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Father, protect our police officers. Give them wisdom, discernment, and guidance as they make difficult decisions daily.

An intercessor shared this story with us–One week after a Chardon High School football player controversially carried a thin blue line flag onto the field during the team’s season opener, hundreds showed up for a rally in support of police outside the team’s home game against Willoughby South on Friday night.

More than a thousand people gathered at Chardon Square to march to the high school to back the football players’ right to carry the flag and show their appreciation for law enforcement.

“To see that the public cares about us, that means a lot to the officers,” Chardon Police Chief Scott Niehus said.

“I think that [officers] think they’re not liked and appreciated, but they are,” event organizer Eric Downing added.

The event was organized on Tuesday afternoon, with Downing thinking he may get a dozen or so people to show up. He never imagined this many members of the community would come out or that the event would take on a little different meaning and tone after a Cleveland Police officer was tragically killed in the line of duty the night before. . . .

He never imagined this many members of the community would come out or that the event would take on a little different meaning and tone after a 53-year-old Cleveland Det. James Skernivitz was shot and killed on Thursday night while on duty.

“I think it really hits home why we’re doing this,” he said. “You never know, when an officer leaves, you don’t know when he’s coming back.”

The thin blue line symbol is associated with the Blue Lives Matter movement, a display of unity among police officers in response to the national Black Lives Matter movement. Following the display, Chardon Superintendent Michael Hanlon enforced the district’s existing board policy that “governs staff participating in perceived political activity.”

“Given the turbulent times facing our country right now, this action understandably drew responses on social media and direct communications to district officials,” Hanlon wrote in a letter to students and parents. . . .

On Friday, Chardon High School announced it would be implementing a “Free Speech Zone” on the lawn in front of the school for Friday night’s football game, where people would be permitted to host the rally in support of police and other law enforcement officials.

A Black Lives Matter Protest was originally scheduled to also take place outside the school on Friday, but was ultimately canceled out of respect for Skernivitz. The organizer, a Chardon resident and Chardon High alum, said they are against all gun violence.

Meanwhile, the school board says the district has been meeting with players, coaches, and police this week to convey their support. In a statement, they say the flag isn’t banned from football games, however it is board policy that staff (in this case coaches) not participate in something that could be perceived as political. Those marching in Chardon on Friday night say the flag isn’t political and shouldn’t be perceived as such.

“This isn’t political,” Spidalieri declared. “This is about our first responders protecting us and giving us our freedom.”

However, Niehus says whether or not players can carry the flag when they take field doesn’t concern him. . . .

“The school has a difficult job, and they have to take care of their rules and regulations,” he admitted. “They’ve worked very closely with us, but my overarching goal in all of this is to make sure the football game came off tonight safely and we were able to have two peaceful rallies. So I’m very pleased with the outcome.”

(Excerpt from WKYC Studios. Article by Ben Axelrod. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

Share your prayers for our police officers during these difficult times . . .

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P Moulton
September 17, 2020

Father, we never know when a deed will receive scorn or accolades but we trust we choose what does right in Your eyes. We forgive those who disagree with this act of bearing a blue line flag and ask that You bless our country from the curse we are under with protesters resorting to looting, violence and destruction of private property and especially taking of lives. May our country come to You for solutions and be aware that we must be in Your order first, then with one another. You are our lawgiver, judge and redeemer. We desire to please You and turn from our selfish, self made ways to a clear understanding of Your ways. We pray this in Jesus’ name.

Carolyn Tormala
September 17, 2020

Thank God for those who are openly showing appreciation and concern for our police officers! May more such peaceful rallies happen!

Joan Diane Bartruff
September 17, 2020

Father, In Jesus’ Name, Your Word teaches governments are established by You to SERVE AND PROTECT people.
In Jesus’ Name I rebuke the powers and principalities of darkness attempting to destroy the walls of protection You have placed around our nation through police protection. Encourage, protect, strengthen all involved in law enforcement in America. I pray for those who have been injured, and for all family members, especially those who have had a loved one in law enforcement killed. Thank You for sparing lives of two officers who were shot in the face this past week. Heal them completely from their wounds, Lord. Turn the eyes, and open the ears of those who have been deceived into thinking anarchy, and disrespect for law and order can ever bless a nation, or the world. Thank You Lord, for your mercy and grace. Thank You for Revival. Amen

September 17, 2020

Dear Lord, this show of support definitely is an indication of the minority of people who are attempting to remove police forces from our nation’s map. Please, please, for God’s sake,make it so that the attempts of the radical left to defund, criticize, and remove the presence of law enforcement in this nation would not only fail, but fail in a way that gives the radical left (and the Devil and his minions) a clear understanding, that their attempts are not only wrong, but also futile.

September 17, 2020

Lord, thank You for these two young football players that stood their ground. Thank You for the community support they received and the community’s support of first responders. We pray for those who stand in opposition to righteousness and peace. We ask that Your Holy Spirit touch their hearts and unveil Your Truth and love to each of them. Please send out more courageous believers who will share Your message of Truth and Love! You are the Truth and there is no power on earth that can stand against You!
In Jesus Name I pray

Vina M Elias
September 17, 2020

I pray for the honest police officers for God protection over them and I also pray that the dishonest ones be removed there is good and bad in all areas just prying Gods Will Be Done Amen

September 17, 2020

Father protect the police in the United States of America and the firefighters. The word says you are our rear guard be there rear guard. These men and women got to work to help people. During 911 they where our first responders. They have been first responders before 911and still are.Bless there families and protect them. Thank you Lord for protecting my cousins in New York City who where at 911 and have been sick ever since. Many police and firefighters Lord are veterans and are still serving our country putting there lives on the line to get help for us. Protect them there families and there children. Surround them with your angels as they go to work daily helping us get to hospitals and protecting our cities and small towns. I declare over them and there familiesFear not for I am with you always said Jesus. Please release your angels in every situation they go to and protect them and the people they got to from the spirit of hatred and murder that had been released in this nation in Hesus name amen.


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