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Lord we ask that our representatives would have a heart for You, and that the legislation they create would align with Your destiny for this nation and Your love for life.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has approved various spending packages that would effectively tear down a longstanding, legislative wall between taxpayer money and abortions.

In a series of unprecedented moves, Democrats removed language barring funding for abortions overseas (Helms Amendment, passed in 1973) and at home (Hyde Amendment, 1976) – both of which polling has shown to be unpopular with majorities of the American public…

House committees, led by Democrats, also voted for appropriations that omitted longstanding bans on funding federal prisoners’ abortions, abortions in D.C. (a.k.a. Dornan Amendment), funding through the Peace Corps (Young), and funding for elective abortion services or coverage administrative expenses under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (Smith FEHBP).

The approved spending so far also excludes a requirement that foreign, nongovernmental organizations not perform abortions if they receive federal funding. That’s in addition to the administration deciding to repeal the Mexico City Policy, which blocks taxpayer money from flowing to organizations that promote abortions…

The omissions in the House budget represent a dramatic shift from previous years in which Americans could avoid funding some abortions even if they disagreed with the practice.

“The pro-abortion Democratic agenda to eliminate popular, lifesaving protections is a sad and stark change,” said Susan B. Anthony List legislative director Jamie Dangers.

“The Hyde and Hyde-like amendments have been bipartisan policies for decades…The extreme position of Democratic leaders to push for abortion funding is not only wrong, but politically untenable — alienating even their base.”…

Add your prayers below, and contact your congressional representatives to share your thoughts.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Article by Sam Dorman. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Susan CC
July 28, 2021

Father, You formed man from the dust and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils. In Your Hands are the lives of every living thing, the breath of ALL mankind. Father, it is in You we live and move and have our being…we are Your offspring. I ask that You do what seems impossible, save the unborn…each and every life that is in danger now or will be. I pray for Divine Intervention for their lives and Divine Justice for those who intend evil. You say Your word burns like fire! It is like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces! In the Name of Jesus, Abba Father, I pray You would utterly destroy these plans. Amen

Genesis 2:7, Job 12:0, Acts 17:28

    Anna Lea
    July 29, 2021

    Amen to Susan’s prayer, I stand in agreement with her. I also pray for the each woman contemplating an abortion…she will be going through an excruciating time of decision to do or not to do….Lord I pray that your love, and your will, will intervene during this time in her life. I ask you to raise up women with the gospel in their hearts and the words on their tongues, and your love in their hands in order to reach out to these women in their hour of need. They need Light in their darkness, in Jesus name I ask. Amen

      Susan CC
      July 29, 2021

      Yes Father, Your Will be done in each and every mind and decision! Amen


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