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Father, we pray for revival, redemption, and renewal to burn across our nation like fire. Stir in the hearts of every man, woman, and child, Lord, and bring them all to You.
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Multiple prophets have spoken of a coming revival. We must be attentive, listening for the Lord’s voice and constantly praying.

From Give Him 15. Holy Spirit is aligning the nations and the spiritual realm, preparing them for His coming outpouring. Last week I read a post from Dr. Scott Reese which spoke of this. Scott used an allegory in which the earth had a spine encircling it. The spine had misalignment and diseased places, causing pain and suffering. In his vision, God was healing and realigning the spine, much like a chiropractor would do for a person.

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I also read a post from my brother, Tim Sheets, in which he said a fresh Pentecostal outpouring of Holy Spirit has begun, assisted by a multitude of angels. He also spoke of the rumbling sound this was releasing in the spiritual realm….

Just before receiving Tim’s word, another prophet and friend of ours, Gina Gholston, sent me a dream and word which was also about ‘hearing’ this sound of revival. Though Gina received the dream in January, she spoke about it on June 5, Pentecost Sunday. An amazing confirmation was received during the message. I believe that Scott’s, Tim’s and Gina’s words are all related. Here is her account of the dream and what occurred as she shared it:

“On January 11, 2022, I had a dream in which I was sitting next to a campfire with a minister known for his masterful teaching on the subject of sound. He is also a renowned revival historian. As we sat together next to the fire, he held a long stick and was using it to stir the embers around the edge of the fire. While doing so he said, ‘In days ahead there is coming a redemptive sound that that will provoke a redemptive movement….’

“He then gave a demonstration. Standing, he picked up a fairly large rock, lifted it high above his head, and dropped it right into the middle of the fire. As you can imagine, embers and sparks flew everywhere. He then stated emphatically, ‘That is what this redemptive movement will be like once the sound is released. It will come hard and fast, and it WILL cause a response. There will be an instant breaking loose – a redemption. The Lord is going to redeem the church, and He is going to redeem the nation!…’

“According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word redeem means ‘to get or win back; to renew;’ renew means ‘to bring back to or put back into a former or original state.’ I believe we are now in a time when Jesus is reclaiming His Church….”

When multiple prophets begin hearing similar messages we must pay heed. Numbers of them are hearing that a great shaking has begun on the earth; but they have also been hearing that this will be accompanied by a great, worldwide revival….

Pray with me:

Father, though it seems to some that America and the Church have fallen so low there is no hope of redemption, we know You still reign. Your eternal plan of the ages has not changed. You’ve not altered the purposes and intentions You breathed and prophesied into the church or our nation. You are now calling both back into alignment with Your original plans.

Though darkness has covered the earth and gross darkness has shrouded many people, You have released a redemptive sound that is stirring and awakening the body of Christ. Out of the ashes we are rising to shine with the unavoidable light of Your transforming glory. You have clothed us with Your righteousness and filled us with Your Spirit. We are now emerging with the wisdom to utilize the weapons of our warfare. … We will stand under the weight of Your glory, and those who sit in darkness will see it and be drawn to Your great light. They’ll be changed by the redeeming power of salvation through Your Son, Jesus! And in His name and authority, we pray, amen.

Our decree:

The Lord is reigniting His church with the fire of His glory, and we will shine with undeniable signs, wonders, and miracles as He stretches forth His hand through us to make Himself known. The redemptive movement has started, and hell cannot stop it!…

Have you heard or felt the coming revival and redemption? Share this article to raise awareness of what God is doing.

(Excerpt from Give Him 15. Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

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Marian Asema-Yuwa
November 27, 2022

Praise the Lord hallelujah, Amen and Amen

MaryJo Coleman
June 22, 2022

Today in WI life has won a victory! The enclosed article describes this. Please thank the LORD for this His kindness!

Wisconsin Right to Life Applauds the State Legislature for Protecting Life
June 22, 2022 Blog
Today in a special session, the Wisconsin State Legislature rejected Governor Evers’ calls to repeal Statute 940.04, Wisconsin’s 1849 ban on abortion. By keeping 940.04 on the books, the Legislature has ensured that Wisconsin will be able to defend preborn lives if the Supreme Court overturns the precedent set in Roe v. Wade and the abortion decision is returned to the states.

Wisconsin Right to Life applauds the efforts of Senate President Chris Kapenga, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, and Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu to protect 940.04 from yet another attack and resist the pressure from Governor Evers and the pro-abortion lobby.

After the special session was gaveled out, Gracie Skogman, legislative director at Wisconsin Right to Life stated, “940.04 affirms that all lives are valuable and worthy of protection under Wisconsin law, and will allow our state to protect preborn lives if Roe is overturned. As 940.04 withstood another challenge, we are grateful for our representatives who continue to safeguard this life-saving statute.”

Skogman continued, “Abortion is not healthcare, and keeping 940.04 in place is yet another step toward creating a culture in Wisconsin that is truly pro-women, pro-babies, and pro-life. Women facing challenging or unexpected pregnancies deserve support, respect, and life-affirming care instead of the lie that abortion is the only option. Instead of fixating on repealing 940.04, we invite Governor Evers to join us at a local pregnancy help center to see what the pro-life movement is really about: meeting women with empathy, compassion, and real resources they need to choose life for their preborn children.”


Media Contact: Gracie Skogman, [email protected]

Please continue to keep in your prayers protection around pregnancy centers not only in Wisconsin, but throughout the whole country.

June 22, 2022

We line up with Dutch Sheets and the Body of Christ to proclaim the Holy Fire and God’s glory to permeate your children and this world that all things must subdue to the reign of the Mighty King and Lord of Lords. Hallelujah

Gregg and Mary Meens
June 22, 2022

Dutch Sheets has been my “Spiritual President” for more than two years! And I have listened to many of God’s prophets who have encouraged us with Words from Him. We are coming into an amazing time – the greatest ever – for The Church in America, and around the world!

Susan CC
June 22, 2022

Dear Father Almighty, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I pray this is so.


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