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Lord, keep these pregnancy centers from legal attacks. Thank You for their work protecting the children You've made and love!
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From CBN. The state of New York is suing the pro-life group Heartbeat International (HBI) and 11 crisis pregnancy centers to force them to stop promoting abortion pill reversal services, claiming the groups are promoting a procedure that cannot reverse the effects of the abortion pill. …

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State Attorney General Letitia James is asking a New York court to forbid HBI and the other centers from advertising abortion pill reversal treatments saying they used “false and misleading statements to advertise an unproven treatment.”

“Heartbeat International and the other crisis pregnancy center defendants are spreading dangerous misinformation by advertising ‘abortion reversals’ without any medical and scientific proof,” James said in a press release. “Amid the increase in attacks on reproductive health care nationwide, we must protect pregnant people’s right to make safe, well-informed decisions about their health.” …

She claimed that abortions can’t be reversed and argued that treatments offering to do so could be unsafe.

As CBN News has reported on numerous occasions, doctors who utilize abortion pill reversal say a high dose of the hormone progesterone can stop the effects of a chemical abortion. They’ve explained the clear science behind how it works to save lives if performed in time. …

Thomas More Society, a non-profit legal group, has filed a complaint on behalf of HBI and the other pregnancy crisis centers with the New York Supreme Court to block James’ lawsuit claiming the AG’s “threatened prosecution and intimidation of pregnancy help organizations violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, the New York Constitution and state civil rights law.”

“This is a political witch-hunt against small nonprofits that have selflessly served New York’s pregnant women and their children for over 50 years,” said Peter Breen, the group’s executive vice president. …

Share your prayers and scriptures below for these crisis-pregnancy centers.

(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA/Pexels via Canva Pro)

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Jeanie R.
May 16, 2024

Gracious Father, you know that our enemy, the Devil, is working overtime through AG Latisha James in N.Y. and this latest law suit she is suing Prolife Pregnancy Clinics, like Heartbeat International. Please allow this lawsuit to be CRUSHED & defeated on the basis that everyone has the right to change their mind and take this Abortion Pill Reversal to cut off the Morning After pills deadly effect on babies.
I know children are the apple of your eye, for you said, ‘For such is the Kingdom of Heaven.’
Thank you, Lord, for all you do here on earth for us, as is done in heaven! Let YOUR WILL be done. T.Y.
In Jesus Name — Amen!

May 13, 2024

Father of life and all the living – human life in the womb is under assault again by the evil fingers of Satan trespassing a woman’s womb to tear her offspring out by various forms of mutilating death putting woman at risk of traumatic physical health consequences and lifelong regret. Common sense and natural law were understood by our law givers and did not refer to an unborn baby as a non person. Their personhood was understood. In order to allow abortion today’s courts do not legally recognize the personhood of the preborn or their rightful protection under the 14 amendment. It is their right to born that breech by this attempted legislation and abortion law.
I ask you Lord to protect the preborn and begin to let all women, of whatever persuasion make abortion obsolete through education and common sense training their daughters to not allow a situation for an unplanned pregnancy.. Turn women back to a feminism that honors both women and children – stands against the sexual objectification of women’s bodies and stops extreme feminists who keep the doors of abortion exploitation open for pimps and child traffickers. Wake up women to the exploitation of abortion and the right to honor their bodies and the bodies of their preborn.
These pregnancy centers are your work Lord God. They honoring women and their children- protect your work Lord and keep their doors open.. these doors NO MAN CAN SHUT! in Jesus name.

Sue J
May 13, 2024

Great idea, Daniel White! She needs to see it, to believe it!

Daniel White
May 13, 2024

Show State Attorney General James the surviving and thriving babies born due to these beautiful and successful abortion pill reversals. Invite her to one of these babies birthday party! Show her what a NY state saved citizen’s young life looks like! And what a grateful mother looks like!!🙏

    Darlene Estlow
    May 13, 2024

    I pray in agreement. She is speaking out of her idol worship for abortion and ignorance of the truth that babies have been saved by this treatment. Foil her efforts to bring down pregnancy resource centers and protect them.

JoHelen Strawn
May 13, 2024

Lord, We ask that the lies of the enemy would be exposed and the charges would be dropped immediately against the prolife clinics in New York. We decree that no weapon formed against them will prosper. We decree that all demonic influence will stop. We decree favor on the prolife clinics by the New York judicial system.



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