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God, we pray that this would all come to nothing. Protect us, Father, and prevent Russia from dragging us into this conflict.

A Russian intelligence gathering ship neared Hawaii and another Russian vessel with hypersonic missiles cruised in the Atlantic. Should we be concerned?

From Navy Recognition. According to information published by Tass on January 25, 2023, Russia’s cutting-edge frigate Admiral Gorshkov has practiced Tsirkon hypersonic missile strikes in the Atlantic.

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According to the top brass, the crew of the frigate, currently on a mission in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, “practiced a Tsirkon hypersonic missile strike on a target simulating an enemy warship at a distance of more than 900 kilometers.” …

The Russian frigate left Russia on January 4, 2023, for a long journey. For the moment it is known that it crossed the English Channel, went along France, Portugal, and would be currently in direction of the United States. …

From Business Insider. The US Coast Guard said Wednesday it has been monitoring a Russian ship located near the Hawaiian Islands for weeks.

The USCG announced in a bulletin it has been watching the vessel, which is believed to be an “intelligence gathering ship.” …

The Coast Guard said it was coordinating with the Department of Defense to provide updates on the movement of the foreign ships.

video of the ship shared by the Coast Guard showed latitude and longitude coordinates that suggested the vessel was located about 100 miles from Honolulu, HawaiiNewsNow reported. …

In May, the US Indo-Pacific Command said it was monitoring a Russian vessel near Hawaii. A retired Marine lieutenant colonel told KHON at the time that the Soviet Union used to send intelligence ships to loiter near Hawaii during the Cold War. …

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(Excerpts from Navy Recognition and Business Insider. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Sue Tracy
January 31, 2023

Father you are The Almighty Lord and ruler of this world, you know the plans and schemes before they do, we ask you to protect us and expose all the plans of our enemies and let this current situation reveal what you need us to be aware of that we would be able to defend our country. Thank you it’s in the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Grant Windholz
January 30, 2023

Give us knowledge and provide protection from Russia and help America stay away from their evil plan of conflicts and domination. Give us mental strength Lord God. We as believers know Russia plays a big part in Armageddon and know only you will solve the international chaos. AMEN 🙏

January 29, 2023

Father, please help whoever wrote this prayer to see the truth. Russia is not pulling us into this war. The evil Zelenski is. And please help me be patient with people like these who are still asleep. 🙏🏼

Donald Vader
January 29, 2023

Father.. I do ask for peace in the middle East… I pray for revival in America and the world bringing your wisdom to the leaders of these warring nation’s and America… I put all our trust in you Lord to guide us and to show us the way and let it be to us according to your word in the mighty name of Jesus… Amen

Shpend Shyti
January 28, 2023

It’s a clear provocation, but it seems that not just Russia, but other countries also are ready to start a massive war, which would put the human lives and planet in the question of existence.
It seems like we are living in the revelation times.
May Lord be merciful with us, may Lord stop the hands of the evil ones.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

January 28, 2023

Father you see who wants War and wants to put the USA in the middle of it father God it will be done on Earth as it is in heaven father God stop this immediately and make the people that want war responsible for what they’re doing and Jesus name I pray

January 28, 2023

Lord, I pray for Psalm 91 protection over all Your children. In Jesus Name, amen

Patricia Cashion
January 28, 2023

Father we ask YOU to take care of this infiltration…You cause this ships plans to be brought TO NOTHING in Jesus Name. We know that they are not here for our good, nor should they even be allowed to loiter outside our country’s waters. No good thing is in their intentions. PLEASE Let our military and Navy be on Red alert and let the intercessors awaken to the alert. We are praying in total agreement that YOU will bring this ship to nothing. I am asking that you will cause this ship to have mechanical and technical problems that cause them to be frustrated in their plans and turn them around. If their intentions are evil we ask that YOU would cause the demise of this ship and their plans. May our military not have to respond in any way so that Yahweh is known for His Lordship over All the earth… Let the world see that YOU are I AM. Remind Your children that we are to be alert watchmen who work side by side with Holy Spirit to sound the alarm and to release the Arm Of God against His/our enemies! In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

January 28, 2023

What do I think… Putin’s trying to send a message. He knows we see him there. Will he strike? I doubt it, but one can never be sure with Pres. Vegetable Head in the White House.

Brian Lynch
January 28, 2023

Our government needs to proceed carefully. Looks like Putin’s way of retaliating against us for sending ridiculous amounts of aid to Ukraine. Now , we are sending tanks to Ukraine. Where does our intervention in this foreign affair EVER end? You can bet that Biden’s handlers, the Globalists, could care less. So much for America first! It was a nice idea. Lord, please give our leaders wisdom, and the conviction to act upon this wisdom. In Jesus’ name.

Joy Almendarez
January 28, 2023

Dear Lord, please protect our borders, our Nation. Our corrupt leaders have lead us into multiple deals with the devil, and we are seeing the effects now. We ask for supernatural intervention, protection. We pray for leaders here, to wake up and listen to the Lord, to turn from extreme views and perverting the laws, and Your truth. Please help the righteous to be a light and hope, speakers of truth and wisdom in these times. Lighthouse in this sick, dark sea. Help us to prepare internally and practically, for what is now, and what’s to come. In Jesus’s name, Amen 🙏 🙌
Romans 15: 4


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