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Lord God, we ask You to restore the rights of Americans to conscientious objection. Move us from the edge of tyranny to liberty.

I am sure you heard of the phrase “conscientious objector,” but I bet you only thought of that in the context of someone not wanting to serve in the military.

Well, the original conscientious objectors were those who objected to receiving a vaccination!

In the 1800’s there was a smallpox epidemic in Europe that killed hundreds of thousands of people. Smallpox is a very deadly virus, killing almost 30% of those who contract the disease. Those who don’t die often have lasting effects.  The British Parliament passed a vaccine mandate in 1853 requiring the vaccination. The “Anti-Vaccination League” formed in opposition to the vaccination. Their efforts ensured the mandate included a provision for those who did NOT want to receive the medical procedure (see this fascinating article https://www.historytoday.com/archive/end-smallpox). Those who chose not to receive the vaccination were called “conscientious objectors.”

During those days, the vaccination was sometimes arm to arm (pus taken from a vaccine scar from one arm injected into another person’s arm and thus often unreliable) or developed using the lymph system of animals (which was viewed as inhumane). Conscientious objectors questioned both the effectiveness and ethics of the vaccine production. Those who sought the status of vaccine conscientious objection were generally granted it.

Policy makers even in the 1850’s questioned people’s willingness to be forced to take the vaccination, which clouded the issue and creating both skepticism and resistance.

Freedom prevailed, as did a level-headed approach. Over time, smallpox was eradicated as medical knowledge and understanding increased.

Balancing public safety with personal freedoms is a difficult balance, but this could be pointed to as an example of success.

Now fast forward to the early 1900’s and the polio epidemic.  This terrible disease struck people around the world, killing nearly 30% of those were infected, which is the same mortality rate as smallpox. Most who had the virus experienced few symptoms and many were asymptomatic, but those who did experience symptoms often suffered lasting effects, paralysis, and death.

My research did not discover a public vaccine mandate for polio, only discussions about how a mandatory mandate could hamper the vaccination movement for this terrible virus.  A mandate did surface in the 1970’s with a vaccination requirement for children entering school.

Here is the point: vaccination mandates are not new. In the past they were imposed for viruses that were much more virulent than COVID 19: smallpox killed 30%, polio killed 30%, COVID 19 mortality rate is 1%.  Yet we are seeing a global move of governments using fear to greatly increase their control, greatly decrease our freedoms (including religious freedoms), and set the stage for any medical mandate they deem necessary. We need to do what we can to protect people, but a reasonable balance between loss of freedom and people’s safety must be kept in mind.

Religious exemptions were originally a part of President Biden’s mandate, but now are greatly scrutinized or eliminated because the alleged “threat” unvaccinated people cause. The science does not support this. In fact, Natural News (https://wp.me/p3WzT7-9S4) reported that vaccinated in the UK represent 80% of the hospitalizations.

So, what should people of faith do about this?

Please leave your comment below to let me know how you are answering this question.

Here are some of my thoughts, and I look forward to reading yours.

  1. We must remember that “perfect love cast out all fear” (1 John 4:8). The media is attempting to keep everyone on edge through fear because it drives ratings. Some in government are utilizing fear to convince people to give up our freedoms.  But people of faith must respond to fear with faith. We need to be close to our Savior during this time and trust that He has our lives in His hand. Not one day of our lives can be stolen from us!
  2. God’s plan for good government includes freedom for people. We must question every attempt of government to control more of our lives. Over the past year we have been told: our lockdown would be 30 days, masks were not needed, masks will be needed until there is a vaccine, all things will return to normal once there is a vaccine, there will be not be a vaccine mandate, the vaccine mandate will allow religious exemptions, etc.  “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees” (Isaiah 10:1). Oppressive leaders and oppressive laws are not always recognized until it is too late—just ask German believers who lived during Nazi control.
  3. “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot” (Matthew 5:13). It is time for the Church to rise and be the preserver of society like Jesus calls us to in scripture. Please stay connected to IFA and watch for opportunities to pray and act, get involved in your community, step out to organize a prayer-protest, etc. We have a window in time to do something about what we see. It may be closed without notice.

Finally, please don’t read this article as condemnation for those who have received the vaccine or those are considering it.  This article’s point is about demonic, oppressive government. We must not focus on what separates us, but what unites us.  Our desire to retain our religious freedoms for the sake of the Gospel is all we need to focus on in this day.

I urge you to download the companion prayer guide to this article and to watch the interview that inspired me. I had the opportunity to sit down with Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski. It was a tremendous time of prayer and insight. I would love to know what you think of it.

(Article by Dave Kubal, IFA President/CEO. Picture Credit: Getty Images.)

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October 25, 2021

Thank you for this excellent article; the history and the encouragement to faith!!!

Doris Ehlenfeldt
October 24, 2021

Thank you Dave for standing up and speaking out… as God opens doors for you. The interview was riveting and a loud wake up call to America. Thank you for your courage and boldness.

Jerry Jones
October 24, 2021

Amen I have done the vaccinations but because being a volunteer at a hospital required it. I have had the virus, the shots and booster even though I had the antibodies just to make the hospital folks feel safe. Thinking about it the hospitals being a hot bed where all this is brought so for that measure of assurance by administrators just doing their best. This being a Christian news organization I will leave my opinions of the wicked politicians unsaid

October 24, 2021

Amen I have done the vaccinations but because being a volunteer at a hospital required it. I have had the virus, the shots and booster even though I had the antibodies just to make the hospital folks feel safe. Thinking about it the hospitals are a hot bed where all this is brought so for that measure of assurance by administrators just doing their best. This being a Christian news organization I will leave my opinions of the wicked politicians unsaid

October 23, 2021

the saddest part is the stockholm syndrome being displayed in the comments in this thread,-and across america. where for some unknown reason people behave like lab rats that have been conditioned to a robotic
response to tyranny. It is a fear based response that works well in the post modern era of humans that have gladly rolled over and accepted their assignment to be murdered of their own free will in gruesome nazi-esque experiments.
I thank God in heaven for the remaining hundreds of thousands, even millions of people around the globe who haved the courage,intelligence,and common stance to say “NO..” to tyrants..”YOU WILL NOT TURN ME INTO A FRANSTEINIAN LAB EXPERIMENT”!!! ..and the unions are standing up to…Thank GOD in Heaven!!!

Santos Garcia, Jr.
October 23, 2021

It’s far worse than most Americans realize. The so-called Father of Vaccine Therapy Dr. Stanley Plotkin in a 9-hour legal proceeding UNDER OATH finally revealed that over 76 healthy babies from the first to the third trimesters were used in vaccine experimentation… with extensive organ harvesting. I have linked a short segment of his testimony in my updated Plandemic depopulation exposé.

What came out this past week is that a significant number of women who were vaccinated while pregnant gave birth to healthy babies- who ALL DIED within several days of birth! Also attorney Thomas Renz received horrifying information from a Dept. of Defense whistleblower who provided irrefutable data with graphs and charts of the MASSIVE number of Medicare recipients who have died AFTER being double-vaccinated [His interview as well is linked in my updated blogpost]. Also the U.K. has now realized that the majority of hospitalizations and deaths are now occurring in the fully vaccinated!

The fact that nurses and doctors across the nation, as well as our law enforcement, military, and other professions are adamantly resisting the medical tyranny of forced vaccination clearly shows that they know something that most do not yet know: The remedy is FAR WORSE than the illness in the vast majority of cases. Also many now know that Big Pharma greed, corrupt media, Tech platforms, and the leftist Democrats have suppressed the low-cost original highly effective remedies [HCQ & Ivermectin] that would have save literally millions of lives!

PLEASE share the truth that is exposed in my post. Sharyl Attkisson also journals international updates of permanent damage experienced throughout the nations after being injected with these poison jabs… her reporting is stellar. And Dr. Carrie Madej is interviewed about the ingredients in these injections: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, & AstraZeneca. Clearly these ingredients damage our DNA and will cause long-term illness shortening our lifespans significantly.

ABBA Father, we agree that the tyranny that America and the world is experiencing is NOT Your Perfect Will. It is an assault by the adversary against humankind and WE rise up and stand against the schemes of darkness to destroy democracy and our Constitutional Republic. We unite to intercede for the release of the Host of Heaven, the Angel Armies- to pull down the strongholds that have bound the world, and to allow the release of Your Presence, Your Healing Virtue, Your Divine Wisdom, and to usher in what IS on Your Divine Agenda… The Greatest Awakening in the History of Mankind, with a Harvest of New Souls born into the Kingdom… ALL for Your Glory ALONE, in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ, by the Power of Your Holy Spirit- AMEN & AMEN!


Tom Pitrone
October 23, 2021

You wrote, “Over time, smallpox was eradicated as medical knowledge and understanding increased.” Smallpox was eradicated by vaccination. I have sons in the military. They got vaccinated against smallpox before being assigned overseas deployment. Polio was eradicated by vaccination. Vaccines are an almost miraculous advance in the healing arts.
On the other hand, the mRNA shots most people are getting are not vaccines under the old definition (from 18 months ago). They are based on a new and unproven technology. Even the J&J shot, which is allegedly a vaccine in the old sense, hasn’t been subjected to the testing normally required the take a vaccine to the public.
While I agree, the government should recognize the right the refuse vaccination on moral , and/or religious grounds, I think it’s necessary for us to be careful how we express our opposition.

    TRUST in JESUS!!
    October 23, 2021

    Id’ like to encourage you to look up what is in all vaccines, even the old ones. You can find much information on Daystar.tv/vaccines. Robert Kennedy Jr. Del Bigtree, and a whole lot more tell the truth about vaccines and what actually eradicated those diseases. God doesn’t make things to save people that poison people or cause harm or even death. He’d never instruct someone to use aborted baby tissue to build a vaccine on or include mercury, aluminum, and other toxic ingredients as well as mixing of animal and plant DNA in real medication. ALL of that type of stuff is against His Holy Word. That’s a mixing of kinds which is against Genesis 1, also witchcraft and the reason for the flood on the first place! There are no such things as safe vaccines. They LIED, it’s that simple but research these people. Find out for yourself. Be blessed in the TRUTH! God loves you and ALL mankind that He made His way. Man and the devil shall NOT alter His plan! I’m mad at the devil, not you!! I pray you receive this in love as that is how it is meant! Knowledge and TRUTH is power!

      TRUST in JESUS!!
      October 24, 2021

      I forgot to add. Miracles are ONLY GOOD and do NO harm!! When God heals He has no list of possible life threatening or negative side effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven’s medicine does NOT cause other illness! Any “medication” like that is not from God! Synthetics are NOT from God! Help us God to take CARE of our bodies, the earth, and all creatures you created in it Your way in Jesus Name! Remove from the earth ALL things that are against You! Thank You Jesus!

October 23, 2021

I believe the choice for a vaccine should be up to each individual. It should not be made an issue to argue about. Each person should gather information on risks, benefits, and pray and ask God to lead them, and make a decision, then be done with it. I agree with Dave, the bigger issue is the power and control used by the government to mandate the vaccine. This is tyranny, and is a much greater threat to our nation than Covid. The enemy is using Covid to manipulate and deceive the American people. The enemy knows once a line is crossed, it will be easier cross it again on another issue. He knows if he stirs up enough fear and chaos, and controversy, tyranny can more freely be implemented. America has been a thorn in his side. He wants to bring America down. Tyranny is the opposite of freedom. If Tyranny gets control, his will is accomplished. I believe the driving force of tyranny is behind all the major issues we are facing today. Pick one and see if the end result does not lead to tyranny.

    TRUST in JESUS!!
    October 23, 2021

    I don’t think this is something that each person should be “deciding” on because this CHANGES the DNA and would cause the COLLAPSE of the human genome. That goes far beyond personal choice to total destruction of ALL humanity, meaning the children now and to come. For their sakes as well as ours we MUST say NO. We can’t wait and see what happens because it would be too late to reverse it. Only God can RESTORE the DNA BACK to the original HE CREATED! Man MUST LEAVE DNA ALONE!!! These shots were created to be bioweapons and shed the toxins to others as an “insurance policy” for the depopulationists who use “vaccines” to CAUSE harm and death! It’s MEANT to end life, not preserve it. Bottom line, no vaccines should EVER exist for any person or animal! They are NOT from God. Remember Jesus said “Unless time be cut short no man would be saved. But for the elect’s sake, time would be cut short.” Bible also says “My people PERISH for LACK of knowledge.” The devil comes deceiving and to kill, steal, and destroy! We MUST KNOW the tactics of our enemy to avoid the traps it sets! Be blessed in Jesus Name! Pray about EVERYTHING. The “medical” field is NOT what it seems and MANY who SAY they want to HELP are LYING! People in high positions have sold out our nation and humanity for money and power and the Lord is revealing and will reveal the whole truth! May ALL the evils in EVERY system be EXPOSED and ONLY God’s PERFECT WILL be DONE in Jesus Name!!

      October 23, 2021

      You say you don’t think each person should be deciding on making the decision concerning the vaccine. I have a question, who should decide for each individual,, you?

        TRUST in JESUS!!
        October 23, 2021

        Michael, I didn’t mean it the way it was perceived. I meant that these shots shouldn’t even exist in the first place so it’s like if someone came up to you (meaning any person) letting you know they wanted to hurt themselves, I don’t think any RIGHT minded individual would say sure that’s your choice. Most people would do anything they could to keep them FROM harming themselves. So what I mean is man has crossed a line that should NEVER have been crossed as God ALONE is the CREATOR and SUSTAINER of ALL DNA therefore man should NOT be given a choice to destroy it. I hope that clarification helps you understand my heart on this issue. This isn’t like someone deciding whether or not to drink pop. That would be their choice but this is like what happened in the days of Noah. This is a choice that could destroy ALL living things on planet earth if God did not intervene. And He will not let the enemy completely wreck mankind! Therefore if people use their “choice” to alter their DNA then the next generation, their own offspring would be screwed with no choice. Like a woman has no “choice” to kill her unborn baby. That is murder. That’s what I mean. Altering DNA SHOULD NOT be a choice. My post is meant with peace, love, and truth!

October 23, 2021

All those that I know, have taken the shot out of great fear, even terror! The way in which the so-called medical “experts” framed it and used it, to create fear, is disgraceful!! They KNEW better, but they continued, and ARE continuing, to use fear with it. Even though TRUE statistics do NOT bear this out! I pray that the fear of the Lord will overtake them and that what they have planned for evil will turn for our good! True scientists will give all sides of the test results, the side effects, etc.! Fauci and his ilk, are NOT true scientists, in any sense of the word! They are greedy and they are liars! They LOVE being on T.V.!! They don’t realize that their “ill gotten gain” will not save them, it is only temporary! “What would it profit a man if he gain the whole world , but lost his soul.”
This is all about control and greed! These people do not even abide by their “mandates.” Congress, the Whitehouse and staffers,federal judges, postal workers, and more, ARE EXEMPT from this shot!! Did you know that?
Christians, whether you got the shot or not, it’s time, NOW, to stand up for our freedoms, because we are losing them! That IS what all this “fear” has been about! It’s past time to wake up! Pastor Palowsky KNOWS what’s really happening. Listen to his warning. We cannot take our freedoms for granted any longer…they are being stolen from us!

    Elaine D
    October 30, 2021

    I’ve met people who said they got the shots because they like going on cruises! [Makes me think of Esau selling his birthright for a meal.] They don’t consider how they will enjoy cruising without their health!

      October 31, 2021

      That is the truth! No cruise is worth your health!! I don’t understand that way of thinking at all!

sandy lee smith
October 23, 2021

i am truly amazed at how afraid Christians are. at least they say they are Christians. i talk with people at churc and they are getting the vaccine and no way should you not get it. well i wont get it and there is a 94 yr old that wont get it. they even have the bad news stations on all day and they wonder why they are afraid. i have preachers on the majority of the day. i can see what is happening.

Linda k Rice
October 23, 2021

I began to scrutinize the medical industry when my mom allowed them to pump chemo into her body in the late 90s. The Truth about Cancer series was enlightening. And then vaccine connections to autism and perhaps many other things surfaced. It was totally clear since the beginning that corona was about removing Trump and creating fear all for the purpose of global government, hindering the gospel, and the rise of antiMessiah.

But the sons of Issachar have said “Not on our watch!”

    TRUST in JESUS!!
    October 23, 2021

    Amen, NOT ON OUR WATCH!! Well said!! Yes the “medical” has been compromised as pretty much everything else to some degree but God IS cleaning house for ALL belongs to Him and the devil CANNOT have it in Jesus Name!! And PRESIDENT TRUMP IS COMING BACK btw!! So hold on and hold the line!! Be blessed and follow THE Spirit of Truth in Jesus Name!

christine stott
October 23, 2021

Very well written and informative. Thank you for revealing the historical background of prior vaccine mandates and the response from people who chose to remain vaccine free. As Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun….

October 23, 2021

Thank you Jesus! Thank you for letting this come to light and let mainstream media have enough integrity to report it well too please.
Lord, bind the spirit of fear and Jezebel, she is still such a bully, and loose Your Holy Spirit across us, Your people, and across our nation ‘which has lost its way’ -thank you for my fellow RN co-worker from Columbia’s words Lord just yesterday. Please, in the name of Jesus, for it is in You God, we still trust, help us find our way back to You as a nation.

Bob huseby
October 23, 2021

As I have commented before, if we observe all this through the eyes of logic It becomes obvious that our health is not what is driving Washington’s decision s, Facts support that th disease is waning. Facts support that the vaccine is ineffective.
My opinion is that they are using this to further their agenda of economic socialism by crashing our current economy. I can still remember my high-school world history class. In the 1930s Germany had such a high inflation rate that it took a “wheelbarrow “ of money to buy a loaf of bread. This gave Hitler the perfect foundation to become their “savior “ as he injected his Marxist Communism. Finally everyone had food to eat. The babies stopped crying from hunger. His nation loved him and followed his lies. They didn’t care that he became the owner of everything they had worked for… If these are th end times we must pray that God can use us to save as many souls as possible.. if these are not the end times we must pray that Godly leaders would make Godly decisions and end this destruction of our America.!

Lydia B. Miller
October 23, 2021

Father,you are kind, you are not an oppressor. instead you are our deliverer!
Set us free from this oppression!
open the eyes of our oppressors, expose the evil they are involved in.
Call them by their names,Holy Spirit we ask you call them to repentance of their selfish, evil ways.
Bring them to the end of themselves, we pray.
Reveal yourself to them, send a host of angels and let them see angels!
Speak to them in dreams and visions bring the healthy fear of God. come like the strong wind and fill their atmosphere with your presence where it would be easy to repent.Open their eyes and let them see their own evil ways.
Jesus , come quickly!

Deborah Keller
October 23, 2021

First, as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, Jesus is my Governor, “and the government will rest on HIS shoulders……there will be no end of His government or of His peace.” So where the government of Jesus is there is peace. We pray for those who govern that we might live peaceful lives. But Jesus is OUR Governor. We obey God first and always. What did Peter say?, “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather that Him?”
Next, we do not have rulers in the US. We have a representative government. So when our representatives do not represent us, do not uphold our Constitution which is our unifying document, we have a responsibility to push back, not blindly submit.
Regarding compliance to a vaccine mandate: Think!!! Research!! There are so many dangerous and adverse effects to this “vaccine”. In my view, based on research and also having had COVID and was delivered and healed by Lord from it, the vaccine is way more risky than COVID. Many do get sick and die. And sadly, many are denied quick and proper care. Thank God, just before getting sick, the Lord led me to learn of vitamins D, Zinc with quersatin, mega amounts of C, hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin. I also had a telemedicine visit with America’s Frontline Doctors who prescribed proper meds. My own doctor followed “traditional” medicine, pushed the vaccine, and ridiculed AFD’s advice.
As a believer, the number reason I refuse to take this vaccines is that I consider it an affront to God Almighty. Every one of them is either tested or produced from fetal stem cells from murdered babies. How do I say “I honor, trust and believe you, God, but you don’t mind if I go to the altar of molok for my healing, do you? I mean, its science.” What???? No!!!! We obey God and trust Him only. He is our Provider! ALL I have needed His hand has provided. GREAT is His faithfulness! The same Power that raised Jesus from the dead LIVES in me.
Lately, when I go out I don’t even take a mask by the way. When people confront me, I pull out a gospel track and address their fear by telling them of Jesus. I choose to love them rather than fight with them.

    Eveline Franje
    October 23, 2021

    I love the fact that you give a tract to those who confront you for not wearing a mask. I am going to put tracts in my purse, although no one has confronted me for not wearing a mask, but I will give a tract to those who are horrified that I am not vaccinated. Like you I trust in Jesus to keep me. If I die, then I am ready to live in eternity with my Savior.

      Deborah Keller
      October 23, 2021

      Amen!!! Lately I even pray before I enter a place, “Lord if there’s anyone here you want to touch now, I’m available.” I’ve had chances to pray with people I’ve met in grocery lines or outside a pizza place. God is moving everywhere!

October 23, 2021

What should people of faith do about this? “This” must refer to vaccine mandates and our pending loss of freedom. We must recognize that loss of medical freedom or any freedom is wrong.

Fear is the control mechanism being used by some and others are simply acting out of their own fears. Science is their god.

I in no way condemn those who have taken the vaccine but close family who have taken it have done so mostly out of fear and others out of coercion.

The issue is our freedoms are at stake. We have been lied to and manipulated by leaders who either are fearful themselves, have been taken captive by the devil, or have been bought.

We need to pray, stand firm, and be ready to stand.


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