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Lord, we pray for the protection of our religious freedom. We pray for men and women in office who understand what that means and keep legislation in place to protect it.

A Texas judge has sued members of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct for threatening discipline against judges who express opposition to same-sex marriage.

Courthouse News reported Brian Keith Umphress filed the case in U.S. District Court in Fort Worth after the commission issued a “public warning” to Dianne Hensley, a justice of the peace who recuses herself from officiating same-sex marriage ceremonies because of her Christian faith.

The commission ruled Hensley violated Canon 4A(1) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct, which states: “A judge shall conduct all of the judge’s extra-judicial activities so that they do not cast reasonable doubt on the judge’s capacity to act impartially as a judge .”

The complaint states the premise of the discipline was that “a judge who expresses disapproval of same-sex marriage or homosexual conduct … has cast ‘reasonable doubt’ on his capacity to act impartially.”

It noted Umphress “is engaged in numerous extra-judicial activities that evince disapproval of homosexual behavior … and all of these … are exposing him to discipline.”

A member of Christian Missions Church, he argues that while the Supreme Court “struck down” laws forbidding same-sex marriage, a Texas ban remains in the books.

“The Supreme Court has no power to formally amend to revoke a state statute,” he contends. . .

The complaint claims “injuries” traceable “to the commissioners’ decision to discipline Judge Hensley.”

Umphress explains he applies the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage when it applies, and does so impartially. . .

“The court should therefore enter a declaratory judgment that nothing in Obergefell or the U.S. Constitution requires state-licensed officiants – either clergy or judges – to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, even if the officiant chooses to perform opposite-sex weddings,” the complaint says.

Among the claims is that the commission’s interpretation is unconstitutionally vague and the commissioners are violating the Free Exercise Clause by making threats against some judges “on account of their religious faith.”

The filing explains the First Amendment “protects Judge Umphress’s right not to officiate at same-sex marriage ceremonies, even if he chooses to officiate at opposite-sex weddings.”

(Excerpt from WND.)

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March 26, 2020

Father God, we know that all of these tribulations are pointing to the soon return of Messiah, Jesus. But we ask that You strengthen our hands, hearts and Spirit to be faithful in the work that You’ve called us to do; in the mighty name of Jesus, we come against the powers and principalities of evil; may these evil ones be cast down and bound in confusion — May we stand firm in upholding the principles of righteousness and truth that You, O Lord, have established! May we NEVER waiver, and may the Lord Jesus find us faithful to the end. In Jesus’ precious name, we ask. Amen!

Lloyd King
March 26, 2020

Father, please bless and encourage Judge Brian Keith Umphress as he stands for Your word and fights for the religious rights of Your people. Grant him unprecedented success, In Jesus’ Name

Richard Lemon
March 25, 2020

Understand that we are being judged for the murder of babies in the mothers womb . For homosexual marriage , LGBT and gender changes forced on our children.

Jonathan Berry
March 25, 2020

This ruling is far greater than the case in point although the observation regarding a judges ability of impatiality is spot on but not in relation to this judge, justice of the peace or anyone with authority to perform marraiges or adjudicate a case with legal ramifications! The founding fathers who left nations from Europe, Asia, and Aftica as well from what the world contains did so for religious freedom and so its constitution and laws were founded by and through the word of God guided by the Holy Spirit which is why sanctioned elections and/or functions utilized a Bible shared by the founding fthers. The discontinuation of this practice speaks to a far greater impact to the failure of our courts and government officials tct with impartiality. Even God and His ministers know you cannot legislate morality! Courts today do just that; the law givers book describes life and death and provided information to give creation the best means of living a long healthy life as well as revealing errors (sin) that can shorten or cause pain and suffering during our lives. A man and women as defined by their anatomies were and are blessed to produce offspring documented and blessed by God in an official ceremony within the church (but later usurped by the government as a means to control and profit) This has led to a slow but steady decline as officials have lost sight of the laws goodness by removing God’s intent of the law. That is why free sexual activities by unmarried, same sex or transexual couples have suffered diseases as well as broken marraiges and abortions. These are all mentioned in the Bible the government rejects. Sin is now excused and accepted by government to curry favor with voters; some amongst the politicians to foster alliances that prevent true and fair government as recently seen regarding the funding of the corona virus stimulus package. The intent and foundation of the law is the law-giver our creator! You cannot pick and choose the laws you choose to enforce; our nations decision to ignore the source has infected our ability to rule without favor as seen by placing same sex marraiges as equal to the one specified in the Bible. Our Country is no longer the greatest economy or military, our education is further down than the first two. You must realize and the voters must reject your rejection of what this Nation was founded on and for!

Patricia Moulton
March 25, 2020

Father, Your wisdom is being expressed. We trust You will send angel armies to uphold Your Wisdom back into a broken system where all righteousness is being challenged by our common enemies.


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