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Lord, we mourn the tragic death of Tyre Nichols. Bring accountability, God, but, most important, bring our violent and depraved society back to You.
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The tragedy of Tyre Nichol’s death is sadly not uncommon in today’s America. How did we get here?

Analysis from American Thinker. Some are saying that the death of Tyre Nichols was due to “bad policing” or perhaps affirmative action hiring.

Have you taken your place on the wall?


Neither is truly the main reason.

The Tyre Nichols tragedy was due to a spiritual void. …

You don’t behave so viciously toward anyone unless you have it in your soul, your being, to be that way.  And because the human race is fallen, deeply prone to bad behavior, born to be bad, so to speak, human beings default to that evil fallen state. …

[The] Spirit of God inhabits those who believe in Him and walk with Him. That Spirit of God is absent in others, and so they have no fear, no love, no respect for what God has told us clearly He wants of us. God forbids murder, for example. Those cops murdered Nichols.

Culturally, we see this lack of spiritual health everywhere. It’s in our schools, especially, with the teaching of debased perversions, but it is everywhere else as well. …

How do you explain such evil? It’s not hard to explain if you view this spiritually: Evil is the default state of mankind. It’s a disfiguring birthmark.  Only a healthy fear of God can lift the spiritual cloud over the Original Sin that hovers over this nation and her people.

God alone can prevent people from surrendering to their base instincts. … Tyre Nichols would be alive today if those officers truly believed in the God of the Bible and behaved accordingly.

 Share your prayers about the tragedy of this death below.

(Excerpt from American Thinker. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Karen Michelsen
February 2, 2023

As another person mentioned, I think we must consider that it is very likely that this whole thing was staged for nefarious reasons. I doubt that Tyre Nichols ran away or resisted anything, unless he was fighting for his life. The technology exists to fake both videos and photos. I do not believe that this was merely the result of “woke” hiring. The police department was purposely bypassed in the screening and hiring of these police officers. The city council hired them. Given the times we are living in, and the manipulation and lies by the mainstream media, I suspect this event was planned to create division or to promote anti-police sentiment, or perhaps Mr. Nichols was the actual target. Whatever the truth is, I pray God will expose it and that their will be justice in this case, and others like it. God bless America! The enemy is defeated, and the Lord has the victory! Hallelujah!

February 1, 2023

Hiring decisions should be based on character, intelligence and job capabilities alone. Affirmative Action was thought to be necessary and perhaps a good idea initially because so many people in the US held discriminatory beliefs against various groups, refusing to hire or fairly treat select groups. I personally know this to be true but never once let that impact my personal drive to work hard, becoming successful and never allowing people to just me by anything but my character, and work skills. That said, if we stuck with “non-discrimination” alone against any person, Affirmative Action, by including skin color or sex to be considered a thoughtful and intelligent decision. I am all about a Godly character and hard work….”working as unto the LORD”. Clearly these Police Officers in this case lacked a good character and were just plain not qualified to be a Police Officer any where or at any time.

Val Rios
February 1, 2023


February 1, 2023

There is another factor that is incredibly prevalent today – a lack of respect. These officers were wrong & as far as we can tell, probably should absolutely not been part of the force. That brings in the “vetting process”. Who was responsible for that? Who’s responsible, to a degree, in the hiring process? Please don’t misunderstand when I’m saying next. Police, emergency, medical facilities are in rough shape when it comes to hiring. Thanks to downright satanic agendas by multiple levels & people in & outside of gov’t, the pool to hire very qualified people has been reduced severely. (I ask people to please pray for this to be corrected) Quota hiring, based on the slew of absolutely foolish “hiring rules & policies” (fed, state, internal) is affecting everything from poor police choices to horrendous educators infiltrating all areas. And please remove the “easy out blame” placed on COVID. While that had an effect, it’s not to blame. That blame can be laid at the feet of foolish & demonic policies that weak, gov’t or corporate officials “bought into” & didn’t have the courage to say no to.
There are certain situations that we have witnessed (especially the last 3 years) where people who are questioned or stopped by police “resist immediately”. That’s just foolish & a lack of respect for authority. And unfortunately, our media feeds that monster through irresponsible reporting. Especially the liberal MSM media continues to report the falsehood that “police & authorities” are the largest bearer of responsibility. That’s baloney! 98% of police or other law enforcement are dedicated, as well as rule & law abiding citizens & employees….. but how often do you & I hear the good stories? – rarely, if ever on the MSM. The problem, as the article states clearly, is the sin condition of mankind. Lack of respect for good authority has been undermined by a self seeking, Godless vacuum that can only be restored through commitment to our Lord. Prayer for revival & changed hearts and minds must be a continuing burden for all of us. We simply cannot see society change without God’s help.
Remember the promise of Luke 18:27!!

February 1, 2023

I prayed against every evil activities that are plaguing the nations of the world. Lord we need your help.

January 31, 2023

I don’t think these were policeman. I think this was all staged.

Peg B
January 31, 2023

Dear LORD, we lift up the family of Tyre Nichols, this community, the police department and this nation. Tyre’s mother in her most difficult hour sought peace. We agree. LORD, grant her and others grace and comfort in and through this time. Bind up the wounds of heartache and protect against any root of bitterness. Pour Your anointing oil upon this tragedy. Hold back the tongue of the liar in the media and air waves. Let Your justice and mercy come forth LORD, as You see ALL things (hidden and not). We lean on You and Your word of truth, not on any other opinion. Thank You that You provide ‘the way’ forward even now. In Jesus’ mighty name.

Betty Skyles
January 31, 2023

We need Chaplains back in our precincts praying before each shift and lifting our officers up spiritually before they head out into the streets to keep our communities safe.

Adassa Campbell
January 31, 2023

Father God, we thank you for exposing all the hidden evil,&the need for repentance in the hearts of all the people in our Nation, hAas we humble our selves &pray,send an awakening in our Nation &Revival to each Family, in JESUS Name amen.

January 31, 2023

Father you will be done on Earth as it is heaven father bring everyone to Justice surround his family at this very difficult time father God

January 31, 2023

Father God,
We pray for this family’s loss. Losing a loved one is never easy no matter the circumstances but this tragic circumstance makes it all the more difficult on the family’s grieving process. The enemy is using this for his purpose of destruction. (John 8:44) . We pray right now in the Mighty name of Jesus over this entire situation Father. We pray protection and comfort over this family. We pray You will give them wisdom and discernment as these vultures swoop in to do their damage on this young man’s family and community. We ask Father that what the enemy intends for evil will be turned around and used for Your Glory. We ask for the good people operating in this police department to be protected. We ask for wisdom and thorough vetting and training of any future officers so that this might be prevented in the future. In Jesus name Amen

Ron Alford
January 31, 2023

Father, please help us to live for Jesus so we won’t have to be arrested.

January 31, 2023

FATHER GOD I lift up to YOU, Tyre Nichols family and the families of the officers’ involved in this murder. Send YOUR COMFORTER to them all! FATHER GOD also send YOUR COMFORTER to Memphis and those around the country that are attempting to escalate this young man’s death into violence of antifa and blm! I bind the violence in our country and I bind the demons behind antifa and blm in JESUS NAME! FATHER GOD please take control of this situation in Memphis and around the country! I loose the protection and anointing of our HOLY GHOST across America! Let wicked and evil words and works fall to the ground and dissolve and do no damage in JESUS NAME! Further FATHER GOD, dissolve antifa and blm in our country! Send YOUR angels to surround and remove them all! Expose the people and money behind these evil groups! Dry up the money funding them! Send laborers to all for salvation! Nothing is too hard for YOU FATHER GOD, so I command the END of these demonic groups and activities in the world in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Amen!

    Bob Huseby
    January 31, 2023

    Very well said Carol ! I join you in binding the demonic strongholds behind Antifa and BLM. This strategy of Satan has even permeated many churches.. 2cor. 10:4 for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through GOD to the pulling down of strongholds!!!!!

Morris McGuire
January 31, 2023

The spirit of Scorpion was manifest in 5 and possibly 3 more. The others were not exposed? The trial may expose others but…? Pray for the others to be manifested!


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