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Father God, in Jesus’ name, thank You for sending angels to work on our behalf. Please increase my expectation for more angelic assistance in my life, and in the lives of those for whom I pray. Help me to experience the ministry of angels in my life at the same level Your Word demonstrates.
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Did you know that your prayers activate angels? True story! We see this over and over in the Bible, and it is one of the many joyous results you can gain when you pray!

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Here are just a few examples:

  • In Luke 22:43, an angel from Heaven appeared to Jesus and strengthened Him during His agonizing prayer.
  • In Acts 12:5-10, Peter was in prison. When the saints began to pray, an angel visited Peter. The angel woke Peter up, walked him out of prison—including making the prison gate open of its own accord—and disappeared.
  • In Daniel 10, not only did Daniel see a vision of Jesus the Glorious Man, but angels who accompanied Jesus strengthened Daniel and conveyed an important message to him! The angel even stated that Daniel had been heard from the day he set his heart to understand—and that the angel had come to visit Daniel because of those prayers!

Heaven is the realm where angels dwell — but the Bible shows us clearly that God dispatches those angels to us when we pray!

Angels bring us messages, protect us, and carry out God’s will. They help us, deliver us, and defend us. Psalm 91 tells us that God even gives His angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways!

Beloved, when you pray, not only does God move, but He also sends His angels to us.

However, in many cases, it seems that we have lost our respect and desire for the ministry of angels in modern Christian culture.

We have reduced our understanding of angels to think of them as dolls we place on Christmas trees, emblems we put on jewelry, or sculptures we place on our mantels. But we don’t always seem to remember that angels are mighty and holy; that they dwell in Heaven and attend the Father at His throne; and that they are sent from Heaven to help and serve us.

According to the Bible, angelic encounters are a normal part of Christianity.

For the early Church, angelic encounters were so normal that the saints who prayed for Peter believed the servant girl must have seen Peter’s angel, rather than Peter himself! The book of Acts describes this strange occurrence:

So, when he had considered this, he came to the house of Mary, the mother of John whose surname was Mark, where many were gathered together praying. And as Peter knocked at the door of the gate, a girl named Rhoda came to answer. When she recognized Peter’s voice, because of her gladness she did not open the gate, but ran in and announced that Peter stood before the gate. But they said to her, “You are beside yourself!” Yet she kept insisting that it was so. So they said, “It is his angel” (Acts 12:12–15 NKJV).

Do you not find this passage strange? I know I do!

I cannot think of any circumstance in which I would assume that, instead of seeing a person themselves, I must have seen his or her angel. Why? Because I am not accustomed to seeing angels with my natural eyes or trafficking with them in visible ways, even though they surround us every day.

However, the saints in Acts 12 immediately jumped to the conclusion that Rhoda, the servant girl, had seen an angel. This was a plausible explanation in their minds. The only way they could have found such an explanation to be plausible would be for them to have been accustomed to encountering angels and knowing that it was an angel they were encountering.

I would like to challenge us all today to return to the same level of expectation about trafficking with angels that the early Church had.

Are angels God? Of course not! We do not worship them in any way. But since they are a resource and a source of help that God has ordained, we should believe Him for His angels’ assistance. Without faith, we cannot please God—and His Scriptures clearly show instance after instance in which angels served God’s people. They weren’t always invisible angels, either. People saw angels with their natural eyes!

Friend, are you ready to begin believing God for the joy of angelic encounters for yourself and others today?

If so, let’s pray this simple prayer together:

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You in Jesus’ name. Thank You for the ministry of angels that You describe in Your Word. Thank You for sending angels to us to bring messages, to help us, to protect us, and to do so much more.

Father God, I haven’t had as much faith for angelic activation, angelic encounters, and angelic assistance as I should have. I repent for this. Would You please strengthen my faith today for the wonderful blessing of angels working on my behalf, and on behalf of others for whom I pray?

Also, Lord, would You please double and triple the number of angels assigned to help me? Would You cause them to defend me, protect me, minister to me, strengthen me, and bring me gifts and messages from Heaven like Your Word says You want them to do?

Thank You, Father. Thank You that all Your promises are “yes” and “amen.” Thank You for increasing the ministry of angels in my life. Thank You for sending more angels to work in the lives of the people for whom I am interceding. Please help us to notice the angels, see the angels, and understand their work in our lives according to Your Word. We give You all the praise.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Friend, are you ready for the Lord to send more angels to do more mighty works in your life—and in the lives of others? If so, please leave a comment below!

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Jamie Rohrbaugh is the founder and CEO of From His Presence. She is the author of Getting to Know the Sevenfold Holy Spirit, and she seeks to equip you to carry His manifest glory everywhere you go. Her resources have been published by YouVersion Bible Plans and in Charisma magazine, as well as on The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. You can find free mentoring on her podcast, Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh, which is available through your favorite podcast streaming app. Download her free prayer tool, Praying the Names of God: 555 Biblical Names of God and How to Use Them in Prayer and Worship, here. Photo Credit: Canva.

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Wanakee Marie Brown-Belin
February 22, 2023

Yes Amen I know the power of angels. I have had many encounters with them over my 65 years. Once on the airplane, right by my side. I saw as I would be looking at someone. I have 3 with me daily. I am a 27 year Flight Attendant and have had many conversations about Jesus to my passengers. I am always thankful for the opportunity. One was in my childhood home watching me at night, as I opened my eyes, she left! God is so good.

February 19, 2023

I believe in angels. My sister-in-law just passed and entered heaven on February 8th. My great niece who is only 5 saw her flying with the angels.

February 19, 2023

I definitely believe in angelic assistance for God’s will to be done and pray that regularly. However, when we read about angels bringing messages from God, it was before the gift of Holy Spirit. Now that He lives inside us, shouldn’t we seek to hear His voice and no other.?

February 19, 2023

I think I just had an angelic visit at 1:30 am this evening, urging me to pray this revival does not stop. That it spreads. I picked up my Bible and it opened to Luke and the angels crying peace and good will to man! I prayed the angels would stir the waters of revival everywhere and not let them die in Asbury. Then the Holy Spirit said , read IFA ‘s letter and You were talking about angels assisting our prayers!!!!

    Rebecca Thornton
    February 20, 2023

    Love this testimony! God is so good 🙂

February 18, 2023

Hello! I just want to thank you for this timely post and activation!! I agree with all you have written here, and very recently had an angelic encounter!! It was AWESOME!!!!! I witnessed an angel in the sky above my home & even have a picture of it to look back upon and remember!! The angel sighting is the first I can speak of in my life & came after an intense time of warfare in MN, where I live, as a very extreme abortion law was signed/passed. I was wrecked about this governmental decision, and witnessed an angel the same day this abortion bill was signed. I believe it was a sign/activation to an assignment the Lord is birthing within me! Also protection within a far spiritual atmosphere… His army is SO POWERFUL & brought me way higher!! Hallelujah!!!

Barbara Lang
February 18, 2023

I already posted a comment but wanted to reply that everyday, I ask God to Encamp His Angels around my family and others I know. Our police, first responders, our military and those in our government that know Him. I am learning more and more that we can ask God to send His Angels around those who don’t know Him, and the Holy Spirit will convict them. Praise God for all He is doing for us!

Barbara Lang
February 18, 2023

I am so thankful for what God is doing in the Asbury Revival! I just saw here in Mo. that a lady living in Ozark, Mo wanted to drive to Ky. Did not want to miss it. God is moving and I am believing that it is going to spread through America and praying every country. I have prayed for a Spiritual Awakening to happen. Thank you, Jesus!

Paula Lechman
February 18, 2023

Good word of encouragement about angels! Thanks

February 18, 2023

Thank you so much for this reminder. God is always on time and so very faithful.

February 18, 2023

This was very informative! I’m better equipped to pray for angelic assistance. Thank you.

Chris Fostel
February 18, 2023

I suspect I am preaching to the choir. But, I felt it necessary to comment. Angels are not always invisible. I have seen angels helping people in every walk of life.

Three notable examples:

I was in the cardiac intensive care unit in critical condition along with 21 other people. A nurse came into my room one night to assure me that no one died on her watch. That night no one died. One angelic mistake — I could see her halo shining in the darkness.

On another occasion my camper trailer ruptured a hydraulic line. With no pressure I could not free the safety latch to lower the camper’s roof making it sale to drive home. Four men with 2x4s were needed to take the weight off the roof and free the latch. In a remote camp ground which every one else leaving, while I was under the camper hopelessly hitting the latch with a hammer, four young men carrying 2x4s walked into my camp site and freed the latch.

My father, a master mechanic in life, who died 60 years ago, has been keeping my cars operating, even when they should not be running, I drove, yes DROVE, a car with a melted distributer 22 miles on a busy interstate highway to a repair shop. The shop owner could not start, much less move, the car under its own power.

Never listen to people who mock you for believing in angelic assistance. God truly sends help to those who need it and believe in Him.

    February 20, 2023

    I personally have not encountered an angel but my parents did. They were in Charleston SC during a rain storm downtown. The streets were flooding and they were stopped on a road when water began rising in the car. My dad got out trying to wade around to help my mother. A large black man opened the door and carried my mother to safety then disappeared. My mother praised Jesus for sending an angel to save her.

Kenneth Devillers
February 18, 2023

I have had the fortunate experience of meeting my guardian angel.

Mary L. Mary McClellen
February 18, 2023

Lord, Thank you for reminding me to ask that you surround me with angels. I am reminded to ask for angels to surround those I am interceding for.
Lord, I thank you for Jamie and for her anointed reminder yoday

JM, Texas
February 18, 2023

Power of prayer, nothing better than our Heavenly Father. It’s time for a spiritual awakening to come closer to the lord.

Donald Vader
February 18, 2023

My Lord… Thank you for sending us your angelic support… Bless us with your wisdom as we interact and incorporate your angelic support that we may accomplish all which you have prepared for this time!

Roger Hall
February 18, 2023

Lord, I do believe I have a guardian angel assigned to me at birth. May I see the evidence of this in my life. Amen

February 18, 2023

Lord, send angels to protect the Christian clergy who are experiencing genocide in Ethiopia now.


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