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Lord God, we cry out to You for the kids and parents who are suffering from identity confusion and unable to get real help. God, only You can stop this. Please have mercy on these families.
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This piece by a mental health professional is compelling and confirms what Bible-believing Christians already know: helping “trans” kids be trans is harming them and their parents. Read and share what you think in the comments.

There’s something rotten in the state of my profession, the mental health field. While therapists are usually the first to reach out to trauma victims, there’s one group we neglect. Even worse, we blame the victims.

I’m referring to parents of gender-confused kids, whose stories I am hearing firsthand in my office. Parents come to me because I’ve publicly objected to my profession’s faulty views about gender identity and its treatment. How many parents are unable to find help? Judging by the number of recently created organizations and online groups where such parents gather, there are thousands, and the numbers grow by the day.

My patients, and those in the parent-run groups, are shocked, overwhelmed, confused, and anxious. They’re not sleeping or eating. Many have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Why have they turned to one another for help? Why don’t more come to us – psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors? We’re the ones with the degrees and experience.

They don’t turn to us because we have failed them.

Of course young people are also victims of the trans craze, but my focus here is their parents’ distress. It is massive and demands acknowledgement.

Following their teen’s bombshell announcement, most parents initially consult with gender therapists or clinics. The vast majority tell them they must unconditionally accept their child’s chosen identityuse a random, unfamiliar name, and help Sara bind her breasts and Michael tuck his genitals.

For those therapists, the parents are the problem. Not the child’s social anxiety, autism, irrational thinking, or social media addiction. No, the issue is mom and dad’s refusal to embrace their teen’s two-week-old identity and allow a kid to run the show.

The therapist shares that assessment with parents, sometimes in front of their child. In doing so, the gender specialist strikes heavy blows against a family in crisis, who turned to her with hope and trust: she undermines parental authority and weakens the parent-child bond.

As if that’s not enough, she refers them, following a hasty, incomplete evaluation, to an endocrinologist for hormones to block development. Safe and reversible, the therapist reassures the parents. Your child needs them now. In fact, it’s already late. . . .

[T]he truth: If teens go through natural puberty there’s a 60-90 percent chance of desistance (outgrowing transgenderism, aligning with one’s biology). Changing names, pronouns, and presentation can be a slippery slope and decrease desistance. Once on puberty blockers, desistance is very rare. . . .

Bottom line: parents who look further than gender clinics and therapists discover a heated debate regarding how to help kids like theirs. There’s a consensus among experts, they were told. Are you kidding? There is no consensus whatsoever.

So the parents search for a therapist who won’t immediately affirm the new identity, but instead take it slowly, get to know their child, and figure out the appeal to her of a new identity. A clinician with a more cautious, nuanced approach — that’s all parents want. Another shock: there are almost none.

Counting psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors, there are more than a million therapists in this country. I located a group of therapists who believe in long-term, exploratory talk therapy for gender-questioning youth, and there are only 60 members, with many outside the United States. . . .

Where are the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors who will validate their experiences without judgment? How is it we’re able to serve the emotional needs of sexual offenders and murderers but not the traumatized, grieving parents of transgender children? . . .

This is an appalling betrayal of parents. To my colleagues: we’ve lost all credibility because of our surrender to a destructive, unscientific ideology. We’ve harmed thousands of parents and children, and they’ve had it with us.

Not too long ago, doctors performed frontal lobotomies as a cure for severe mental illness. They severed connections in the brain with crude instruments inserted through the eye socket. It was a barbaric but mainstream procedure, performed on about 40,000 people.

Right now in the United States, girls as young as 13 are having mastectomies and minor boys are castrated. What will it take to put the breaks on the massive transing of children? Call me a cynic, but I’m guessing a few huge lawsuits.

Trust me, the lawyers are coming, and victims will finally have a public platform. They will tell the world of the nightmare that descended on their precious children and families, leaving them traumatized and broken.

How are you praying about this important issue? Are you or a loved one facing these challenges?

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Article by Dr. Miriam Grossman. Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash.  )

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December 10, 2021

Father God, let those mental health professionals, especially those who consider themselves ‘Christian,’ be so convicted in their hearts and mind that they turn from their wicked ways. May they see the error of their ways in being complicit with this demonic agenda to perpetuate confusion in our children and usurp the rights and roles of parents. May they spiritually recognize that they are part of satan’s plan to destroy the lives of these children and claim their spirits and souls as part of his dark kingdom. May those professionals who stand with your agenda Lord form a group under your supernatural protection that can minister to both parents and children suffering from sexual confusion and set these captives free through the healing power of your Word and laying hands on the sick. Greater our You that is in us than he that is in the world. It ain’t over yet till You say so. In Jesus Name. Amen!

Darlene Estlow
December 9, 2021

Thank you. Father, raise up more professionals who will be willing to stand against this horrible treatment for children. For those who are acting from fear for their jobs, change their hearts and give them courage. Thank you for hearing our prayer. We know you are acting.

karen secrest
December 9, 2021

I was shocked when a friend said this child has the right to choose?
I recall work done by David Wilkerson’s organization: Teen Challenge. His was the only one with proven, longlasting results and the lowest recidivism. BUT IT WAS GODLY TREATMENT.
I feel parents have been so busy with their own needs, they haven’t even been aware of school, social contact even the “drag queen” invading the children’s (5 yr. Old) story hour.
Intercession is needed for a vital, Bible teaching, preaching church and social content to turn us back. OUR FACE TO THE WALL..

I recall Pastor Mario Murillo’s word from ‘the day’s when speaking to teens. “Beware being so open minded your brains fall out.” (Paraphrase). The message is even more vital today when CCP’s TicTok does a ‘number’ on kids in ‘fun’s. While the Fauci’s of the world are fear mongering about a virus that is connected to their pocketbook, we have two generations that are unable to even discern lies told by media or a cept that a tennis player has disappeared because she spoke against sexual assault?
We can only cry, “Holy, Holy, Hoky…as we assault Heaven in our need…Holy,

Catherine Crippen
December 9, 2021

Oh our Father because of Your great mercy and love, for Your glory and good pleasure please send out Your word and light to shine in the hearts and minds of these people the enemy has filled with dark lies. Lives built on such a foundation of lies will crumble and fall, but lives built on the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ will grow strong and be a pleasure to You. Please give us Your wisdom, words and love to reach out to these people made in Your image and for whom You died. Let them identify with You and be healed and whole. Let Your kingdom be enlarged here on earth and Your banquet halls be filled! To the glory God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen
Thank you

Blanca Holland
December 9, 2021

We must pray for our children and children’s children: plus take them to the word of the LORD: for the best medicine is the balm of Gilead: JESUS YESHUA: many children that go to the trans action: have been manipulated by evilness: some children see that trans action might bring parents together: because they had divorced.


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