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Lord of angel armies, You see how our enemy is arrayed against us. Thank You for bringing their strategies into the light. Protect us by Your mighty right hand!
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If you’ve read our series of Special Reports, China at War with America, and other articles we’ve posted, you already know that the Chinese Communist Party is targeting us. But Frank Gaffney Jr. has identified some chilling details, including the newspaper that printed its declaration of war.

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Gaffney, founder and executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy, in Washington, D.C., spoke at the IFA Policy & Prayer Summit on Oct. 26.

You can soon hear Gaffney’s talk on our podcast, but here are some highlights:

This is about spiritual warfare. What we are talking about is evil incarnate, on a scale unimaginable, and unprecedented in human history. So it’s not a small challenge that I’m going to put to you, but it’s a vital one. … The Chinese Communist Party has been the most brutal regime in human history to its own people, because that’s who it controls at the moment. … Industrial-grade organ harvesting particularly aimed at people of faith — and other political prisoners — is now a big business in China. Genocide is being committed against some of those faith communities, the Uygurs, other Turkic minorities.”


Then he drills down into how the CCP is doing this:

We’ve come to call this the digital gulag. It is a highly refined and increasingly sophisticated and very comprehensive technology for doing what the Chinese have done the old-fashioned way — just with informants and police-state apparatuses — but now can do with computers, hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras, facial and gait recognition. …

He later explains that they can identify people by how they walk, when they’re too far from the cameras to pick up facial features.

He continues:

Big data, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and so on, to essentially tell them where any Chinese person is at any moment. … And not only tell them all of that, but who they interact with, where they work, their bank accounts, their health status, and the people that they interact with. This is Orwellian on steroids.

Then he brought it all home: If they can do that to their own people, they can do it to the rest of us, and that is their aspiration.

Speaking of Xi Jinping’s breaking of precedent to enter a third term as president of the People’s Republic of China, Gaffney calls him “the first Chinese communist emperor of China.” Gaffney goes on:

… What he envisions is taking the China dream of world domination and realizing it. And in his speech to the Party Congress … he made it very clear that, not just as it is determination to conquer Taiwan, but to destroy what he calls hegemony. And we are the hegemon that he has in mind.

Gaffney warns:

This is not just empty rhetoric or … unachievable ambitions. These are techniques that are in place today to realize world domination.

He lists a few more:

The Belt and Road Initiative is a marketing slogan for a colonial infrastructure build-out program that currently has, last count, 145 out of 193 total nations in the world signed up to it. … Now they’re in various stages of becoming essentially vassal states of the colonial empire. … And what this is doing is, it is building infrastructure: ports, airfields, road networks, rail networks, access to mineral resources and markets, and the like. That is giving the Chinese Communist Party the capacity to reach basically worldwide. …

He says one of the ways they’re doing this is through elite capture:

In country after country, they typically go in, and they simply bribe the leader, and they get them to sign up to payday loans. … It’s basically a fraudulent scheme whereby you commit to pay back — at a premium — what it seemed to be up-front, relatively cheap loans, which they will use to pay for building out the infrastructure. But inevitably, especially in these third-world countries, which most of them are, they can’t make the payments. And then the Chinese simply foreclose on whatever it is they’ve built. …

Then Gaffney gets even closer to home when he describes their approach to propaganda:

One of the ways the elite captured our media is that they pay for so called news supplements … which are basically just their propaganda published in The Washington Post, published in The New York Times. … There is in the fine print a distinction made that it’s paid for by the CCP. … It’s used inexorably to persuade people to align with them. So we’re the only real impediment to the realization of this agenda of theirs. And as a result, every single one of us is in their crosshairs. And it won’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, by the way.

Gaffney says this has been going on for decades:

Deng Xiaoping … the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party … adopted a strategy in the early 1990s called the Hide and Bide Strategy. … He wanted to make sure that we were so deeply engaged with the Chinese that we were enabling their economic growth, and more generally their power, by investing in them, by giving them technology, by transferring know-how, and otherwise enabling the growth of that power. …. [It’s] essentially unrestricted warfare against us: economic, political, information, espionage, technology, theft, elite capture … in other words, everything they could possibly use to take us down, short of military force, which … back in 1999, certainly was really not an option. But that’s changed.

The Declaration

Gaffney dug into a May 2019 article in the People’s Daily, which he calls “the chief platform of the Chinese Communist Party for propaganda.” He says the paper published a declaration of a ‘people’s war’ against our country.” He elaborates:

We’ve actually seen these lines of attack, translating into direct material harm to our country for decades. Anybody heard of fentanyl? This is a chemical warfare agent used very deliberately by the Chinese Communist Party to kill … last year, something on the order of 100,000 Americans. … Confucius Institutes … on college campuses, nominally … train people in Mandarin, but [they’re] actually used as outposts for recruitment, indoctrination, intimidation, and espionage. … [They’re] buying up land in this country. … especially some in close proximity to strategic, important military bases, like in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Penetration of Chinese companies — big time — in lots of different ways, including into state pension funds. Now, you may or may not know this, but those are your funds, whether it’s state funds or 401(k) plans, what’s left to them.

Then he talks about how Deng introduced the idea of biological warfare, which bore fruit with the coronavirus:

There is abundant, albeit circumstantial — because the direct evidence is being withheld — evidence that it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a level-4 biological warfare facility in Wuhan, China. And lo and behold, we have finally learned — no thanks to Tony Fauci — that he funded it, that he made it possible using American developed gain-of-function technology, which was shared with them, so that they could use it, when he was not permitted to do that sort of thing in our country, because it was, frankly, too dangerous. … By some estimates, a million of us have been killed by their biological warfare attack. … They deliberately, purposefully, malevolently, and, in fact, murderously let it out of their country, sending it, among other places, here.

Gaffney warns that the worst may be yet to come:

What they sent out … was a relatively innocuous virus … a bad flu. … Some got very sick, and some died. Indeed, but the vast majority of us didn’t. But what they’ve got in the arsenal has — by some estimates — the capacity to kill 80% of those who are infected. And if that’s what they want — because if they can kill us off without damaging the infrastructure — it makes it possible to colonize this magnificent country of ours. …

Also, Gaffney is concerned that Xi’s Zero-COVID policy is partly to prepare them “for the kind of sacrifice that will be entailed in a war. And he’s demonstrating the party’s ability to make them make those sacrifices.” Now Xi’s extreme lockdowns have many calling for his resignation.

A Six-Point Plan

Gaffney believes we can fight back in nonviolent ways. He was speaking in the run-up to the midterm elections, so he focused on convincing political candidates —  in order to win votes — to agree to a six-point plan to stop the CCP. Their brief is still available at www.CCPatWar.com.

Gaffney reminds us:

God is on our side. … This is going to take big prayer if we’re to have a chance.

Be sure to download our three-part Special Report, China at War with America, from our Resources tab, for more prayer strategies.

Find other articles from our series on the IFA Policy & Prayer Summit by searching for IFAsummit on www.IFApray.org.

Post your prayers about America’s unwanted war with China in the comments below.

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Kathy Emahiser
December 27, 2022

Father, we know that this nation in many ways has turned it’s back on you, but there are many believers who stand firm in their faith by siding with righteousness and have been praying for this nation to turn back to you. Hear our prayers Lord and save this nation from all nations that do not honor you. We bind all demonic forces that are trying to destroy this nation. In Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving, Amen.

James Greer
December 18, 2022

The lord told us yrs ago 5G is not what you think it is. If you had 5G I know for a fact there plan is to be used with a chip under peoples skin…the article author should know this. I can’t recall for sure but I think they are using it NOW in different ways like this article is saying. God told us in 2019 China along with palocy and the democrats were making this Covid virus. We may soon find out it may have been made also in Ukraine because the lord told us to pray in in our Heavenly language, we have not knowing at that time why but when God put a hook in Putin he pulled him into Ukraine to bomb 13 labs which was going to be released this fall to kill 90% of earth’s population and it also revealed the underground tunnels world network SEX trade..there is so much to soon be exposed. 2miiion have already been rescued in the last 4 years with many to come. 2/3 of congress will any day be removed and will never be allowed in politics and lose all their benefits forever but it will not stop there later many may be shot for Treason with their involvement with China..this is all coming and this is only the tip of the ice burg..the whole world will soon run out of our homes praising God our FATHER Abba. It is everyone’s responsibility to be involved right now and God has given everyone something they can do ever how small it may be it really really matters more than you think. People like IFA is the reason we’re going to soon see..the battle has already been won I promise you thus says the lord

Sue Tracy
December 15, 2022

Father You are more powerful and stronger than our enemies, come show the world that King Jesus will make things right. All glory and honor will go to Him for he will make our enemies His footstool. Amen

Jerome H.
December 15, 2022

In order to recover to rising above every nation is very plainly stated in the Word of God. In Deuteronomy 28:1 it says, “If our nation diligently obey the Lord our God, and carefully do His commandments, then He will raise our nation above every nation on earth. And these blessings will come upon us and over take us if we obey the Lord our God.” The Lord God is most desirable in search of a repentant heart towards Him for our benefit. This includes the godly and the ungodly. If this simple truth could be seen by those whose hearts are blinded by the evil spirit of this world our nation will be pleasing to the Lord our God through Christ. May this dark force be put in the place of where this evil force belongs. I commit to fasting and praying for recovery and repentant hearts. We shall see what the Lord brings. May the Lord God be glorified.

Sue Tracy
December 14, 2022

Lord you know the plans of the enemy, you see what China is doing we thank you that their plans are for evil and we know that you HATE evil, let their plans be replaced with Your perfect plans. Lord you are our Sovereign King we ask you to move on behalf of the USA and confuse the plans of our enemies. Deliver us from all evil.

Thomas Ryan
December 14, 2022

This does require a major intervention from the Lord! We must pray for His deliverence.

Dana Sue Canary
December 13, 2022

Dear Father God,
In the natural if looks hopeless because our leaders are are under the thumb of China.
But we serve a living God not of our own making but who made us to be conquerors.
God, through Jesus Christ and your Holy Spirit manifest your destructive power over the satanic stronghold in China. Bring their leaders under Your power and release America from their stranglehold.
Let us be again the lighthouse in a hill bringing people to faith in Christ to be part of the Healing of the Nations.
Without You Lord our power is weak. Let us channel Your might, power and Your Wisdom.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Andrea LS
December 13, 2022

We know it is the devil and he has his hand in the whole world! But thanks be to God who always gives us the triumph over evil. We are to pray the Word over the problems and allow God to decide how to use them in this realm.

It is in the end time after the millennium is set up that the Asiatic peoples of the East of that time come to wipe all off this earth that Jesus will strike the devil and his peoples with the sword of His mouth and they will be gone. The last enemy to be struck down is the devil and his, right into the Lake of Fire.

We need to keep praying God’s words over the situations as they come. I ran across these:
Psalm 110:5-6 “The Lord is at Your right hand; He shall execute kings in the day of His wrath. He shall judge among the nations. He shall fill the places with dead bodies, He shall execute the heads of many countries.”
Psalm 101:8
Psalm 145:20 (last part)
Psalm 34:17-22
Psalm 107:1-2, 6
2 Chronicles 20:6-20
God tells us He will give us what we ask and say (such as moving the mountain in faith nothing wavering, and He says we will have what we say Mark 11:22-25 .
It will be God who decides how, when and what from our prayers.
God help us all
In Jesus name amen

Glenn Jackson
December 13, 2022

Lord straighten out our leadership in these United States, I look to you for all things good, peace, love, compassion and understanding, thing
Thank you for dying for me and giving me free will and sounds mind to make wise decisions.

Gayron & Rosemary Davis
December 13, 2022

God we pray for the CCP, our enemy that their hearts will be drawn to Christ and they will cease oppression of the people and coveting world dominance.
We also pray for the USA that its people will repent and turn to God

Susan S.
December 13, 2022

China through the Mexican cartels are committing acts of war. They put deadly fentanyl in candy like tablets. There is no profit in this. It is only to kill our future by killing our young people.
Bring those responsible to justice and repentance if they are willing. There is little that we can do but with you nothing is impossible. Stop the invasion of drugs and illegal entries into our country.
We ask in the name of Jesus.

December 13, 2022

People of faith rejoice. We will never be defeated. We will get through everything. The things of this earth may fade away, but God’s love for us will endure forever. Have no fear.
China and the evil people of this world have no power over God.
Thank you God for bringing this to light. We are not afraid.

December 13, 2022

Lord, I thank you for heroes like Frank Gaffney, and many others who are sounding the alarm regarding the CCP. I pray that these evil plans would be exposed, and that our businesses and government leader would become aware and take action to protect American interests. For those who have already sold out to the CCP, may there be repentance and turning back to our beloved country. We plead for your mercy in helping us to stand against this godless enemy.

December 13, 2022

Thank You for sharing!

Michelle Bradford
December 13, 2022

Dear Lord in Heaven, thank you so very much for platforms like these so that we may all be aware of these horrible things and not have to depend on platforms that cancel this type of news. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come together and pray, for there is power in prayer! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for your salvation and your light to shine on these people who have been overtaken by Satan, and may our powerful prayers work for them, so that they may be saved by your grace.

Toni Kushner
December 13, 2022

The enemies of God’s people are many, but our EYES ARE ON THE LORD. Awaken the Church and this Nation to SEEK Your face, Repent and call upon the Name of the Lord while there is still time. We need You Lord, let us acknowledge Your Sovereignity just as Nebuchadnezzar in a season of banishment and insanity he lifted his eyes to heaven, and praised the one who lives forever. As you humbled him, you brought healing to his mind. bring healing to our people, leadership and to a nation. May we as a Nation praise and extol and honor the KING OF HEAVEN, turn us O Lord to right thinking and let us be challenged to be watchmen on the wall for Your purposes and Your will. Amen

December 13, 2022

The only thing that matters is massive prayer revival and awakening in America. Pray pray pray like the future of freedom, democracy, your progeny, depend on it.

Brian lynch
December 13, 2022

Our government needs to wake up to all of this, as does the average American .China is NOT our friend. WHY are we allowing them to buy up land around our military bases? This is suicidal at best!. They do have the capability to take us over. They did indeed launch biological warfare upon the United States, and the world with COV-ID. What is going to be next? Tik Tok is nothing but a spying effort. Hopefully, people will wake up to the fact. Lord Jesus, in Your name, I come against ALL of China,s aggressive attack on our nation. Please, supernaturally, cause their efforts to dominate other nations, including the U.S., to fail miserably. Thank You, Jesus.

Sherry Lyn
December 13, 2022

Check on the new Silk Roads they have: air, land, water, & cyberspace. Some align with R.

Kathie Jackson
December 13, 2022

May Our Lady and Mother of Peace ( see Rev 12:17) crush the head of Satan and bring victory to HER offspring , those who keep the commandments and bear witness to Jesus 🙏✌️Amen

James Allen
December 13, 2022

Where did the CCP get the ideas or technologies to empower their purpose of world domination? Perhaps from the United States of America officials who are greedy & covetousness (which is IDOLATRY Colossians 3.5). You can’t win a spiritual battle against an enemy with the “sin of Achan” in the camp 🤷🏽‍♂️ Joshua 7::10-26. Buying into the lie of “separation of Church & state” has cost the Church severely. It’s through “government” under the leading of Satan that has the power & authority to persecute GOD’S people. Chinese believers understand this more clearly than Americans. Time for the LORD to pour “new wine” in the areas of government & business for spiritual warfare

Elisa Paigo
December 13, 2022

Father God we ask you to save our country. Please open the eyes and hearts of our leaders to stop this evil.

Nancy Bryda
December 13, 2022

I declare and decree that the organ harvesting in China and through planned parenthood would be exposed and bound in Jesus’s name. Help us to be as wise as serpents in this battle against the ccp. Xi Jinping is being targeted by heaven and I pray for his salvation and the shaking of the ccp structure with their demons turning on each other. I lose confusion into the ccp and a disruption into their war mechanism.

    Jessica Renshaw
    December 13, 2022

    I think you mean “loose” (release) confusion into the ccp…” I can say “Amen” to that.

    Lose (Has “z” sound) and loose (has “s” sound) are easy to confuse. Lose typically functions only as a verb, with meanings related to failing to win or hold onto something; one might “lose a game” or “lose one’s temper.” Loose can be used as an adjective (“not securely attached”), a verb (“to free something or someone”), and less commonly, a noun or adverb. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Maria Fillyaw
December 13, 2022

Dear father God give us courage and strength take away any fear because we know that you are God and you are in control. May we be faithful to you dear Lord and trust you and continue our prayer for our country in Jesus name amen

Maria Gregov
December 13, 2022

Only Our God can help us. He will if we trust him.


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