I Prayed have prayed
Father, we ask that you show us how to responsibly steward the planet you have given us without destroying economies and sending nations into ruins. We need your help, Lord.

Sri Lanka is a scary example of what could be in store for many nations if it is not stopped. We must pray against these globalist plans.

From The Federalist. For a year, the Biden administration told Americans inflation wasn’t real. Then it was “transitory.” Then it was “sticky.” Then inflation was miraculously “real” but perfectly expected as a result of Covid-19 workplace lockdowns. Then it was an unfortunate but “necessary cost” for patriotic Americans to pay in defense of Ukraine against Russian aggression. Now inflation has risen to an annual rate of 9.1 percent, the highest in more than 40 years.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


Tucker Carlson has been outlining how Joe Biden’s Green New Deal energy policies — not Russia’s war in Ukraine or Covid-19’s economic fallout — are directly responsible for our current economic crisis. In following the World Economic Forum’s Build Back Better socialist blueprint for transitioning the economy from one relying on the hydrocarbon energies of oil, coal, and natural gas to one based on insufficient supplies of wind and solar energies, manufacturing and transportation costs have skyrocketed.

Add to this destabilizing energy shift the WEF and Green New Deal’s concerted efforts to shift the global food supply from one based on high-yield, fertilizer-intensive crop farming and traditional cattle and poultry production to a new “sustainable” diet of insects and lab-grown synthetic meats, and it is clear that the Build Back Better agenda touches every part of an individual’s daily life. In one fell swoop, Davos devotees are attempting to overhaul both the energy sources undergirding the global economy and the energy sources that fuel every human being….

The Great Reset, however, is not occurring in a vacuum. … Hunger and loss of savings tend to fracture societies, and not surprisingly, chaos and carnage are now on the rise.

In Sri Lanka, the costs of food and fuel have gotten so high that the island country has nearly collapsed. The president has fled, the prime minister has promised to resign, the socialist nation is in a state of emergency, and fed-up citizens have taken over much of the capital. It is the starkest warning yet to the Build Back Better zealots how devastating for ordinary citizens their forced experiment in social engineering has become….

Riots, famines, societal collapse, and cultural invasion — the globalists’ Great Reset agenda has created the perfect storm of economic insecurity and national instability….

In Sri Lanka, the president hightailed it out of town and headed for paradise in the nearby Maldives. If Europe descends into conflict or outright rebellion, however, where will the World Economic Forum’s leaders hide? Is there someplace left in the world still unscathed from the predictable consequences of their disastrous actions?

How are you praying against the globalist policies and schemes? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Greg Rosenke on Unsplash)

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Anita Doo
July 31, 2022

What was written in the book of Revelation will come to pass, unless the repentance of whole world is achieved which the Bible did not say that.

July 30, 2022

There is no way to fight climate change or the weather Thank God he is in control of weather and there will be new earth one day as this evil one will be destroyed

Caleb Suresh Motupalli
July 29, 2022

Why are you broad-brushing and demonizing climate change policies as globalist?

Susan Blake-Caldwell
July 28, 2022

Good evening ~ I pray regularly for wisdom for our leaders, for the Lord to guide their hearts and minds. They all need to see it from His eyes, without aspiring to be Him. Better they should seek His face in His word and in prayer. We must all pray for them, too.

July 21, 2022

Lord God, we pray for all globalist plans to fail, and for freedom, sovereignty, and liberty to be re-instated and preserved throughout the world. Destroy the plans of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and all other globalist organizations

Charles Smith
July 21, 2022

God please save us from the World Economic Forum’s Build Back Better plans. Expose the evil deeds that are destabilizing our economy and forcing many people into poverty. Have mercy on the poor and hungry in the world.

Deborah P
July 20, 2022

My prayer is that God will confound the evil schemers’ attempts to put in their own plans to hurt all humans in the world. God has said that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to Him. May He continue to confound their evil plans until Jesus returns for us.

The Prayer Sentry
July 20, 2022

Men and women who lie will not find favor with God. https://theprayersentry.com/2022/07/20/everybody-lies-a-little/

July 20, 2022

Father we can hear rumors, but we cannot see behind closed doors. We need Your insight on how to pray. Thank you for those on the front lines that are keeping us informed about what is going on. We ask that Your kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Father expose the evil that lurks around every corner. Send chaos into the enemy’s camp. Help us to pray like never before. We know that the enemy is advancing quickly but we say greater are You that is in us than he that is in the world. Our economy is hanging in the balance as the globalist push their ungodly agendas. Father You can see in every business meeting, You can hear every conference call. You know exactly what is going on and who is behind all the wickedness. Teach us to pray. Thwart the enemy’s plan. Expose his corrupt ways. Let the money supply of the wicked dry up and show us how to fight. You are our source. Your resources are unlimited, We trust in Your divine providence in this hour. Your people will not be shaken for they put their trust in Your faithfulness. Daily remind us of Your miraculous provision. Make us innocent as doves but wise as serpents. Please move on behalf of Your people on this green agenda. Expose the wickedness behind it and why it is being pushed. We thank You for Your faithfulness ahead of time, in Jesus’ name we pray this, Amen.

July 20, 2022

And prepare our hearts for the very possible soon return of our Savior, Jesus. Maranatha!

July 19, 2022

Father almighty great God of power we ask that your Kingdom come and your will be done in this great Land as it is in Heaven in Yeshua name we pray.Amen

July 19, 2022

LORD help us! Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers. LORD guide us in every aspect of our lives, that all we think, say, and do bring glory to your holy name. Father as elections draw near, help us to select men and women who will hold your truths, commandments, and statutes above all else. Place and replace any and all who refuse to follow your direction and Holy Word. Make it our first criteria to elect Christian believers that are doers of your word.

Sharon King
July 19, 2022

O Lord God, Honor, Glory, and Praise be unto You and You alone! You are Mighty, You are Sovereign, You are Faithful and True; we are in need of Your Peace, and Hope ; in these troubling times. We ask on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and especially in Sri Lanka that You would protect them, guide them, help them; for Your Glory. Oh how we need Your wisdom, which comes from Your Holy Word and Your abiding Holy Spirit; reveal Your Truth within us and empower us to stand up for You and for the lost. May we not become discouraged but rather keep our eyes and hearts fixed upon You and You alone; our Rock and Foundation for all time.
In Jesus Name,

Penny Ducharme
July 19, 2022

Father, we plead for your mercy. Our nation has turned so far from you & we do not deserve Your grace, but I plead for it now. Right this ship, Father, and give us a time of revival. I pray in Jesus’ name against the wiles of the enemy and the lies he promotes. We need a Red Sea moment, God. We humbly ask in Your most powerful and precious name to redeem our land. Use us as your lights to this dark world. And, personally, I pray for Your supernatural peace; may I not live in fear, but complete trust in You and Your sovereign control. Amen!

Margie Schramm
July 19, 2022

I’m saddened by the state of destruction that is taking place in our government and others. I pray that a miracle would happen that the people of all countries will fall down and pray to our Father in Heaven to forgive our sins and protect us fit the tyranny and godlessness and restore our lands.

July 19, 2022

Open our eyes to what Your truth is! Bring a revival in Sri Lanka
Raise up leaders who know You follow You! Bring them out of this defeated plans of the enemy! You give life Jesus! Let them call upon Your name to be saved!

Zoe Ella
July 19, 2022

Lord, please bring us Your peace. Please make it clear to all that mankind cannot create better than Your creation, and help each individual steward Your creation responsibly without top-down manipulations.

Barbara Janicki
July 19, 2022

We have access to fuel (oil, gas, coal) and food right here in our own country – enough to fuel and feed ourselves and to export to the world – BUT – our own government is denying us access to our own resources – preventing us from drilling, transporting . . . and as in the Netherlands, they will not want us to grow our own food but to be dependent on government so we can be more easily controlled. Livestock is considered wealth in developing countries, which is why organizations such as World Vision give animals such as goats, ducks, chickens to families so that they can become self-sufficient and independent. There was a reason America “put on her oxygen mask first” – so that we can be generous to the rest of the world. This self-inflicted fuel and food shortage is unnecessary – we have the natural fuels – oil, gas, coal, already – we just have to use them! Ridiculous to have what we need and not to use what God has given us. if we exercise our God given freedoms and take back control of our lives from government’s tyrannical overreaches people don’t have to needlessly starve. The globalists have to destroy economies and starve people, so they will have no opposition. Unarmed, starving people whose land has been taken by government are easy to control. Lord, we beg Your intervention on behalf of Your people and that many more would turn to You during these times of unrest. Be mighty to save us from ourselves as we repent and turn back to You. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Mary Buckley
July 19, 2022

I pray that our country and other countries will turn toward God with humility and repentance asking for his forgiveness and help for our country and especially our children who are being abused, tortured and murdered. We ask our loving God to bind the power of evil, the power of satan and crush the demons. In Jesus name

Vaughn Cassidy
July 19, 2022

We need to all pray that the Lord blocks any attempts by China to take control of these collapsing economies like Sri Lanka, Ghana, Italy and others. Pray that the Lord shuts the mouths of the lions.

July 19, 2022

We need to pray for God’s guidance and we must also act. We must vote out these fools and servants of Satan. We must get to know our candidates and hold them accountable at every level, from dog catcher to POTUS. God created a perfect world and we, his followers, are allowing fools to destroy it. In context, there are the faithful and there globalists who believe they are god. They are destroying economies, industries, energy supplies, and now threatening the global food supply. These globalists are no better than the money chngers at the temapl and need to be dealt with harshly. Tolerance can easily become acceptance and that is what is destroying not only the USA but the rest of the planet as well.

July 19, 2022

Lord, you’ve opened many eyes to these evil schemes. Pull down the strongholds of these arrogant godless people who think they are gods to rule over & control the earth. Let their plans lead to their own ruin if they will not turn instead to You in repentance & submission. Raise up godly & wise servant-leaders quickly to lead nations to live in peace. Help us, your children, to love & help those around us through this evil time, and lead multitudes to You. Give us wisdom & plans & resources to turn our nations around as we look to You, Father. In Jesus’ name, we ask these things.

July 19, 2022

Lord God, annihilate all globalist schemes and policies. Render them fruitless, and restore our freedoms and liberties throughout the entire world.

Linda k Rice
July 19, 2022

Here we are Father. Give us courage to proclaim the message of repentance and faith toward Yeshua.

July 19, 2022

Father, may Your Will be done on earty today as it is in heaven.
In the name of Jesus we plead,

Stephen Swanson
July 19, 2022

htt ps://twitter.com/JesseKellyDC/status/1549075289002708994#m


July 19, 2022

Please fellow Patriots and our remnant church body, pray for mercy and justice. Our GOD loves his world and all those whom follow him. Only HE will save us.
Repent and seek his forgiveness.
All Glory to GOD .🙏

John C. Bossolt
July 19, 2022

Please rally your good intentions and decency into prayer and holy action for our most precious resource, our children.


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