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2262 People Prayed
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Lord, guide us with Your Spirit of discernment and truth. Use us to share Your Truth and Hope with everyone! Help us overcome fear to spread the gospel.

Have you prayed for rioters? With protesters? IFA Staff was touched, encouraged, and instructed by this story, shared in a comment on the powerful article, What Spirit is Firing Up the Nation?

“Dear readers,

This is a deeply moving and accurate article describing the times we live in – and how the forces of evil are conspiring to take down America.

In my small town in Oregon – fires were set last week that burned down 1/2 of the cities of Talen and Phoenix. In total, 40,000 people have been evacuated and are sleeping in county fairgrounds, gyms, etc. Many are elderly and lost everything.

There is a section of our town (a community park which borders the railroad tracks) and on a 200 meter fence there are about 200 t-shirts with various blasphemy (‘kill the pigs’, ‘whites are criminals , kill them all,’ pictures of Che Guevera as a hero, on and on).

I was riding my bike and a group of 20 something girls were protesting–all with BLM t-shirts on… I stopped and asked them: ‘What do you hope to accomplish?’ They said, ‘Whitely, a fxxxxing revolution – we are going to rule, your time is over.’ I was a little scared and I said: ‘Maybe you should vote, and help create positive change.’ They were silent.

So I asked them: ‘Do you believe in God?’ They said ‘No, we believe in revolution,’ so I said, ‘May I help you?  I would like to pray for you and others.’ They looked at me like I was E.T. But one said, ‘Okay,’ so I recited the serenity prayer: ‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can — and the wisdom to know the difference.’

The girl who said ‘okay’ started to tear up. I said: ‘Why are you crying?’ She said: ‘That was beautiful, just beautiful, please write this down in my notebook.’ So I did – the rest walked away, but she stayed. We talked for almost an hour. She came from a well-to-do family in San Francisco and explained she and her friends were heavily into drugs and alcohol.

I told her there is an answer: ‘You can’t do this alone. You need a higher power to help you,’ and she said, ”Will you help me?’ I said, “Of course – but first I want to give you the name of someone you should call (a retired priest and recovery mentor).’ Then I said: ‘I will return to this spot next Sunday morning at 9 am and will be here for you.’

This is just a small story of how the writer of this article helped me with his gentle guidance.

Blessing to All,


Here’s how another intercessor reacted to this comment:

God’s Love in action. May He continue to bless you, Dave, and bless others through you. I can’t help but think that in every group of protesters there are some who might react like the girl you talked with. It awakens me to the need to pray for the protesters, especially that those who aren’t fully engaged in what they are doing may see the Light and fall away from their evil activity.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

Are you praying for the rioters and protesters? Intercessors, let’s share our prayers below!

2262 People Prayed
18615 People have read this article

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  1. Dave in Oregon, thank you for your sharing your story; and thank you for inspiring me to also go door to door, and help people find a better way, to express their frustrations, to help people, by praying for them and their unmet needs, and to reach beyond the anger to find the underlying causes of the hurts, hangups and habits. Thank You Lord, for reminding me this is really about remembering people don’t know You and that is the real problem.

  2. To Love like that IS the revolution. Glory to God! So let it be for us all that our eyes are open to each opportunity in front of us. God Bless you Dave and continue to express His mighty love through your words and actions.

  3. Many of the young people caught up in the movement are pressured into it by their peers, their teachers and others. They know deep inside that it’s wrong, but are held by fear of what will happen to them or their families if they don’t go along. (My own step son is one of them).
    It is easier to get caught up in the anger and hatred than to live with the conviction inside, that what they are saying and doing is wrong. Rage drowns out the guilt. Assigning the blame to something else.
    I pray release for these prisoners, who are held by guilt, lies and deceit. Who have been brainwashed by propaganda and controlled by witchcraft.
    I’ve been expecting the promised “billion soul harvest” for years. Now my prayer is that the billion souls would be these captives held to the enemies most egregious agenda, that they would be trophy wins for Our God.
    That the very pawns who are rising Stars in the enemies camp, will become royal diadem’s in the hand of YHVH.

  4. I am part a prayer conference call and we pray for the salvation of the rioters. I pray that God will open up their spiritual eyes to see that they don’t belong there and that they will leave the group. My inspiration comes from the story of the looter back months ago who returned the merchandise to the store owner and asked forgiveness for the deed.

  5. Praise God! One of God’s children speaking from the heart. God was there in the midst of them all giving strength, calmness, peace, and compassion to speak such love. Thank you Jesus! Lord please continue to give Dave strength and be with the young lady as she faces these challenges. Keep her safe and close to you. Cover her with your love and protection.

  6. I’ve had a burden developing in me to pray for the kids who are rioting. They are mostly young and they need Jesus. Would it be amazing if God began working in their lives, saving them in such a way that they go from rioting to proclaiming the Good News of what Jesus Christ has done for them. That’s my prayer and my hope. There is a harvest, I believe, in these groups and we don’t want to miss it. God wants to save them.

  7. Yes, I am praying for the rioters. I’ve even told others that Jesus instructed us to “pray for our enemies. It’s like heaping burning coals upon their heads.” Thank you all for obeying God.

    1. This is a combination of two principles, one from Proverbs (heaping coals of fire on their heads) and Jesus’ own words, “You have heard it said, ‘Love your neighbor – and hate your enemies!’ but I say to you, Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you.” Matt.5:44

      Father, may we treat the rioters as we would like to be treated, not as they (or we) deserve.

  8. With so much hatred,confusion, strife and accusation in the eye and ear gates I must admit I was numbed to prayer. I neither prayed for the rioter’s nor thought about praying for them.
    Unfortunately (thankfully not unforgivingly) I have lived through this type of explosion on more than one occasion. This trip, I am an intercessor and I have been tested in this area. I wrestled between thoughts of “to jail”, no pass to “go” and no $200 collection. I’m from Portland, Oregon and when I was there, no way these grievous actions would’ve gone unanswered nor ignored by law enforcement.
    I’m not floundering in embarrassment, I’m awakened and reminded of Whose I am and for whom He died. I was once in “lost” shoes and the way out wasn’t as clear a view as the way in.
    Thank you for the cold water, shaking awake call to remembrance….
    My intercession for both sides, will be because of Dave’s bold move in obedience and love!
    I stand reminded!

  9. With so much hatred,confusion, strife and accusation in the eye and ear gates I must admit I was numbed to prayer. I neither prayed for the rooter’s nor thought about praying for them.
    Unfortunately (thankfully not unforgivingly) I have lived through this type of explosion on more than one occasion. This trip, I am an intercessor and I have been tested in this area. I wrestled between thoughts of “to jail”, no pass to “go” and no $200 collection. I’m from Portland, Oregon and when I was there, no way these grievous actions would’ve gone unanswered nor ignored by law enforcement.
    I’m not floundering in embarrassment, I’m awakened and reminded of Whose I am and for whom He died. I was once in “lost” shoes and the way out wasn’t as clear a view as the way in.
    Thank you for the cold water, shaking awake call to remembrance….
    My intercession for both sides, will be because of Dave’s bold move in obedience and love!
    I stand reminded!

  10. Yes I have been praying for these protesters. Many more stories like this to come. We only need to walk out there with the same heart for them as Jesus has and ask simple questions with a sincere heart. “ Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing”.

  11. Yes, Lord, You created each of these rioters and protestors. May the scales fall off their eyes and their hearts awaken to Your Love for you. Violence, hatred and revolution are not the answer and Your Word says the violent will be caught in their own trap! Ps.9:15 May Your Spirit awaken these young people to the Truth of Your Word, may they be drawn to you. Father, send Christian brothers and sisters to reach out as our brother has done. Bless him, Lord and protect him and others as they stand firm in the face of the enemy! The battle is Yours, Lord!!

  12. Dear Father God ABBA FATHER; Forgive us for not praying for the rioters, they are a lost generation ans we as Christians are to be praying for them and speaking to them just as this man in Oregan did. You call that young lady out of darkness to the light and we all need to be doing that same thing giving them YOUR gospel that turns on the light and set captives free from the wiles of the enemy. Thank you Father for this young man give us all the courage to stand up agains the enemy ad speak truth in love to those caught up in the schemes of the enemy. In Jesus name Amen

  13. Amen. Thank You Lord for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on Your children. May Your discernment and protection be upon them. Guide them oh Lord to the people whose hearts You have prepared. Thank You Lord!

  14. Praise God for this example to encourage us to pray for those who are in confusion, wanting to improve life for themselves and others as they see it. It appears that they are clouded with misunderstandings. May the Lord open their eyes of how He overcomes with love, and truth … God’s way! For LOVE never fails! 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

  15. Lord Jesus, You said, ““…With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”” Matthew‬ ‭19:26‬, and I believe Your Word is true and powerful. So please Lord intervene into the hearts and minds of Your people to discern the truth in all things and to desire your good and perfect will be done in our nation. And Lord let Your light expose the darkness that runs rampant in our state and federal government. Lord, command Your angels to surround and protect those in positions of authority who uphold our constitution which is founded uponYour principals. Thank you, Father for Your grace and mercy. Turn the eyes of all toYou, especially those who believe the hateful lies and actions of lthe left are justified. Lord Jesus please change their hearts to love and serve You as their Lord and Savior. In Your Holy and precious Name I pray. Amen

  16. Lord, we pray for the ones who eyes have been blinded and are deceived. Lord, please touch the ones who’s heart can be changed and let YOUR light shine so brightly they will again see. Only YOU Lord can fix the problem’s the enemy has created and let us be YOUR hands to help wherever we can and we can all pray for these terribly lost souls. Please let their hearts feel YOUR peace Lord. The enemy may be roaming and roaring but YOU are the Lion of Judah and YOU will NOT be defeated. Thank you Lord for hearing the prayers of YOUR people. In Jesus name…Amen

  17. I was just reading Phil. 2:14-16 “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may be innocent and pure as God’s mature children who live in a world of corrupt and sinful people. You must shine among them like stars, lighting up the sky, as you offer them the message of Life.”

  18. O this is such an encouragement to read and also to not be afraid to step out .

    I too have been praying for these.

    I was reading an article the other day about a guy who so viciously assaulted an older gentleman and sadly my fiat thought was -“Animal! This man is just an animal!! Love was not in my heart!! Immediately, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit Who said-“ no! This is a human being created in My image. Pray for him.” So I did ! And I gave thanks to God for changing my heart , remembering that while we were ALL still sinners, Christ died for us! Always AMAZING to me!!
    James 2:13… mercy triumphs over judgment”…

    1. Thank you for reminding me! How often in my anger toward those who harm others, I desire the guilty to suffer mightily in return. I know I should pray for God’s good and perfect will be done in the life of the perpetrator. With God everything is possible.

      1. You have a heart that is teachable Jan!! That is a precious thing in God’s eyes.
        As we come into deeper and deeper revelation of God’s love, our hearts are turned towards our enemies in mercy. Do we really really want ANYONE to be separated for God for ALL eternity? NO. Our hearts become more like God’s heart as we desire ALL to be saved . We want all to taste and see how wonderful He is; to experience the delights of His presence; the sweetness of His aroma; the comfort He gives; the warmth of His bear hugs where you never want to leave those places of Presence.
        Yes we want ALL to know him. So we turn the cursing that wants to rise up from our flesh and we switch it to blessing instead. We go deeper in behind what is making these people act the way they do: what made them make the choices they are making?
        And also we remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against something
        much more Sinister. And we give thanks that Jesus has defeated these foes, so we declare that . We declare the defeat of the demonic forces and release the victory of Christ and the fact that the word says, God wills for all to be saved. What a privilege God has given us to pray and declare!
        Blessing to you my dear sister.

  19. These young individuals are lost in the darkness. This is the fruit of not bringing up children with a Christian faith. This young man Dave,a courageous person, was God’s light. Praise God one grabbed hold of the life line.I believe God is calling a remnant out of that darkness and into His marvelous light. I pray God to grip their dark hearts with His Spirit of the fear of the Lord. That they will tremble to their core with a reverence for Almighty God. That Holy Spirit will pierce their hearts with conviction of their ungodly actions and they would be overcome with a Godly sorrow and repent and turn from their wicked ways and be “born again” and filled with God’s Holy Spirit. In the Name of Jesus, I call them out of darkness. Chains and strongholds be broken in Jesus’ Name.

  20. Esther 9:1
    “When the enemies of GOD and his people hoped to have dominion over them; GOD turned it to the contrary and overrode their plans. So that Israel (GODs people that’s us) would rule over them that hated them”

    Democrats are salivating hoping to have dominion over us. Throwing every weapon they have at Trump and this nation. Trying to rule and overthrow through violence every GOD fearing, freedom loving American This November 3.
    But GOD will give us the overturning & The triumph of Esther 9:1 against those that hate Us.

    VERIFY your word oh LORD. Verify to us;
    “That the rod of the wicked shall never rest upon the lot of The righteous (those who trust and love you)”Psalms 125:3

    I feel the HOLY GHOST ….Halelujah!!!

  21. I too have been impressed recently to pray for the Anarchists. I think a lot of them have allowed genuine hurts to fester into bitterness and rage. I have been praying for the Damascus road experience for them.
    I read a book recently that talked about the rebellious young people raging against the system. The author could see beyond the rebellion into what God saw in them. God saw treasures in the trash.
    Praying I could see the treasure in them also.

  22. Father God, we ask that you rain down seeds of doubt among the rioters. We pray that the seeds would take root and that each of them would have an epiphany and say, “Wait. WHAT am I doing here??” Why have I joined these haters? I pray that you would set up more divine appointments like the one spoken of here. That the weak would encounter a strong Christian who would make them feel loved and cared for and safe and secure. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    1. Father God, thank you for the walls that fell as Sean and his team, YOUR people, marched around the southside of Chicago. We praise you that you have never met a wall that you could not walk through. Hallelujah! Now the walls of Jericho were tightly shut up due to FEAR. Release the ones who are prisoners of fear in Chicago, Lord. Show them a better way to live. Show them JESUS!

  23. Hallelujah…Show us Your Glory, LORD!

    Speak through me with Your love. May I be jealous for sin sick souls as I rejoice in the fact that you saved me and as I celebrate the resurrected life I live in Christ Jesus. It is in HIS sweet Name that I pray for all who are lost and desperate to be found!

  24. My prayers for the rioters and protesters as well as anyone suffering during these times have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. I ask for those in despair, engulfed with anxiety, full of anger and feel the darkness surrounding them to experience the light, the truth and compassion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That their eyes will see Him, their ears hear Him and their hearts feel His unconditional love. May their hearts soften and may peace enter their lives.
    God is bigger than all of our angst! May his will be done. Amen.

  25. For three hours Every Monday morning, for 19 years now, a group of 20-30 women from a dozen churches in the Oro Valley AZ area have met to si g worship sings and declare Scripture over the deceived, blinded, deafened, lost and twisted in our cities, nation, and the world for true awakening to Jesus, revelation of God’s Holiness and Truth, accountable godly sorrowing, God-fearing repentance and surrender to the Lord God Almighty. And yes, we include our enemies in this passionate intercession!

  26. I have been praying for the Holy Spirit to convict the rioters and to soften their hearts so they will see God’s truth.
    However, my motives have not been pure. Selfishly, I want them saved so this will be over!
    My prayers going forward are that the Holy Spirit will come upon the rioters/haters will a mighty power FOR GOD’S GLORY!!

  27. My husband and I pray daily that the Holy Spirit will come upon all those that are filled with hate so they may repent and fine love and peace. Jesus is the only answer and so many do not know him.

    1. I join my faith with yours and others that each of these anarchists that currently operate in the dark will come into the light and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Just as Paul at at one tine operated for many years in darkness and hatred as Saul and even was at the stoning of Steven, we know that each person can be transformed upon receiving salvation through the true and living God. With Holy Spirit power on them and in them, they can use the same passion, fervency and commitment to spread the good news sharing their testimony of being redeemed by the Blood! Let us love them as God loves them and pray for their deliverance!

  28. I have been praying for this sort of encounter to happen. Praise the Lord he is so faithful. God is Greater and more powerful than Rioters. I feel very sad in my heart for all of those that have lost homes and have no place to go. I pray that christians will wake up and be kind and generous to those in need. Gods greatest command is to walk in Love. thank you for your faithfulness to our ABBA FATHER.

  29. Just last week the Lord spoke to my heart that I should pray for protestors and those rioting. I felt I was to pray specifically and so I have been gathering names of the leaders in the news and interceding for their souls. This article encouraged me greatly that many have been given the same instructions. Only Jesus can change their hearts. His love overcomes hate and His gentleness is a sharp contrast to violence. May many of them have a Damascus Road experience!

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Wendi. It never ceases to amaze me what God does in our own heart when we intercede. A week ago I was so angry with these people and now I weep over them in prayer. The father of lies has promised them power in exchange for their very life.

  30. Lord, I confess I have not prayed for rioters but I do believe they are fractured by mind control that requires extensive help from professionals and the church needs to multiply the number because I also believe they will be coming to us for help to be delivered from satanic ritual abuse SRA. Lord forgive my neglect for fellow citizens aka pre-Christian and make me an answer in this need I pray in Jesus name. I plead your blood over all the protesters and those that can receive forgiveness, we bless from their curse, asking for healing and a step in their direction to bring them to You.

  31. I have been praying for the protesters, knowing that God loves them and desires salvation for them. Some of them will repent and enter His kingdom. I am a child of Children of the 60s. When I was a young adult, in the 80s, I remember someone my parents’ age group testifying in church that many of the 60s and 70s “seekers” became Christians. They were “seeking” God but didn’t know it. Yet God is always vigilant to seek and save the lost. Former hippies, drug addicts and radicals were transformed by Jesus and they now populate your church’s senior group. 😉 Revival starts first with the church and then extends to the improbable. Keep praying! Lovely story.

  32. Thank you for your heart to pray for these lost souls. As a mom of an officer who has worked the downtown Portland riots and then the fires, I have been prompted many times to pray for the protesters. They truly need to know there is only one hope and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Nothing in this world will bring the change and peace in their hearts. I also pray for all in law enforcement and their precious families, that they too would know Christ. He is the God of Justice. May all believers hearts be unified through the Holy Spirit. You Lord are on the thrown and will always be! Amen

    1. This is probably very selfish of me, but I am the mom of a Portland resident (my son) who denies that there were any riots and is leaning ever closer and closer to justification for the criminal behavior of some of these people. This makes me very sad and very concerned about my son. As the mom of an officer who has worked the downtown riots and fires, I wanted to extend my earnest prayers for the safety of your son or daughter who is performing this very valuable service in the beautiful city of Portland. (I weep when I think of what is happening there.) Thank you and God bless you.

      1. Marty,
        Say a prayer asking for the intersession of Saint Augustine. He was a troubled youth and rejected God and all that was good for most of his life. His mother Saint Monica prayed fervently for his heart to soften and welcome Jesus. He is now a great saint! Never give up hope!

        1. Thank you, Wendi, believe me I am greatly fortified in the prayer department by the Lord’s faithfulness as I abide in prayer for my son and all three of my children. I am not a Roman Catholic but I can accept the validity of prayer in faith, believing in the one, true God, Our Father in Heaven. My son in Oregon came in from playing one day, when he was 5 years old and said, “Mom, I don’t want to go to hell. Tell me what to do!” I shared the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him and prayed with him to accept the salvation of the Lord Jesus, the Christ. He left home on a great adventure to go to Oregon, when he was 18. This is 2000 miles from our home in Georgia. I had told him he would have to ask the Lord to help him go, as I (a widow) was not financially able to help him. God helped him to go there. I never thought I would have to be worried about him. I appreciate your compassion and will try to learn more about Saint Augustine. Thanks!

  33. I am chastened to realize how I have resentedw and even hated the anarchists trying to bring down our country. As I was praying for protesters like the ones in this article, I saw the three women who founded BLM and realized they, too, must have deep wounds and needs and have taken this approach to satisfy the void. Father, please minister to your people so we will minister to those in all these conflicts across our nation!

  34. We have been praying that Jesus would show up among these people. Many of them are reprobates. But there are many that are just stupid, mixed up kids. This is one answer to prayer. I pray this girl will come to the Lord Jesus and be saved.

    1. I concur with your use of “reprobates” – I had forgotten that word! But even reprobates have some brokenness that caused them to follow that path, if only the emptiness and evil of their hearts.

    2. Absolutely. Pray constantly. I am asking Jesus to appear personally to these folks. To kick off a revival among those people. As the Psalms mention God showing his derision, I pray that He shows His strength and derision for the enemy and his evil plans.

  35. This is truly what is needed. How wonderful to be given the privilege of reaching that lost girl. I am sharing the prayer the Lord gave me, based on Ephesians 1:19-23 and 2:1-9 (from the Amplified Bible). This prayer took away the anger and fear from my heart. I hope it will for all who pray it for the lost.

    Father, based on Your Word and operating in the authority of that Word in Ephesians citing the authority of Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, our Lord and Savior: We petition You for the lost of this world – especially in America.
    Because Jesus makes everything complete, we know it is Your will to bring these lost ones out of the darkness in which they operate at this present time and we ask by the authority of Your Word and completeness of Jesus that intervention be effected for these lost ones.
    They are dead (slain) in their trespasses and sins; as we once were. They walk habitually in their sins; as we once did. They follow the course and fashion of this world, as we once did. They are under the sway of the tendency of this present age, following the prince of the power of the air; obedient to him and under his control; as we once were. This is the demon spirit that constantly works in the sons of disobedience:
    The careless – The rebellious – The unbelieving who go against the purposes of God as we once did!
    They conduct themselves in the passions of their flesh, as we once did. Their behavior is governed by their corrupt and sensual nature. They are obeying the impulses of the flesh and the thoughts of the mind, as we once did. Their cravings are dictated by their dark imaginings. They are therefore children of Your wrath and they are heirs of Your indignation, as we once were.
    But God!!! In Your rich mercy, You can reach them as You did for us! Because of and in order to satisfy the great and wonderful and intense love with which You love all of us, You made us alive in Jesus!
    Please extend this mercy and love to these lost ones. We did not deserve Your favor and mercy either; for it is by grace that we were saved – delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation.
    Lord, raise them up and make them to sit down with You in the heavenly sphere in Christ our Savior; as You did for us.
    This will clearly demonstrate the immeasurable (limitless, surpassing) riches of Your free grace – (Your unmerited favor) in kindness and goodness of heart toward us and the lost ones; for it is by grace – free grace – Your unmerited favor in kindness and goodness of heart toward us in Christ Jesus that You saved us. You delivered us from judgment and made us partakers of Christ’s salvation, which is not of ourselves and not our own doing; coming not via our own striving, but it is the grace of God.
    Because we know it is a gift and not of our own doing, we have to pray for the lost.
    Every day, Lord, You demonstrate the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing riches of Your free grace in kindness and goodness of heart toward us in Christ Jesus.
    Thank You, Lord for hearing our petition for the lost ones and for delivering them from evil.
    In Jesus Name; Amen.

  36. Yes, I too believe there are those who are just following the crowd…not really understanding what they are doing. I pray that more and more people would be able to engage with these confused young people and give them real hope. Thank you, Dave!

  37. Lord, there are protesters who are just following the crowd to protest. Call them out of the crowd to You. Reach their hearts to come forth to meet You. Show us who are close to the protestors how to reach them, what to say like this mans hi prayed the Serenity prayer. Give words of wisdom to those who are close. Open doors of communication with protestors.
    Pour out Your Spirit on protestors and Your love that will soften their hearts. Draw them to You in miraculous ways.
    Thank You,Lord if all.

  38. Yes pray for terriosts! Pray they have an encounter with Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul (aka Saul) was a terrorist “breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples. (Acts 9:1). He had a dramatic encounter with Jesus (vs 5 & 6) and was never the same; even chosen by Jesus to be an instrument (vs 15). Somebody was praying for for Paul (Saul).

    1. So very true, David. It may have been Stephen, who being stoned for his witness, prayed Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. God wants us to be hot or cold, and I, like many, are neither. We need the Holy Spirit to fill us and send us out into the highways and byways- not to build up our local church per se but to add to the kingdom of God. sharingtruth

  39. Lord You say in Matthew come to me all who are wore out and burdened -and I will give your rest

    Continued prayers some of these young people will exhaust them to the base of the Cross and lay it down at the feet of the prince of peace!

  40. We must pray&act. These young people have no clue what is really happening. They are being used by the enemy. We must speak truth with seeds of agape love. We have no excuse except fear. That is not an option! We are commanded to pray for the enemy,return good for evil. Lord help us to do it.

  41. Such an awesome testimony of being the hands and feet of Jesus! Thank you DaveinOregon!! Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is what we as believers are called to do–to reach others for Christ. We need to look beyond the political fray and ask God for opportunities to share the Gospel and love of Christ in the midst of current chaos. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s protection, wisdom, and guidance as we step out in faith and love to reach these lost souls for the kingdom of God.

  42. Lord, our hearts are heavy knowing so many who are lost have never experienced your love and compassion. Keep us your remnant confident in Your Mighty hand leading us to people like this young woman! Amen

  43. First of all, I hope to get updates on this story from Dave.
    God, once again I come to You asking for forgiveness for reacting badly at times even if it is just in my own mind. Give me Your love for those who disagree with me and cause me to see them as You see them and created them to be. Let me be one of many tools and opportunities in their lives to come to You and become that person You created them to be. Amen.

  44. Father, Help all Your followers to have discernment looking at others not with our temporal eyes but with Your eternal eyes, knowing You have a plan and purpose for all. Give us a Heart of mercy, love and brokenness not seeing ourselves as better because we are not in the crowd. Give us a heart that seeks peace with our fellow man even when we disagree. We need You Lord to teach us and show us the way by Your Holy Spirit. We need you, have mercy on us and show us the way. amen

  45. I believe there are more who follow the crowd. They may think they believe in what they are doing in their quest to create change. But all it takes is a gentle touch from the master to reach their hearts. God help us find those where ever they are and touch them and show them your love. After all, they are human and humans make mistakes.

  46. What speaks to me about this story is that even in a “mob” atmosphere God calls out one child. God is and always has been the seeker of individuals and yes, I need to be praying against evil but even more I need to ask him to show me the individual in need.

  47. Thank you for being brave, Dave. Praise God for your protection. Thank you Jesus Christ for the good news of salvation for all! All have fallen & come short of the glory of God. More rejoicing happens in heaven over 1 sinner who repents than 99 righteous. Help your church, God! Help us get out of our comfort zone & be witnesses to those who need you.

  48. This is one of the greatest challenges before us in this hour:
    Fighting a spiritual war against forces fomenting revolution while at the same time extending grace, including sharing the love of Jesus. In our humanness, it is very challenging to do both at the same time.
    Grace us, Lord to do both.
    Lord, societally, keep us from the deception that we either restore order, or we just love. Help us, Lord, to do both, because this is a dangerous and destructive movement, yet many are empty vessels being swept into something by spiritual forces. Save them, Lord, reveal Messiah to them. And may we continue to fight the good fight being waged over our country.

  49. Thank You Lord for these miracles. I think there are many more out there. Charlie Shamp found some in the CHOP zone of Seattle, including at least one “leader”. He wasn’t the only one evangelizing there.

  50. This does not right the wrongs, however I truly believe that there are many such as this young lady who has never been taught of the word or seen it lived in their homes. They want to belong to something or someone that cares and the enemy is always staying close by to lead them while a lot of us “Christians” just shake our heads and put something about it on FB.

  51. God has been convicting me about the words coming out of my mouth; are they speaking life or are they speaking death? This story just confirms that what we speak to people or about them, can greatly affect the outcome. Blessings or cursings. Let my words be acceptable on Your sight God! Ps 19:14, James 3:8-10

  52. Heavenly Father, these protestors and rioters are obviously misguided people, being influenced by evil spirits. In Jesus’s mighty name, set them free, and cause them to turn from their wicked ways. Give us , as the sheep of Your flock, a heart of compassion for these people, who are in obvious bondage. We bind the evil spirits of violence and hate that have perpetrated their hearts and minds. We loose the fruit of the Holy Spirit upon their lives. Please, change them from the inside out. Set Your children free, in Jesus’s name.

  53. Lord I pray that those that are rioting,looting and burning would be convicted of the need to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and would be filled with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

  54. Thank You, IFA for this encouragement. Thank You, Lord that you go before us, beside us and behind us to draw others to Yourself and to prepare more hearts! Lord, grant us courage and wisdom to preach and do Your will in our communities and spheres of influence. Thank You, Jesus fro setting us free from the bondage of slavery to sin! We love You and we trust in You alone! In Your Name I pray

    1. Christina, I say AMEN! to your prayer. We must always remember that the Holy Spirit is the one who leads and guides us. I praise God for Holy Spirit boldness Dave had to stop and minister to one person. Holy Spirit give us all the same boldness. I know we already have it, but sometimes we allow fear to control us. God had His hand on Dave and knew this girl was lost. Let’s keep this girl in prayer that the group she was associated with will not turn on her. That she would stay away and never be a part of the rioters. As a matter of fact, Holy Spirit teach her how to pray for the rioters, in Jesus/Yeshua’s Name.

  55. Lord, I thank you for Dave that decided to open his mouth and let you fill him with your words. Obedience is what mattered here. Fear has no part in following Jesus and speaking His words. The biggest fear on the rioters and anyone else that is above them is that the Church would become ONE. One voice, one heart, and one message – LOVE. Jesus prayed that we would all be ONE in John 17.
    17:21 My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one.
    There is a beauty and an anointing in unity as one. Dave is a revival fire, “will you be one too?” Yes, Lord, I will follow you in obedience and declare the words that have the power to set the captives free. Jesus clearly was after the one.

  56. Very moving – shows how much God loves each and every person. I had a dream a few weeks ago right after the BLM group came in to the restaurant – I believe It might have been in Washington DC. In my dream, I was having dinner with a group of friends – all female, all intercessors. While we were eating, a group of people came into the restaurant and started to harass the customers. As they were walking and yelling, we looked at each other and all started to quietly pray in tongues and speaking the name of Jesus. One of my friends stood up and yelled out in the restaurant, Everyone needs to pray and speak the name of Jesus! When they came to our table and were spoken to we would say Jesus loves you. It went from chaos to calm pretty quickly. Then there were a couple of women that we asked if they would sit down and have a meal with us and they did.

  57. Since the riots started Holy Spirit has been impressing on me that these young people are looking for a eutopia, and the only one they will find is Jesus!
    I’m 73, and many years ago I heard an interview with a Russian man who was the Director of the Bolshoi Ballet. He said that the government made the ballet accessible to the whole population, but they were only allowed to present ballets that were fantasy, nothing that was critical or to do with reality.
    Now consider what our children have been watching and reading for years! All fantasy, all happy endings – not much reality, but a lot of mind control.
    They are playing out a script that has been fed to them for years!
    However, they are ripe for a youth harvest! The Eutopia they will find is the Kingdom of God!
    Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!

  58. O gracious and Merciful Father, please reign down your righteousness and let your salvation spring up. Please come for these ones who are so deceived. Lord, it is true that injustice has been done, we are guilty of that. Forgive us Lord, but Father open their eyes to see that what they are doing will not bring about the change they want to see. Help them see their own sin and need for a savior. Send out workers into this harvest field, may your people dress themselves in your strength and go forth to tell them the good news, the punishment has already been met by You Jesus. Thank you that you have paid that debt. Father release your word to them, in Jesus’ name I ask it.

  59. This is so inspiring. We need to keep praying non stop for God to soften and convict the hearts of these protestors, of government officials currently in office, and presidential candidates, and of all people in America so that the spiritual revival which is about to take place will move through our nation. It is coming, a great harvest. We need to pray that our country returns to be “one Nation, under God” (and that is the God of Israel…Jehovah). God bless the USA. Chron 7:14.

  60. May God continue to give you the strength of Samson, abd the heart of King David that pleasrs God. May His Words of peace and hope flow through your voice. Greater works shsll you do becausr the power of the Holy Spirit id on and in you. His awesome angels are with you. Thank you soldier of thecross of Jesus! His love never fails.

  61. My heart breaks for those in the dark , those who don’t really have a clue what they’re fighting for , may God enlighten them and open their eyes to see and know that there is a better way,I say in the name of Jesus let God arise and His enemies be scattered so awakening can manifest amen

  62. That response is wonderful. That is why we pray. There are so many lost souls among the rioters. They are only doing what they know, because they do not know Jesus.
    The Church love not hate those who are rebelling.

  63. Lord, we thank you for awakening us to your heart in this very moment. Help us to be active and engaged in spreading the Gospel, intercession and demonstrating your love for souls. Father, we pray into this very moment that the Body of Christ is not being lured into deception and fighting the wrong battles and being distracted. Rather, we pray Father that we are seeking you, hearing your voice and following after you that we may be light to them that are darkness. Thank you for strength and courage in this very hour for Christ to shine brightly through each of us your children. May you be greatly magnified and truth and justice be made manifest in our cities and states throughout the nation. In Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen.

  64. I am convinced the answer to all this rebellion is found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must share the good news of how we can be changed by accepting Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our personal sin. And there are eternal consequences from a Holy God. As Apostle Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.“ Romans 1:16
    All governments will pass away, but God’s everlasting Kingdom is being built right now. We need to share the gospel. There’s no other way. Let us pray for revival to convict all Who are perishing, concerning sin and then show them the way thru Jesus Christ.

  65. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful story. I don’t usually cry when reading articles, but I did this one. This shows that the power of God can change one person, it might be small, but still powerful. Now may God’s light shine on the young lady, and may she be able to get the help she needs, not just for herself, but for her family. God bless her.

  66. I went to a “Blue lives matter” rally recently in Chardon, Ohio. There might have been 1-2,000 blue lives supporters there, and “8-10” BLM supporters. The BLM supporters were young people dressed much like I was in my younger days, rebels with a cause, but now I saw them as sheep without a shepherd. There was a reasonable discussion going on for awhile. Good points were made. But then, the atmosphere changed and the Blue Lives surrounded the BLM group, and were screaming at them covering them with their flags. It was clearly a “mob spirit“ that won nothing except to see who the bigger bully was. It was sad to see. I regretted later not trying to reach out to one of those young people to find a “contact” point.
    As Christians, we need to ask, What would Jesus do?
    Lord, help us to see with Your eyes, and hear with Your ears. Help us to love with Your heart. I sincerely ask this Lord, in Jesus name.

  67. This article convicted me of the way I was praying, not for the rioters to change but for their defeat. They are souls too. Lord forgive me for not seeing them as God created human beings that need a Savior.

  68. Yes I’m praying for them I’m praying God touch their hearts and turn them around and make them into witnesses for the Love Of Jesus Christ as that girl said they are into drug and alcohol and don’t know what they are doing I’m praying God change hearts and open eyes to see what’s really happening I pray this In The Mighty Name Of Jesus and plead His Blood

  69. What a beautiful story. I’m sure there are many who a drawn in by the mob spirit and don’t necessarily agree with their actions. So Father, we ask in Jesus name that you touch the hearts of these individuals and send your people out to minister to them. May we be privileged to be your hands and feet extended. Bringing you Love and your Peace wherever we might go. Let your kingdom come and your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven. Let us use the authority you’ve given us to bring peace to this chaos. Thanking you in advance for your mercy and grace extended. In Jesus, precious Jesus, name I ask. For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen

  70. Father, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Open the eyes of the thousands who are in darkness concerning your truth and mercy. Father, send Your light and Your word and release them from the deception that has taken them captive to do the devil’s will.
    We declare to the powers of darkness, “Let God’s people go.”
    Father, let those in deep darkness see the great light of Your Love and Mercy; In Jesus’ Name.

  71. I pray for the hearts and minds of the members of BLM and ANTIFA to come to the saving knowledge and forgiveness of their sins through the precious blood of Christ Jesus, I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen


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