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2116 People Prayed
12825 People have read this article


Lord, we appeal to you that there might be people held accountable for the illegalities that are revealed.

Stunning allegations, with supporting evidence, describe the strong ties between Joe Biden and his family with the Communist Chinese government, even during the White House years. This interview is fascinating, shocking, and should disturb every American. Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this? People who want to know the truth about the candidates should be open to hearing this amazing first-hand account that is complete with audio, video, and digital documentation.

Here are some prayer points as you consider this interview:

  • Pray that the truth of this issue would be made widely known.
  • Pray that people would be receptive to the facts.
  • Pray for protection for Tony Bobulinski and any others who have provided evidence of wrongdoing.

This is just part of the interview. The rest is available on the Fox News online site here. We encourage you to definitely watch it. The entire interview is not available in one piece online, but well-worth watching if you can. Let us know what your thoughts were after watching, share how you are praying, and be sure to share with those you know!



2116 People Prayed
12825 People have read this article

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  1. What a delight and comfort it is to read the replies to this news item. This is the first time for me to receive this newsletter. I am so happy to be connected to other believers praying for protection for our nation, President, and those supporting his efforts to save this nation and those who are running in other states, particularly battleground states. May there be a resounding win for our President.

    May the truth be revealed to all people heading to the polls tomorrow. I watched the original airing of this news. I had been praying for God to allow the truth to be shown before our election day for some time. Praise God for his faithfulness.

  2. Very revealing of what many suspected all along. Prayer is needed for all who are telling about this corruption wherever they live or work. King David suffered after his deception for many years after his attempted cover up of his affair with Bathsheba. and the killing of Uriah.

  3. After the comment I made, later the Lord reminded me of a critical scripture…I would like to paraphrase it if I may. catch for us (capture) for us (to protect us) the (sly) foxes, the little foxes (sins, before they grow bigger)..that ruin the vineyards (our family, friends relationships,communities,towns, providences,towns, cities, states, and then nations). Because if left unchecked they, even though little, grow in size like a small pebble skipped on a pond ripples out bigger, wider than believed possible, hitting shores beyond our sight! We believers are never off the hook unless we repent daily for the little sins we commit like gossiping, critical thoughts that turn into mean spirited words or actions, when we wink at sin by participating in viewing things that we know are not proper in nature and excuse ourselves for it. The unchecked little foxes where not checked by the Biden’s and a whole hosts of others who opened themselves up to be the Devil’s workshop. We must be careful daily to not open up ourselves as well daily or the demons will gladly come in and make their home in us…then we will have to get delivered, recognize, repent and pull down the strongholds, bring them into Captivity as God’s word says and name them, bind them up one by one and in Jesus name cast them into the outer abyss. We believers can’t take the speck out of someone else’s eye if we have a board in our own. Poppa, I pray in Jesus name for us, for others And us who have compromised ourselves and themselves to the fleshly nature’s rule when we should rebuke, resist its temptations, send them packing if we do let them in….then you will heal us and our nation. Praise you Lord for your Holy Spirit given to us to recognize when we get off and daily helps us to be holy.

  4. At my church we have been praying for President Trump and his family. We have been preying for truth to come out and the American people would wake up. Well this is the wake up call we have been praying for. Praise God!!

  5. The fox’s has been found in the chicken house…and shall not eat from it anymore! my prayer is Lord let them not go…like so many others seem to have been The last four years..I will not need to name names, there are so many but I believe their days are coming to their end of selling out our nation To the highest bidder in order to build their own coffers and evil kingdoms. Thank you Lord for those who will route out the truth, protect them with your mighty Host of Angels, in Jesus name, Amen

  6. F or
    A ccountability and
    C ertain
    T ruth, everyone should be able to access EVIDENCE of the criminal nature of a would be Presidential nominee AND the former President who played his Veep like a fiddle.

    Thank you Lord for exposing, exposing, and exposing the deceitful heart of our National enemies. I pray now for your protection over whistleblowers and their families.

    I pray for recompense and accountability at EVERY level in the name of the King of Justice, Yeshua Hamashiach. amen

    1. I’m afraid you are very misguided and ill informed. Concerning covid-19, take a look at Sweden. They did not lock down , did not shut down businesses, and don’t wear masks. They did have a good number of deaths right off the bat, but now they are pretty much covid free because of herd immunity. And their economy is doing well. The recovery rate of Covid -19 is 99.06 % for people age 70 and under. Best thing to do is protect the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems. I’m sure the elderly can even think for themselves and quarantine themselves if need be. People like the governor of New York did not protect the elderly, but put infected people in their nursing homes.

      Many doctors are now banding together and sharing how this is a treatable disease and the severe measures that governments are taking is causing more harm to people than the virus itself.

    2. Patricia, may the Lord God in his mercy bless you with truth in your soul, spirit and mind. I ask that He makes the truth so very clear to you that you can not deny it. Pres. Trump did NOT bring the virus to this country and no man can eradicate a disease or cancer would not exist. I am sorry that lying voices have given you false information as to the current science involving this virus. The same voices have given you false information concerning Pres. Trump’s taxes, attempt to not leave office, and no health coverage for pre-existing conditions. Please check reliable sources instead of main stream media opinions. You have been a victim of the lies and deception of people who hate, try to cause division, and tear down America and our freedoms. A president or any form of government is not a replacement for personal responsibility or solving our problems.

    3. The Lord said Do not be deceive. You have been deceived whereas you believe a lie. Just pray that your blinded eyes are open. The past admin was the most corrupt in history. He blatantly wen against God’s word. If you do read your bible take a look at the men and women God used. Judge not. This President that God chose to use stands by Israel and is against planned murderhood. But, if you chose to believe a lie remember you will stand before God one day and give account for believing and yet repeating a lie. Read 1Timothy 2:1-8. You are blinded by hate. God help you.

    4. And you support a man who sold out his country to China? Please. We don’t know the tip of the iceberg on this. At least President Trump is an open book! There’s not much we don’t know about God’s imperfect anointed person for this moment in time. The filthy media has made sure of that. Take the log out of your own eye.

    5. Why are you even reading on this website if you dislike Trump so much? All of the news media with the exception of some times FOX and always OANN are liberal and biased against Trump. Why not side with them, and comment on their websites? No one has ever said that Trump is perfect. But then the Bible says…Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. However, Trump does care about keeping America free. If and when socialism does happen in the US, our religious freedoms will be gone, never to return. So go to one of the liberal sites, and be one of many who plan to take away our religious freedom.

    6. Since Trump became President, He kneeled in the Oval Office and prayed the sinner’s prayer. If you harken back to former sins, remember, God does not! Some of what you refer to predates that conversion and some are lies of the media. If you have been forgiven, allow God to forgive Trump’s sins. Since that day, he has stood for prolife, religious freedom, prayer in schools and public. LORD, BE MERCIFUL TO US ALL! WE HAVE ALL SINNED AND COME SHORT OF YOUR GLORY. YOU GIVE US FREELY YOUR FORGIVENESS AND NEW BEGINNINGS. MAY WE EXTEND THAT TO OTHERS. GIVE TRUMP YOUR HOLY SPIRIT’S WISDOM AND PRESENCE TO GUIDE HIM IN THE WAY OF TRUTH. IN JESUS NAME!

    7. I’m praying for reason and commonsense to take the place of your Marxists worldview.

      Judge not unless you want to be judged. As for the sins of our President, those are between him and God. I was never made aware that you had sacrificed yourself for his sins or mine, therefore I am not concerned about the diatribes that you espouse as reasons for taking our country to the sewage and cesspool of a corrupted party.

      I do take solace in the fact that my words and prayers have disturbed your soul. May you call out to the one who does save and gives purpose to His redemption. I bind every assignment the enemy purposely uses you for so that a way may be found for your escape. I pray you recognize your opportunity to escape the path you are on.

  7. Yes, this is probably the major threat against the US today – China influence! You can also look for Rudy Giuliani interviews on youtube, as he and others are working through all the emails and documents to find what all is a part of this. The worst to me was when it became evident that some of the Chinese “businessmen” involved in setting up these things were actually like Chinese CIA, seeking to entrap our government people so they have control in the USA!!! PRAY that all this can be undone where it has happened throughout our business, finance, entertainment, technology, education, and government realms!

  8. Thank you, Father, for Tony, for coming forward with this information. I thank you, Lord,for shining your light on evil and exposing it; for truth to come to light. I ask that you would set your angels around him and his family and protect them from all harm, in Jesus name. Amen
    All that is hidden is being exposed to the Light and shall be dealt with accordingly.
    For the sake of our children and grandchildren, and the generations to come, that, this nation (USA) that You established, shall fulfill the destiny that You have ordained for her, to be salt and light to the whole world.
    Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.
    ……Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven………..
    Thank you for Your faithfulness, Your goodness, Your mercy, Your grace, Your protection, Your provision, For Jesus, for Holy Spirit, Your love and so much more………..

  9. Thank You, IFA, and FOX NEWS for airing this story NOW!! Our thoughts, prayers and praises go to our God who does ALL things well. He is teaching and training the Body His Way to respond! Raising up fearless, obedient leaders in spiritual warfare for such a time as this!
    Praying Divine Peace and Protection over all parties standing for Truth with Righteous Justice to follow to completion.
    Locking Sheilds and Standing with you through these days ~ Job 42:1-2, Zechariah 2:5

  10. Father-God:
    We thank you for Mr. Bobulinski. Help him to draw closer to YOU and guide him to do what is right in YOUR eyes. Please protect his family and let YOUR face shine on them. In Jesus name we pray.

    We ask You, Father-God that YOU will get this Biden Family situation straighten out for YOUR GLORY. Please forgive them and allow them to repent and tell the truth and accept its consequences. Seems like this Biden Family situation involved a lot of people in the government (like Olberman said that President Trump has open a can of worm that can not be closed anymore). Please allow peaceful and repentance hearts from all these people that are involve with the Biden Family situation to remember that YOU, the LIVING GOD, are in control and that YOU ARE a JUST GOD who will take account of any sins that they commit. Please help them to be afraid of YOU, FATHER-GOD. Sometimes I wonder how can they not see the POWER that YOU HAVE and be so afraid.
    Thank YOU, JESUS for the cross. Thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT for willing to be part of our life that we can pray and understand OUR CREATOR.
    Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

  11. Luke 12:3 “What you have said in the dark, will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftops.” Praying complete truth to be shouted from the rooftops and airwaves!

  12. I watched the whole interview the night Tucker Carlson aired it. I watched stunned. It is unbelievable to me that this Biden character that has sold out America for his own gain is running for President of our land. He is a puppet, as was Obama, for the demonic takeover of Marxism. They keep trying and this will be a battle that isn’t going to stop on November 3 apparently. I pray for protection for Tony and for the complete and utter defeat of these wicked people. The Biden family is wicked… Joe Biden is like a “godfather” and Hunter is Fredo. May they repent and be saved. But if they will NOT, and God knows, then may they be irrevocably removed from any power over this land. May they be brought to complete and utter ruin for their wickedness. They are NOTHING in God’s eyes. “The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them. But God just laughs at the wicked because He knows their day is coming” Psalm 37:12-13 I pray now that Joe Biden’s time is up. I pray that any damage he has done to America, which is probably more than we will EVER know, that God will reverse and block. I thank you God for exposing this wickedness in our land. If it weren’t form Donald Trump(ie if Hillary Clinton who is part of this cabal had been elected President) this would not have been uncovered. But God has appointed and anointed DJT for such a time as this and God has allowed these things to be exposed. I don’t believe he will drop the ball now. I pray that DJT is covered by the hand of God. No weapon formed against him (and there have been many) have stood. Another sign he has Gods covering. And if he is not saved, I pray for his salvation. He is definitely not the same person (as someone else said) as he was 4 years ago.

  13. Today Thursday both Trump and Biden are campaigning in Florida where both candidates are almost tied. Massive deceptive ads against Trump are being aired. Florida’s unemployment rate has risen. Let us pray for the truth of Biden to be thoroughly disseminated throughout our nation and especially in Florida. Lord, look at the attacks and release the fire of Your Spirit upon the people of Florida to break the strongholds of deception. We frustrate the plans, ads, schemes, and curses of any witches, warlocks, and demonic forces that have been assigned in Florida to attack President Trump. Instead let the truth of Biden’s corruption be broadcast loud and clear in Florida and across our nation today. All the evil from the devil’s camp be returned sevenfold back to Biden and his accomplices. Lord, protect our President, his family, and his administration from all harm: spiritual and physical. Grant him Your divine wisdom, peace, strength and knowledge to speak the truth with love and humility, and open the hearts of all Floridians to hear the truth of Trump’s love for America, his faith in You, the great works You have done through him, and by the grace of God, what he will continue to do for the good of America, Israel, and the world.

  14. You are deranged in your thinking and ignore and resist the Holy Spirit.
    If you vote for Biden you will unleash the wrath of God on your family. Just like Satan, quoting God’s Word not even able to recognize the truth. If you want to know the truth, fast and pray and ask God to remove the scales from your eyes.
    It’s not too late for you.

  15. If you are for family and religious freedom, you will vote for Donald Trump for a second term. Look at the response at the Trump rallies! Amazing, absolutely amazing response! Donald Trump will win another term and God will bless America.

  16. Father God, it’s evident that the brilliant light of Jesus is exposing wickedness within the Biden family and our land. As this work of exposure has begun we pray in confidence that you will complete the cleansing that will please you and free us!

    1. I agree in Jesus (Yeshua’s) name..where 2 or more believers are gathered together in My name whatever they ask it shall be done, and I am in the midst…
      Matt. 18:19-20

  17. Lord God, omnipotent and Sovereign King of the Universe, i repent for the sin and iniquities of our nation which are many and ask that You save the souls of the disobedient, the rebellious in government offices. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His shed blood was for all who believe but The god of this world, Satan, has blinded the eyes and stopped up their ears and hardened their hearts. If they don’t turn from their wicked ways, I ask that You remove them from their position. I declare Your victory and Your marvelous works in the election November 3rd.
    I am praising You for You are Holy, Glorious, and You alone deserve our worship Amen

  18. Abba, all we face in our nation just seems surreal. So many levels of darkness in government, media, education, business, entertainment, and more. It is a conspiracy, but not man made. Help us, your people, to be sober and clear minded, to be vigilant and alert; because our adversary the devil, is like a roaring lion, walking about, seeking who he may devour. Help us to stand firm in our faith. Fight on our behalf. We stand, waiting expectantly for you. Come, Lord Jesus, come. Arise from your throne and scatter the enemy. Send confusion into the enemy camp. Hook Leviathan by the nostrils and pull him out. Shine your light and truth in these dark places. Send forth laborers into the harvest, for the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Bring honor and glory to your name. We stand — waiting for you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

    1. After posting, I read Isaiah 52: Wake up, wake up, O Zion! Clothe yourself with strength. Put on your beautiful clothes, O holy city of Jerusalem, for unclean and godless people will enter your gates no longer. Rise from the dust, O Jerusalem. Sit in a place of honor. Remove the chains of slavery from your neck, O captive daughter of Zion. For this is what the Lord says: “When I sold you into exile, I received no payment. Now I can redeem you without having to pay for you.”
      This is what the Sovereign LORD says: “Long ago my people chose to live in Egypt. Now they are oppressed by Assyria. What is this?” asked the LORD. “Why are my people enslaved again? Those who ruled them shout in exultation. My name is blasphemed all day long. But I will reveal my name to my people, and they will come to know its power. Then at last they will recognize that I am the one who speaks to them. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns! The watchmen shout and sing with joy, for before their very eyes they see the Lord returning to Jerusalem. Let the ruins of Jerusalem break into joyful song, for the Lord has comforted his people. He has redeemed Jerusalem. The Lord has demonstrated his holy power before the eyes of all the nations. All the ends of the earth will see the victory of our God. Get out! Get out and leave your captivity, where everything you touch is unclean. Get out of there and purify yourselves you who carry the sacred objects of the LORD. You will not leave in a hurry, running for your lives. For the LORD will go ahead of you; yes, the God of Israel will protect you from behind.

  19. The prayer that Daniel prayed in chapter 9 is so crucial at this time: …”O Lord, to us belongs confusion of face, …
    because we have rebelled against You.” “O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive;…”


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