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Father, we pray that You would put a stop to ESG. Prevent companies from using our money to invest in political shams. Empower believers and other Americans to stand against this evil, God.

Americans are pushing back on ESG while more and more companies are encouraging us to fall in line. How can our stewardship of our money honor God?

From WORLD. Analysis. The impact of economic policies reaches far beyond economics. Consider this: The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story about a letter addressed to the money management giant BlackRock by the attorney general of Arizona and 18 of his counterparts in other states. This comes after a series of actions by state-level financial officers questioning BlackRock and other asset managers and rating agencies for their heavy-handed imposition of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance investing) on state investment assets and even on the states themselves.

Have you taken your place on the wall?

It’s not a coincidence that the world’s richest man and former ESG darling, Elon Musk, called the whole thing a scam. Add pushback from Republican senators, governors, and other hopefuls against the politicization of the world of finance, and these developments amount to a powerful pushback to a movement that had been seen as the inevitable future of investing.

Here’s why that is extremely important. That sense of ESG inevitability was a key source of the movement’s power. The message was, fall in line with the inevitable march of history or get left behind.

When investors questioned the prudence of imposing political criteria on financial decisions, they were assured that it was prudent because this was where the world was going. … So don’t take a risk, do the safe thing, and fall into line now.

But somehow, political reality didn’t get the historical inevitability memo. A populist revolt stubbornly held on, not just to God and guns, but also to fossil fuels, color-blindness, viewpoint diversity, parental rights in education, and the sanctity of life. Facts are stubborn things, but our ruling class now has to learn that stubborn people are also a fact.

Those who stubbornly hold fast to things that the anointed can’t believe are still around are aware, angry, and registered to vote (and have the IDs to prove it). Dozens of attorneys general, treasurers, senators, and governors know it. This means that risk management’s chief selling point has suddenly become the chief objection. ESG is now a focus of controversy and a political risk….

Things have gotten so bad that it’s not just the populist right who are alienated. They’ve alienated some pretty close former allies, such as Tesla Inc….

Are you praying against ESG? Share your own prayers in the comments!

(Excerpt from WORLD. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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September 20, 2022

Wondering where to invest outside of Blackrock and the rest of the ESG, WEF, Great Reset crowd.

Barbara Janicki
September 6, 2022

Yes, as this article says, they didn’t count on the indomitable human spirit – created in God’s image – refusing to be subdued and controlled. God didn’t create robots – He created us and gave us free will – which causes the problems we have because we are sinful, but we also can choose to accept our Creator’s free gift of forgiveness and salvation through His Son, Jesus. There is freedom in Christ. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36 Let us be wise about things such as ESG, as we continue to fight the good fight of faith. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Sharion Hayes
September 6, 2022

Dearest Heavenly Father, please intervene and give the government investors courage to stand strong and only invest in stable, proven investments and not give in to the pressures of ESG driven companies (Wake companies). May businesses take on this wisdom and not fall into the pressure but be wise and frugal, so their companies remain strong no matter what is going on round about them. We come against that spirit that desires to destroy us. May true godly advisors prove the error of these Wake companies, and may they be the only ones that go broke! I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

September 6, 2022

ESG warriors are imposters who pretend they want to protect the environment and to promote social justice to save the world, all the while accumulating wealth by promoting and investing in ESG driven companies. They turn a blind eye to China one of the largest offenders of ESG. What ESG operatives really want is wealth, power and global Marxism. Isaiah 2:11-12 – A day is coming when human pride will be ended and human arrogance destroyed. Then the Lord alone will be exalted. On that day the Lord Almighty will humble everyone who is powerful, everyone who is proud and conceited.

    Ellen Hoffman
    September 6, 2022

    It is an offshoot of the WEF/UN 2030 Agenda.
    I take you.gov polls. I saw a film put out by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and then was asked about it. I saw right through it. They showed beautiful wheat fields, ending world hunger. By 2030 you will not own anything and you will be happy. You’ll even rent your toaster! They said that! Showed all these happy people. It was an emotional “feel good” pull the wool over your eyes moment. Now I wonder if I should have said it’s great, so they could have shown it to the rest of the world. They said they’d end world hunger, end racism, etc. etc. A utopian dream. It fails every time, because there are people and personalities. We all don’t just fall into line. We all don’t want what is best for each other, etc. etc. It needs to be stopped, as far as humanly possible.

Janet Klumb
September 6, 2022

This has been my great concern with our investments so I pray that God will intervene in the direction of companies who have fallen for this scheme. Lord, for those of us who have tried to do what was good and right in caring for our future and our family, for paying our own way and our taxes, paying our own college bills, etc., Lord., reveal the lies of these woke companies who opened their back door to Satan’s foothold. We rebuke all their attempts at control.


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