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Father, free us to worship You in a way that pleases and brings glory to You. Revive and renew us and save the lost through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

It’s been said; what signs and wonders were to the Azusa Street Revival, and healings were to the powerful Tent Revivals, and evangelism was to the Jesus Movement — worship is to this next great revival.

If this is true, Sean Feucht and his Let Us Worship movement are right on time.

On this 20 year memorial of the September, 11 attacks, the Let Us Worship teams landed on the Mall in Washington, DC, and hosted two days and nights of prayer, teaching, and worship.

First, understand that when I commit the time to attend anything like this, I come with high expectations.  I come with biblical expectations.  I come to see the sick healed, the sun stand still, demons cast out, paralyzingly precise prophecy, and a glory cloud that forces everyone to the ground on their faces.  And yes; that our nation would turn back to God.

Is this too high of a bar?  Only if the God of All Creation is not listed on the program.

Second, we humans cannot produce these types of manifestations no matter how large the crowd or sound system is.  Meaning, if God doesn’t do it, there ain’t no faking it.

And third, it is worth noting there is a growing consensus that a never-before-seen outpouring from Heaven is soon to be released on the Earth in such measure that over a billion people will come to faith in Christ.

In those days, I will pour my Spirit out upon all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your elderly will have revelatory dreams, and your young men will see prophetic visions.

~The Prophet Joel

Ever since Hell poured out SARS-COV-2 upon all people, Sean and his team have traveled to over 130 cities to bring people together to worship, pray, and ready their lives for Heaven’s outpouring.

To say the Let Us Worship movement is merely a finger in the eye of bureaucratic church lockdowns is to grossly miss and de-spiritualize what is at stake.

One of Sean’s mottos is, The Church Has Left the Building.  Meaning, if the American brand of Christianity has predominately been an hour in a church building every Sunday, then the lockdowns have only made her stronger.  As Jesus taught:  The yeast of the Kingdom can only spread if it’s mixed into the world.

As Pastor Jay Koopman said on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:

We are the church.  We are not supposed to be in aquariums.  We are supposed to be the ocean of God!

Large, planned gatherings took place at the Supreme Court, White House, and Lincoln Memorial to cry out to God on behalf of our nation.  I am particularly curious how the spurious press might choose to cover scenes like these.

Dimly predictable, with the tsunami of negative press and persecution Sean, his beautiful family, and the entire team have endured, I expect correlations will be made to the January 6 protests.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This was not the sloppy concoction of a religiously partisan rally.  At the Supreme Court, there were genuine, heartfelt prayers for righteous interpretation of the law, justice in rulings, and yes — prayers for the protection of the unborn.

At the White House, there were fervent, compassionate prayers for the Biden, Harris, and all who serve.  Sean’s 11-year-old daughter stepped up to the mic and offered a more powerful prayer than most trained pastors could muster.

Note to all:  Keep your eyes on her generation as I believe they will be the ones God uses to bring restoration to the cultural fractures and societal chasms our generation has created.

But it was our time of prayer at the Lincoln Memorial which most stirred me.  As I stood at the feet of the majestically seated image of Abraham Lincoln, the resounding praise and worship were deeply moving.

Rev. Dr. Charles Karuku, a pastor from Kenya who now lives and serves in Minneapolis, stood in the very spot of Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic Dream Speech and began preaching to the crowd.  It was one of the many powerful moments of this weekend.

To frame the scene, let us first revisit May 2020.  When Sean Feucht’s team planned to go to Minneapolis to offer worship and prayer on the street where George Floyd was killed, Pastor Charles told him it might not be a good idea.  And at first, the pastor was correct.

When Sean arrived, the riotous mobs of Antifa and BLM Inc. had control of the streets, and the violence, flames, and destruction were terrifyingly chaotic.  The establishment news crews seemed to relish the scenes of Sean’s stage being rushed and equipment destroyed.  The headlines that week pathetically read:

The insensitivity of this blonde-haired white guy to bring his blonde-haired white Jesus to this black neighborhood at a time like this!  

But on the day before his message at the memorial, Pastor Charles had explained to me the rest of the story.  Once the mob burned off their hatred, depleted their rage, and the corporate media crews fled the scene, something other-worldly happened — the people’s brokenness and hunger for love rose to the surface.

People started listening to what the Christians had to say.  People started to talk with one another.  Black people and white people were coming together in the most unthinkable place.  And for the next three months, Pastor Charles ministered truth and love to the people of that city, baptizing countless people on the very spot where Mr. Floyd was killed.

This was a movement that might never have started if Sean chose safety over Savior.

So when Pastor Charles preached these words from the very spot where MLK stood, it rattled us all:

There can never be true reconciliation until we are first reconciled with Christ.  Any other form of reconciliation will only bring more division.

The evening sessions were replete with powerful songs of praise, brief but potent messages from pastors and leaders from all over the country, altar calls, and unifying prayer which cried out to the Lord—prayer so rich, you could tangibly feel Heaven being pulled down to Earth.

I was privileged to be invited to the restricted areas where the speakers and band members were.  Having now met and spoken with many of the people who appeared on the platform, I can attest these are some of the most loving, genuinely authentic, sold-out-for-Jesus people I have ever met.  Sean has surrounded himself with an impressive posse.

And all of this took place on the Mall, with the view of the Capitol behind the stage and the Washington Monument in front.

Before anyone bemoans Christian Nationalists, I can confidently state:  Of the countless thousands who attended this weekend’s events, I can tally on one hand the number of t-shirts, hats, or flags which made me cringe.  I only saw a few American flags, one Israel flag, one Texas flag, and a Jesus flag.  So any potential for an unfurling foliage of nationalistic flag-waving only served up a nothing burger.

The two most egregious icons:  There was a t-shirt that read, Trump Saves; a slogan so ludicrous I won’t take it any further.  And, one man who seemed intent upon continually filming himself standing on a footstool while holding a Bible and red MAGA together over his head in his outstretched hand.  That was the only MAGA hat I remember seeing all weekend.

Most likely, his will be the image used by the combatant press.

And speaking of MAGA, I am reminded how so many people despise this phrase primarily because of who conceived it as well as the wrong-headed belief that this country was never great.  While Sean passionately prays for this nation, he is not shallowly focused on America only.

Biblical restoration is built upon the Genesis of creation — when Elohim declared that everything was good.  The original Hebrew word used there can easily be interpreted as great or excellent.

So when perfection was disrupted by sin, corruption began spreading its evil effect through everything and everyone.  I think we can all testify to palpably feeling that exact effect at work today in our divided nation.

But God promised to make all things excellent again.  Better said; to make all things perfect again.

So when the Apostle Paul tells us the death and resurrection of Christ have commenced the restoration and reconciliation of all things, the Let Us Worship movement is powerfully offering an invitation to join together and prepare for that day — which is surely coming.

Perhaps a more fitting slogan to consider would be Jesus’ brand of MAGA:

Making All-things Glorious Again 

Worship is the conduit between the earthly realm and the heavenly realm, and I believe Sean’s Let Us Worship movement is more far-reaching than we realize. It is well beyond the good things of praying for the healing of the brokenhearted and for our nation to turn toward God.  It is more an acknowledging of and partnering with the far greater purpose for all eternity:  The reconciliation of all things.

This was by far one of the most beautiful expressions of unity and power I have ever seen.  The sun may not have stood still, but some were healed, others set free from demons, and unthinkably divine prophecy was received. Not to mention, we were on the ground more than a few times.

And isn’t this the invitation and promise of the Gospel?

Does this stir something in you? Share the article and leave a comment!

Author Keith Guinta blogs at The Wine Patch ( Pray with him and IFA live, Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 12:15 pm ET at or (712) 775-7430. Watch anytime on the IFA Rumble channel.

2432 People Prayed
8651 People have read this article

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  1. Reading this article about being on the Mall and all the things that happened, the people coming together, the preaching, the lack of division of color, there was a oneness like Jesus says there is to be among His people. Thank God, that He was in control of this situation and that the courage evidenced here should be an example of “Fear thou not for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God….Isa 41:10 We can trust our Savior to do what He says He will do. blessings y’all Jacky Manchester

  2. I was not able to be in the DC crowd but was blessed to participate in the worship and preaching on YouTube. I was saved back in the Jesus Movement in the early 70’s and Let US Worship and the work they’re doing feels so much like what I experienced at that time. God is definitely moving and doing an amazing work in people, especially the young generation that has been the target of the enemy even before they were born. I believe God has a great call on their lives. Continuing to pray for Sean and the worship team as they continue to come to cities across America with the Good News of Jesus.

  3. How fitting, that we worship our Almighty Reconciler God, beseeching Him that the earth may again be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea – for He tells us that we enter His gates with thanksgiving, and into His very courts with praise. Jesus is, indeed The Way! Blessed be His name!

  4. Thank You, Jesus. We need to fan the flames of national revival. Worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ is an excellent place to start. There are so many Christians in this great land who are hungry for the truth. There are even more unsaved people in our country who need the Gospel truth in their lives. Lord, please, by your great grace and mercy, send revival to this nation. It is so very needed! Let our worship lead us into what we need. In Jesus’ name.

  5. As I pray & believe in the Power & sound mind God has given me. I join together with Sean Feucht & God’s family praying that Jesus Christ is Lord! He will be highly exalted, seen, & desired as His movement grows in America. Every tongue confess & every knee will bow! Jesus is Lord over America!

  6. I also want to add- this is not our home. We live in the upside-down kingdom. I have been asking God to give us a reprieve from this labor pain, that caught us off guard. To strengthen us and that we wouldn’t be praying for things to go back to “normal” but that we, His church would be stronger than ever. I have been praying for people of prayer to be coming out of the woodwork for 40 years! Prayer is part of the foundation of our relationship with Him. I always felt that it was the most important one, but I have been told over and over, that is your gift. I don’t see it listed as a gift. Please God, wake up your church. Cause us to desire to communicate with You! Relationship with You is what You desire! Thank You God that You hear every prayer. That the bottom line with You is our heart motives. We need You! Have Your way in us!

  7. The scripture from the prophet Joel stood out to me. So I’m throwing this out there. I was saved at 20, 40 years ago. I have been having a strange picture in my mind when I pray for our world. The scripture is prompting me to say this , as I asked God to give me a confirmation. It says elderly daughters, I’m not exactly elderly at 60, but I’m old relatively speaking.
    So, when I start praying for Israel and the world I see a splayed out world map with Israel as it’s center. There is a huge tornado (whirlwind?) Encompassing the whole earth. Israel is at a standstill in the eye of the storm, and the rest of the world is moving at a very fast pace, represented by ble and red lines like you see on the weather channel. Israel was black and white, cloudy and ominous looking. I have been praying for over a month and at first the picture kept getting clearer. The blue and red lines were going in opposite directions.Then Israel at the center was at a stop. Then the center of Israel became a cloudy gold with black/white still cloudy around it. Now as I pray the map seems farther away and to the left. I have no idea if it is my imagination. I do feel urgency to pray. I “grew up” from my 20’s on in the Nazarene Church. We didn’t really cover end times. Our focus was to be ready. Although I did ask questions. But was told it was the wrong focus. I had so much to overcome, so I am positive that God had me there for a reason. I have had a few times where I have had pictures while awake- never on a scale like this. I most often have dreams, never on a scale like this. If it is a prophecy, shouldn’t I understand it? I’m not sure if it means anything. I just keep praying. I know God answers prayer. I could write a whole book about how God answers prayer. Thank you! I love praying with IFA. It is a better way to cover the news.

  8. Yes! This stirred my spirit greatly. I am seeing that, wherever I go, people are so open to hearing about the love of Jesus as if for the first time. They take from me a card that I call “Jesus’s business card” which has the ABC’s of salvation printed on it with great hope and thanks that I cared enough to let them know they can have peace and deliverance in their lives. This present darkness has opened them up for help from our Lord. Hallelujah! Not one person has turned me away; not one. The look in their eyes shows that this darkness and fear has actually made their hearts softer and in need of God’s help.

    What the enemy has meant for evil, truly God is turning around for the good.

    Let’s get out there and preach the good news. The harvest is truly ripe.

  9. Lord, Make America Glorious Again— rain down on us the blessings of freedom from tyranny and evil intentions and revive the hearts of Your remnant in this land. We desire Your authority over all the evil powers that are trying to control and destroy. Wake up the people who are sheepishly following out of fear and return them to the true Shepherd of their souls. Bless this man Sean and all those brave souls willing to stand for righteousness. Amen.

  10. You are worthy Lord Jesus of praise and worship! Mighty King, may your people, called by your name, rise up around the globe to bow the knee and confess You are Lord over all the earth – mighty to save from the uttermost.


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