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Father, we pray for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Silence the shrieks of the opposition, God, and protect the lives of the unborn across the nation.
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The Supreme Court is a much different place than in months past, and it seems to be a sign of things to come.

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This week I gathered with other believers at a home behind the Supreme Court. We fellowshipped, read the Word, and worshipped together.

While the gathering in such a strategic location is certainly important, something struck me about that time.

I watched as a gate to the court opened, and two government SUVs sped out out, apparently shuttling someone important. Several police vehicles and officers were stationed nearby, and the officers stared at me, as though sizing me up.

The streets that are normally open to traffic behind and in front of the court are barricaded.

I spoke with one of those officers, who told me the increased police presence was in anticipation of the Roe v. Wade ruling and the assumption that there would be some “unhappy people either way” the ruling went.

A large, black fence has been erected as well, about 8-feet high. Signs on the fence say “Area closed by order of the Supreme Court marshal.”

In front of the court there is a second, shorter barricade in front of the fence with signs saying, “Police Line Do Not Cross.”

Looking at the fences and officers, I couldn’t help but think of the looming fence authorities constructed around the Capitol after Jan. 6.

In D.C., the mood doesn’t feel much different…the city is fearfully anticipating the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the possibility of violent protests in its aftermath.

Be encouraged, not discouraged

Despite this, I feel God has shown me something about these protests and the intimidation they bring.

You see, when Jesus or Paul delivered people of evil spirits in the Bible, we see that they often screamed or violently shook as the spirits left them.

Even though the people were being set free, the process was messy and verged on being violent.

I believe what we have begun to witness in our nation on the abortion issue is a similar phenomenon.

When the Supreme Court leak showed the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade a few weeks ago, the media panicked and began “shrieking.”

Then protesters gathered and verged on violence outside Justices’ homes. They spewed vitriol.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

It seems that evil spirits like to make a spectacle when they are losing.

Do not be intimidated, be encouraged! I believe we are on the verge of a nationwide deliverance of our own. The spirit of death and abortion will be overthrown, and America will be delivered!

So don’t be surprised when the media and protesters begin shrieking and shaking.

That is normal when Jesus is overthrowing evil spirits.

With this in mind, let us pray:

-Father, we ask that you would deliver our nation from the spirits of death and child sacrifice that have been invited in through sanctioned abortion. Set us free, Lord!

-Father, protect us from the intimidation that is rising up as we are seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade. Give us and our leaders conviction and courage to stand for truth and life, no matter the fear, intimidation or threats that come their way.

-Father, we pray for the mothers who are struggling to find the support or funds to take care of a child on their own. Give them the provision and community they need, Lord, and reveal yourself to them as the Good Father.

Verses to press into as you intercede on this issue:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations. 

-Jeremiah 1:5

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. 

-John 8:36

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

-Ephesians 5:11

How are you praying for the overturning of Roe v. Wade? Share you prayers in the comments.

Casey Harper is a writer in the Washington, D.C. area covering national politics. He has worked for The Daily Caller, The Hill, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A graduate of Hillsdale College, Casey’s work has also appeared in Fox News, Fox Business, Washington Examiner, and USA Today. Follow him on Twitter: @CaseyHarper33. Photo Credit: Casey Harper.

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June 20, 2022

Keep PRAYING. Persevere and persist until abortion is abolished. Let’s continue to pray in Faith AND Gratitude. Pray that the majority will NOT relent or compromise. Pray that more join the majority. Pray that even one or more of the dissenters have radical Saul to Paul conversions and join the majority. Pray that the Court will have the moral fortitude to recognize the babies have personhood and human rights from conception–and that they grant protection, due process, and right to life. Release songs of life into the atmosphere (better than mine) https://youtu.be/-8mQe8YyTIk
God sees abortion as the murder of His children, the children He knits together in the womb. There is enough in the Constitution for SCOTUS to rightfully rule that babies are persons with human rights from conception, thus granting them nationwide protection, due process, and right to life. Praying that they will repent and have the moral fortitude to fear God rather than men (or women) who oppose God’s righteousness.
And praying that the States will act upon the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates and enact State laws [to honor the Constitution] to recognize that the Creator made us persons from conception (fertilization), and that as such, we as humans are owed the Constitutionally-protected right to life and due process from conception.

Dean William
June 8, 2022

I have to disagree. It is sort of the exact evil opposite of what largely innocent people were accused of on January 6 to increase power for the wicked, these same wicked that will desperately use the rage of other wicked people, justify it for them, for the sake of increasing their power.

    Dean William
    June 8, 2022

    My pervious reply was not to the article in general which i have been sensing/discerning virtually the same thing as well, but rather a reply to the comment of David Henne.

David Henne
June 7, 2022

This comes perilously close to saying that we should expect unlawful acts like that on 6 January 2021, and they are indeed necessary in order to improve our society. This subverts the democratic process for achieving this end. If we allow actions like this to be repeated, the republic will be over.

Theresa Konopa
June 7, 2022

Dear Lord, help us see the evil in abortion.
We need to repent and ask for your forgiveness.
Lord may you abolish Roe V Wade in 2022!!
So then you can BLESS THE USA!!
Thank you Jesus

Jessie L.
June 7, 2022

Since Dutch Sheets of Give Him 15 posted his invitation to pray through IFA for the overturning of Roe v Wade I have been praying for at least 1 hour from 10-11 pm each night since Dec 1, 2021. That day began my commitment to pray intentionally, and I have prayed for many different issues in our country/ world about this matter. Please join me! I am blessed to be part of this very important “Life Matter.” I have especially prayed for each Justice of the Court and everyone in the Court that is involved! 🙏

Denise Turner
June 5, 2022

Jesus swallowed up sin and death and He came to give life. Your will be done, Father.

Marsha Bashor
June 4, 2022

Children are a blessing from the Lord. The Lord made man and woman to multiply and bring children into the earth! The Lord wants life! The Lord loves the little children! The Lord does not want Roe v Wade to be a law of our land! Thy will be done! Amen

June 4, 2022

I really appreciate this. My senator wrote her violent response to the saving of babies. At first, I wanted to reply in kind. Then, I asked God, like King David would have, if I should reply. I had no peace. Then, I listened to IFA with the lady who took in ages out children, and now, this.
Yes, I will reply. But, my reply will go to the Creator and He will mail it.
God, owner of heaven and earth, turn hearts that have been calloused to you so that they will, like Paul, fight FOR You with as much fervor as they do AGAINST You.
Thank you, Father.

Victor Pioli Pioli
June 4, 2022

Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing our prayers and continue to guide us in all matters.

Hope Kolb
June 4, 2022

Your work is so crucial and inevitably effective! Please watch out for typos (we instead of were, you instead of your, etc.) because they give the opposition a chance to show contempt and accuse us of ignorance. A bit more proofreading would take care of it!

Ms Mary
June 4, 2022

Lord, as you gave victory to Gideon’s tiny army, we know our numbers don’t have to be huge to obtain the victory!

Ms Mary
June 4, 2022

Lord, as you gave victory to Gideon’s tiny army, we know our numbers don’t have to be huge to obtain the victory! Thank You for the victory and thank You for this army of intercessors and their faithfulness to pray. And thank You that we can pray in the mighty Name of Jesus!

June 4, 2022

I asked God why there is a young generation so lost and I realized there’s a generation of children before them who would have witnessed to them but were killed instead. Every life has a purpose and calling embedded in our very DNA. Every life matters . Their absence is being felt by a whole generation but I refuse to give up on them because I faith in you God and you said my little mustard seed of faith could move a mountain. God help the lost young people see that an unborn life matters to us all. God save the children.

Susan CC
June 4, 2022

Casey Harper, I agree prayerfully:
-Father, we ask that you would deliver our nation from the spirits of death and child sacrifice that have been invited in through sanctioned abortion. Set us free, Lord!
In the Precious Name of Yeshua, Your Only Begotten Son. Amen

-Father, protect us from the intimidation that is rising up as we are seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade. Give us and our leaders conviction and courage to stand for truth and life, no matter the fear, intimidation or threats that come their way.
In the Powerful Name of Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen

-Father, we pray for the mothers who are struggling to find the support or funds to take care of a child on their own. Give them the provision and community they need, Lord, and reveal yourself to them as the Good Father.
In the All Sufficient Name of Yeshua, our God and Savior. Amen

Father God, I pray for Casey and all others who are in the crosshairs of the enemy. Keep him (them) strong. Keep him (them) full of Your purpose. Keep him (them) in lockstep with You. Keep him (them) garbed in Your mighty armor for Your Glory and his (their) good. I pray in the Victorious Name of Jesus The Messiah. Amen

June 4, 2022

Almighty God, we come against the funding of abortion by the left elites; who in turn make billions off the abortion industry. If their names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, we pray that You would remove them from financial prominence by means You deem necessary; according to Your perfect will! Release Your army angels to push back the demonic principalities over abortion! For those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life we pray for their repentance and salvation. That all their monies would be funneled back to save the unborn and help counsel and support those needing help through unwanted pregnancies .

Darlene Estlow
June 4, 2022

Thank you Father for the victory that is coming. Thank you for this message that gives understanding to the violence and screaming we see and hear around us. May we not walk in fear but know we are under your protection and you are bringing life to our nation. In your mercy and love, open the eyes of those who don’t understand abortion or are ignoring the results that they may see truth and repent.

June 4, 2022

Jerimiah 32.35 they were sacrificing their children to the false god’s, and God couldn’t even “imagine” such a thing! Lord, we pray in agreement with Proverbs 6 that the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination to You.

June 4, 2022

Heavenly Host of Divine Protection…Protect the Supreme Court Justices…their families, homes, transportation & physical bodies from the evil one. We know we have an enemy… he comes to kill, steal rob & destroy but he is a defeated foe through our LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! We know the enemy comes to cause confusion, chaos & death but YOU came to bring sanity of mind, Shalom & life abundantly. In our world today, it seems the enemy is winning when in TRUTH he has already been DEFEATED as REVELATION confirms…GOD WINS!

I do pray for those who believe the lies about abortion & who do not know YOU as their SAVIOR. I humbly pray & ask that their Spiritual eyes would be opened to YOUR TRUTH & that their hearts would be good soil for the Gospel TRUTH unto SALVATION through YOU… JESUS CHRIST ALONE!

Then & only then will they know Peace, Purpose & Passion in YOU & YOUR TRUTH that will redeem their souls & set them free from their destructive ways that lead to eternal death & separation from everything GOD & GOOD!

Amen…I humbly pray & submit this request in JESUS CHRIST’S ALL POWERFUL & PERFECT NAME! For there is NO other name in Heaven or on Earth with the POWER to change the situation or move a Spiritual Mountain but HIS NAME ALONE!

June 4, 2022

Amen! Poppa God, my Maker and Master, Jesus Messiah, thank you so much for this good word. Thank you for Your Holy Spirit too. When the shrieks are loudest let us lovingly say Come or Jesus, there is power in your name. Healing power, deliverance, restoration, praise and thanks to our Redeemer. Forgive us for forgetting how powerful Your love is Lord, we have been feeling deep pain as a nation, with rampant shootings, a ‘logical’ result in a nation who has slide into legally killing babies up to 28 days old…forgive us, keep Your promise to forgive, cleanse and heal our land…

June 4, 2022

I am praying for such a miracle that it will NOT be just a majority but all nine justices for LIFE!
God Himself move all 9 in ways that are beyond our comprehension to vote for life. Give them no rest, visit them in dreams, speak to them through their own children and grandchildren.

June 4, 2022

Father protect the Supreme Court justices, their homes and families during this momentous time. Give them all Your heart and mind to save the banies and deliver our nation from death and human sacrifice. Have Your way Lord.

Mary Garland
June 4, 2022

Father in Your Word You tell us if we pray according to Your Word it is already done. The devil is already defeated in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

Concetta Yamauchi
June 4, 2022

Heavenly Father protect your innocent infants and all of your Children. Thank you

John Crawford
June 4, 2022

We thank You, Father that the rule of law in the United States is subject to Your law. We thank You that the authority of the supreme court is under Your authority. Therefore, we submit the decision facing the Supreme Court concerning Roe v Wade to You this day. We decree and we declare that this evil law be overturned and the stronghold of the murder of innocent children be brought down because of our relationship with Your Son, Jesus. We give You all the glory and all the praise in advance. Amen and Amen.

Cathy W
June 4, 2022

THANK you IFA for exposing more truths to the Christian community that we have not been aware of (for example, the Globalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and their evil plan for humanity). By exposing these truths, believers are being educated and have heard the truth and now can PRAY like never before! And watch the Heavens explode with God at the helm, because of our consolidated prayer efforts!!! WOW!

THANK you IFA!!! Networking Believers in united prayer is THE most powerful tool to fight the plans of the enemy who wants to kill and destroy. …..✝️🙏🎉


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