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Lord, thank You for the Arizona Supreme Court's decision! Keep raising up a faithful army to shift our culture through prayer.
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This past Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court allowed its state to become one of the most pro-life in the country. But did you know this decision was covered and preceded by prayer?

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Arizona State Sen. Anthony Kern is no stranger to controversy. According to one left-wing source, he has been accused of being “far right” and is currently under investigation for “falsely claiming to be an Arizona elector for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.” However, despite these attacks and roadblocks, Kern has not wavered in his faith. In fact, he is known for sponsoring a recently passed bill that permitted the Ten Commandments to be read aloud in the schools. He is so passionate about his faith and his Lord that he led a group in prayer on the Senate floor on Monday, the day before the Supreme Court’s decision.

In a video circulating on TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), Kern can be seen with other believers kneeling over the state seal and praying, both in English and in tongues. The senator can be heard saying: “Let it be so, Father God, let it be so.” Later, another participant is heard saying: “Lord, right now we just release the presence of the Lord in the Senate chamber.”

Watching the video, I felt the Lord stir something in my heart. It seemed apparent to me that the Spirit was moving among those in attendance.

Just one day later, an Arizona Supreme Court ruling reinstated an abortion ban from 1864. This abortion ban does not include the usual exceptions for rape and incest, making Arizona one of the most pro-life and anti-abortion states in the country.

It’s not surprising that the prayer time stirred up a backlash. Many have called it a violation of the First Amendment. The video was originally shared by Jeanne Casteen, executive director of Secular Coalition for Arizona, who called the believers in the video “anti-abortion extremists.” The video was later shared and amplified by former Biden for President Arizona Deputy Director Tony Cani, who repeated the “anti-abortion extremists” label. Cani also accused the group of praying specifically for the Arizona Supreme Court to rule in favor of the 1864 abortion ban. While this is not clear from the video, it would certainly make the court’s decision the next day an even more obvious answered prayer.

Kern, to his credit, has taken this criticism in stride. On Tuesday he replied to Casteen’s post on X, writing: “Looks like our prayer team stirred up some god-haters … Not to worry, though…prayer over our state at the State Senate is way more powerful.”

Prayer certainly is powerful, and the Arizona Supreme Court’s incredible decision is evidence of that. Just as God answered our prayers in 2022 with the overturn of Roe, he has now answered the prayers of Kern and Arizonans. May He continue to change the very culture and morals of our nation in the way that only He can!

… The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16).

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(Nathan Tabler is IFA’s Communications Coordinator. Photo Credit: Toni Cani/X)



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