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Lord, may we not forget to keep praying for the people of Afghanistan! Provide their daily bread, and liberate those who are in the Taliban’s crosshairs.
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Analysis. In March IFA covered some of the work that Marty Angell is doing to liberate from Afghanistan the people who were targeted for destruction after Joe Biden ordered a hasty U.S. troop withdrawal from that distressed country. Angell continues his rescue effort, and he has given me permission to share from what he has spoken in a phone call and also written in a private message thread. This includes some names of supporters, of those who have been liberated, and of those still awaiting liberation. Some of the material has been edited for clarity.

From Angell:

I’ve been working around the clock on saving lives all year. It’s hard to count, but we’ve definitely freed over 175, likely more than 200. I’m living on miracles right now, with Afghans being rescued from the fiery furnace and lions’ den.

Estimates are [that] 30,000 Afghan national army and Afghan national police have been killed … in the past year … brutally murdered. There is also genocide going on against Hazara and people from Panjshir Valley. My focus is to rescue people in harm’s way and avoid creating more widows and orphans.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night. 


Besides this radical Islamic jihadist enemy known as the Taliban, which are cousins of Isis and Al-Qaeda, there is also a killer winter storm … 90% of Afghans are jobless, and thousands will not endure the season.

I have about 100 families in Afghanistan who desperately need food. I need churches to step up. This has been a battle on so many levels against our own government, which is going slow and clearly does not want Afghans here. The Afghans know who abandoned their country: It’s Joe! Joe would rather have illegals coming over the [U.S.] border.

One of my dear friends is a medical doctor. … A former Special Forces interpreter, a year ago [Dr. H.] became a committed Christian, and he’s already produced three videos on Christian living and Christian apologetics. He wants to share the gospel with the Muslim world and share how Jesus is the Son of God. He is in hiding in … one of the houses I’ve been funding.  

But it’s getting very expensive for me personally. We need to get churches involved in sponsoring families. They need food and cash to buy food.

 I have a unique ability/relationship to get people out of the country. … Together we have saved many lives. But we have more to save. 

I believe many of these will come to know the Lord, by the love we have shown them, just like Dr H. … They know the whole Muslim world has abandoned them, but the Christians have not. 

We tried to get (two men) out two days ago and had to stop the mission. They are safe at the moment. We are going to try again. … Both have had to leave family for their safety. They both know this is their one chance to survive being killed. Many of their colleagues have already been killed.

The stakes are high, and we are speaking life and deliverance as God leads.

 This state of Afghanistan is a complete disaster and meltdown. Security is gone. Executions and assassinations are up. People are behind on electric and gas, and it’s being shut off. People are without food. There is massive starvation. Inflation is affecting Afghanistan as well.

The Taliban is not intent on building a nation. Their primary interest is to kill, torture, and imprison others tied to the U.S.

And perhaps worst of all is that not a single leader in this entire world, including Joe Biden, is willing to stand up against the Taliban. The entire Muslim world has abandoned their Afghan neighbors. They all mistreat the Afghans. They all have closed their borders, except for limited ability we have to get people to (two nations). Turkey is a disgrace, driving up visas by 2,000% like the rest of the countries, making it impossible for Afghans to leave. Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan have closed their borders. (Afghanistan) is one massive prison.

Hamidullah (name changed for his protection) is waiting to be liberated, and he confirms Angell’s report:

Yes, dear friend. What you said is true: We are stuck in this cage, and there is no one to (liberate) us. … The day has come when families sell their innocent children … because we don’t have food. We don’t have fuel.

Hamidullah wrote a word that I think his phone corrected, so I asked Angell what he thought Hamidullah meant. Angell says he wonders if Hamidullah was talking about human organs. People are so desperate, he says, that they are selling their organs.

Angell continues:

The fake media throughout the world won’t talk about it. Probably the number of executed Afghans are double (the estimated 30,000). I have 20 who are in hiding that I am trying to get out right now.

Afghans were persuaded things were safe when the U.S. was there, so the 36 million Afghans are without guns and cannot defend themselves. They are like lambs waiting for slaughter.

If people don’t pay their rents, the landlord will pay the Taliban to evict them, subjecting them to further scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden (and others) in the U.S. are not only silent, they are giving money to the Taliban! … The Biden administration sends money to the UN, which funds the World Food Program, and the World Food Program gives the food to the Taliban, so the Taliban can eat and give the leftovers to their friends. So Afghan allies of the U.S. don’t get any food from the United States. We’re funding the enemies. … It’s total treason happening under our watch. The media won’t talk about it.

Angell addresses the Afghans:

The mosques here in the United States refuse to help the Afghans abroad. The mosques here in the United States view the Taliban as their friends, this brutal, barbaric, vicious group of trained killers. I have been to the mosques, and others have, and the mosques refuse to help you Afghans while you’re hiding for your lives in Afghanistan. They won’t call their fellow mosques in Pakistan to help, nor will they assist anybody in getting out of the country. That should tell you something about how morally bankrupt the mosques here in the United States are. They should be leaders for freedom for the suffering Afghans, but they are moral cowards. And when you come to the United States, you should dust off your feet from these cowardly mosques that refuse to help you in your time of need. … If it were up to the mosques here in the United States, you all would be dead, and they wouldn’t shed a tear.

Next, Angell addresses the American Christians:

There’s only one group that will help the Afghans, and that’s basically the Christians. That’s who we are. That’s who we are supposed to be. It’s not enough just to pray. We need to call our friends and our churches and find out if we really believe what we believe. Do we really believe we are commanded by Jesus to love our neighbors? And if we are, then it should make a difference in what we do here in the United States. … This is a massive humanitarian crisis, and the people of the United States need to rise up, before the Taliban sends out more 9/11 hijackers en masse for our kids and grandkids. … Our own media … is controlled by the Democrat party, which wants to protect Joe Biden. If this humanitarian crisis [had] happened under Donald Trump, we would be hearing about it every day.

So this is where we are, people are starving in Afghanistan, and we need to decide if we are really Christians and Christ followers, or if we want to play a game. Jesus fed thousands of people as an example to us. So we are to follow. Jesus fed Samaritans and others who were not like him. He also healed the same. So this is our opportunity to let our light shine and to embrace the love of Christ. We have churches that can sponsor families, and we have families that are begging to be sponsored. I hope everybody reading this here in the United States will go to their church, or to their benevolence committee and make a request. I have the names of the families.

 Shortly after making this plea, Angell had good news to report:

A gentleman was on the Taliban kill list. He stayed in hiding the past 14 months and was convinced he was facing death and would not be there to see his kids to safety or to see them graduate. He just made it (out of the country) and will eventually be coming to the U.S. He has been in my thoughts and prayers for the past two months, and today it happened. His life was saved!

The lesson: With God’s help and direction, we can overcome great challenges!

“For us, this silent holocaust is our modern-day Schindler’s List moment and our Dunkirk moment all at once,” Angell says. “We need to respond with boldness, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Boom.”

Share below your prayers for the Afghan refugees and for Afghanistan.

Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations on six continents, mostly in his own one-man plays. He has also performed in 25 audio dramas, including Escape from the Eagle’s Nest, which is set in Afghanistan. He and his bride, Joyce, another contributing writer for IFA, now have 37 “screen children.” The Swingles live in New York City. Find out more at www.RichDrama.com. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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December 15, 2022

.Marty, I appreciate your devotion to the Lord and the people of Afghanistan.
May God’s favor be upon you. May He grant you more power and strength to do this task.
Praying that God will provide for all of your needs in an instant. Everything that you have sown, you will reap a hundredfold in resources and people.
Genesis 26:12 Isaac planted crops in that land, and the same year he reaped a hundredfold because the LORD blessed him.
God has also given me the desire to provide you with a love offering. He has put it on my heart that I donate the same amount to your mission work as I did to buy Christmas presents this year.
Marty, May the Lord bless you with great abundance.
p.s. FYI… if God puts it on your heart to give to the mission work that Marty is doing, reach out to IFA and they will give you Marty’s address.

Rich Swingle
December 15, 2022

Our prayers are working! Today I got this text from Marty:

Top [department aiding the U.S. before the Taliban took over] husband/wife team under Taliban threat — who hid for 15 months moving from place to place — safely evacuated to [one of the few nations receiving Afghan refugees]!! Got the whole family out.

Praying for more families to get out together!

December 15, 2022

What I have trouble with throughout the Afgan rescue mission is, why is it so often the men who get out, leaving the women and children behind? Even in this article he speaks of getting two men out because being with their families it was no longer safe. Well, it is not safe for the women and children they left behind either! On TV, the planes were filled with men. Few women and children.
Women are so brave. How does it make a child feel to see dad leave, never to be seen again and left them starving.
I want to give money and help but I want it to go to feeding the women and children and the men who refused to leave their families behind.

    Rich Swingle
    December 15, 2022

    You’ll love this text I got today from Marty:

    Here’s a major praise: I wrote an article about Marty Angell’s work to liberate Afghans the Taliban wants to kill because they helped the U.S. It ran Tuesday on http://www.HeadlinePrayer.org, and we led people in praying over the situation on Headline Prayer Live that afternoon. Today I got this text from Marty:

    Top [department aiding the U.S. before the Taliban took over] husband/wife team under Taliban threat — who hid for 15 months moving from place to place — safely evacuated to [one of the few nations receiving Afghan refugees]!! Got the whole family out.

Peggy Hamm
December 14, 2022

Rich, where can I send money and become a sponsor for refugees?

John Kulinski
December 14, 2022

I pray that God will keep the Afghan people safe from the evil doers who only want to punish those who believe in God. I pray that the people will not denounce God and hold fast to their belief in God.

Dana Meier
December 13, 2022

My son has a friend who is an Afghan…he is now in Pakistan trying to meet with the International Office in order to get him and his family to the U.S. He was very supportive with the Army base, this is how my son met him. We are friends on facebook and we talk almost everyday with the WhatsAp. If you can do anything to help them please let me know. The Taliban took his business and destroyed his home and has listed him as a spy for the U.S. He fears for his life. Please help.

    Rich Swingle
    December 14, 2022

    Write to Marty and give him more details. He may be able to help. Another option is for your church to sponsor him and help directly.

    Praying for him and his family!

    Rich Swingle
    December 14, 2022

    Here’s Marty’s reply:

    “The needs are very great. But I have been able to help through some very well-
    positioned friends critical help. Please set up a group chat with all parties on WhatsApp and let’s see what we can do.”

    So write to him with the numbers, and he can set up the WhatsApp group chat.

    Praying Marty’s contacts can help!

Darlene Estlow
December 13, 2022

Father God, our hearts cry out for Afghanistan and your children there. I pray for help for them. I pray for repentance in Joe Biden and the White House for their attitude about Afghanistan. Deliver your people Father. Give us hearts to help them.

Sue J
December 13, 2022

Dear Lord- Please raise up many of your people, your believers, to support and help the Afgans who are left behind. Many have come to know you and their lives are in danger. Please help Marty Angell to continue rescuing these poor people. May many send support so he can feed and help them. We ask that you would rescue them from the Taliban. In Jesus Name, Amen


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