I Prayed have prayed
Prepare us, Lord, for the spiritual battle that is unfolding before us. Give us Your wisdom, insight, boldness, and strategy so that we may stand against the Enemy.

There is no doubt that censorship today is greatly increasing and freedom of speech is in peril. We are seeing more people blocked and removed from social media, de-platformed from the internet, and banned on media channels.  “Cancel culture” is now a popular, freely-used weapon against freedom of speech.

But it is important for us to understand that censorship is not just a political or cultural issue—it is spiritual at its root. What we are seeing is the outworking in the natural of the spiritual battle that is taking place. A supernatural battle of values.

Knowing that, does it make you look at the censorship differently?  Can you see a trend that emerges once we understand that it is a spiritual war taking place before our eyes in the ink, airwaves, and cyberspace in our nation? Let us break these battles down.

As we list some of the most censored thoughts or topics, let’s look at the spiritual values behind them. Each of these topics that tend to be censored has a corresponding spiritual issue at play—a battle of its own. Where talk about abortion, for instance, is halted, what is actually going on is a battle of the value of a culture of life versus the culture of death, the battle of religious freedom versus tyranny.

We can battle these strikes of the Enemy, that come in the form of censorship, with strategic prayer about the root issues.  Many of these battles are an affront against the Ten Commandments—the core values of the Kingdom that God gave us in Exodus 20. We can pray about these censorship battles by praying God’s Word.

For instance, renounce the spirit of idolatry and pride behind “transgender theology” –the agenda that is usurping the role of the Creator with a distorted view of identity. Then speak the truth of God’s identity for each of us, made male and female in the image of God as Genesis 1:27 shares. Speak the truth. Proclaim it in prayer. Call forth the opposite spirit over our nation that counters the Enemy’s distortion.

Censorship is the redaction of God’s values in our culture—the removal of truth, the battle for values. Removing them from view does not mean, however, that these values do not exist. God is more powerful. These tactics are just the Enemy’s strategy of blinding people to the truth that can set us free.

Intercessors for America has a new foundational guide on Free Speech that is a great companion piece to this article. You can download your copy of this by clicking HERE

Share some of your thoughts about the roots of these spiritual battles below!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are doing something about censorship. Click TAKE ACTION to sign a petition to thank them.

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Marty Robinson
February 23, 2021

Satan doesn’t send you or me a memo stating what he is planning to do.
When those who have set themselves up as “leaders” in spiritual matters
do not know enough about God or His will to avoid evil actions that make
a statement not for God, but for the devil, and who attack the person who,
in love admonishes them – there is a major crisis going on in the Body of Christ.
The embedded work of the devil, in the good intentions of some who have forgotten
what it is all about, is alarming. The censuring is to me a diversionary tactic of
the devil because there is a much bigger problem he doesn’t want us who belong to
the Lord to see and fight against in the name of Jesus!

J Brown
February 22, 2021

Father, Just as many of our brothers and sisters around the world are being slain for the sake of the Gospel (Voice of the Martyrs), many are also being verbally slain, slandered, and attacked by our enemies. Our adversary is called the accuser of the brethren, and he comes with lies, hatred, and all manner of evil. We pray Father for all those under attack to have the strength of Eleazar who stood his ground and whose hand froze to his sword during battle. We thank you Father that according to our covenant with You, every tongue that rises up in judgement against us shall be condemned. Grant us the vision, courage, and strength to not love our lives even unto death if needed, but to stand for love, truth, and the Gospel of Jesus.

Gwyn Lawson
February 19, 2021

I prayed and also signed the petition. Also sent to others to sign the petition. “Faith without works is dead”

Sharon C King
February 18, 2021

Father God, It’s so sad and hard at times when we try to speak truth to others and they either cancel our stance; but what they really are cancelling is You. May You empower us to not become discouraged but to rather to persevere for You. May our words and actions be filled with Your grace and Love, as You have towards us. Remind us that Greater is He that is within us, than he that is within the world. You are our source of refuge and strength in troubling times. You are the Victor, the King, the Lord over ALL!

In Jesus Name,

Allena L Jordan
February 18, 2021

We should not be afraid. None of us wants to go to jail, or be put on a “list.” However, we must stand strong for what is right. We have to speak out. Let’s be the Bonhoffers, the Wilburforces, the Beamers of this hour.

maryanne b
February 18, 2021

Father, continue to show us how to pray–give us the strategies to battle against these plans of the enemy in our nation. We ask you for wisdom and discernment and action we can take. You are Truth! The battle is against You, Lord!

February 18, 2021

Thank you for this insight–I hadn’t thought of that. It is more than just keeping the truth out of reach, it is fueling the spiritual battle on these biblical issues. Another tactic by satan. Thanks for showing us how we can be praying about these when we see them.

February 18, 2021

Precious Lord, I feel your presence and protection. Only through your help and guidance can we conquer these evil people and rid the world of their existence. Give us wisdom and strength to fight your battles. Thank for your constant love and protection. In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen


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