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Father, we pray that your truth and your justice would prevail in this case. Let the real truth come to light, and don't let this case be used to divide our nation any more, Lord.
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This case has the potential to divide the nation even further and lead to a new level of anger and unrest.

From CNN. A Brooklyn-based federal judge was selected on Thursday to serve as an independent arbiter to review the materials seized in the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home.

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The special master will be Senior Judge Raymond Dearie, who was put forward as a possible candidate for the special master role by Trump, who had sued in court to obtain the review. The Justice Department also endorsed Dearie’s appointment.

US District Judge Aileen Cannon also rejected the Justice Department’s bid to resume its criminal investigation into classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago last month. The denial sets the stage for the department’s dispute with Trump over the search to move quickly to an appeals court and potentially the US Supreme Court.

An intelligence community review of the documents has been paused since last week when Cannon ordered the criminal investigation to stop for the moment. DOJ says the two reviews cannot be separated and plans to appeal.

The denial of the government’s request was the latest example of Cannon, nominated by Trump in 2020, showing extreme skepticism to the Justice Department’s handling of records it says should be in the government’s hands because they own them.

Cannon gave the special master a deadline of November 30 to finish his review of potentially privileged documents.

The schedule delays the review’s ending until after the midterm congressional elections — essentially guaranteeing the Mar-a-Lago investigation will move slowly for the next two months, unless a higher court steps in. The appeals process could mean the fight over the documents goes on into the 2024 presidential election cycle. …

Cannon not convinced pausing criminal probe put national security at risk

Cannon on Thursday also rejected several other requests the Justice Department made about how the special master review should proceed. She shoved off the Justice Department’s argument about the national security risks that would come with pausing the criminal investigation into the classified documents — in a break with how judges usually view such claims by the government.

However, she also seemed to create a vague and undefined loophole for the Justice Department to take some steps in the criminal investigation if those steps were necessary and inextricable from the assessment that the intelligence community on the national security risks around disclosure of the documents.

That possible wiggle room aside, her order — if left intact by higher courts — stands to slow down the criminal investigation by at least several weeks.

In her ruling, Cannon said she was unconvinced that pausing the criminal investigation’s review of the documents would cause irreparable harm. …

Steps laid out for special master review

Denying a DOJ request that the special master view conclude by mid-October, Cannon set a November 30 deadline for the process — putting it on timeline closer to the 90 days the Trump team proposed be given to the review.

Cannon is also allowing Trump’s lawyers to review — in a highly controlled setting — the documents marked as classified. The Justice Department had wanted those documents excluded from the special master process entirely. In another rebuff to DOJ, the judge is also instructing the special master to review all of the documents that were seized,.

The judge however sided with the DOJ in how the special master is compensated, ordering that Trump pay the costs, rather than split it 50-50 with Justice Department, as Trump had proposed. …

How are you praying for Trump, for the special master, and over this case as a whole? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from CNN. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Brian lynch
September 19, 2022

I ampraying, quite simply, for Your will to be done. That, to me, is the crux of the issue. We need for Almighty God’s perfect and holy will to be done.

Maria Fillyaw
September 19, 2022

Dear Lord God we lift up former president Trump to you. We pray for his protection and for the truth and for your hand upon him. Draw him close to you and bless him in Jesus name. Protect him and his family in Jesus we pray amen

Jean Johnson
September 18, 2022

Heavenly Father, I pray that You will guide and direct the heart of Senior Judge Raymond Dearie, in that he will not lie, manipulate or cover up the information that is contained within this case. I pray that Your truth, Your justice and Your righteousness will reign throughout this entire process and whatever happens after the Judge reveals the findings. I pray that You will allow this to be completed before the elections (if that is Your perfect timing). I pray that You will vindicate President Trump and the others that have been deliberately targeted! May everyone who’s intent is to destroy President Trump and the others that they will fall into their own nets. Make known to the world who they are and all that they have been doing to undermine this nation and are willing to destroy it. I pray Lord that You will end all of this. Take it down! We know that You are NOT in this. This is evil at it’s highest level. We cannot do this on our own. We recognized our need of You. Please act on our behalf. May You be glorified through all of this and may many be saved through all of this. In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen and Amen!

September 17, 2022

I se Nrw Testament coming to life. Jesus Christ was judged on wbu level and no crime was found on him. The crucified him, on baseless accusations.
We are seeing the end times playing out on Trump.
Jesus Christ will always prevail.

Marsha Bashor
September 17, 2022

Thank you Lord for President Trump. If he was not the man that he is, he would have never survived the last 6 years. Let your armies of angels protect him and his family at all times!
Also let your armies of angels protect the Supreme Court justices, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett.
And bring a revelation to the other three, of your love and kindness for them,
And let your armies of angels usher in the new godly conservative electees for governor, Senator, and representative for our country and who want you to be the head of our government forever and ever! Amen and amen!!!

Mark Brickey
September 17, 2022

We are praying for Trump to stand strong & stay in good counsel as this proceeds & as he prepares for 2024.

September 17, 2022

I am praying that Truth will Prevail, and Evil will be exposed

Marsha Carol Watson Gandy
September 17, 2022


Sharion Hayes
September 17, 2022

Lord, please open up ONLY the truth of this invasion. Please don’t allow any untruths stand as truths,
This was an intrusion and extended the right of the current administration. They, in my opinion, just wanted to check President Trump’s Income Tax Returns. This was their opportunity to accomplish that feat. (Remember Nancy Pelosi screaming for the right to see it?) The last time they checked President Trump’s Tax Return, he had overpaid $8million more than he owed.
The entire invasion was illegal. Oh, they had a signature, but I don’t know why the Judge signed it. The timing of the invasion was when they knew Trump wouldn’t be there. Wasn’t it enough that they blamed Trump for any and everything that they could think of and all those investigations that cost the taxpayer millions went on forever to no avail?
Donald Trump, in the eyes of our Lord, calls him a man that “Knows no fear. ” During 9/11, Trump had all the males in his organization wear suits and walk up and down the streets of New York in the Financial District every day until things calmed down and there for the first time ever, even in a catastrophe, and including protests and demonstrations, there was NO LOOTING. God gave Trump credit for it. My point is that Donald is a man of integrity. He is a man of order. He is a new Christian so there are some mistakes just like we’ve made. For the first time, ministries were welcomed to come in and pray in the White House.
I’m asking you Lord, to bring the truth to this entire nation before the election in 2024. Amen.

    Jean Johnson
    September 18, 2022

    And we ask Lord, that You bring the truth to this entire nation before this election here in November 2022. Do not allow any lying, manipulation or deceit to take place throughout this election cycle. Shut down any censorship against the Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans. Do not allow manipulation of the voting machines, drop boxes, etc. I pray that the eyes of all people will be open to see any deception, manipulation of the votes. May Your truth, Your justice and Your righteousness reign in every aspect of the 2022, 2024 and every single other voting process. Never allow what happened in 2020 to ever happen again! Shut all lying, manipulation, and deceit by Facebook, Twitter and the mainstream media. Take it down if they refuse to be honest and have integrity. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen and Amen!

Ron Alford
September 17, 2022

Father we pray that you would put an end to corruption in America, in the Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Paulene Dougherty
September 17, 2022

Dear Lord, I pray for righteousness to be restored to this nation. I bind every evil spirit operating through every evil actor seeking to destroy this country, let God arise in this nation and his enemies be scattered. I plead the blood of Jesus over President Trump and the Trump family. I do believe he is our rightful president and if that is so, let him be vindicated and resorted to the office. We do not put out faith in a man but in you, and we know you anoint and work through people, and very imperfect ones at that. I plead the blood of Jesus over Gov DeSantis and every other person in government standing for righteousness! please protect them from every Firey dart of the wicked so nothing will harm them, I pray for full restoration and restitution for those who have been wrongfully discharged from their jobs due to the jab mandates. Heal those who are discouraged from praying due to the stolen election and seemingly unchecked proliferation of evil. Give your pastors courage to address this in the pulpits, in Jesus’ name Amen

    Jean Johnson
    September 18, 2022

    Amen and Amen!!! I also pray that You will also restore Mike Lindell, Flynn and any other individual who has been deliberately targeted because they are associated with President Trump. For all of these and President Trump, restore what the Devil has stolen from them. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen and Amen!

Victoria Z
September 17, 2022

Father, let YOUR justice prevail over Trump and our nation in this situation. Let his (our) enemies fall as prey into their own traps that they have set for him and our nation.

While I feel that Donald Trump truly loves America, is unafraid of the elite, and fully intended to overcome their wicked schemes for America, i do also see that his overconfidence has done him damage and his tongue has lacked maturity and diplomacy in the past, he demonstrated arrogance, and some questionable behavior during his term. I think it is still uncertain as to whether those documents were truly officially unclassified according to the established protocol. Trump was not able to just bypass protocols simply because he was President. That is overconfidant and arrogant, and illegal. He needs to learn that his weath and position cant buy him every priviledge or buy him out of trouble especially when the elite hate him so much, he needs to be all the more careful not to give them more reasons to persecute him. Father wise him up according to your wisdom, let YOUR will be done in his life regarding this situation, the previous election and the 2024 election. We still love Donald Trump and we regret and repent that many Christian Pentecostal Americans just believed the prophets that he would automatically get a second term (even possibly an unprecidented third) and therefore we took it for granted and failed to pray enough, we pray for believers who are still not praying for our nation and our leaders despite the daily news, convict, compel, help us pray. If Trump is your plan for America break him loose from all of this even as Samson broke loose from chains and bondages before his hair was cut. If there is one even better that you have chosen, for America,(hopefully many more of your chosen ) raise him/them up and turn our nation around, make is truly great again, and bring justice to the traitors who are hell bent on destroying America. We receive your swift answers to our prayers and thank you.

    Jean Johnson
    September 18, 2022

    And Lord, I pray that You would put a guard over President Trump’s mouth. May he ever be so aware of the Holy Spirit’s leading to shut his mouth when necessary, that no unwholesome words will proceed from his mouth. May he only speak what is edifying to the hearers. May his speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt that he may know how he ought to answer every man. When he speaks, may he only boast in the Lord. I pray that he realizes all that he has is from You and You alone! One other thing, I pray that President Donald Trump would call the nation to FAST and PRAY for this country and the upcoming elections. He could do that at one of his many rallies. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen and Amen!!!

Terry Cook
September 17, 2022

Father forgive us for we have tolerated wickedness in the high places of our government. We have disinvited your presence in our corporate lives and have rejected your wisdom in our chasing after secularism. Our leaders are lost.
Raise up men and women of faith to speak truth–your Truth, not our opinion–calling us to you. We need revival Father and clear voices to be heard, voices like Pete Hegseth who is unintimidated by the secular press in his acknowledgement of and gratitude for Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for this voice. Please give all your people equal courage.

Patricia Thibault
September 17, 2022

God’s throne has justice and righteousness as its foundation, and I pray for HIS PERFECT will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!!! Only a Perfect and holy God knows the heart of every man, woman, and child. He gave Jesus that authority to judge. Perhaps we should quit trying to help Him out by our own opinions and repent!!

September 17, 2022

The Lord is good all the time. By the power of the Almighty God let our cry before Him reach His ears. May all the wicked acts that are perpetrated against God’s beloved servants and people be not hidden from the Father’s sight for the eyes of the angels look to Him alone. Oh, Jesus, the Advocate for the weary and those who call on Your name, we boldly come before You to rub the ears of the Father. Let the Father not hide His face from the plea of His Son who is seated at His right hand. Father, favor not those whose mouths are filled with dishonor, untruths, and whose utternance are filled with mischief. We stand on Your promises. Hear, oh Father, your children for we take refuge in you. Unveil our eyes and rend our hearts for the wicked are unrelenting in their devices. Let the wicked stumble and fall in their devices that they create. Let not the world say, “Where is your God.” We declare that there is none like you and nothing is hid from Your sight. Almighty God, reveal your glory before our very eyes that those who do not yet know Uou may know that You are the Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth and everything in it. You are King of kings and Lord of lords. There is none like you. As you have delivered Your first born from the hands of Pharoah, deliver the nation of the United States of America and Israel from the design of the wicked. We give You thanks and praise for continually sustaining those who You anointed with voices strong to declare Your goodness for You alone are good all the time. Surround them with the forces of Your mighty warring angels as You did of Daniel and doubly sustain them with riches overflowing as you did of David and Solomon and boldness as you did of Moses and Joshua to declare what is righteous in Your sight. Let their voices resound to declare what You already have done through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We claim the deliverance of this nation and Israel for Your glory alone through Jesus Christ our Lord. We look to the redemption of this nation and return to Your Righteousness. Let all glory and wisdom and might and thanksgiving be to You alone Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen. Alleluia.

Brian lynch
September 17, 2022

This whole issue is just so unbelievable. The very idea of invading the home of a former President and seizing documents which are in his home is totally unacceptable. This isn’t shocking, though, when you realize just how over-the-top our current governmemnt is when it comes to doing evil things. I am encouraged that this judge, Aileen Cannon, has set some boundaries with these anything-goes, evil government officials who are out to destroy Trump. Lord Jesus, I pray that YOUR will prevails in this whole mess, and, that President Trump WILL be vindicated. Thank You in advance, Lord.

Jan Slack
September 17, 2022

My prayers mirror Joan Lemoine below. May our just and loving Father continue to protect Trump and his family from the dark cloud of unrelenting injustices performed. Amen

September 17, 2022

God loves justice! Justice!

Joan Lemoine
September 17, 2022

Heavenly Father I come before your Thone of Grace Lord asking you to bring this to an end. The Democrats have come against President Trump since the beginning. My prayer Lord is for you to bring out all the injustice, lies, and corruption. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray 🙏 Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. Yes and Amen

Connie Segeleon
September 17, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you! Thank you for keeping those that fight against the evil and corruption strong. I ask for continued strength for them and pray that you show the world that you will not tolerate their evil. Continued prayers for truth, Amen

M Luchaco
September 17, 2022

Thank you 🙏🏾 for having this available, including prayers yet I believe even more imperative to pray for the church to awaken to the need to pray.
If the millions, if not billions that say they’ve surrendered their life to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior would awaken to the seriousness of the battle with the flesh and the enemy satan, then these matters would be obsolete to the greatest extent. The veil over people could be destroyed considering the finished work on the cross by Jesus Christ our Savior & Lord. Thank you all for your continued fight of the good fight for genuine souls to be saved and the church to come alive Spiritually with action to our faith in Jesus Christ Name
Thank You 🙏🏾 to bring Your Light of Truth into every crevice the principalities and powers of darkness have tried to raise their ugly head. Awaken Your people to the need to pray, stand, speak 🗣, activate faith to expose these treacherous deeds. If those that have given themselves over to evil spirits, knowingly or not can be redeemed, I pray Your heavy Hand of conviction wouldn’t allow them to rest until they confess, repent, change their heart to serve You Almighty Creator of all and all of their ill deeded attempt to harm President Trump, his family, any associated with him and all others Governor Ron DeSantis & family, administration, Governor Greg Abbott & family, administration all others that are trying to stand for Truth, righteousness, faith in this USA 🇺🇸 awaken your to church to the need to be involved in local, state, federal government and to stand for Biblical values and laws to be upheld and the Constitution abided by.
As well as the plethora of other subjects at hand.
Awaken Your church YHWH
We need You in peace and in times of turmoil.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
In Jesus Christ Mighty Name
The people bless the Lord
The Lord bless the people
Thank you 🙏🏾 for taking my comment

Susan Kleine
September 17, 2022

Lord, thank you for keeping President Trump strong during yet another onslaught of persecution. Please bring this to a speedy and fair conclusion and protect him and his family from harm.

    Nancy Berkey
    September 17, 2022

    I pray for God to deliver this country from these evil people and give govt positions to God-fearing Christians who follow the constitution. I also pray for God to place a hedge of protection around President Trump, his family and associates. May all the true evil be exposed and corrected. In Jesus’Holy Name. Amen.☦️🙏

Rose Stephens Olmsted
September 17, 2022

With God, we shall do valiantly. It is He who shall tread down the enemy. We’ll sing and shout the victory, Christ is King.


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