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Lord God, there is a lot of change in our nation. We pray that Your will would be done and Your kingdom come in America.

Florida Republicans outnumber registered Democrats for the first time in the state’s history, as Blue State COVID refugees tick the Big R on their voter registrations…

Out of over 14 million registered voters, last year Democrats held the edge with 37.38% of registrations compared to the GOP’s 35.28%. (The remaining four million or so — around 26% — were independents or members of minor parties.)

Democrats held a two-point advantage, but higher Republican turnout has made the state safely red in the last two presidential elections…

66 out of Florida’s 67 counties shifted towards the red. Three hardcore Democrat counties — Broward (!!!), Jefferson, and Madison — might in some races be considered additional battlegrounds Dems will have to defend.

A fourth, Calhoun, went from dark blue to light red…

Florida is the seventh-fastest-growing state in the country and the second-fastest-growing large state (after Texas, naturally).

I can’t think of another swing of this scale towards the GOP in so little time, and certainly not in a state the size of Florida.

I can think of a good reason for the swing: The solid governance of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and his refusal to back down to either the wokeists or to the COVID cultists.

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(Excerpt from JP Media. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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January 10, 2022

Halleluia! Grateful for Gov Ron DeSantis–his courage & strength to not back down against the evil ones who are trying to make him look bad. He has persevered through this C19 time, & has used common sense to protect the interests of small business owners & others in Florida. We are BLESSED to have him as Governor of Florida leading the way back to some semblance of sanity.

Laura K
January 10, 2022

Lord God Almighty, once more I thank you for placing me in the state of Florida and grateful thanks for Governor DeSantis. I give You thanks for the change of counties from blue to red and for the freedoms we enjoy in this state.

I pray that other states will have the same strong governance, Godly values and principles that are pleasing in Your sight. Let You, our God, arise and our enemies be scattered. We look to You, the author and finisher of our faith to see mountains moved and brought low to the gory of Your great name. Amen


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