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Father, we pray that You continue to bless the church in Ukraine. Give Sumy and every Christian church the ability to reach the impoverished, Lord.

The following is an update from Sumy Christian Church in Ukraine, a church run by our contacts from Intercessors for Ukraine.

During July, Sumy Christian Church provided assistance to five villages of the Trostyanets district, which were occupied and partially destroyed as a result of hostilities. We were bringing people food, medicines, clothes, baby and adult diapers, baby food and giving everyone prayer books. And most importantly, we brought them the Good News. Adults and children listened to our preaching with joy, sincerely prayed with the prayer of repentance, some with tears invited Christ to their hearts. Many people came up, thanked and invited to come again.

Who is praying on the wall?


In the villages of Stanov and Buimer, the church helped 370 families, these villages are nearby and were under occupation for a month, Russian troops were based on the territory of these villages, both these villages and other settlements of the Sumy district were shelled. A lot of destroyed houses, school is also damaged by shelling.

Village Semerenka was also very damaged by the occupation, the church and cultural center were broken with shells, the houses of civilians were burned. On February 24, as soon as the war began, the villagers began to lay down trees so that Russian troops would not pass, but it was too late. The next day, on February 25, the occupiers drove around the village and were here until April, on March 8 they began shelling the village. There are still mined areas near the village. In this village, we helped 150 families, including replaced people, large families and disabled people. In the last photo, a family whose house completely burned down, all things and documents are destroyed.


Galina, 55 years old, villager:
They broke my godson’s house, his children miraculously survived: at that time they went to their grandmother, and he himself was on the street when a shell flew into the house. Since then, constant shelling has begun. One day two people were killed: a father of many children and a 50-year-old husband. They shelled day and night. We thought we wouldn’t survive, we saw the neighbor’s house burning, but we couldn’t go out. A little earlier, a shell flew into my house, but thank God it didn’t explode. The sappers said it had fallen apart into 2 parts and if it had been exploded, there was nothing left of the house. It was in that room that we all slept before: children and adults (9 people). God himself saved us. We were hiding in the cellar, laying the door with bags of potatoes, because it was knocked out three times by an explosive wave.


Valentina, librarian.
Our club was one of the best rural clubs in the region. There were many children’s clubs, a library, adult amateur performances, festive events and concerts were held. The occupiers entered the club, sprinkled the entire area of the hall with powder fire extinguisher. (We couldn’t wash it for a month later). When Slavgorod was shelled with cluster shells, it also came to us: the front door was completely broken, 30 double-glazed windows, the roof was punched in three places, the piano was broken. It is not possible to hold concerts now.


Lyudmila, a resident of the village of Semerenkovo.
When Ukrainian troops blew up the bridge, the occupiers just got mad and began to “pour” us with terrible fire from “Hurricanes” and “Grads”. We didn’t get out of the cellars. We thought we wouldn’t survive. When Ukrainian troops expelled the Rashists from Trostyanets, they also walked through us and we sat in the basements for two days. They couldn’t move over the exploded bridge and circled around the neighborhood. Up to 90 military vehicles! In the morning they moved in one direction, in the evening – in the other one. The church, which was built in 1836 and residential buildings were damaged, everything that came across on the way was destroyed. Two men were killed: one near his house was killed by a shell, the other one was killed in the house, and the old woman was wounded by debris and she soon died. And then they brought two howitzers and started shelling Trostyanets! It seemed like our houses were bouncing!

150 families living in the villages of Soldatskoye and Nitsakha received help from our church. The village was in occupation for more than a month, there were active hostilities on the territory of the village, many houses were completely destroyed, after de-occupation many replaced people from Kharkiv moved to this village. There are many families with young children, people recover from awful stress and shock.

The village of Belki was also in occupation, the whole street was completely destroyed. At the moment, many replaced people from Kharkiv and other cities where fighting are taking place have moved here. 150 families have received help from the church.

How are you praying for the Ukrainian church? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Used with permission from Intercessors for Ukraine. Photo Credit: Intercessors for Ukraine)

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August 21, 2022

What a horrifying possibility!! The unification of these ungodly non-believing nations would create a power that our weakened military could not resist.
Father, as intercessors of your creation we STAND and agree that this satanic alliance would crumble. May your heavenly hosts of angels help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout these nations and stop this scheme of Satan himself to expand his agenda to rise above you Lord..
We STAND-we AGREE-we SPEAK with unrelenting FAITH in JESUS and HIS shed blood that YOUR creation- SHALL BE SAVED!!!

Vicky Clarke
August 20, 2022

Every day bored and everybody protect the people of Ukraine. We call for ministering spirits and angels to protect them and we ask that their needs would be met at this time. Thank you Lord for what you’re doing through the few churches that they have.

August 20, 2022

Father thank you for IFA sharing personal stories from the Ukraine.
So many ministries have been helping those who are still in Ukraine and helping those who have had to leave their beloved homes there. Your love on display in the face of deep suffering at the hands of evil.
Lord, we trust You are working all together for the good of those called according to Your purpose. Please bring the good to the attention of all, let the war come to a good end soon, so these dear, courageous people can be restored and enjoy real peace in their homeland.

August 20, 2022

Lord Heavenly Father really I just want to thank you for what your doing in Ukraine and throughout the world. Especially in Ukraine Father you have been there for the Ukrainian church from day one. We have seen your hand move and your miracles. How you move neighboring Countries churches to lend a helping hand to the Ukrainians. Lord I am thankful for you and the hope you provide us with. I am thankful that you have been able to provide and help the Ukrainians. Lord I do not like war and I know you don’t either and I really don’t think you choose sides but that all you care about is that your people are safe. Father thank you so much for your love and thank you for what your doing in Ukraine I pray all these great and wonderful things In Jesus name Amen.

August 20, 2022

Praise the Lord God Almigthy1

Jessica Renshaw
August 20, 2022

Heavenly Father, heal the shock, terror, grief and other emotional trauma these people have suffered, give them grace and a safe place to rest and recover. Bless them with hope and faith in You. Be their refuge and fortress, a very present help in trouble. Shelter them under Your wings.

August 20, 2022

Please Lord, God…help these people in Ukraine. Send your angels from on high to armor these people from harm…in the name of Jesus Christ we pray…Amen

Mildred Grace Hall
August 20, 2022

How my heart cries out for these people! Thank you for this eye witness report; I pray with tears.

Marsha Bashor
August 20, 2022

Dear Lord thank you for the church in Ukraine, please give them your protection with your armies of angels in order for them to be able to provide food, water, all the necessities to their people , and thank you for providing the gospel message to all who enter, so that they may be saved by Jesus.. let the church in Ukraine grow big and strong. Bring the people to the church for salvation and help.


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