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Lord, we pray that You would protect our families. Guard us from the Enemy, God, and let Your will be done in our homes.

The first institution God established on earth was the family.

It is, without question, the most important to God and the most hated by Satan.

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God’s greatest desire and plan for us and our families is that we would live in peace and harmony with Him and each other— that we would enjoy walking together daily in His presence. He blessed us with the plentiful earth to watch over and govern. However, Satan, God’s sworn enemy, is hell-bent on destroying our families. We are in a battle of the ages. What is at stake is nothing less than the destinies of our children and grandchildren and the kind of world they will grow up in.

Evil forces on every side are attempting to pull families apart beyond anything we could have previously thought possible. Hordes of demonic spirits have been assigned to use every deception and temptation imaginable to break up marriages and terminate the rights (and even the inclination) of parents to raise their children with a biblical worldview.

Ungodly influences are redefining and distorting God’s original design for the family, right down to what it means to be a man or woman, boy or girl.

In one way or another, we all are experiencing the fallout of this battle in our personal lives: broken families (our own or those around us), unprecedented levels of anxiety and conflict, and the tragic collapse of the ideals that built our nation.

Is it any wonder then that we are currently seeing levels of brokenness and disintegration in families like never seen before? Know this: the battle is bigger than you even know. It goes beyond simply the stability and security and happiness of your family or mine. The very structure of the family unit is under attack, and thus the future of civilization is at risk. We are in a war over our families, and it’s a battle of life and death.

As the Family Goes, So Goes the Nation

Satan knows the value of family—how it was designed to be the bedrock of society, the basic building block of nations, and the future of God’s work on earth. To the degree that families are strong, a nation is strong. To the degree that families fail, nations crumble. Satan knows that if he can destroy the family, he can destroy the nation. It is no wonder he has put a bull’s-eye on the nuclear family. It is no wonder families everywhere are experiencing what feels like an all-out attack!

Perhaps you’ve never thought about how everything in the world revolves around the family:

The family establishes the values that influence all of society.

It is in the home that children learn right from wrong. The family is the place where character is formed in children—the place where they learn to honor God or deny Him. Thus, the effects of the family reach beyond the four walls of the home and extend to the moral, social, and civil life of the nation. Every young person steps from the door of home into the field of life. And the way our young people learn to conduct themselves at home is the same way they will conduct themselves in culture, transforming it for better or worse.

Family is the building block of a healthy economy.

Strong families produce wealth. For millennia, families have worked to create their own businesses, developing the flow of revenue. Even the root word for economy in Greek is oikonomia, which means “family” or “household management.” Today, family-owned businesses are still the backbone of the economy in many nations. Thus, if we have stronger families, we have stronger schools, stronger churches, and stronger communities with less poverty and crime.

The Kingdom of God grows through families.

Much of the Bible is the record of how God worked through families to achieve His purposes: Moses and Aaron; Joseph and his brothers; Ruth and Boaz; Esther and Mordecai—and, in the New Testament, through families like Timothy, Lois, and Eunice; and Priscilla and Aquila. The covenants God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and later David all happened within the context of families.

The family is the foundation of salvation.

In fact, the apostles’ explicit intention was to influence the family unit as a whole, as we see when Paul and Silas encountered the Philippian jailer:

Then he brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, you and your household.” Then Paul and Silas spoke the word of the Lord to him and to everyone in his house. …And without delay, he and all his household were baptized (Acts 16:30-33 BSB).

Over and over in the book of Acts, we see that entire households accepted the Gospel and were baptized together. This is how the early Church grew so rapidly.

The family is the means by which the stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness are passed down from generation to generation:

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done…so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born…. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds (Psalm 78:4, 6-7 NIV).

Family is the blueprint for how God’s Kingdom is established and grows on earth.

We see this when God gave a mandate for families in Genesis 1:27-28: “be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth” (AMP). Satan hates the fact that humans are made in the image of the eternal God and that they can procreate and raise godly children to influence culture and rule the earth.

This last point leads to the most important aspect of why Satan opposes the family. To understand the depth of the evil one’s hatred for God’s design, we must go back to creation and God’s original blueprint.

God’s Original Design for the Family

The first family’s home was set in the context of a beautiful garden. God’s original design was that home would be like Heaven, saturated with peace and joy. Truly, it was Heaven on earth. Life for Adam and Eve was simple, and the highlight of their day was spending time with Him and each other. They filled their days walking and talking with the Lord, caring for the garden, and keeping it fruitful and protected. The Garden of Eden was a picture of God’s design for home. His tangible presence was there. Adam and Eve had everything they needed in abundance.

We see this plan unfold when God created Adam and Eve and commissioned them as a family. Their purpose was to bring children into their world, raise them to walk with God, fill the earth, and inhabit it, expanding their garden home. As they did what God had instructed them to do, they would extend the rule of God’s government throughout the earth.

We see God’s plan for family clearly defined in the Genesis account:

So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them. And God blessed them [granting them certain authority] and said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subjugate it [putting it under your power]; and rule over (dominate) the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every living thing that moves upon the earth” (Genesis 1:27-28 AMP).

God established a partnership with Adam and Eve and empowered them to be fruitful, multiply, and take dominion in the earth. You may be asking the question, “What did God mean when He said to take ‘dominion’?” In Hebrew, the word is ra’dah, which means “to operate in authority, rule, tread down” and “conquer.” The Lord told Adam and Eve, “You will govern, manage, be fruitful, multiply, and rule the earth with Me.” The two Hebrew words used for fruitful and multiply are pa’ra and ra’ba. Pa’ra means to bear fruit like a tree, being productive and reproductive, while ra’ba means to become great or many, to multiply and increase.

Also, the Hebrew word for dominion in verse 28 is ka’bash, which signifies the need to subdue and dominate. God’s original intent was that His creation would be governed by humans.

Think about it—one of the primary themes of the Bible is, “Who will rule the earth?” In its first chapter, God gets right to the point: “I want family, and My family will ‘rule’ the earth (their home) for Me (see Gen. 1:26-28). They will be the extension and expression of My Kingdom’s government there. This is how I will release My influence, My righteous Kingdom ideals and ways, into the whole earth.” That is true, and it is profound.

The Hebrew word for dominion and rule in this Genesis passage makes clear that the Creator was delegating to Adam and Eve this responsibility (ra’dah)—“to rule over, to govern.” The ancient Hebrew psalmist knew this truth when he changed the word ra’dah (“dominion” and “rule”) in Genesis 1:28 to ma’shal in Psalm 8:6, which means “absolute dominion and rule through God.” The psalmist clarified that God meant that all creation was delegated to Adam and Eve—“to rule over, subdue, and govern.”

When God created Adam and Eve, male and female, in His own image, He gave them authority over everything He had made. Satan at this time was subject to Adam and Eve’s authority! But, through deception, Satan, coming as a serpent, convinced Adam and Eve to agree with and submit to his words in disobedience to God. In so doing, Adam and Eve forfeited God’s goodness and relinquished their authority. They surrendered to Satan the keys over mankind and the earth, submitting to his rule.

But that wasn’t the end of the story—all was not lost. God knew this would happen and had created another plan; He had a “second Adam” ready to step in and redeem all mankind. So God sent into the world His one and only Son, Jesus, who was all man and sinless, to reclaim His creation and restore its governing authority (see Luke 10:19; 1 Cor. 15:21-25; Eph. 1:20-21; 2 Pet. 1:3). This unfolding story in the Bible narrates the clash of two kingdoms, God’s and Satan’s, with mankind as the prize.

The history of mankind is all about whose family will rule the earth—God’s or Satan’s. So, that is the heart of the matter. God designed family to carry out His purposes—to govern, manage, and rule, and to defeat Satan’s rule and reign in the earth. No wonder Satan is doing everything in his power to dismantle the family and destroy our children’s lives and future!

Satan’s Strategy to Destroy the Family

Have you ever thought about this? Everything we see in the news headlines today, the most pressing assaults against our culture, are all aimed at the family. Every critical issue—marriage, sexuality, our children’s identity, and the lives of babies in the womb—are at the epicenter of every battle.

Moving these ungodly ideologies to become accepted as social “norms” is an overarching strategy of Satan. And he’s using every sphere of culture to work together synergistically to move his agenda forward. If you think about it, currently every one of the seven spheres of culture seems bent on destroying the family—whether it be the entertainment industry, news media, government, education, business, or, sadly, even some churches and denominations.

Editor’s note: God has a plan for Your family. Ask Him and listen for His direction and promises. For prophetic and practical help safeguarding your family, check out Fire on the Family Altar by Cheryl Sacks, available from Prayer Shop.

If you’d like to hear more from Cheryl Sacks on this topic, make sure you watch our last Pray with America’s Leaders webcast!

How are you praying for the families of America? Share your prayers for your family below!

(This is an excerpt from Fire on the Family Altar by Cheryl Sacks, available from Prayer Shop. Used with permission. By Cheryl Sacks from Destiny Image. Photo Credit: Patricia Prudente on Unsplash)

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April 6, 2023

Lord, we place a hedge of protection around all the families that call on your name with the precious Blood 🩸 of Jesus and ask that you open the eyes and ears of those that are blinded by the enemy so they would receive the comfort of being under the shadow of your wings in Jesus name

April 2, 2023

All of my children are grown and all are struggling spiritually. From outright hostility toward all “religion” to a haphazard approach to a relationship with our Savior. These attacks have been happening for years and now are becoming incredibly intense. I wish I had known better how to pray protection from Satan’s attacks over them. We did church, Sunday school, Awana, VBS, Christian camps and personal prayers and Bible reading! We thought we had them covered but we did not realize what harm the public schools and media and entertainment industries would do to them. If you are parenting today, be wise and vigilant in covering them with strong spiritual shields against demonic activity.

April 2, 2023

I have had it with Satan and all his foes. We as Ambassadors have Authority and Domion in JESUS NAME to quench and destroy all the power of satan. Get your ROAR back and speak to the Atmosphere and paralize the enemies Agenda. Take back your family. Enough of killing babies. We fight for pro-life. We will prevail!!! God is about family. You have the Blood of Jesus. You have the Holy Spirit. You have the Name of JESUS. Rise up Warriors and Fight. Know your Identity in JESUS. Big Amen

Darlene Estlow
April 2, 2023

Father, preserve your unit of the family. Protect them. Destroy Planned Parenthood, take away their finances and their favor. Change hearts of parentless families to desire to have babies, protect pregnancies that children are not lost. We praise your name that families are the building blocks of society. Put the foundation of faith under each family and may each family come to worship you.

Gayle Robinson Snyder
April 2, 2023

Without a doubt families are important, but so are singles. When is the church going to wake up to its Biblical mandate to support and defend singles? 1 Cor 12 talks about the variety of the body of Christ and states “if one part suffers, all parts suffer with it (v. 26). I have read many such articles which link the well-being of families to society; no doubt that is very important, but far from the whole thing. Scripture routinely links the well-being of society to righteousness and Godly people with no mention of marital or familial status.

    Darlene Estlow
    April 2, 2023

    I am single also. God does not delete singles from his plan. But his perfect plan is for the family to lead the nation to Christ. As I watch the attack on the family, I know that if the family is defeated, even single people will be defeated. The family is key to raising our children, some to be single, to serve God as first in their lives!

Roger fox
April 1, 2023


Linda k Rice
April 1, 2023

The attacks will come and they will shake everything that needs to be shaken. Don’t be fooled.

It no longer matters my name
April 1, 2023

My family and myself personally has been attacked. Really really disturbing and disgusting lack of respect for life. God told me he sees all and I have a right to be devasted, upset, and treat them just as ridiculous as they are not respecting life. God says that we have our life and we want to do good things and we looked at others with love and that’s very good of me but others are not deserving and they have to deal with the drain on society they caused. God says bad may have happened to me but much much worse is coming to them and I am not to help them just like they did to me. I got the impression that my God is a God of vengeance and many are not guilty of any wrongdoing but are truly the victims of evil. God wants to get back to the good things he started even if that means we will be protected and without a lot of others. God has plans for each of us your plan is not mine and some have interfered and God will see to interference too

    My name no longer matters
    April 1, 2023

    Also I and others are to be ourselves. No matter the cost or outcome as I was made to be me. God says being a carbon copy of 100000 others is a no and their violence will come back to them expect it in horrific ways and we are to turn our backs on them. Because evil is evil. People should not want to protect the rights of man who keeps women beneath the floor of homes and urinates on her is the disturbing analogy god gave me for these people and it’s real true evil exists and it happened to me and God wants life righted and cherished their should never be a reason to advance their agenda. A very scary lesson will be learned

April 1, 2023

Pray without ceasing for our families, for God’s intervention in America. We need divine intervention at this moment in time. Pray prayers of exorcism to remove the evil spirits controlling people in power and many Americans. Pray that the Holy Spirit removes the blinders from every Americans eyes. Pray for a great awakening to save America! Our Lord will act and the Holy Spirit will guide us!

Shawn McCartney
April 1, 2023

Thanks for the Godly wisdom on protecting our families. Our family was a victim of satans vicious attacks. We are still in the process of recovery. The good news is God is the God of restoration and healing. Fathers be on guard. Fight for you family like your life depends on it, because it does. Listen to you wives, they see things and have wisdom in areas that us Fathers just don’t see. God Bless you all. And God Bless America

Pat Jordan
April 1, 2023

Lord God, I praise You for Your goodness toward us. Help us to stand strong against the destroying attacks of the devil on our families. Holy Spirit help us to recognize his attempts and continue to press for our families especially the children, in Jesus name. Amen

Marsha Bashor
April 1, 2023

I do ask protection from you Lord for our families who are being attacked daily by the evil one! Thank you for providing the family unit for young children to grow up in and be protected from evil. I ask you Lord to restore the family in this country to have a mother and a father in the home. Put the family unit back together which has been torn apart. Let the family be under your covering, under your wings as in Psalm 91. Protect the family unit in your love. Let children be born in the family. Thank you in Jesus’ name. ✝️

April 1, 2023

Satan has convinced many of us that passive “niceness” is a Christian’s calling. We can hear the Spirit’s call to action in the words of the Lord’s prayer ” Your kingdom to come, Your will to be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” Satan wants us to have an apologetic attitude toward calling our children to holiness, but we must remember that the ABUNDANT LIFE is OURS in JESUS! “I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee,
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
And I know that Thou art with me,
Wilt be with me to the end.
Jesus, Jesus, how I trust YOU,
How I’ve proved YOU o’er and o’er,
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus!
O for grace to trust YOU more!” Amen

David Ortiz
April 1, 2023


April 1, 2023


Heidi Pallesen
April 1, 2023

Amen, protect the Pallesen, Georghiou and Peterson family.
We need you Father to protect all who are yours. In Jesus name. Amen

April 1, 2023

Thank you Cheryl, & to IFA for reprinting this –such good reminders to always be alert in prayer: to be aware that we’re NOT struggling against flesh/blood, ESPECIALLY once we notice the enemy is always trying to divide our individual families, as well as church bodies. We see how he is tearing our nations, but haven’t always drawn the same correlation right to our households!


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