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Lord, we pray that Russia would not be able to use this drone against us in any way. If they do salvage it, God, we pray that it would be unusable and unreadable.

Russia plans to recover the U.S. military drone that it allegedly downed recently. Does that drone have any U.S. secrets on it? Can Russia use its technology against us? Let’s pray.

From The Daily Wire. Russian officials shared plans to salvage the remains of a U.S. military drone that crashed into the Black Sea on Tuesday.

Who is praying on the wall?


“I don’t know if we can recover them or not, but we will certainly have to do that, and we will deal with it,” Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said during televised remarks Wednesday. “I certainly hope for success,” he added, according to the Associated Press.

Sergei Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, told a reporter that he believes Moscow has the resources for such an operation. …

The U.S. military says one of two Russian Su-27 aircraft conducting an intercept struck a propeller of a MQ-9 surveillance drone conducting routine operations in international airspace, causing U.S. forces to bring the aircraft down in international waters. State Department spokesman Ned Price described the incident as a “brazen violation of international law.”

Russia’s defense ministry claims the drone flew toward the Russian border with its transponders turned off and was in violation of airspace restrictions set up for its “special military operation” in Ukraine, according to state-run news agency TASS.

The defense ministry also denied Russia’s fighter jets came into contact with the drone and claimed the U.S. aircraft hit the water due to “uncontrollable maneuvering.”

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told CNN on Wednesday that recovery of the drone’s remnants may be impossible for the United States. …

How are you praying over the relationship between Russia and the U.S.? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Canva)

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March 18, 2023

(former Marine Intelligence Officer(s), forensics, etc: credit)

Unfortunately, many well-intetioned Christians are being intentionally
deceived because it is known how misled Christians can be without
being their own detectives or encouraged to do so.

Zelensky dancing in heels

Air siren raid added unto video of “news” through Ukraine – a sountrack.
(Observe lack of reaction to a normal air siren.)

Russia was not the aggressor, but new reports that Ukraine actually was,
but was removed from mainstream media -cancelled.
You can call the Kremlin yourself and read President Putin’s tweets.
They are the direct opposite of what the news is actually telling:
“Big Tech” monopoly on the news is what many Congressmen are trying
to overturn so the actual facts can be allowed to reported.

Congressmen, many of them, are not supporting any proxy-“war” with
Ukraine squeezing our Congress dry with a $32 trillion dollar debt.
They know that Ukraine is squeezing money from our government.

They have at least a $44 billion GDP that are squeezed from Trojan
Horse bills.

The summer when the war was supposedly a “war” – tourists visiting Ukraine: any signs of “war” are absent. The foreign “aid” to them while we are in a negative deficit. Our government is in a negative balance of $32 Trillion. A trillion is not a million or a billion, but a trillion. We don’t have money and they are asking our government and our pockets to fund them?

“We are not their nanny or caretakers (Dr. Ron Paul, libertarianism and former Congressmen). ”

“And God never commanded us to become debt ridden and funding another country. If a country was our friend, would they return the money and not loaf (KJV) and work for their own, or would they continue to ask for more money – while we are in massive debt? The same for “Israel” (True Torah Rabbis, not the false sheep, never supported them because they are forbidden and still in exile until the return of the Messiah: unfortunately, prosperity televangelists have misled and lied to Christians. Scriptures misintrepreted and re-intrepreted.)

We, Americans, give them $300 million dollars a month – not a year, or over a decade. We are in man made inflation and we are being squeezed dry.”


We give Pentagon, the new version, too much authority, that we should
ask God for truth instead. Pentagon “releases a video” of a “Russian
aircraft downing an American aircraft” would not automatically make
it fact but they know how gullible Americans can be.
(“Be wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove” (KJV))

Everything is final on the news the moment a headline is published.
This never used to be so for Americans. We used to investigate and wait
for verification and forensics teams.

a KY shooting range footage used for Syrian “war” – then taken down.

There are numerous videos, footages, photographs, etc like this that are
passed through as real news without actual checking the information to
verify if it is actually true.

The good news is that many events are actually not even real, but photographs,
videos manipulated, and taken out of context – not even related to the
event they are falsely reporting.

Billy Graham said that the stranglehold the news has – and towards Americans needs
to be undone so the country can be freed.

    March 18, 2023

    (The photo is what is being highlighted here. The Half Moon Bay “shooting”
    was a stage. Notice the lighting sets. There are many broadcasts like this
    that have been caught, but Americans must start questioning and
    use the critical thinking brain that was given to them by God.

    We can no longer be sheep for the world, but for Jesus who pushes
    out of our comfort zones, in his will and plan. He tells the truth, the
    news will not. The good news is that He wants us to become freed
    from the bondage of the news that has scared many Americans
    into submission. )

Darlene Estlow
March 17, 2023

Father, give our leaders humility to seek your wisdom in our relationship with Russia. May our leaders be strong and not weak.

March 17, 2023

Why would Russia want to use that drone against us? How about we quit flying aircraft on the Russian border? Another act of war? Yeah! We need to get out of there, it’s none of our business. Imagine if Russia was at our doorstep. Hypocrisy much? Zelensky is a little dictator. Also a closet homosexual. I pray that Russia prevails and proves that it was indeed the US who let the man-made covid-19 virus to escape from a Ukraniian lab into the world. The reason the US is so motivated in pumping billions into this conflict is because there are so many little dirty secrets in the Ukraine that they want to keep hidden from the rest of the world. Big ones too!

    Darlene Estlow
    March 17, 2023

    Didn’t you read the drone “was in international airspace, causing U.S. forces to bring the aircraft down in international waters.” Russia is anxious to gain any secrets they can. It was the Russians who floated their balloons over our country, we did not enter their air space apparently. Indeed, they were at our doorstep, actually inside the house.


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