this land is your land let freedom prevail in this country and bring about the change that You would have done in our land.

Peg B
September 6, 2022

I am broken hearted at the way in which this occurred. I question why wise counsel which was available was not sought, heard and followed. I am led into 1 Kings 3:7-9. King Solomon humbled himself before God and prayed “Now, O Lord my God, you have made your servant king in place of my father David. But I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties. Your servant is here among the people you have chosen, a great people, too numerous to count or number. So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?” Lord, I pray that we would have the same heart and mindset as King Solomon. We cannot in and of ourselves begin to manage this great nation. We must understand with humility, we need You and ask for Your guidance and discernment. Father, we desire that those who have been placed in position of authority in the U.S. would come to You even now seeking Your wise counsel. Willing to heed and follow Your teachings, applying with understanding Your will. Please grant compassion on those who are hurting for the decisions made, where precious lives were given. Let them know, You will bring beauty out of ashes. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Patricia Holtke
September 6, 2022

Sadly, after seeing that Intercessors showed great agreement with Pastor Brommet that it is right and good to allow unlimited numbers into America, I no longer trust Intercessors at all. We are in, or approaching End Times. Obviously Intercessors have not used wisdom in their support of Pastor Brommet’s completely irrational and dangerous ideologies.

Father God, I pray that You help Intercessors regain sensibility, and are able to see more clearly about what they show agreement with. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

Barbara Janicki
September 6, 2022

This move had the appearance of a blunder/mistake due to incompetence, with the result being that of a carefully calculated outcome of arming our enemies by leaving behind intact all our state of the art aircraft, vehicles, weaponry etc., leaving behind our own citizens and so many of the Afghans who worked faithfully with us all those years, we left a vacuum to be filled by a corrupt, abusive (especially to women) regime waiting for the opportunity to seize power, we lost our credibility on the world stage emboldening tyranny in other countries to advance (China towards Taiwan, North Korea, Iran) – we left our own people behind and caused the killing of the thirteen servicemen – we weakened our own position to be a force for good and freedom and human rights around the globe. I’d say the outcome was just what the global elites wanted – not what freedom loving people here or around the world would desire. If we don’t put on our oxygen mask and keep it on, (if we’re not free, energy independent, producing our own food, medicines, goods etc. so we can share with the rest of the world as we have in the past – relief aide, mission trips with doctors and medicines) we are no good to anybody else/other countries in need. If we are no longer free – does the light of freedom go out? The world is watching. Look how China treats its citizens. Why are we doing business with them? More correctly – why are we dependent on them for so much that we used to produce ourselves?

When God blesses us individually, it is for the purpose of us being a blessing to others. It is the same with our country – God blessed this nation so that we would share those blessings and be a force for good, for freedom and for individual God given human rights around this world. From the pre-born to the handicapped to the elderly, we cherish and protect all human lives because we all have value to God. No one and no one particular group or class of people is less deserving of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – all are created equal by God as our Declaration of Independence states so clearly. That is our foundation – belief in God – which logically leads to the valuing of each and every life that He creates and sustains. Apart from faith in God we will perish – and apart from this same foundation of faith, our nation will perish as well. Repentance and returning to God and His ways is our only hope in these times when evil seems to have the upper hand. Jesus told us, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” so time to put on our oxygen masks and get to work! post – “C.C. put on your oxygen mask #162” (Feb. 2021) – http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Steven Morgan MD
September 6, 2022

I believe without reservation that the Afghan debacle was treasonous to the USA and Afghanistan. Yet the truth is diluted in lies and misinformation. Expresident Obama once said Americans are stupid and forget on a hot microphone . Lord, help us to awaken to the deceptions of the Father of lies-+Satan, our country is sleeping and deceived. Help our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our feet to tred the narrow path and walk in your will.

Ellen Hoffman
September 6, 2022

I was in the US Navy in 1979-1986. I was taught in boot camp, when you withdraw from anywhere, the military comes out last. We protect those who are not trained. Women and children first. They not only did it backwards, but they left the helpless behind. Either this was on purpose for The Great Reset or total incompetence!

    September 7, 2022

    Thank you for your service, Ellen, and for your insights.

    God bless you!

Marsha Bashor
September 6, 2022

Lord I pray again for your armies of angels to protect the Christians and Afghans ,women and men, and the US troops and citizens who were left behind to be under Taliban rule. I pray for miracles and an answer from you for the dangerous situation there. I pray for release of the people from all the evil tyranny and for salvation of all those who don’t know you.
I pray for freedom to prevail for Afghanistan. Amen🙏

September 6, 2022

I wish I could say that Biden is incompetent only. That his actions are excusable under some character (or mental) flaw. Unfortunately that is not true – he is blinded by an ideology with its primary tenant being, “do that exact opposite of what the Republicans would do (especially Trump)”. We are in a low ebb with Bidden. God, please remove this man from the office of president and replace him with a person who is faithful to the God who created everything.

    Ellen Hoffman
    September 6, 2022

    I think it is more than do the opposite of Republicans. Although, it does look like that. I think all their decisions are based on the WEF/UN 2030 agenda. It is the driver for all decisions. They are recruiting businesses like crazy. Their goals sound good in writing, but in practicality are leading to a communist regime. For example, one of their goals us to end world hunger. Yet instead of supporting farms, they are being shut down at an astounding rate. Bill Gates and China own more American farmland now than our farmers. State governments are paying farmers to shut down their farms. They believe centralized control is best. It is scary. But Our God is still Greater!

Judith Kay Webb
September 6, 2022

It was an act of evil – against the brave and dedicated soldiers / contractors and Afghans who were with us against the Taliban. This President is UNAMERICAN….and so is his administration….God will judge…but we, the American people, will be blessed by our Almighty God who loves us and will never abandon us….My trust is in the Lord…

Lucilla S
September 6, 2022

I’m praying in the Holy Ghost for He KNOWS and SEES ALL perfectly. Praying and interceeding perfect prayers. In Jesus’ name!

Makaila Li
September 6, 2022

What do I think of Biden’s decision to leave the Afghans behind? That is a no brainer. We know that we fight not with flesh and blood, but with the enemy, satan, to put it plainly. Biden and those telling him what to do (since he is senile) are working overtime with satan. The time is soon coming when Gods wrath will fall on those doing wickedness. God is loving, but He is also Just and Righteous. And those who have suffered for righteousness will be rewarded. Those thinking they can do evil and not suffer the consequences are fools.

September 6, 2022

My heart hurts for lives so shamelessly and needlessly lost . Evil regimes have no regard for life. Ours is currently staging war against those whom stand against their ideology.
But we must stand with our ARMOR on. We will not be ruled by the principalities of darkness. We will not be ruled by fear tactics. We will follow not left or right but go in the way our LORD instructs us.
Have courage ! The battle is won , we will see GLORY restored in the earth.🖖


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