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Lord, we pray that You would bless this hearings. Bring out the whole truth, God, and bring justice where it is needed.
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The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is set to begin its first hearing this Thursday. Let’s pray for truth and justice.

From The Hill. This coming week a new House select subcommittee will hold its first hearing on the FBI and the possible “weaponization” of government agencies. A variety of such controversies have contributed to plunging public trust in government and the FBI in particular.

Who is praying on the wall?


The role of the FBI in prior scandals will remain a point of heated debate in Congress. However, members of both parties should be able to agree on the need to investigate one of the most serious allegations: Censorship by surrogate.

Many of the allegations of FBI bias are worthy of investigation. Some of those allegations are problems of personnel who can be removed. But a far more menacing problem has emerged in recent months with the release of information from Twitter.

The “Twitter files” revealed an FBI operation to monitor and censor social media content — an effort so overwhelming and intrusive that Twitter staff at one point complained internally that “they are probing & pushing everywhere.” The reports have indicated that dozens of FBI employees worked on the identification and removal of material on a wide range of subjects and that Twitter largely carried out their requests.

Nor was it just the FBI, apparently. Emails reveal FBI figures like a San Francisco assistant special agent in charge asking Twitter executives to “invite an OGA” (or “Other Government Organization”) to an upcoming meeting. A week later, Stacia Cardille, a senior Twitter legal executive, indicated the OGA was the CIA, an agency under strict limits regarding domestic activities. …

The dozens of disclosed emails are only a fraction of Twitter’s files and do not include still-undisclosed but apparent government coordination with Facebook and other social media companies. Much of that work apparently was done through the multi-agency Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF), which operated secretly it seems to censor citizens. …

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Grant Windholz
February 8, 2023

AMEN! Bring out the truth and justice no matter what!!

Mary Cooper
February 7, 2023

I will pray for the success of the FBI investigation! Surveillances of Parents who want their children educated not indoctrinated should not be threatened by FBI or the DOJ.

Lynn Kuitems
February 7, 2023

Lord, have mercy on our sinful nation. Please, cleanse and heal the broken trust by exposing sin and corruption. God, this nation was supposed to be trusting in You. Please return the nation to that place of faith and trust in You.

Bernadine Guidry
February 7, 2023

Father God, I pray the committee will conduct themselves with the wisdom and discernment that you have bestowed on them. Father asking that this hearing will bring forth the needed results of bringing darkness to light and thereby bring forth the necessary response to any inappropriate actions of the FBI and other agencies; as well as, people that are outside of these agencies (example, Twitter, Face Book , mainstream Media) that are collaborating with the FBI and other agencies that are in a position of responsibility, be it high or low to stifle our country by not allowing truth to prevail; using the government to punish the people because we do not agree with their ideologies, to suppress our freedom of religion, so we can depend on them and not oh you Father. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Roger Collier
February 7, 2023

Yes we have a problem! That being said is the root of the problem. The Church started letting the goverenment take over it’s duties and then godly people started backing away from running for office and the ungodly went in in greater numbers. They have hired ungodly people in places where no one is voted in and they run the goverenment from behind the sences. So yes it is our fault for letting this get like this. We the Church must get back into politics and set this nation back on a Godly coarse. Like it was in the time of our freedom fight for liberty and rule of a just government, let it happen again. Lord help us all.

    Bernadine Guidry
    February 7, 2023

    Well said! I am in total agreement. The Church is the reason why our nation is as it is now. The churches are either not ministering the truth of God’s word or it is watering His word down. The fear of losing congregants because you simply tell The Word like it is. I am still appalled that of all of the thousands of churches in the state of California that you only had a few vocal protesting against the immoral abortion laws and transgender laws that were passed. Where was the Church outcry against these horrific laws? If only a fourth of so called Christians had voted these horrific laws would have been defeated.


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