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Father we pray for these leaders who are sounding the alarm about the security of our grid. Give them wisdom and favor. May we not be foolish on this issue.

Most Americans are accustomed to a lifestyle that is only made possible by the critical infrastructures we depend upon for shelter, water, transportation, communication, finance and many other functions of our modern civilization.

Every one of these life-sustaining infrastructures depends upon one thing – electricity.  If we lose electricity for a long time over a widespread area, we risk losing America as we know it. That electricity depends upon a “grid” that is vulnerable to both natural and manmade hazards ranging from hurricanes and solar storms to cyberattacks and even nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Watch our most recent webcast to learn more about the U.S. electric grid, how it is vulnerable to these threats, and what is being done about it. You’ll get a chance to listen to frontline warriors in this fight, including Lt. Col. Tommy Waller (U.S. Marine Corps Reserves) who serves as the Executive Vice President at the non-profit Center for Security Policy and who manages the nationwide “Secure the Grid Coalition.”  You will also hear from Texas Senator Bob Hall, who is a nationally renowned leader in this effort, authoring effective grid security legislation for more than 6 years.

As you will learn during the webcast, America’s grid is vulnerable and not enough is being done to fix it. The electric utility industry maintains powerful influence over our elected officials and has traditionally opposed effective measures that would require the grid to be protected against all hazards. Fortunately, some electric companies are doing the right thing, and you’ll learn about those.

One missing element in the struggle to Secure the Grid has been a concerted education campaign leveraging the film industry. Fortunately, two film makers have stepped up and have produced incredible films that chronicle this important issue.  The Black Sky Event series of documentaries just launched its first episode and Dennis Quaid just finished narrating a documentary called Grid Down, Power Up which was awarded at the most recent Anthem Film Festival in Las Vegas.  Grid Down, Power Up will soon be launched with a “pay it forward” option for viewers to share it with family and friends and an AlignAct campaign meant to enable viewers to contact their elected officials and power companies to prompt them to take action to Secure the Grid.

Please pray for those involved in this important struggle, especially since those involved are almost exclusively volunteers who are unfunded – people like U.S. Army veteran Command Sergeant Michael Mabee, who recently appeared on 60 Minutes and who has sued the Federal government over its failure to provide transparency surrounding grid security violations. [This public interest lawsuit is completely unfunded and the nation’s foremost experts are using their own grocery budgets to contribute to this important fight for transparency]

Finally, please pray specifically for the non-profits who are part of the Secure the Grid Coalition and it’s sponsor, the Center for Security Policy – that they may find well-resourced Americans who are willing to support this noble effort to prevent an unavoidable catastrophe.

How are you praying about the grid? What are you moved to do to take action? Pray for each of the leaders mentioned in this article who are bringing leadership to solving this issue.


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July 30, 2022

I contacted Pres. Trump on a weekly basis, asking him to secure our electrical grid. I read that if America’s grid goes down & we’re without power for a year, then 90% of us will perish in the first nine months.

Darlene Estlow
July 29, 2022

Father you have given us the gift of electricity. We thank you for it. I pray you would make our leaders aware of the situation and willing to concentrate on it. Keep our grid safe. Hope those who are working to protect our electric grid and protect us from the evil that could destroy us.

July 28, 2022

It’s time to walk joe biden out of the white house! FATHER GOD please send YOUR angels to surround and protect America from satanic forces! Save us FATHER GOD in JESUS NAME! Amen!

Carol A.
July 28, 2022

This is a super critical issue, even more urgent than “Climate Change”!! Mark Levin has had a few interviews with people who say that if we have an EMP, the total country will be plunged in anarchy!! May our elected officials and the people who provide service for the electrical grid seriously work on this problem. Please Lord Jesus, protect our country from losing the electrical grid either to sabotage or natural disaster. Give the CEO’s of the Electric companies and the State and Federal Governments wisdom to keep our country safe and protected. In Jesus Name, Amen!


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