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Father, we thank you for moving in the heart of Norma McCorvey and surrounding her with caring pro-life people. We pray that You would continue to change the hearts of those in the abortion industry.

Norma McCorvey, the infamous Jane Roe, drifted between the life and abortion movements. In her last days, however, she was pro-life.

From The Daily Wire. In May of 2020, a slew of establishment news outlets, including The New York TimesThe Washington PostLos Angeles Times, and USA Today, were breathlessly reporting on a supposed bombshell in a new Hulu documentary titled, “AKA Jane Roe.” They deemed it “shocking,” “stunning,” and a “challenge” to the pro-life “narrative.” Why? Because in the film, Norma McCorvey, the actual Jane Roe in the landmark case, Roe v. Wade, claimed to be pro-choice….

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The few who followed the life of McCorvey as she went from being the face of the decision to legalize abortion to a poster girl for the pro-life movement will understand. More than anything, McCorvey was a deeply enigmatic and often pugnacious figure who seemed to resent being made a symbol for any cause, even as she craved the attention such a role offered.

A Troubled Beginning

Though McCorvey acted as the plaintiff in the case that ushered in legalized abortion, she herself never had one — the ruling was handed down months after she gave birth to a daughter she gave up for adoption. Nor did she parent the two girls she delivered before that. Traumas she suffered as a child may well have made it impossible for her to feel anything more than ambivalence about the prospect of motherhood….

One scene in “AKA Jane Roe” brings up troubling questions of what else McCorvey may have suffered at a young age that contributed to her later promiscuity. She recounts that at age 10, she ran away to a hotel and had a sexual encounter with a female friend no older than she was. Groups like Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) warn that young children acting out sexually is one of the most serious red flags for abuse. Yet filmmaker Nick Sweeney, who conducts the interview with McCorvey, doesn’t probe further about the incident or what might have preceded it.

Like so many others, his interest in McCorvey seems to go no further than what she will say about the national debate that came to define her.

Plaintiff for the Cause

Though a regular at gay bars, a fling with a married man left McCorvey pregnant for a third and final time in 1969.

Recalling her first meeting with two pretty, young Dallas lawyers in a local pizza parlor, she wrote in her 1994 memoir, “It was obvious to me even from across the room that these women hadn’t talked to a person like me for a long time, if ever.” She was, by her own admission, “a street person, drug addict, [and] drunk.” At the time, that was just what Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington needed in a client — someone poor enough they could credibly sue the state of Texas under the argument that she didn’t have the means to travel to another state like California, where abortion was legal. McCorvey fit the bill perfectly…for the moment.

In the long run, though, her rough manners and coarse image were a poor fit for the feminist movement’s flagship issue….

Eventually, having made the right to get an abortion her business, McCorvey was squirreled away answering phones at a Dallas clinic. It was there she met fiery Christian evangelist and Operation Rescue director Flip Benham.

An Activist for Life

Like McCorvey, Benham, a southerner and former saloonkeeper, had a flair for getting attention. In 1995 he rented offices next door to her clinic.

Though ideological opponents, the pair seemed to share a certain likemindedness, with McCorvey later offering this subtle rebuke to her feminist former colleagues: “He doesn’t make me feel bad about myself.” The friendship they struck up soon had McCorvey calling Benham “Flipper” and him dubbing her “Miss Norma.” Within months, Benham announced he had led McCorvey to Christ and newfound convictions about the sanctity of life. The one-time poster-child for Roe was ready to face the cameras for the other side….

She remained outwardly committed to the cause of life for the next 22 years, making public appearances, giving speeches, and, in 2005, testifying before the U.S. Senate for a hearing in which she pleaded with the lawmakers to do “everything in [their] power to reverse Roe v. Wade.”

The curtain seemed to fall on McCorvey’s second act, however, with a 2017 interview for “AKA Jane Roe.”

An Uncertain Legacy

Billed as her deathbed confession, the documentary’s three-minute scene that launched a thousand headlines found McCorvey telling Sweeney, “If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my a**. That’s why they call it choice….”

No abortion rights activists that worked with McCorvey during her Roe days have ever come forward to argue that she told them something similar near the end. Of course they can’t because they no longer knew her. The same can’t be said for the pro-lifers, many of whom kept up contact and insist, the dramatic documentary scene notwithstanding, that her commitment to life was real….

McCorvey’s biographer, Joshua Prager, believes that it is much more likely that the big “bombshell” that captured so much media attention two years ago represented Jane Roe making one final bid for the spotlight….

But one thing is certain. In the end, only one side was still in Norma McCorvey’s life. And it was the same side that told her, from womb to tomb, life is precious.

What do you think of the life of Norma McCorvey? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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May 24, 2022

Father God, I ask in Jesus’ name today that You would bind, hinder, frustrate, and destroy the New World Order and all plans to implement it. We ask You for righteous leaders who will protect and enforce and re-institute FREEDOM in every area, throughout the world

Carol Flowers
May 23, 2022

After Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe supposedly became born again, I heard her speak at a Pregnancy Life Center’s Dinner and she was very convincing. Later I heard that she said that she faked it for both the life side and the death (abortion) side. I can only hope she genuinely did become born-again, because she is now in eternity either in eternal life or eternal death. This is why we need to trust GOD and our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS alone! And put NO trust in man!
Both sides of the abortion debate attempted to use “Jane Roe” as a poster child; when in the end she was a troubled soul “standing in the need of prayer” like all of us! FATHER GOD please bless Norma McCorvey’s children and grandchildren. FATHER GOD, YOU know who they are. We claim them for the Kingdom of GOD and pray that laborers are sent to them in JESUS NAME! Amen!

May 22, 2022

Lord God, thwart these evil plans that are commencing TODAY. Do not let the power that has been misused via the pandemic continue to be perpetrated. We pray that increased vaccine mandates will not stand. Do not let Biden cede United States health authority to the World Health Organization. Make all ratified, freedom-stealing amendments and treaties, worldwide, become null and void. We pray that all global health magnates would not have consensus in plans they may seek to make. Let all other related, and unrelated, plans harmful to sovereignty and freedom fall apart, fruitless. Annihilate the World Health Organization’s ratified Pandemic Treaty. Preserve our freedoms and sovereignty worldwide. Destroy the New World Order and the Great Reset


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