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Lord Jesus, you are the Creator of the universe and everything You made is good. Help others realize that connection with a virtual world can never replace true connection with You. Please reveal the deception hidden within these new digital platforms.
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Talking to unicorns, surfing with extraterrestrials and having coffee with dead relatives. All these experiences and more would be possible in the new virtual world called the Metaverse. This new platform seeks to “evolve social connection beyond 2D,” according to a Facebook post advertising it.


On October 28, Facebook officially changed its corporate name to Meta in an effort to “overhaul the corporation’s identity to reflect its broader ambitions,” according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The goal is to build a network of online interaction known as the “Metaverse.”  He hailed the Metaverse as the company’s “North Star” and stressed this will be the computing platform of the future.  “It is time for us to adopt a new company brand to encompass everything that we do,” he said. “From now on, we’re going to be Metaverse first, not Facebook first.”

According to Zuckerberg, the Metaverse will add virtual reality (VR) technology to the Facebook app, becoming what he called the “embodied internet.”  The Metaverse is envisioned as a parallel digital world that can exist alongside users’ reality.

Participants can possess one or more identities by creating their own life-like avatars that navigate the virtual realm. By becoming part of a shared, 3D virtual environment, users can play games, conduct business, go to concerts, buy virtual clothing or even go on virtual trips to Paris. The possibilities are endless and can include virtual time travel (traveling to different decades, times in history and interacting with members of the Metaverse community).

In a video, Zuckerberg explains the Metaverse this way:

“And you’re going to be able to do almost anything you can imagine – get together with friends and family, work, play, shop, create, as well as entirely new categories that don’t really fit about how we think about computers or phones today. We believe the Metaverse will be the successor to the mobile internet. We’ll be able to feel present, like we’re right there with people, no matter how far apart we actually are. We’ll be able to express ourselves in new, joyful, completely immersive ways and that’s going to unlock lots of amazing experiences….Imagine you put on your glasses or headset and you’re instantly in your home space – parts of your physical home recreated virtually – it has things that are only possible virtually and it has an incredibly inspiring view of whatever you find most beautiful.”

The video ends with Zuckerberg’s avatar changing his virtual clothes and entering a space-like world where he converses with a large friendly robot and several friends.

If one wants a glimpse into what the Metaverse could look like, just watch the movie Ready Player One, which features action-packed adventure in a virtual world. Of course, you could also watch the Matrix to see the consequences of living in this fake utopia.

So, how does one get into this Metaverse? Well, it starts by having the right tools. Facebook is spending at least $10 billion this year to bring its vision to life by creating AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) hardware and software.

The company is developing a new high-end VR headset codenamed “Project Cambria,” featuring cameras with high-resolution, full-color video. The device will incorporate face and eye tracking, as well as sensors to make the experience realistic and, as Zuckerberg says, “to create a better social experience.”

Full body tracking would be achieved through Spark AR that applies special effects to twenty different body points. In addition, Project Nazare is developing lightweight, AR glasses that will include “hologram displays, projectors, batteries, radios, custom silicon chips, cameras, speakers, sensors to map the world around you, and more.”

After Zuckerberg officially announced Facebook’s corporate name change, The World Economic Forum posted an article titled, What is the Metaverse and why should we care? The article stated that though the Metaverse is not developed yet, “it could be the next evolution of the internet….The idea is that ‘extended reality’ – the combination of augmented, virtual and mixed reality – will become a key medium for social and business engagement.”

The article continued, “The Metaverse is also expected to have a strong connection with the real-world economy – and eventually become an extension of it. In other words, the Metaverse must have the ability for companies and individuals to participate in economic activity in the same way they do today. Simply put, this means being able to build, trade and invest in products, goods and services.”

in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab spelled out some of the implications of the type of reality envisioned in the Metaverse.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution, finally, will change not only what we do but also who we are. It will affect our identity and all the issues associated with it: our sense of privacy, our notions of ownership, our consumption patterns, the time we devote to work and leisure, and how we develop our careers, cultivate our skills, meet people, and nurture relationships. It is already changing our health and leading to a ‘quantified’ self, and sooner than we think it may lead to human augmentation. The list is endless because it is bound only by our imagination.”

The Metaverse ties in with Schwab’s idea about fusing our “physical, digital and biological” identities. Certainly, becoming immersed in a digital reality could be considered a stepping stone to this transhumanist dream.

Facebook isn’t the only Big Tech company creating a Metaverse. Microsoft already has a platform called Mesh and Nvidia Corp (a gaming tech developer) is working on creating an Omniverse that provides 3D environments. Cell phone companies like Verizon are excited about the prospects of the Metaverse as they hype 5G connections that can enable it. The push is on to get people completely interconnected with artificial intelligence and technology.

In essence, the Metaverse is a place to escape reality by jumping feet first into cyberspace. You can leave your real life behind and enter a world of your own making. Some even believe it can be a religious experience.

Mark Pesce, the developer of the VRML code (virtual reality modeling language) has stated, “Without the sacred there is no differentiation in space. If we are about to enter cyberspace, the first thing we have to do is plant the divine in it.” Pesce is also known as a technopagan, which means he follows a belief system focused on the spiritual side of technology. This belief holds that digital environments (such as VR) can only be understood through the use of magical concepts. An article in Wired explained it like this: “Magic is the science of the imagination, the art of engineering consciousness and discovering the virtual forces that connect the body-mind with the physical world.” Many technopagans believe the Internet is capable of having its own spirit to which people can connect.

The Metaverse was a hot topic at TransVision 2021 this October. Transhumanists gathered in Spain where Belgian VR specialist Phillipe van Nedervelde explained that VR and the pagan practice of astral projections enable a “full existence inside a virtual world….Maybe we will become mind uploads into Metaverses, rather than avatars,” Van Nedervelde said, “and there we will be able to form meta-mind groups, or hive minds.”

Is your mind spinning yet? The good thing is God’s mind is never spinning. He knows exactly what lies in the brains of those who seek to bypass His plans for this earth. The word meta can mean beyond or transcending, but those behind this platform cannot fathom what God has planned for this world, which transcends their wildest dreams. Though Meta’s logo is the infinity symbol, it falls far short of the restoration coming through the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (Revelation 21).

Despite Zuckerberg’s stated intentions, the Metaverse will not connect humanity; rather, it will make us less human as it strives to remake our image through the technology man creates.  God made us in His image (Genesis 1:27) to connect with Him through the world He created (1 John 1:1-10). He did not design us to become immersed in fantasies, where we forget who we are, and who He made us to be.

So, how should we pray when it comes to those who want to create or enter these virtual, yet void worlds?

Romans 12:2 says, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Pray for Jesus to touch the hearts of those who are drawn to this platform by showing them what is REAL and truly TRANSFORMATIVE – God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for people to see these platforms for what they are – a matrix of digital control that will leave them empty.

Pray for protection over the young, who are targeted for these metaverses.

The tech giants can create all the metaverses they want, but we know the truth – there’s a New Heaven and a New Earth coming and unlike the virtual world, it’s THE REAL DEAL.

Pray: Lord Jesus, you are the Creator of the universe and everything You made is good. Help others realize that connection with a virtual world can never replace true connection with You. Please reveal the deception hidden within these new digital platforms.

Your turn: What is your impression of the Metaverse? How should Christians respond to this new platform? Share in the comments below.

Angela Rodriguez is an author, blogger and homeschooling Mom who studies the historical and biblical connections between Israel and the United States. You can visit her blogs at 67owls.com and 100trumpets.com. Her latest book, Psalm 91: Under the Wings of Jesus, was released in June. (Photo by Getty Images.)

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September 15, 2022

Thanks to the author of this article for bringing this innovation in technology to light for prayerful reflection and consideration. These innovations in technology are in themselves amoral. The technology in itself is neither good nor bad. Such is the nature of technology such as fire and internet.https://www.impressico.com/services/offerings/devops-cloud-services/

Jessica Renshaw
January 18, 2022

God wants us to focus on and fill our minds, above all, with what is TRUE. (Philippians 4:8). No artificial metaverse is true. The enemy wants to lead us away from truth, whether by having us openly rebel against it, or by seducing us away gradually by what is intriguing and inviting and seems like truth–or better than the truth.

The end is the same. If we reject or miss the truth of ourselves as sinners in need of a Savior, we will end in hell. If we miss the truth that we really only die once–no reset button resurrects us, we don’t have endless numbers of lives to program any way we want–we will die and after that face eternal judgment. If we miss the truth that God is–and that He is One God and that He alone is worthy of worship, we will have chosen eternity without Him.

The scariest thing about all of this fantasy is that, fun as it is, good as it feels, however long you play, at some point it will end. The quarters won’t work any more, the endless alternate options will evaporate, the program we control will run headlong into the reality we cannot control: the reality of death, the grave, and Judgment before a just, holy and Almighty God. Whether we have programmed our own end game into our metaverse or not, regardless, reality will crash through.

Pray that the casual gamers and the deadly serious creators of their own worlds over which they themselves omnipotently reign will be SHAKEN AWAKE AND JERKED OUT OF DECEPTION, WHATEVER IT TAKES, to be confronted with the truth of the real God who loves them and wants them saved and Who has provided the only Savior–before it is too late.

Arlene Rodrigues
January 8, 2022

Egads@littlefishes Who is going to do my dishes!?

Pauline lange
January 1, 2022

This is. Another drug. First recreational and then addictive. I see this as a frightening mind control. Dear Jesus send your earring angels to fight these demonic takeovers.

Rich Swingle
November 23, 2021

Angela, thanks so much for bringing a biblical response to this!

The audio drama Jonathan Park also explores this, and from a Christian perspective: http://www.RichDrama.com/JonathanPark

Lord, wake us up to underlying plans of those seeking to control the world and direct humanity away from the One True God!

Randie Ray
November 21, 2021

Lord, let this be one of those fig trees that You curse with complete and total failure and fruitlessness. Lord, send Your strong rescue from this trap to all those You are calling into Your Kingdom. Lord, pour out on all flesh now a longing for and great hunger and desire for truth in our inward parts. Lord, let all who would feed us with lies be brought low, and let all those who feed us with the truth of Your Word and the reality of Your creation be exalted. Lord, let Your name be lifted higher than any other Name, and much higher than these metaverses. Thank You, Jesus.

Katherine Harms
November 21, 2021

This is the first I had heard that tech creators plan to create a fake spiritual realm, but everything I had heard before today already made me worry it would be seriously addictive. Now I worry even more. Virtual reality in the hands of unbelievers will surely be an even bigger threat to our country than opiods. Mix the two and watch Satan laugh.
I pray God’s people will find ways to lead in the use of technology for blessing and to be examples of integrity in rejecting the many satanic lures being flung in the face of the sinful human nature that afflicts us all.

Renee McMichael
November 21, 2021

This makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. There are so many in our world who have been deceived by social media. I cannot imagine the level of disconnect from reality and the loss of one’s sense of self this would bring. Lord, I pray you would not allow this technology to take hold or thrive on this earth.

Annette Ikehara
November 20, 2021

This Metaverse is frightening. Technology is now trying to program our thoughts and how we live. It is dehumanizing. Thank God that we have Jesus Christ as our Savior. He can protect us from the onslaught of evil doers such as Metaverse and others like it.
Lord, I pray that more and more people will realize that this technology is devilish. Please protect our young people from using this Metaverse, Lord God Almighty. Amen

Dece Leonares
November 20, 2021

Thanks to the author of this article for bringing this innovation in technology to light for prayerful reflection and consideration. These innovations in technology are in themselves amoral. The technology in itself is neither good nor bad. Such is the nature of technology such as fire and internet. It is the use and application of technological innovation that determines whether it becomes a tool for good or evil. As followers of the Messiah, we should be careful not to trumpet unnecessary alarm (i.e. technological innovation). We know now that internet has its good as well as evil uses. This technological innovation called metaverse is an outgrowth of the block chain technology specifically the non-fungible tokens which creates digital values on physical assets. There are some uses that are beneficial such as in authentication and verification. Of course, like fire, it can be applied like heat to give warmth or burn materials to ashes. The mention of Zuckerberg getting into the metaverse technology may raise a concern for intercessors as he has previously used his influence over Facebook to support his bias on personal and political interests. We may not be aware but we are already engaged in operating in some kind of metaverse when we hold virtual meetings and gatherings. Thanks for raising the issue and concern. Our Father in heaven (Avinu Shabashamayim), You are the King of the universe! You are Sovereign over everything! You own the metaverse. Give your covenant people wisdom and discernment to navigate the technological innovations in our time; and, to be hearing your voice how to walk in obedience in the context of these technological advances for Your kingdom sake!

Amy Jefferson
November 20, 2021

No thank you. The woods, the mountains, the breeze, the streams are where I pray to and with Jesus and his father. I will take what God created, not Mr. Zuckerberg.

karen secrest
November 20, 2021

We found years ago that those who spend time in virtual reality become more and more addicted. Eventually these people need help living in the “real” world.
May God the Frather be lifted up so we see the satanic lie in loved in changing your own and someone else’s existence.
I decree Psalm 91, 103, 5, 6, 7, over this communication and everyone reading it.
A hedge and shield immediately to surround All your called..

Donna Lipe
November 20, 2021

Copying and pasting a statement from this article before I comment.

From above article…..“The article stated that though the Metaverse is not developed yet, “it could be the next evolution of the internet….The idea is that ‘extended reality’ – the combination of augmented, virtual and mixed reality – will become a key medium for social and business engagement.”

My comment……This states IT IS NOT DEVELOPED YET!!! Let’s look to God’s Word that says in John 16:23-24…
23 “And in that day you will ask Me nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you. 24 Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

And 1 John 5:14-15
14 Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.

So Father in the Name of Jesus I’m asking that YOU send confusion into every step of the way of their evil plan that is definitely NOT YOUR plan! Let them be so confused that this is NEVER implemented! Let all their money they think they are going to reap from this be stored up for the righteous so YOUR gospel will reach the world for Jesus Christ instead! Nothing is too hard for YOU Father!!! To YOU be all the honor and glory and praise in the Name of Jesus!!”

    Danae Powell
    November 22, 2021

    Yes, Lord we pray for a division among technologists and the destruction of the plans that can bring this to fruition in the Name of Jesus!

Santos Garcia Jr
November 20, 2021

This is an attempt to launch the antichrist totalitarian system prematurely. There MUST be international resistance to this diabolical tampering with the human genome and the subverting of our GOD-given freedoms. I recommend signing up for Joe Allen’s ‘Singularity Weekly’ @ https://joebot.substack.com. He has done remarkable research on this subject for some time, and his digital newsletter is free.

In spite of all this satanic warfare in the spirit and in our physical reality, we MUST remain faithful to the truths that we know full well via the Holy Scriptures and our church history. A profound reminder is the Divine Providence that America has experience for the past 500+ years.

Please prayerfully consider our true American Heritage that reveals YHVH GOD’s saving Grace and Mercy as highlighted in our nation’s ‘First Thanksgiving: https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/the-first-thanksgiving/

Happy Holy Thanksgiving to ALL who love the LORD of Glory, and yearn for His Glorious Appearing… in HIM, ~Santos

Tom Chereck Jr
November 20, 2021

Facebook finally broke their own back with Metaverse. I am done fighting shadow banning.

Thanks for bringing this to light. To my 500+ “friends” a simple message to each is in order “no to metaverse, goodbye” then I will delete my acct.

I won’t join Elon Musk either as he tries to save Earth by colonizing Mars to “save humans”.

The only domain that the Father, son and Holy Ghost gave us is Earth. Yahweh Elohim Elshaddai has a plan for another World Wide Cataclysm that doesn’t include a world wide flood.

1st pole shift of our solar system planets accelerates and Volcanic winter. Be forewarned.

Lana Claycamp
November 20, 2021

Father, we saw this coming as Hollywood foreshadowed these things in so many movies. And of course You saw all from the beginning of time. Father, just as You have been with humanity from beginning to now, have given us Your Word on how to live in this world, given us Your Holy Spirit to guide and direct our steps, we know You will guide us through this onslaught against You, Your people, and humanity. Cause us all to know the Truth and continue to set us free. Father, We call on You now for all future generations to come. Open their understanding, Father, to the deception flooding earth. We stand in the gap for them all and ask for mercy and truth to prevail, for courage and determination to trust and obey You. Thank You, Father for Your victory over all lies of our enemy through Jesus Christ and His mighty Name. Amen

Cecilia Collard
November 20, 2021

Father, once again the enemy is trying to create something “better” than your creation. To be chosen over you and what has been created by your word is nothing short of complete idolatry. Father I pray your protection over your people, as they decide against what they would term as “fun”, to choose you. Oh my Abba Father, as we pray, we wait on you Lord as you birth the move of the Spirit, that even now is upon us. Thank you Lord that You are the one and only true God. We can put all our confidence and trust in you, because You have never failed and You won’t ever fail, for You are God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth and all that is within them. Fill us with your words, strategies and love in order to pray rightly and completely. Lord we close the door of the deception of the enemy’s schemes as we open the door to your beautiful and perfect plan. We decree a great Awakening and revival is coming and is now here in Jesus’ name. We know that we are being prepared by Holy Spirit to receive His training in your perfect timing, so we will be ready for you to work through us when the time is complete, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

David Broussard
November 20, 2021

The meta verse is Satan’s last ditch attempt to OWN us. As a young boy who was hooked on pornography at the age of eight, I can speak with authority on the roll of fantasy. For many years, this addiction stole my mind and if I would not have come to faith in the Lord Jesus, I probably would not be alive today. Sexual perversion owned me.

We all know that the sexual drive is the strongest drive a man can have. He will forsake all to get his desires fulfilled. Wars have been fought because of it. We can see the deception and pull that porn has on our younger generation because everyone can view it on their phones.

If you think the pull is great now, where people are just looking at a 2D image on a screen, can you imagine what the deception will be when a person, especially your teenagers, will be able to transform themselves INTO a reality where it is ‘REAL’! I will tell you here and now that you must fight this with everything you’ve got. Yes, we must keep this away from our children and educate them on it, but even more important, WE MUST KEEP OURSELVES FROM IT.

Do not let your curiosity lead you to hell. I tell you the truth, if you just want to check it out to ‘see what its all about’, you just may not be able to get out. It may pull you out so far from your shore, like a strong tide, where you may not be able to come back. REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE! She just had to take a look to see and it cost her her life.

Bottom line is this. We had better walk in the fear of the Lord if we are going to make it through the rest of this race we are in.. Only those who are completely sold out to the Lord and love not their life unto death will make it. That’s a two edged sword.. Die to yourself here and now or you will be sucked into this REALITY OF HELL. It is a choice each of us will have to make. Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD JESUS!

    Dan Patterson
    November 20, 2021

    Well spoken. Wisdom everyone should heed. Thank you for your boldness

Mikah 7000
November 20, 2021

Messiah NEVER gave instructions to pray to Himself! Follow this link to see an actual supernatural photo of Father Yhovah and Messiah immanuel TOGETHER, along with other Holy Spirits. I have other pics of Them together. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/father-yhovah-rock-mikah-ann

#truth #warning

I love this photo. The invisible Holy Family was only about 20 feet away in front of me.


Teri Borst
November 20, 2021

Inventors of evil, that’s what they are. It’s amazing how when you go off the path of life, the way gets so far off Truth and Life and into very dark lies and death. It’s sort of like the Peter Pan syndrome; folks just don’t want to work hard and reap godly rewards for their work in this life. My prayer is that people stay far, far away from this dangerous alternate universe.

PS Love the new format, Dave and Friends 🙂

Marc Thompson
November 20, 2021

Those in the forefront of science and technology over the years have been responsible for advancements in our society that improve quality of life, and extend life. However, people in the same disciplines have created horrific tools to destroy and twist God’s creation.

It seems to me that being able to tell which advancements are God-inspired, and which are humanity’s attempts to play God is extremely important to today’s body of Christ. Especially considering that computerization and automation enable people to more convincingly replicate life, and God’s creation.

Spiritual people, not just Christians, are sounding the alarm with respect to the direction our Society is headed. Lord Jesus please open our eyes to your path, and will for us. Guide us through this. To You be the glory!


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