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Lord, we praise You that life matters to You! Help our nation appreciate it the way You do! Lord, use this film, The Matter of Life, to show multitudes how important it is to honor life starting at conception.
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Tracy Robinson, of San Diego, has produced and directed a powerful feature-length documentary, which clarifies the abortion issue. The film will soon be coming to theaters across the nation.

Tracy was a pro-choice Christian. She didn’t advocate for abortion, but she just didn’t think much about it. In an interview posted below, Tracy said, “I was kind of on the fence, very apathetic, personally pro-life at best…. I went to public school…. My family never talked about hard topics, and then I went to film school out of high school. The conversation really missed me.”

She said, “I was first inspired to make this documentary when I first heard the pro-life message clearly and concisely in my late twenties, about five years ago.” Her background was in film and video production, and she had been hired by a pregnancy resource center, about which she’d never heard. Friends at the pregnancy resource center invited her to hear Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reasonand the topic was The Case Against Abortion Choice. “Just the full humanity of the unborn child, the arguments for that, the abortion imagery they showed: It just really blew my mind,” Tracy said. “Not just the message, but that I’d never heard it before, and I knew there were so many millennials and younger in my shoes that had never heard it either. I immediately empathized with an audience that is on the fence and apathetic and has just heard society’s talking points on it but never really the truth.”

So Tracy set out to use her gifts and training to share the importance of life in the womb with people like her younger self. The Matter of Life includes her interviews with a broad spectrum of experts and people with first-hand accounts of how they chose life and covers many angles on protecting life in the womb. I asked Tracy what the most important messages are:

“I want people to really connect with the full humanity of the unborn child…. We often forget to humanize the baby in the womb when we talk about the abortion issue… All these arguments that are in favor of abortion completely miss the humanity, the personhood of the unborn child. I really hope the audience comes away knowing without a shadow of a doubt that abortion is wrong because it kills an existing, growing human being.”

Tracy also wants the film to awaken the church to “love their congregation 40% more.” She discovered while researching the film that four in ten women who have had an abortion were attending church in the month they became pregnant. “Often pastors don’t want to confront this issue because, number one: It’s too political. Number two: There are so many people it might hurt or affect. They don’t want to hurt feelings or bring up emotions. It’s a very personal issue,” she said. The film offers an opportunity to engage with Christians. “There are people in the church wrestling with an unplanned pregnancy,” Tracy said. “…who are wrestling with an abortion from years and years ago that are keeping it secret. This is a huge opportunity for ministries within churches, pastors to convey the Gospel of forgiveness and healing and acceptance, the unconditional love of Christ to people in these situations. And as a Church we need to rescue the most vulnerable. We need to defend the defenseless, who are the unborn children with no voice. It’s not only an opportunity to love our congregation more, but it’s an opportunity to save lives.”

She said, “I just want people to be awakened to this issue… not only their minds but in their hearts.” She hopes the film prompts people to use the gifts the Lord has given them.

An organization featured in the film that moved me to tears is Embrace Grace. They equip the church to love single women facing an unplanned pregnancy through baby showers, princess days, and Love Boxes with many of the things they’ll need, including a note of encouragement and a onesie saying, “The Best Gift Ever.”

Pro-abortionists often use rape and incest as reasons abortion should be allowed, but the film brings out the fact that only one percent of elective abortions stem from rape and .5% stem from incest. The film features a powerful story of a woman named Jennifer Christie who was raped. Tracy said, “We tell Jennifer’s story to show just how much that life inside of her is still a person. That assault wasn’t their fault. They don’t deserve that punishment. They are still deserving of life. They’re still created in the image of God.” Jennifer started healing from the rape when she saw the ultrasound of her baby. Tracy said, “I don’t think abortion really helps heal or solve a woman’s rape experience. In fact, it leaves her with two traumas. God can use something the enemy intended for evil and use it to bring about this new life. Whether a woman decides to parent or place that baby in adoption that’s still giving a person created in the image of God a chance of life. For a woman to essentially lay down her life, or her body and carry that child for nine months. That is the love of Jesus. That is unconditional love: To love and care for this innocent child, to give him or her a chance. That’s ultimately the woman’s son or daughter still.… The baby is not ‘a rapist’s baby.’ That’s a person with a chance.”

The film is well produced, and the narrative is clearly organized. Tracy has done a beautiful job of incorporating graphics and special effects to build a strong argument for life.

She’s hoping to release the film in spring 2022 as a nationwide Fathom Event for one or two nights in select theaters. She believes the juxtaposition of the two cases under consideration by the Supreme Court (Biden Administration v. The Texas Heartbeat Law and Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization) will interest more people in the film, and its timeliness can help open up a national discussion about the sanctity of life in the womb. Tracy said, “That’s really our target audience: People who aren’t really paying attention to the pro-life issue… I think the fact that now these cases are coming into the mainstream news motivates more people to go to a film like this and decide for themselves what they believe.”

Tracy quoted Abraham Lincoln: “Our government rests in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government.” She said, “That’s why I’m so passionate about this film. It’s a way to really winsomely… change someone’s heart and mind about abortion.”

Tracy and I talked about Janet Porter, the architect of the Heartbeat Bill. Tracy said, “In her case she’s coming at it from legislation. In my case, I’m coming at it from film and media. Embrace Grace… they’re coming about it from the care side.” She compared the pro-life movement to all of Middle Earth coming against Mordor in The Lord of the Rings. “We’re all coming together to fight evil…. That’s what the pro-life movement looks like to me, is people in their different avenues joining forces together…. I want the Holy Spirit to lead them in whatever way they’re called, to do something about abortion, whether it’s in legislation, prayer outside of a clinic, writing blog posts, sharing social media, art…. In the center of that is Jesus Christ…. That’s who gives us our strength. That’s who compels us to love and to keep going and to persevere. Even when we’re tempted to think, ‘Well, we’ve had so many setbacks and discouragements.’ No! Christ is victorious, and we’re on his team and we’re winning this war!”

The Matter of Life is winning awards, including “Best Documentary” at the Christian Worldview Film Festival, 2021.

You can watch the film at www.TheMatterOfLife.com, and then bring friends when it is shown in a theatre near you. Sign up for that announcement at www.TheMatterOfLife.com.

The tag line for this film is, “Clarity kills controversy.” Let’s pray this film helps bring clarity on this life and death issue!

You can watch the trailer here.

Here’s an interview I did with Tracy about her film.

Please share in the comments below about how you became aware that abortion is wrong, along with your prayers for The Matter of Life and for the end of abortion! 

(Article written by IFA Contributing Writer, Rich Swingle. Photo approved by Rich Swingle.)

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Rich Swingle
December 8, 2021

I praise the Lord that Tracy was able to be on the show in my place, since I was working on the sitcom by Janet Porter, architect of the Heartbeat Bill. The program happened to come on during our lunch break, so several cast and crew were able to listen to part of the program. Praying the film reaches many!

William Striegel
November 30, 2021

I was once pro-choice. When I really started listening and obeying the Holy Bible, I gained knowledge that put it clear and concise. Life is created by God, we are to honor Life, and protect Life. And furthermore those that don’t will face the judgment of our LORD. Now I proudly stand with the loving word of God, my choice is LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. Thank you Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Abba Father for the life you have so graciously and mercifully given me. I pray that those who do not know you or that don’t know your word eyes will be opened and will come to know Jesus Christ as their savior, that they will turn from sinful ways, be washed clean of their sin and know GOD as their Father, and He will call them His children and they will call Him Papa. 🙏

Rebecca Thornton
November 30, 2021

I became aware of the evils of abortion in the late 80’s after my first child was born. I was listening to a Focus on the Family interview with a lady named Carol Spears. She had owned a PP clinic and Jesus changed her life. She left the abortion industry and began to travel around the USA speaking about the travesty of abortion. Since I had just had a baby myself, I was horrified by what I heard. I began to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center and took my son with me. From there, I joined Operation Rescue and began to peacefully protest outside the office of the late term abortionist in Boulder Colorado. I so desire to see the end of this child sacrifice and to see abortion clinics shut down for good!!!

Susan CC
November 30, 2021

The space here is inadequate to express my feelings on abortion. However, this woman and her work are so humbling. My thanks to IFA for the reports of people who MAKE A DIFFERENCE. These individuals are rarely identified in “the media.”

Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that You bless Tracy and this film out of Your abundance. May it please You to increase her work of faith, her labor of love, and her enduring hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. I also pray Your blessing of abundance to each and every person who has joined the fight against abortion and I ask this for Your Glory. I love You Father. I love You Jesus. I love You Holy Spirit. Amen

1 Thessalonians 1:2-3 We always thank God for all of you, remembering you in our prayers and continually recalling before our God and Father your work of faith, your labor of love, and your enduring hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Erin Canahui
November 30, 2021

Please note the actual website is a .ORG not .com

I had trouble opening the links provided. Try TheMatterOfLife.org

Rich Swingle
November 30, 2021

Tracy will be on IFA’s Pray with Others Live today at 12:15 p.m: Eastern to talk more about her film and lead in prayer that it will move many to care for life in the womb.

Praise You Lord, that You moved Tracy from apathy to action in such a tremendous way! Use her film to move on many hearts!


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