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Father we ask that our leaders' words and actions would unite our nation, not divide us. Unite us around Your truth.
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Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Sunday slammed President Joe Biden for further dividing the nation…

“You talked about a divided nation, he should stop dividing the nation and he’s done nothing to unify and heal the nation as he said in his Inaugural address,” Johnson charged.

“We need a strong America and you don’t strengthen America by weakening it with massive debt and newest entitlements, more deficit spending,” he added…

“Crawling back with a deal with Iran, what he’s doing in Afghanistan, the travesty that’s going to create, he’s showing weakness globally and our adversaries know that and they will act on that,” Johnson warned.

The Senator also railed at the lack of transparency about what China knows about both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s business dealings…

“The agencies are covering for the Bidens and they have always been covering for them…,” he charged.

Johnson weighed in on the bipartisan infrastructure effort…

“I don’t understand why any Republican would cooperate with them in passing this reckless spend and tax spree,” he said….

What are your thoughts about the way that words can unify or divide? Add your prayers below!

(Excerpt from Newsmax. Article by Fran Beyer. Photo Credit: Toni Sandys-Pool/Getty Images)

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Dayan Hill
July 28, 2021

I pray for Senator Charles Grassley whose Secret Service SECURITY PROTECTION was canceled by the White House when he started asking good questions.
Lord I pray that there will be a strong Christian witness among the members of Congress; that YOU will grant a revival of spiritual fervor among them, strengthen them and protect them.

Rolanda Shrader
July 28, 2021

Lord God we know that you are uncovering and exposing those in our nation that are anti-Americans no matter what party they stand with. Let your hand of justice come forth removing the wicked and ruthless man from power and position in our nation. We declare America shall be saved! In Jesus Name.


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