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Lord, we pray that You would protect Ukrainian Christians. Stop the Russian soldiers from persecuting them God, and protect believers of all denominations.

Christians are losing their churches, their religious sites, their families, and their lives in Ukraine.

From Christianity Today. The Russian military has disproportionately attacked evangelical Christians and “destroyed, damaged, or looted” at least 494 religious buildings, theological institutions, and sacred sites in Ukraine since invading the neighboring nation almost a year ago, according to the Kyiv-based Institute for Religious Freedom (IRF).

Connect with others in your state in prayer.


The independent research institute presented its latest report this week during the third international religious freedom summit in Washington.

The IRF aims to catalog evidence of Russian war crimes against Ukrainian religious communities. The destruction of religious sites is often intentional and happening in tandem with attacks on civilian believers and pastors, said executive director Maksym Vasin.

Russian soldiers have repeatedly threatened to destroy evangelical Christians in Ukraine, calling them “American spies,” “sectarians,” and “enemies of the Russian Orthodox people,” said Valentyn Siniy, rector of the Kherson-based Tavriski Christian Institute—one of scores of damaged sites belonging to evangelical groups.


Russian forces seized the seminary’s building as a headquarters, looted it, and then left it destroyed, he said. …

The IRF report found that “the scale of destruction of evangelical church prayer houses is immense.” It tallied at least 170 damaged evangelical sites—including 75 Pentecostal churches, 49 Baptist churches, 24 Seventh-day Adventist churches, and 22 “other” evangelical churches—comprising a full third of the total, even though evangelicals comprise less than 5 percent of Ukraine’s population.

Among Orthodox Christians, who comprise about 80 percent, at least 143 damaged buildings belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), long affiliated with the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), while 34 belong to the newer and smaller independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). (The UOC’s own tally numbers 300 churches damaged by shelling, including 75 “destroyed.”)

The IRF also tallied damage at 94 Jehovah’s Witness, 29 Catholic, 12 Jewish, 8 Muslim, and 4 Mormon religious sites. The institute expects the pace of destruction to soon increase in eastern and southern Ukraine amid ongoing hostilities.

The IRF report documents targeted shelling, missile attacks, vandalism, and looting of religious buildings as well as the torture and killing of religious leaders and believers of many faiths. In many cases, members of destroyed churches also found that Russian forces burned all of their Ukrainian-language Bibles, books, and tracts.

During his speech, Vasin stated that Russian authorities often target clergy and ordinary believers for speaking Ukrainian, exhibiting Ukrainian identity, or belonging to a different denomination than the Moscow Patriarchate. …

“In their entirety, Russian war crimes committed in Ukraine may indicate the existence of a special genocidal intent aimed at destroying the Ukrainian people, which is a distinct crime under international humanitarian law,” Vasin said. …

Please pray these prayer points from Intercessors for Ukraine:

• We pray that the thirst for knowledge of God will appear in people’s hearts. So that Ukraine becomes a place of God’s power and God’s action.
• Let there be a prayer for the purification of our country as a whole, as well as each individual. Let there be positive changes in the political, economic and spiritual system.
• We pray that the foundations of social moral principles based on Christian values will be preserved in our country. So that our country is not exposed to outside influence regarding the promotion of the political ideas of the socio-political LGBT movement.
• In the center of our prayers, as usual, are our soldiers, who are opposing the enemy at different areas of the front. We bless them, we pray for God’s protection and God’s timely help.
• We pray for Ukrainian families – especially those who are now separated by war. We believe that the time will come when they will reunite. And we ask our Heavenly Father to support and guide us in this time of trials.
• We bless the owners of medium and small businesses who work in very difficult conditions and economically support the country. Despite the difficulties and challenges, we pray for the development of their business, may new doors open before them and new opportunities appear.
• We pray for those people who are looking for their relatives who have disappeared – military or civilian. About providing them with state assistance in this.
• Deprivation of the enemy’s power in the information war, the obviousness of false propaganda to justify their criminal actions.

The Lord does not resist the promise, as some consider it resistance, but is patient with you, because he does not want anyone to perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Pet. 3:9).

Read the latest update HERE.

(Excerpt from Christianity Today. Photo Credit: Canva)

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February 9, 2023

Russia will propose changes to the systems and structure of the BWC, because the current format gives the US, or any one of the big 5 permanent chairs, near diplomatic immunity by being able to veto any advances on themselves. In layman’s terms, in order for the rest of the world to investigate the US for their biological crimes against humanity, we have to change the checks and balances of the UN, because the US can veto any proposed investigations into the biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia, backed by much of the Eastern world, are prepared to bring forth a “package of initiatives” looking to accomplish their “main goal of eliminating the remaining weak spots and shortcomings of the Biological Weapons Convention”. As per the statement from Russian Foreign Ministry.1

Russia will propose more in-depth verification mechanisms, as well as a Scientific Advisory Committee “to monitor the latest developments in the sphere of biology for the purposes of the Convention.” This is in direct response to the significant advancements in US nanotechnology and microbiology, with which compromised Deep State actors used to create a wide variety of enhanced pathogens, to include C19.

Russian Ministry of Defense also released a statement today pertaining to the upcoming Ninth BWC Review Conference, highlighting the massive dossier of evidence compiled against the US. Updated with new details surrounding the future US plans for Military biological activity, which includes an $88 Billion budget over the next 5 years. Russian MoD refers to the new documents obtained from Judicial Watch pertaining to US production of Anthrax, C19 pathogen studies at Boston University, global US bio-safety breaches, Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, John Bolton’s part in covering up US biological advancements as early as 2000, and much more.Essentially, we have reached an impasse. The current construct of the UN makes it impossible for any of the permanent seats to be the target of a BWC investigation, so Russia and the East are looking to change the system so they can enact some level of recourse against the bad actors in the West for their crimes against humanity via biological genocide.

If diplomacy fails, Russia, China, and their allies will be forced to explore other options.

Eyes on Geneva starting Monday.


February 9, 2023

My (White) House shall be called a House of Prayer and Not a Bi DEN of THIEVES!

Flogg the Money Changers (Pay for Play) NWO DNC Deep State Bi DEN OF THIEVES out of USA and GOD’s EARTH




February 8, 2023

Very disappointed in this article that is not fact based. It’s seems the “church” needs discernment- I pray for it everyday. It is not helpful in our fight against evil that many Christians can’t even identify what the real evil is and then these same spread these lies to the body at large. When our “Christian” based news is just as dishonest as the mainstream – its a sad day.

February 8, 2023

This is a lie. I’m very disappointed in ifapray.org and plan to unsubscribe. And this is not the first time this has happened. This has now become nothing but a hoax organization. What about what Zalensky did to orthodox churches? Did we pray for that? Do we ever pray against what Zalensky has done? This is disgusting!!!!

Ms Mary
February 7, 2023

I heard that it was Zelensky who was persecuting the Ukranian church, especially the Orthodox church.
It seems that it’s really hard to fully know the truth about this situation. Maybe both sides are guilty.

February 7, 2023

Putin is a welcome friend of Klaus Swab CEO of the World Economic Forum who stated their world wide goal is,” You will own nothing and be happy.”

    February 8, 2023

    Really? Then can you explain why the WEF has promoted war against Russia? And can you explain why Zelensky got a standing ovation at the WEF just a few short weeks ago? Those videos are widely available on the internet.

    Putin Not a Friend of Itz Ze Bugz Reptilian Face
    February 9, 2023

    MASSIVE statements from Russian Permanent Representative to the the UN pertaining to the US Biolabs in Ukraine. It appears that a formal investigation is inevitable.

    Today United Nations Security Council (UNSC) carried out debate on the possible enactment of Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention, which would be an investigation into the United States and their Biolabs in Ukraine.

    Russia presented their final draft to the the UNSC today, covering all of the evidence compiled in their dossier, and it is currently being reviewed by experts from the various nations. The contents of the dossier include the evidence presented over the course of the past 8 months.

    I highly recommend everyone read the full statement here.1
    These allegations are historic. Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, Black and Veatch, negligence of deadly pathogens, drones equipped with aerosol canisters to disperse airborne water particles containing pathogens, aerial release of infected mosquito armies, all of it.

    All of the allegations brought forth over the past 8 months via the Special Military Operation in Ukraine are in the draft. These allegations are not new for those who have been paying attention, this is just an accumulation of all the evidence being presented at once. It’s a great review and complete of the exact crimes alleged.

    However, something that is new, is the timeline. Russia had some interesting comments pertaining to when they expect some progress via a “relevant report” from the UNSC and their commission “no later than November 30, 2022”. The same time as the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Treaty.

    “We expect that the commission would manage to clarify all circumstances of Washington and Kiev’s possible non-compliance with their obligations under the BTWC in the context of biolaboratories’ activities in the Ukrainian territory with a view to stimulate the American and Ukrainian sides to remedy the outstanding intolerable situation. We also expect that the commission would present a relevant report on the issue containing recommendations to the Council no later than November 30, 2022 and inform the BTWC states-parties of the results of the investigation at the Ninth Review Conference to be held in Geneva on November 28 – December 16, 2022.

    Russia will articulate its further approach to ensuring national, regional, and global biological security depending on the results of the consideration of our complaint and the draft UNSC resolution. The outcomes of this work will also define our position with regard to the strengthening of the BTWC and resolving the situation with violations of the BTWC by the US and Ukraine in the context of the activity of US biolabs on the Ukrainian territory.”

    In conclusion, Russia have proposed these allegations via the proper diplomatic channels, presented their case in a convincing and consistent manner, conducted themselves with transparency, while the US/NATO have simply cried “disinformation” the entire time.

    This performance has generated a lot of global support for Russia and generated doubts about the US and the West. Not only is the leadership of the US under scrutiny, they are alleged of the most severe crimes against humanity known to international law.

    I don’t know how it will unfold, but this is the highest diplomatic channel on the planet, and if it works as it is supposed to, the top Deep State players will soon be under international investigation for violating the Biological Weapons Treaty. If found guilty, the response would be international military tribunals.

    When the sheep are made fully aware of this, this will be an extinction level event for the DNC and thus the Deep State.


    Mussolini, the creator of Fascism, described the ideology as “State control of private enterprise”.

    Reagan predicted that “if Fascism were to come to America, it would come in the name of Liberalism”. Complete government control of private enterprise has always been the Liberal agenda.

    Here, with these new DHS leaks, we have all the elements of Fascism condensed into one act.

    -State control of private enterprise ✅

    -Not allowed to disagree with State ✅

    -Oppression of opposition via force ✅

    The DNC weaponized the DHS/FBI, to interfere in the private sector, to moderate what private companies allowed on their websites, to suppress the free speech of citizens writing negative stories about the State, that happened to be true, effectively brainwashing the public, thus circumventing the Constitution, which altered the outcome of the 2020 election, therefore making them enemies of the People, and by definition making them anti-democratic.

Elaine Green
February 7, 2023

Why no mention of Zelensky raiding the Orthodox churches and jailing the priests and calling the Orthodox terrorists

February 7, 2023

One would expect that a magazine that carries the name “Christianity” would not be writing propaganda. Please do some digging into the background of the people who publish this magazine and you will find many, many questionable actions that highlight the source of their “fruits.” They do not publish truth. Russia has destroyed level 4 biolabs set up by the U.S. government and were threatening the peoples of the earth with bioweapons far more deadly than we can imagine. Russia has warned the Ukrainian people to get out so they don’t get caught in the crossfire as they take out a Nazi regime who are destroying their own people and trying to create WW III. Did you not learn anything from the missile attack on Poland? The Nazis blamed Russia but Poland and even NATO said it was sent from Ukrainian controlled territory. I am an intercessor, not a bot or troll. I find far too much false information being used in prayer needs. Please seek God’s discernment before you publish these prayer requests. Russia is NOT the enemy in Ukraine. Ukraine’s government is the enemy and its background is clearly connected to the globalist agenda, the CIA, and the Biden crime family.

    February 7, 2023

    Thank you, Bev. I agree with you that discernment is much needed. This issue is reminiscent of when US under Clinton bombed all Orthodox churches in Serbia during that war campaign. Now it is just that the shoe is on the a different foot.

    February 7, 2023

    Well said Bev ! Thank GOD for those with the spirit of discernment. Let TRUTH flow like a might river! Have nothing to do with unfruitful works if darkness but rather expose them!

    I had a distinct check in my spirit (and smh) as I was reading this article by Christianity Today!

    For starters where is the hard evidence of these allegations being levied against Russia.

    The absence of journalistic (and Christian) integrity is very evident. Where are the checks & balances, critical thinking and alternate viewpoints? Absent!

    Where is the obvious hard question such as WWJD regarding this endless warmongering by US and NATO plundering & pillaging of a Sovereign Nation under false pretexts.

    Would the Prince of Peace stand in solidarity with US & NATO George Zoros globalist puppets (Kazarian Mafia) warmongerings, money laundering; NGO’s fronted slush funds; state sanctioned embezzlement of US tax dollar; human trafficking ratchets; Biden’s Bio ‘research’ lab gain of function direct evolution pathogen weaponisation – to justify world domination in order to save the planet?

    What ever happened to Jesus Christ being the Saviour of the World?

    Does Christianity Today abide by Holy Scripture and sound doctrine alone? Or does it engage in mixing truth with falsehood which the Bible warns against – the perils of deception (Strong Delusions) which the god of this age is using to blind the children of disobedience and ‘if it were possible the very elect’

    Unfortunately it is apparent that CT has been infected with the Woke Virus aka social (mob) justice the Trojan Horse of the Marxist Mafia to include all the isms …socialism,; communism; feminism; nazism; humanism; fascism (BLM & Antifa) scientism; globalism and ultimately satanism – the worship of the father of lies the great deceiver of the world and this age!

      Ms Mary
      February 7, 2023

      Christianity Today has a history of being anti-Trump.

    David A. Lelli
    February 7, 2023

    Russia has warned the Ukrainian people? What a callous comment. Russia has murdered the Ukrainian people, it is clear for all to see.

      February 8, 2023

      “Clear”, sir? Is this what you have discerned from the Spirit of God? First, Russia warned because they knew it is the Ukrainian government that was going to shell the churches and apartment buildings, as it has been in the past. Many have fled and saved their lives because of the Russian warning. I am aquainted with two such Ukranians who, remarkably, are cheering on Russia. “Clear” only if your information source is listening to the parrot media. Have you noted that all tell-a-vision media, newspapers, their internet websites and popular magazines say the exact words and report the exact same stories across the entire media? Have you ever asked yourself why this is? Have you ever looked to find other less known sources of information and hear them out? Then lay it all before the throne of the almightly God of the Universe for His input? There is a battle raging for control of the entire earth. Instead of judging from the flesh, believers need to discern what Yahweh through His Holy Spirit is saying. To fail to follow that path as clearly laid out in the Bible He gave us is to fall into the hands of the deceiver and put our very eternity into peril. And this applies individually and corporately as an organization who puts out information that has not been vetted before God.

        David Lelli
        February 9, 2023

        Please tell to me the sources of information that report that the Ukrainian government is bombing its own civilians so that I can look into this myself.

    February 8, 2023

    Agreed. This is why I am unsubscribing. Very disappointed in this sneak attack. This is a Christian organization? Horrible!

Terry Grabow
February 7, 2023

May the Ukrainian Christians take this opportunity to realize that the church is not a building and that they can meet as a church anywhere. May the Lord open their eyes to see that the people are the church and that God wants to move through them in everyday life. May they put their faith into action and become Jesus to this lost and dying world. May the joy of the Lord be their strength and they may learn who they are in Jesus and how to convey that to the lost. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

February 7, 2023

Stop the Russia Russia propaganda.
Ukraine is seeped in corruption and evil. They ike us are turning on their own then post false narratives. IFA be careful not regurate main stream garbage. GOD alone sees the real truth in Ukraine.
Please stop pointing fingers at what you truly can not know. 🙏


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