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Lord God, thank You for Kirk Cameron and his consistently positive witness for You. Help us all to live lives that demonstrate Your grace, Your truth, Your love, Your hope.

Actress and former AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL winner Adrienne Curry recently apologized to Kirk Cameron for hating him due to his Christianity and belief in God.

“I sneered at the mention of his name because my agnostic beliefs set me above all others in my infinite godless greatness,” Curry confessed on her Facebook. “When I really ask myself why I did so, my only truthful answer is that I was surrounded by godless people who fancied themselves better than anyone and everyone who had faith in anything besides their own selfish selves.”

Curry added that those around her told her “that anyone who was anything besides Muslim, atheist, agnostic, gay, etc., was very bad and stupid.”

However, after watching an interview with Cameron, Curry’s long-held assumptions about the GROWING PAINS star changed.

“Recently, I watched an interview with the guy. He came off as very humble and incredibly likable. I watched a few more. Loyal to his wife, a family man, a former atheist who found some meaning in life. He just comes off as a good dude,” Curry said, adding: “Sorry, dude, I walked with the flock of sheep who told me what to hate and what to like without question.”

Share a time you were misjudged because of your faith!

(Excerpt from Movieguide. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Susan Frances Moore
January 10, 2022

Could you let me know what was prayed on First Friday last Friday, Jan 7?

Elana Stockman
January 10, 2022

It’s a big nasty mean flock of sheep all right. But, praise God, when even one can quit running with the herd and gain wisdom for herself. Hurrah. Oh God, repeat this 30 million times over an America can be in revival. Oh God, open their eyes. Oh may they think for themselves not just follow the pack. Open their hearts Lord. You love them


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