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Lord God, we pray for medical and religious freedom on vaccines and for healing and deliverance from Covid across the world.

“The Biden Administration’s response to COVID is getting worse every day,” Trump began, quoting Biden, who suggested there is “no federal solution” to the pandemic despite vowing to get the virus under control in 2020, prior to taking office.

Trump continued, knocking Biden for federalizing the distribution of lifesaving coronavirus treatment — an issue Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has also brought to the forefront…

Because of that, Trump continued, “red states are getting the short end of the stick.”

“In my administration, we respected the role of Governors to take care of their own states, and they could request antibodies and therapeutics depending on what they needed. That’s the way our Country is supposed to be run,” he continued, blasting the Biden administration’s outrageous attempts at overreach…

“No — I don’t think it should be mandatory,” Biden said on December 4, 2020. “I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory. But I will do everything in my power as President of the United States to encourage people to do the right thing and when they do it, demonstrate that it matters.”

Do you think Biden has followed through with his word?

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Laura K
January 10, 2022

I’m too disgusted with Biden and his overreaching mandates and lies to comment more.

Lord God have mercy on this land. Turn the hearts of all peoples everywhere to Jesus and life.


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